Game Summary – Shinomiya Natsuki Route from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki Picnic

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and all previous Utapri games ahoy!

Today’s covers Shinomiya Natsuki’s route. Starish each has one route with two endings. Note that the routes seem to take place after Debut and not after Rainbow Route in All Star. Both Rainbow Route endings are considered True Love endings, but A is the one you get when your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka finishes work for the day at the agency. She’s 18 and has been working on various BGM. But today she’s going to also going to give a new composition to her boyfriend and partner. She has to hurry home but hears voices. She opens the door, and Syo is yelling at Natsuki. He says it was unfair to face Natsuki in a bread eating contest. Natsuki doesn’t understand why. Otoya is trying to calm Syo down. Masato points out that it didn’t matter about the bread if Syo can’t answer the quiz questions. Otoya says he had to go back to start five times because it was so difficult. Tokiya says it’s because Otoya took off before hearing the whole question. Ren remarks Tokiya skipped the bread race because it seemed too difficult. Cecil claims it’s because Tokiya hates high calorie bread, but Tokiya denies it.

Haruka thinks back on how she debuted because of Starish’s support. (The group isn’t called Starish here, but I’m going to.) Otoya and Syo notice Haruka and invite her inside. Natsuki says they all were at the same location today. The others mention they have been working together a lot. In fact, Ren explains, they were on a sports variety show, divided into three teams. Team 1 was Masato and Natsuki. Team 2 was Tokiya, Syo, and Cecil. Team 3 was Ren and Otoya. Ren asks Haruka which team she thinks won.

Haruka looks at Masato and Natsuki. Masato says Natsuki has the physical ability but his “my pace” attitude is troubling. In the middle of the race, Natsuki started gathering all the bread and feeding birds. Natsuki says the birds were hungry so he thought he should share. The birds flew away afterwards. Masato doesn’t blame Natsuki since it was Masato’s fault they chose melon bread and got a late start. Natsuki says they couldn’t help that they chose Masato’s favorite. Masato got intrigued by the melon pan next to him and unconsciously took it. Natsuki says the staff called Masato’s actions interesting.

Haruka is happy they’re getting so popular. She thinks about how different it is from when she was alone and couldn’t debut. Starish points out that it’s thanks to her and her songs. They decide to head home, and Syo assures Haruka he’ll defeat any bad guys that people. Cecil asks Haruka to keep making wonderful music.

Haruka is at the cafe, and Tomo rushes in, apologizing. They haven’t seen each other in a while because of their work. They split some cake and chat. Tomo asks how Haruka and her boyfriend are doing. Haruka starts panicking. Tomo asks if she’s bashful, and Haruka says it’s a little embarrassing. Tomo laughs and wishes for her excitement. She passes it off as a joke, saying it’s impossible for an idol. Haruka thinks about how her love life is a secret, but Tomo tells her she knows Haruka and her boyfriend are serious. Tomo then pulls out a magazine from Starish’s event yesterday and gives it to Haruka. She knows Haruka will want to read the interviews.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret StarishThey part, promising to keep in contact and go out again. She then goes to read her boyfriend’s interview.

Today is Haruka’s long-awaited date with Natsuki. They’ve both been busy. It’s a beautiful spring day with lots of sunshine and birds chirping, the perfect day for a picnic. Natsuki and Haruka are both looking forward to today. Haruka asks where they’re going since Natsuki made the plans. Natsuki’s like, “Where indeed?” There’s the riverbank but he doesn’t know if they’ll make it there. Natsuki wants to see a lot of places and things like flowers. Natsuki says being with Haruka makes everything sparkle, and she feels the same. Natsuki spreads out the picnic blanket and sits. A bird lands on his finger. He chats with the bird, telling it he’s on a date. He tells Haruka the bird thinks she’s cute, too. The bird is hungry. Natsuki made a lot of food and starts dishing it out. Haruka is amazed. Natsuki was happy to make all the food for her. He even held back from his usual “go with the flow” cooking style and followed the recipes. Natsuki gives the bird some bread and it flies away. Haruka doesn’t know where to start eating. So Natsuki says he’ll choose for her, starting with the fluffy like Haruka tamagoyaki. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki PicnicHe wants to feed it to her, but she’s embarrassed and asks him not to look at her like that. Natsuki tells her it’s impossible not to look at her so lovingly. He doesn’t want her to hold back and wants to give her a lot of food and smiles. “Aaaan!” Haruka’s like, why don’t we both eat. Natsuki gets excited; they can feed each other. Haruka picks the Piyo-chan onigiri to feed Natsuki. He loves Piyo-chan so much that he’s not sure if he can eat the onigiri. Natsuki requests tamagoyaki so they both can be eating the same thing at the same time in the same place. It’s good and even better when the other is feeding it to them.

They finish eating. Natsuki mentions some of his favorite places to eat when he was a child. Then he starts talking about when he was in France as a child and heard a neighbor playing the violin. That’s how he got into music. He continued when they moved to Japan but trails off. Haruka thinks about how there’s another side to Natsuki named Satsuki who was born when a teacher stole his composition. Natsuki tells Haruka not to make that face or Satsuki will be sad. Satsuki will always protect him. Natsuki is a lot stronger now since he met Haruka, and all the time they spent together is precious to him. He tells Haruka that he loves her and is thankful to her. And, of course, they have music. But right now, Natsuki wants to cuddle. Haruka can’t believe him. She say’s he’s a happy-selfish type. He falls asleep, so she combs her fingers through his hair. He wakes up but tells her to continue. She thanks him. She explains she’s grateful for their work but most of all meeting him. He’s happy that she believes in him despite the way he is. He’s thankful now for all the people who support him. He suddenly jerks up and says the next song should be about how thankful and happy he is, a cheerful and energetic song to support others. But he doesn’t have a lot of experience. Haruka suggests he try new things and experience them for himself. So he says he wants to fly like a bird, warm like the sun, and shine like the stars. But they realize it’s getting late and pack up.

Haruka works on a song that night. She then texts Natsuki around midnight asking him to listen when he has a chance. Natsuki thinks she means right now, but they agree to meet in the recording room tomorrow.

Haruka rushes to the recording room. Ai and Syo are there. Ai tells her she’s late by 2 minutes. Haruka asks why they are there. That’s what Ai wants to know. Natsuki says since they all work together, he wants to get their opinion. Ai says Natsuki is annoying but doesn’t mind listening to music. Syo offers his help. Haruka is happy, and Natsuki says he was afraid Haruka would be too surprised. Ai says she was plenty surprised. Haruka says she’s more happy than surprised. Natsuki thought she’d say that, “As expected of my lover!” While Ai and Syo know, Syo’s like enough and Ai’s like, whatever, just begin playing. Natsuki apologizes, saying that his girlfriend is just too wonderful. Syo is happy for him. Haruka then says the songs a little rough, but Natsuki is excited to work on it together. She plays the song. Afterwards, he doesn’t say anything and closes his eyes. Haruka is worried, but Natsuki hugs her tightly and says she did all that since yesterday. He hugs her so tightly it hurts, so he apologizes and will be more careful.

Natsuki asks for Ai’s and Syo’s opinions. They say it’s full of power and energy. Natsuki explains the goal of the song, and Ai says the intention is coming through somewhat already. Syo is shocked that Ai issued a rare compliment. Ai says he said “somewhat”. Haruka will continue to improve the song. Natsuki is happy Ai and Syo accept the song since they are the two most important to him in music. Ai says they know already. Syo says he and Ai will leave Haruka and Natsuki alone.

A few days later, Haruka is working late. She is under pressure for a deadline. She knows it’s her job but wants to work on Natsuki’s song instead. She’s been trying to contact Natsuki but has received no response. Finally he does call back. She says she’s been thinking about how much she wanted to hear his voice. He missed her, too, and he is sorry he’s been a bad boyfriend to make her feel lonely. She says he has to work. Natsuki asks how her work is going and if she has any troubles. It’s because he’s her boyfriend and can sense something’s different. He wants to fly to her side immediately. She appreciates his feelings, but he says it’s not enough, he’s coming now! Haruka says it’s late. Natsuki says she was one step ahead of him, he’s been missing her and thought about calling but that it was too late to. He wants to hold her now and is coming over. Haruka cleans up her apartment.

Natsuki comes over with some food. She notices the packages say “Shinomiya Farm” and illustrations of animals. She asks if he drew the pictures. Yes, he drew it the last time he visited his parents. She almost hates to open it. His parents and pet rabbit Chikuwabu are doing fine. They chat about his trip to Hokkaido. The conversation then turns to work. He’s been doing a variety show at a location that’s not on a map. He asks if she wants to hear a surprising, thrilling, or heartwarming story. In the latter, Natsuki says he met the bird from the picnic. In the surprising story, he talks about meeting a bear. He used his father’s secret technique to make friends with bears: a great big hug. He didn’t understand why the staff was so shocked. Anyways, he’s glad to be back. Haruka snuggles closer to Natsuki. It’s rather unusual for her so Natsuki knows Haruka is having a music-related problem. Haruka explains all her recent troubles with work and doing the song alone. She wants to work inside but her body freezes. Natsuki apologizes since he, too, is the type who worries a lot. He had Satsuki by his side and still thinks of him whenever Natsuki’s in trouble. He asks Haruka what she wants to do most. She says work on his song. While other work is important, he says, her feelings take priority. Haruka plays the song. Natsuki praises her songs as the best. He hugs her and says he can’t wait for the finished product. She thanks Natsuki for his assistance, but he says she needs more confidence. He kisses her forehead and calls it a charm to make her cheer up. However, if she keeps making such a (cute) expression, he’ll just have to keep praising her. She says she’s fine. Natsuki tells her he’ll reward her with a date when she finishes all her work. Haruka promises to do her best.

A week later, Haruka is preparing to go out on the promised date.

Haruka and Natsuki meet up outside a cafe. Natsuki is spoiling her by making the plans and carrying her bag. She tells him that he’s a wonderful boyfriend and is happy that he takes such good care of her. He remarks Syo and Ai are always telling him to get it together. Haruka assures him that he’s great.

They go inside and Natsuki pulls out the chair for her. Natsuki can’t decide between a berry parfait and melon bread cake, so Haruka suggests they share. Natsuki is so delighted that he asks Haruka for one more.

They finish up and leave the cafe. Haruka tells Natsuki she had a wonderful time, but Natsuki says the real thing starts now. They’re going to have an even more wonderful time.

Natsuki leads her to a fountain near an amusement park. He and Haruka hold hands. Then she links arms with him, and Natsuki tells her to make more requests of him. The sky is brightly shining with the moon and stars. They decide to take a break at a bench so they can admire the view. Natsuki continues to care for Haruka, even giving her his handkerchief to sit on. He’s glad to see her smiling so much, and she replies it’s thanks to him and his earlier advice. So he thinks if he does more for her, she’ll smile even more. He then pulls her toward him and kisses her on the cheek. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki BenchShe worries they’ll be spotted, but he tells her to concentrate on him; the only ones looking at them are the stars. He starts kissing her ear, praising her for working so hard for today. She’s so nervous that she blurts out that Natsuki worked hard for today, too, which causes him to laugh. He’s the happiest when she smiles. But he was in the middle of a charm, so can he continue? He kisses her on the temple this time and affirms his love again. He’ll protect her smile, so can he stay by her side? Haruka replies yes. They kiss underneath the night sky.

Haruka goes to see Natsuki. He’s filming a CM. Ai and Syo greet her. Natsuki welcomes her but complains that the other two got to greet Haruka before he did. Ai tells Natsuki it’s his own fault for being slow while Syo plays the tsukkomi role of why is he welcoming her, this isn’t his home. Haruka is reminded of their time in the Master Course. Ai sighs and talks about being stuck with these kouhai. Natsuki asks them night to fight, and Ai and Syo respond, “We’re not fighting!” at the same time. It’s proof they really do get along. A staff member comes along and tells them they’re ready to begin. The CM is for ice cream. Another staff member requests Natsuki put Syo on his shoulders. Natsuki suggests he does his “takai takaaai” (hold Syo up high) because Syo would be very thrilled. Syo, of course, vehemently denies this and yells that they’re not kids. The staff likes their ad lib which shocks Syo. Ai scolds Natsuki since there would be a big issue if they broke the lighting. Syo sputters that Ai should be concerned more about him.

They take a break. It’s hot on the set because of the summer setting of the CM. Natsuki tells Ai to rest since Ai is looking red and his body temperature is warm. Ai is surprised but thanks him. Ai asks if his face is that noticeable. Syo doesn’t notice anything unusual. But Natsuki has been watching Ai for a long time and knows when something’s wrong. Haruka says it’s because Natsuki is kind. Ai and Syo like him just as he is. Just when the staff announces the start of the next scene, the lights go out. It seems to be a short circuit. Without the light for the sun, they can’t film. Syo wonders if there is something they can do, but Ai responds that the best thing they can do is not get in the way. The staff apologizes to the three of them. Natsuki has been thinking then suddenly blurts out “kurukuru pyokorin”. Ai and Syo have no idea what Natsuki is talking about. Natsuki replies it’s the magic words. Ai is even more lost. Natsuki explains that in a pinch, he thinks about things in a “kurukuru” (whirling, spinning) way and then when an idea is born he goes “pyokorin” (up and down, lightly)! So basically his idea is to move the filming outside. The morning was nice so the weather outside right now should be sunny. He knows it will be a lot of work, but he hopes everyone will pitch in to make the project a success. The staff agrees. They thank Natsuki for the idea, but Natsuki replies that it’s a little too early for thanks. The staff member feels better after talking to him. They move the set outside.

Natsuki, Ai, and Syo finish filming. It was a success after all. Haruka is pumped about doing the BGM for it. Syo gives Natsuki the title of MVP for the day. Ai can’t believe Natsuki saved the day. He reminds them that he is the onii-san of the three. Ai does not want to call him that. Natsuki wants the other two to rely on him more like an onii-san. Natsuki then asks how work is going. Syo is going to co-MC a new program. He should be good at it since he’s worked with Natsuki so much. Ai wants to learn from animals since that’s next program’s theme. Onii-san promises to take him to the zoo. The cute animals and cute Ai-chan together will really make Natsuki happy. Syo asks if Natsuki ever sees them as rivals. Natsuki replies seeing smiles is the happiest thing for him. He wants to convey this to others, even if their happiness is different. Natsuki then says he’s working on his next song, the one Ai and Syo heard earlier. They are looking forward to it.

Haruka is working on the song. She and Natsuki think back upon their time at Saotome Gakuen. He asks what her favorite memory is, and she replies the graduation audition. It was the start for both of them. Natsuki talks about all the people who look forward to their music. He wants to thank them through this song and convey his feelings of happiness. To do that, all he has to do is think of Haruka. He asks to continue to walk this path with her as both his lover and music partner. Haruka doesn’t need to put her reply in words. She sits at the piano and plays.

In the evening, Haruka finishes the song and plays it. Natsuki is thrilled it’s fits the image perfectly. She’s looking forward to the lyrics. He’s going to think hard about the lyrics to thank all the people who saved him and others who are lost and need cheering up. The person who made him feel this way is Haruka, the one who was always with him and supported him. She tells him that he changed by his own power but his feelings will be conveyed. Natsuki thanks her and tells her her heart is strong. He falls in love with her more the more about her, so he wants to learn more to the point they become one. Haruka closes her eyes for a kiss, but he says she just looked too cute. He kisses her after she opens her eyes. Natsuki informs her that he’s going to keep the lyrics a secret. He’ll show her his own individual power. Haruka will wait.

The day has come for the big debut. It’s a packed crowd when Natsuki takes the stage. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki StageNatsuki announces he has a present for his fans. He has received so much support, and this time he is returning the favor. He then sings “Yell“.

True Love Ending A:

The crowd loves it. Natsuki asks if the crowd feels more energetic now. Fans say they do. The magic spell, Natsuki tells them, is “lucky, happy, kurukuru pyokorin”. The fans like it.

Later, Haruka is at a CD shop. She sees a poster for “Yell”. She watches as a little girl points to Natsuki in the poster and repeats the “kurukuru pyokorin” spell. She’ll tell Natsuki about the girl the next time she sees him but doesn’t know when that will be. Natsuki suddenly calls her and requests to see her tonight. She worries that a visit will interfere with his work, but he says he will feel better if he sees her. Haruka suggests they meet up at his room so he can relax. Haruka hurries off, saying to herself, “Kurukuru pyokorin!”

Haruka goes to Natsuki’s room. He has iced tea waiting for her. She tells him about the little girl. He thinks of her whenever someone praises the composition. Haruka says it’s because of his lyrics and voice that conveys his message. He’s relieved that the song managed to achieve their goals. Haruka looks at the clock because she doesn’t want to stay too late, but Natsuki says looking at the clock is forbidden. He doesn’t want her to make such a sad face. She didn’t realize she was, and he tells her not to think about whether he’s tired. He just wants to see her smile. He asks if Haruka feels the same way, which she does. She still doesn’t want to inconvenience him, so Haruka tells him she’s going home. He calms says, “You really don’t want to go home, do you?” He gets serious and tells her not to leave; he wants to feel her and see her smile. Natsuki invites her to stay overnight. She wants to be together all the time, right? Then they won’t worry about the time. She’s busted. He leads her to the bedroom, saying he wants to talk. He says the room feels fresher just by her being there. Haruka doesn’t know where to look, so Natsuki says just to look at him. She gets more flustered, and he thinks that face is cute. He kisses her cheek. He loves her and all her expressions, but he doesn’t want her to make a lonely face. He apologizes for making her feel lonely, but Haruka tells him it’s not his fault. He’ll hug her all night long until she says she’s no longer lonely. She requests that he hold her. Of course, he asks to touch her more. They start making out. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki True Love Ending AHaruka protests, but she hasn’t said “let me go” yet. They feel the same, Natsuki says, and they’ll never be separated because she’s in his heart. They keep kissing, and he tells her he’ll take her to a world of love just for the two of them. Haruka closes her eyes.

True Love Ending B:

Natsuki sings so powerfully that he’s out of breath. The crowd applauds. Girls cheer. Haruka is amazed. Natsuki hopes the audience will listen to the song whenever they are down.

Haruka goes to the dressing room to find Natsuki. He asks if the song conveyed his feelings and she says yes. She compliments his lyrics. Natsuki was worried about his lyrics and thought at times he wanted to give up. However, he remembered her smile and kept going.

The two of them walk slowly home in the evening. Natsuki invites Haruka to go out, the destination a secret. He gives her a hint: it’s their favorite place. He won’t get lost this time and will properly escort her. They head out.

The two head into the forest. Haruka thinks back on their first picnic here. Natsuki is being more careful with cooking now. He remembers all the animals and playing the viola for her. Suddenly a bird flies up. Natsuki thanks the bird for greeting them. After it flies away, Haruka asks why he brought her here. He wants to confirm what has changed and what hasn’t changed. He talks about Satsuki disappearing and the hard times during his debut. There were many times he wanted to give up. But they’ve come back here, overcoming everything together. They aren’t the people they once were, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that Natsuki loves her. He embraces her and wants to thank God that she came into his life. If she’s happy, he’s happy, and if she’s sad, he’s sad. She feels the same way to the point that she’s crying. They’ll be together, and Natsuki starts to tear up. Haruka kisses him, calling it a charm. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki True Love Ending B Kiss 1He’s surprised and starts to call her a magic user, but he corrects himself by saying Haruka is his magic. She gives him strength and can make anything better. She asks if she’s Natsuki’s “kurukuru pyokorin”. They love each other’s smiling faces. The two kiss again. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Shinomiya Natsuki True Love Ending Kiss 2Natsuki kisses her all over her face. They talk about what they love about each other. Natsuki asks her to stay as his love and he’ll protect that love. Haruka agrees. They kiss again.

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