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Anime & Manga Deals: Veterans Day Edition

USA Flag

To all the veterans: thank you for your courage to serve.

And remember that everyone who has served now can shop at the various military exchanges. You need to sign up separate accounts for each one. Lots of good deals going on like $199 32GB iPad$149 Xbox One S Battlefield Edition, or $229 Xbox One S Forza/Hot Wheels bundle + 2nd Controller + Add any game to cart.

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Manga Review – The Tokyo 5

The Tokyo 5 Part 1

The Tokyo 5
Andrew Archer (story), NICE (art)
Seinen – Action, mature, mystery, sci-fi, supernatural, war
4 Issues / 1 Volume (ongoing)


Discontent with her life, Yama’s latent psychic ability causes her to kill her boss and a customer. Confused, Yama is drawn to an old school where four other girls claim she is their former classmate. But Yama’s confusion grows deeper as war breaks out with China and mysterious beings attack!


Anime & Manga Deals: Global Handwashing Day Edition

Global Handwashing Day

It’s Global Handwashing Day. You might think of this as, well, an obvious thing to do, but when you have areas like Puerto Rico where currently 30 to 40% has no running water, handwashing is a premium. How incredibly sad that one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent disease is unable to be done in places like Puerto Rico without potentially exposing yourself to contaminated waters.

On a side note, aren’t the mascots cute?

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