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Manga Review – The Bride & the Exorcist Knight

The Bride & the Exorcist Knight Volume 1

The Bride & the Exorcist Knight
花嫁と祓魔の騎士(エクソシスト)  (Hanayome to Futsuma no Kishi [Exorcist])
Shoujo – Romance, shotacon, supernatural
4 Volumes (complete)
Seven Seas


It’s the day that has been long foretold to Anne: her 17th birthday. It’s the day the Demon Lord Mephisto has come to spirit her away and make her his bride. But as she’s being captured, she’s suddenly rescued by a young exorcist… and he wants Anne to become his bride?! Anne has no intention of marrying him, but Haru may be the only person capable of protecting her from Mephisto.


Visual Novel Extravaganza

Why just open one thing when I can open all the things? And okay, one isn’t technically a visual novel, but it has VN elements.

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be such a bit post, but between a couple of preorders, some items taking a vacation on their way to me, delays, busyness, and my own indecision, it turned out this way. They all just kind of descended together in mid-to-late September and early October. So, it just kind of turned into a big “what-I-got-in-the-mail” post!

Warning: image-heavy post ahoy!


Manga Review – Midday Moon

Midday Moon Manga

Midday Moon
極夜 (Kyokuya)
Boys’ Love – Fantasy, romance, smut
1 Volume (complete)
Media Do (Printemps Publishing)


All inns have visitors, but at Amano’s workplace, they don’t just house normal guests: spirits and deities come to relax from their eternal existence. Amano is put in charge of serving their latest guest: the king of the everlasting world, Tsukuyomi. Amano is taken aback when he sees Tsukuyomi’s face, as the king looks like his old friend. But there’s no way Tsukuyomi could be connected to Amano’s missing friend, right?

Warning: this review is of a series that is recommended for ages 18+ and is not safe for work!


Manga Review – DINOVENTURE -Stories of Dinosaurs-

DINOVENTURE -Stories of Dinosaurs- Complete Edition

DINOVENTURE -Stories of Dinosaurs- Complete Edition
恐竜大紀行 STORIES OF DINOSAURS -総集編- (Kyouryuu Daikikou Stories of Dinosaurs Soushuuhen)
KISHI Daimuro
Shounen – Educational, historical
1 Volume (complete)


Millions and billions of years ago, hundreds of dinosaurs roamed the Earth. But no matter the species, each day is a hard-fought battle to remain alive! Join some of these dinosaurs in their journey for survival.


Anime Review – Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike

Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~

Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike
テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア 〜The First Strike〜
Bandai Namco / Production I.G. / Kadokawa Pictures


When crystallized and put into special devices, the natural substance known as aer can do anything from powering lights to casting spells to enacting huge barriers to keep out monsters. But in one particular town, the aer is amiss. Two rookie knights — Flynn, a by-the-book son of a former knight, and Yuri, a brash and rebellious young man, are assigned to the area, but can they stop fighting long enough to figure out what’s going on?