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Game Diaries – New Threat of an AVALANCHE

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII
Square Enix (original)


Shinra Inc. is the most powerful organization in the world thanks to their energy-harvesting technology. But a group known as AVALANCHE vows to destroy the Mako Reactors and protect the Planet. Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s elite military, is hired by AVALANCHE, but he has no interest outside of getting his money.


Anime & Manga Deals: National Day of Service and Remembrance Edition

Many of you probably associate today with the 2001 terrorists attacks and its observed holiday Patriot Day. But I feel it’s important to highlight the fact that volunteers and donations are sorely needed right now. Texas has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, Florida is now being hit by Hurricane Irma, and several islands in the Caribbean are just devastated. Many people have lost everything. Of course, there are still 9/11-related charities who need money for memorials and outreach program. Even if you’re in no position to donate money, please consider donating blood or even helping out in your local community.

Sorry for another soapbox opening. On to the deals! (more…)

Manga Review – Hatsune Miku: Acute

Hatsune Miku: Acute

Hatsune Miku: Acute
KurousaP / WhiteFlame (original song), ASAHINA Shiori (art)
Shoujo – Drama, romance, tragedy
1 Volume (complete)
Dark Horse


Miku, Luka, and Kaito were the best of friends. When the girls realized they both liked Kaito, the two swore to never their feelings to him. But as Kaito and Luka head off the college, Miku feels increasingly left behind. When emotions burn like fireworks, what will happen at the end of this twisted love story?


Anime & Manga Deals: Labor Day Edition

Labor Day

For some, it’s the last day of summer vacation. For others, it’s the last day off until November. And for you non-American readers, it’s a random Monday. Either way, take a moment to remember all the hard-working men and women that have helped improve working conditions all across the globe.

And on to the deals! Some good deals end today, so check them out! (more…)

Manga Review – Zodiac P.I.

Zodiac P.I. Volume 1

Zodiac P.I.
十二宮でつかまえて (Juunikyuu de Tsukamaete)
ANDO Natsumi
Shoujo – Comedy, fantasy, magical girl, mystery, romance
4 Volumes (complete)


Lili comes from a family of astrologers, and she intends to continue the family business. But reading the future isn’t the only thing passed on to her: Lili possesses a special ring that can be used to contact the spirits of the zodiac. With the help of the ring, Lili solves cases as the legendary detective Spica. But Spica may find out she has a rival or two!