Game Summary – Mikaze Ai Route B from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Mikaze Ai Sandwiches

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and Uta no Prince-sama All Star ahoy!

Today’s covers Mikaze Ai’s Route B. Unlike the other games, the senpai each have two routes, one for each song. Each route has two endings. The first ending is the one you get if your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka has been working at the agency for over two years. She has to go to the agency.

She can hear voices arguing. Ranmaru is accusing Camus of not putting enough power into the song. Camus blames Ranmaru for throwing off the balance of the song. They go back and forth for a while, with Ranmaru saying the heart is the most important part while Camus says the other needs to think more. Reiji finally interrupts them and tries to calm them down. He asks Ai for help. Ai says that they always do this. Ai points out that Reiji fell at their previous live. Reiji is like, “My bad! But accidents spice things up!” Ai still doesn’t feel the need to stop them, but he finally agrees to Reiji’s pleas. Ai distracts Camus by asking about unusual sweets while Reiji distracts Ranmaru with the promise of Kotobuki Bentou samples. After things settle down, they four invite Haruka inside. They wonder why she was hiding. They’re all waiting for Shining. Haruka thinks about how Quartet Night was formed.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Quartet NightShining suddenly busts in and announces the four are going to sing solo songs. Quartet Night has no problem with that. Then he wonders why Haruka is there.

Ai says he invited Haruka and worries if she got injured when Shining jumped out the window (or crashed into the wall. Can’t remember). Reiji teases them, but Ai doesn’t care. The other members of Quartet Night know Ai and Haruka are going out, and Reiji reminds them that love is forbidden for idols. Reiji tries to pump everyone up, but the others ignore him. Camus wants to know more about the sweets and Ranmaru the bentou. Haruka wants to work hard for the new song.

Ai invites Haruka over, and they’ve each made sandwiches for lunch. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Mikaze Ai SandwichesAi made a huge stack of fruit sandwiches while Haruka made tuna and egg sandwiches. He insists on feeding her. Haruka thinks back about their past, and Ai talks about how he came back. All Ai could hear was Aine’s voice, and Aine managed to return Ai’s consciousness. When Ai awoke, he heard Haruka’s song and found himself at the beach. Haruka still feels uneasy, and Ai assures her that he’s real. Then he confesses that he’s anxious, and Haruka tells him, “Welcome home.”

They start talking about the song contest, and Haruka suggests Ai try something new. Ai agrees and wants to challenge himself. He wants to be someone new (i.e. not Aine’s copy). They then go out on a date. Ai asks to hold hands, then he starts wondering which hand he’s supposed to hold! They start walking, but something’s still not right. Ai decides it’s the setting, so he calls starts calling her “my princess” and calls himself he’s the prince. (Yeah, he’s definitely Syo’s senpai.) Ai wonders what else lovers do, but Haruka tells him being together is enough. Then he kisses her on the cheek. Ai still wants to be more raburabu, but Haruka replies he’s a wonderful boyfriend. Ai still wonders though, since the guy is supposed to take the lead. Haruka says she looks forward to it. Then Ai talks about all his emotions, then he proclaims they’ll do the things only they can do.

Haruka wonders what kind of song to compose as she makes stew. Ai then brings over some marine jelly and they start to work on the song. Haruka is torn between a song to show off his kindness or a song to show off his coolness.

Haruka chooses the latter. She plays it for him.

Ai tells Haruka he’ll create a new him with the help of the song. When they start the arrangement, he says he feels uncomfortable. Haruka asks if its the song. Ai answers, it’s his body. It feels weak and the room temperature just went up. Ai then starts talking about a scent. It’s the stew! Ai scolds Haruka since something worse could have happened. He starts cleaning up the mess. Ai says he worries about Haruka when they are not together.

As Haruka walks Ai home, they bump into Natsuki and Syo. They are excited for Ai’s new song. Ai then goes into senpai mode. After they leave, Ai wants to practice more and be a true senpai.

Haruka is at the recording room. The song is coming along. She’s waiting for Ai. He texts her that there’s something important at work. Haruka heads to the agency.

From the hallway, she hears a man talking. He wants to hear about the talents’ philosophy of love, even if it’s a just a “what if” scenario. Haruka spots Ai, Natsuki, and Syo. The interviewer asks where would Syo go on a date. He replies going shopping. The man asks what type of girls they prefer. Haruka gets a little nervous. Ai volunteers to go first. His type isn’t a type but rather a girl he falls in love with. The interviewer presses for a more definitive answer, but Ai replies that there’s no reason for loving someone. When asked, Ai says he just wants someone whom he loves by his side. That would be enough happiness. Ai continues: a girlfriend would probably have a hard time going out with him, but he would want to tell her thank you for being with him. Haruka is surprised and thinks about what it means to be Ai’s girlfriend. The man tells Ai that he would really treasure his lover. Natsuki giggles and says Ai’s girlfriend is happy. The man mentions a girlfriend would have a tough time standing next to Ai since he’s so beautiful, especially when dressed as a girl. Natsuki was really surprised; Ai looked like a doll. That was really surprising. Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai GirlAi is a little embarrassed. The man talks about Ai’s image, that he’s cute and a bit of an airhead. Many fans say they want to protect him because he’s younger. Ai gets a bit depressed but gets back into work mode. His eyes meet Haruka’s and trails off. He continues the interview.

Afterwards, Haruka runs back to the recording room, afraid she will be exposed. She thinks about Ai’s comments in the interview. This is perhaps the first time she’s heard about his philosophy of love. Ai is supposed to be the mysterious idol, but he seems cooler to Haruka now than before. Ai apologizes for being 38 minutes late. Ai notices Haruka’s face getting all red. She covers by telling him that it’s because she hasn’t seen him in a while, so her heart is pounding. Ai stares at her. He smirks and starts acting more seductively. “Shall we see…if it can pound harder?” There’s no one else around, so come closer. He pulls her in and asks if her heartbeat is speeding up. Haruka thinks that Ai is different than usual. He exposes the fact that she was at the interview. Even if he hadn’t spotted her, her face would give her away. She has some guts to eavesdrop, Ai continues. She tries to make an excuse by saying she had something to do there. Ai asks what she heard. If she tells him she heard about the cross-dressing, he freezes and gets depressed. If she mentions she heard about his type, he turns the question on her. If she admits she heard him talk about his feelings for his girlfriend, Haruka has to say whom he was talking about. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her she can’t lie. Ai then asks Haruka how she’s doing. She’s fine, but she can’t stop thinking about how different Ai is today. Perhaps it was her fault for eavesdropping. She finally asks. Ai declares it was an accident, but his voice is still different from normal. He requests to hear the song. Haruka gladly sets up. She’s looking forward to his reaction. “Yeah, ore is (I am) also looking forward to it.” (Note: Ai always uses “boku” while “ore” is considered more masculine.) She’s shocked, as she has never heard him say “ore” before. He keeps trying to sound more masculine, like “mochiron sa” (“Yeah, totally”) instead of “mochiron desu” (“Of course”). Haruka briefly thinks that maybe this Ai is an imposter, but she knows that’s ridiculous. They stare at each other for awhile before Ai sighs and gives up because it’s so unnatural. He wanted to be a cooler boyfriend for Haruka, more adult-like, but it’s harder than he thought. Ai then requests to listen to the song. He asks Haruka forget all that just happened because it was embarrassing.

Haruka plays the composition. Afterwards, Ai has returned to his regular self, giving his compliments in his usual “not bad” style. Haruka starts getting flustered from being around her normal Mikaze-senpai. He reminds her to concentrate and private time will come later. He gives her a lot of advice and marks up her paper. She’s looking forward to seeing how cool Ai will be when he sings it. Ai is intrigued. He knows Haruka loves music and that feeling warms his heart. He says Haruka came this far with the composition on her own and maybe she doesn’t need his advice. Haruka protests, pointing to all the corrections he made. Ai admits he wants to see her grow.

They head home afterwards in the early evening. They go by a river. Ai asks if Haruka wants to go to a French restaurant or have him make more fruit sandwiches. She suggests a popular Chinese rice place. Ai isn’t good with making that because of the temperature. He mentions that Syo is good at that type of cooking. Haruka suggests he have Syo teach him, but Ai isn’t comfortable with learning from a kouhai. He’s into more fashionable cooking, but perhaps he’ll try for his girlfriend. Haruka can’t figure out how to make Chinese rice more elegant. Ai talks about how he’s supposed to be a all-purpose robot and is a little unsettled with all the things he doesn’t know or can’t do. But there’s one thing he’s confident in: his singing ability. His heart is free and can sing freely, so he won’t worry about anything else. Ai promises to sing Haruka’s songs more wonderfully — and cooler — than anyone else. They’ll create music that only the two of them can. Haruka agrees as she steps on the rocks in the river. They’ll be the ultimate pair. Ai shyly asks Haruka if he sounded like a lover. When she says yes, he starts part 1 of his plan to be a more reliable, cooler boyfriend: he won’t reward her if she isn’t creating music by his side. She’s surprised and almost falls into the river, but Ai catches her and scolds her. She explains has other jobs to do, so Ai agrees to give her a reward if she works hard. She’s looking forward to it.

A few days later, Haruka sitting at the cafe. She received a text from Ai saying, “Mikaze Ai presents: Reward Tour”. The tour is supposed to be a 3 day, 2 night stay. The destination is a secret since Ai planned everything. He just wants to see Haruka cheerful. Her heart is going crazy since this is her first trip with Ai.

The promised day arrives. Ai leads her to a large car with a chauffeur. He tells her to put her luggage in the trunk, but she say’s it’s fine. Ai informs her that holding back is forbidden. The he starts the tour. (“Oooh!”) On the way, Ai acts like a tour guide. Their first stop is a beautiful cottage in a forest. Ai escorts Haruka to her room. He asks what Haruka thinks. If Haruka remarks that the cottage looks like something from a movie, Ai is like, “Well, then you’d either be the heroine of a love story, oooooorrr perhaps I’ll turn into a scaaary beast at night like in a horror film.” Anyways, Haruka admits she’s a little nervous, but Ai mentions they’ve been alone in a room plenty of times. But he likes that idea of her becoming accustomed to not going home. Ai leads Haruka out to the deck to show her the view, and they agree to look at the stars that night. Then he pulls out a laptop and goes over all the plans for the day. Of course, being Ai, he has very detailed plans, but he has forgotten to include breaks. So he pulls Haruka on to the sofa to relax and even offers to massage her feet. She encourages Ai to relax, but he reminds Haruka that this is her reward tour. Finally she agrees to leave everything to Ai. He kisses her on the forehead, adding that since they’re all alone, he should be given at least this much. Ai goes to the kitchen and happily hums while making a tray for Haruka. Suddenly he cries out in surprise. He rushes out and is like, “I forgot to ask the most important thing! Hot or iced, which one!?” Haruka tells him just to make both.

Night falls. Haruka has been having a great time. Ai’s been like a professional chef instead of an idol. He’s even been teaching her chess. Haruka goes out onto the terrace, but Ai yells after her for going out as she is. He puts a blanket around her shoulder. Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai BlanketHe then starts naming the stars. Ai admits he learned about the stars from Natsuki’s lectures just before going on the trip. Haruka says she has had a wonderful time, and that makes Ai happy. He hugs her.Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai Hug He’s been thinking a lot lately about being with her. He always wants to be together. He knows he’s younger and they’re not a normal couple, but his wish is to stay with his beloved. He doesn’t want to let her go. Haruka tells him he doesn’t have to. He replies he’ll make her the happiest person in the world. There are as many people as there are stars in the sky, but she found him and fell in love with him. He requests she watch over him as he grows up. She agrees. Ai has had enough of gazing at the stars; he’d rather look at her. He starts kissing her, then says he loves her and wants to feel more of her. The scene ends with Haruka narrating that she entrusted herself to Ai.

The next morning, they go for a hike. Haruka is embarrassed because they’re holding hands. Ai responds that they promised for the whole night. But last night, Ai was in the middle of talking and Haruka dozed off. He could have escaped, but he found her sleep-talking interesting and cute. Haruka is frantic and wonders what she said. Ai devilishly informs her it’s a secret but she must have been having a good dream. Ai has never had a dream but watching her happily sleep by his side everyday would be a dream. Haruka panics and responds it’s too early (i.e. they’re too young), but Ai doesn’t understand who decides when it’s too early or late. Haruka’s heart is not ready for such a step, but Ai replies with a wink that all she has to do is say when. Ai informs her that they still have 1.2 km until their destination.

The couple arrives at a field of flowers. They’ll stop here then head to the river. The look at the butterflies, but then hear some buzzing. Ai swats a bee with his hands without blinking an eye. More come, and Haruka panics. He doesn’t understand why the butterflies are okay but not bees. Haruka just yells to get rid of them, which Ai finally does. He has no injuries. They continue their hike.

Haruka and Ai reach the river. They play around, and Haruka slips. Ai catches her, but she twists her ankle. Ai is all prepared and analyzes it thoroughly. He recommends (in English) ice, rest, and elevation. Haruka doesn’t know what the last one means, so he explains and carries her in princess lift aka bridal style. Haruka worries that they’ll be seen so suggests she be carried on his back. Rejected. As he carries her back to the cottage, she thinks about how she ruined the day and how wonderful Ai is. She tells him thanks and that he’s like a prince. He then calls her his princess. Ai then stops and makes a tiara of flowers for her. When they continue their journey back, Haruka thinks that it would be okay for time to stop.

It’s the last day. Ai again serves the food, which looks amazing. It’s a recipe from Syo, so Ai has to give a report when he gets back. He remembered the promise from earlier. Haruka thinks about she hates for this time to end. Just when they are about to eat, Ai notices her depressed expression. Haruka admits she doesn’t want to go back. He admits the sound of a prince and princess living here together doesn’t sound bad, but if they stay, she will never see the idol side of him. Ai wants Haruka to see all of him, not just the private him. Ai kisses her as a sign of promise.

They finish up at the cottage. Ai suggests they come again, but next time, she can make the plans, like a reward for him. They hear the car pull up. Haruka thanks him again, but Ai reminds her there’s still the trip back. He also thanks her in return. Then he suggests making one last memory there. He gives her a couple of kisses then asks Haruka to kiss him. Then he’s like, “Have you gotten used to kissing over the last 3 days?” They leave with Ai reminding Haruka the trip isn’t over yet.

After the trip, Haruka and Ai return to their normal lives. Haruka received a lot of inspiration for the composition from the trip. Ai’s been busy, so she hasn’t seen him much. Haruka is looking for a free studio to work at. While looking, she hears a voice saying the shoot isn’t finished. It’s a girl. Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai Girl 2It takes a moment for it to dawn on Haruka. Ai is yelling to Reiji how to wear loose socks then spots Haruka. It’s for work, of course. If he’s called cute, he might as well do a thorough job. He even strikes a pose. Ai asks for Haruka’s opinion, and she replies that the normal, cool Ai is better. Ai is a little depressed that she talks like that the one time when he wants to hear the opposite. Haruka then calls him a wonderful girl. Ai mentions his next job he’d like to try for a “dandy” feel. He asks what she is doing there. She explains how she was looking for a studio to work on the song but forgot to reserve one. Ai suggests she come over to his place. He was going to work on the lyrics anyway.

Haruka is at Ai’s. She works on the composition while Ai works on the lyrics. Ai seems to be struggling. Haruka remarks that it’s rare for Ai to be worried about lyrics. He says there’s so much that he wants to say that he can’t choose, that being with Haruka gave birth to so many emotions. It’s the same for Haruka and music. She becomes very worried when she doesn’t have assistance. He decides to help with the composition and have Haruka help with the lyrics. She puts her whole being into the song and plays for Ai.

He says the song is sparkling like their future. He feels even more deeply that he’s glad to be partners. With Ai watching over her, she puts the finishing touches on the song. She plays it again, and Ai is satisfied. Haruka is a surprised but elated. She thanks Ai. (I got a little lost in this conversation.) Ai tells her her weak point is she puts too much into a song. He just guided her and will work with her. After all, Ai is the one who can make her songs shine brightest.

After that, Haruka goes another stretch without seeing Ai. She can’t help feeling lonely. It’s a rainy day as Haruka heads to the agency. Ai texted her three days ago telling her he was going on location.

Haruka finally reaches the agency and spots Natsuki and Syo. Syo notices she doesn’t look too cheerful. Haruka tries to deflect it, but Natsuki warns her Ai will worry if she looks like that. Haruka then changes the subject to about Syo’s family recipe, so they talk about that for awhile. Then Natsuki says that the new composition is really good. Haruka is happy until she wonders how Natsuki knows about it. Natsuki mentions Ai, but Syo suddenly covers his mouth. Syo yells at Natsuki, and Natsuki remembers that it’s a secret. They quickly leave.

Haruka goes to drop off something and chats with an agency employee. Another employee enters and talks about the room bookings. One mentions that Ai is in room B. Haruka immediately dashes off.

Haruka opens the door to find Ai in a room for dance practice. Ai looks completely normal and questions Haruka’s sudden appearance. Haruka in turn asks when he got back from location. Yesterday morning. Haruka is upset that Ai didn’t tell her. He doesn’t understand why as he was going to contact her today after dance practice. She wanted to see him. “You’re making too big of a fuss. It’s only been a week, right?” “Not only! It’s already been a week!” Ai asks her if she was lonely. He wanted to keep everything a secret so that he would seem cooler. But he realizes that keeping it a secret was meaningless if it made Haruka lonely. He invites Haruka to come into his arms. She jumps into his arms so hard they fall down. He sighs but pets her head. They stay like that for awhile until Haruka calms down. She apologizes, but Ai admits it was his fault. Normally he wouldn’t spoil her so much, but seeing her face and telling him she was lonely made him feel the same way. He ended up lying to himself with his reason to hold back. Ai describes how falling in love changed him. He still doesn’t fully understand human emotions, but if someone’s lonely, there’s a reason. And from now on, Haruka will properly tell him when she is.

Haruka asks Ai why he is there practicing. She mentions hearing something from Natsuki and Syo. He wants to know what they said. She tries to cover for them, but Ai just confesses that he was thinking of the best way to present her song. He is going to do a solo live concert with songs, dance, a whole performance showing off his ability. It’s being billed as rebirth of Mikaze Ai. He requests Haruka wait and look forward to it. He’ll dedicate the future to her. She wants to watch him grow.

The day of the live arrives. When Ai appears on stage, the crowd cheers. The concert starts with an arranged version of his debut song, a slow ballad. He tells the crowd he’s come back after so long. Next he sings “Winter Blossom”. From the side, Haruka says, “Welcome home.” To the crowd (but really to Haruka), Ai replies, “Thank you…I love you.” White smoke goes up and the background dancers begin to dance. The stage’s colors switch from blue and green to red and orange before changing back. Ai reappears in with a black coat instead of his white one. Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai LiveFans are surprised he’s going to dance, and even the staff remark how different he seems. They all think he’s cool. He thanks the crowd but the live isn’t over yet. He informs the audience, he won’t be called “Ai-chan” anymore. Ai points to Haruka (without the audience knowing, of course) that he’ll take her into the middle of dream, so be prepared. He then sings “Futari no Monogram“.

Kouhai Ending:

Haruka thinks about how this is Ai’s ability. The performance was so powerful. He once would reject things he didn’t want to do (like dancing) but now is trying it out. He does have the ability to create whatever future he wishes for. Ai requests the crowd’s support for the new him. They love the performance.

Syo calls out to Haruka after the show. She was so entranced that she didn’t even notice what is going on. Natsuki also thought the performance was wonderful. Ai gave tickets to the two of them. Syo is surprised that Ai would invite them. Haruka assures them that they’re very important to Ai. They head backstage to see Ai.

They find Ai in a dressing room. Natsuki and Syo let Haruka go in alone. Ai heard the other two’s voices but likes their time alone. Ai wants to know what his partner thought of the show. She stutters before telling Ai it was very cool. He asks if that’s all. She can’t really describe how she feels but talks about how she felt the future and his strong will. Haruka repeats that he was cool. Ai is pleased. They’ll become the ultimate pair. Haruka is already excited thinking about the next composition. Ai laughs; they have plenty of time but wants to rest right now. Haruka apologizes, but Ai tells her it’s more of a heart problem than a body one. They embrace. Ai wants to stay like this but doesn’t want to keep Natsuki and Syo waiting. He requests one more minute and kisses her cheek.

A few days later, Haruka is at the cafe with Ai, Natsuki, and Syo. Syo is still pumped over the live. Natsuki is glad the always cute Ai-chan is finally cool. Ai thinks they’re talking about it to much (2 hours 33 minutes). Haruka still wants to discuss the encore, which they do. Ai is a little disturbed.

On another day off, the four go out again. Ai suddenly has something to discuss with Natsuki and Syo. Ai gets very serious. They were supposed to keep it a secret from Haruka. Syo tries to lie, but Natsuki nods but says they didn’t tell everything. Syo tries to shut Natsuki up. Ai calls for a taxi and exposes the fact the kouhai spilled the beans. Haruka tried to cover for them then and now asks for mercy on their behalf, saying they told her to forget what they said. Ai sighs. He wasn’t really angry; he just wanted to know how Haruka found out. If he was really angry, they wouldn’t have been invited to the live. He admits he wanted to thank Natsuki and Syo, especially since they support his and Haruka’s relationship. He wants them to watch him change as an idol. He caused them a lot of worry. So they were invited, talk over. Natsuki and Syo have been silent throughout Ai’s confession. Ai walks away. Natsuki and Syo chase after him. Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai Friend EndingThey are happy to hear Ai say those things but would have come even if they weren’t invited. They actually helped Ai with his dance. Ai praises their (dance) sense and is grateful for their help. Syo cheers for the rare compliment. Syo and Natsuki mention that Ai seems different lately. Natsuki realizes Ai is like an onii-chan now. Syo’s like yeah, even scolding when we’re 1 minute 20 seconds late. Natsuki says Ai has switched from a “piripiri” (tingling) feeling to a “fuwafuwa” (fluffy) feeling. Ai mentions that appearing late is a problem. Syo braces for the worst, but Ai lets it go. Syo cheers again for the more adult-like Ai. Ai reminds them that he’s their senpai. Ai once again goes on about how grateful he is for their support. But they have to be more adult-like, too. Natsuki and Syo feel nostalgic. Ai suddenly calls Haruka over. He gently tells her they’re leaving. Syo is shocked that Ai is not scolding her. Well, if everything had gone according to plan, it would have been boring, right? He’ll also give a full report to Natsuki and Syo later. Haruka is surprised Ai has been talking about her to them. He wants to tell someone about his wonderful girlfriend. Haruka wants someone to talk to, too. Ai agrees. Syo thinks the whole thing is weird. Natsuki wants to hear everything. Syo shouts after them, but Ai and Haruka leave. Haruka knows everything will be fine now and in the future. Ai and Haruka walk while Natsuki and Syo get in the taxi Ai called earlier. Haruka wants to always walk with Ai like this.

True Love Ending:

Haruka uses a key to enter Ai’s room. He’s not back yet. She looks at the bird mascot keyholder attached. It was something they bought when they went out together. Haruka thinks back on how she got ahold of the key. She had gone backstage to see Ai. It was full of people (staff, talents, etc.). She can’t be seen as too close to Ai. Ai calls her over under the pretense of needing something delivered. He secretly gave her the key and whispered to her to go to his place and wait for him. She thinks about how Ai is really an idol and can’t believe that someone like that is her boyfriend. She thinks back on the live and how he brought her song to life, making her feel like she was in the middle of a dream. Ai asked the audience what they thought of the new song, and the girls loved it. Ai asked the crowd to support the new him. Haruka wants Ai to hurry and return.

By the time Ai comes home, Haruka had fallen asleep. Ai turns on the lights as she wakes up. He’s soaked from the rain. Haruka tries to find a towel but he doesn’t want one. She hugs him (despite getting wet in the process), glad it’s not a dream. Ai asks if she’s still half-asleep, and if she is, he’ll spoil her some more. Haruka thanks Ai for his performance of his song and tells him he was very cool. Ai needs to thank her because he felt the song was truly fun to sing. His wish is to look cool in front of her. He also wants to show more of his new self. It’s a new start for both of them to create fun music. Then Ai gives Haruka to dry herself off. She talks about how he shined on stage. Ai asks if she was lonely, and Haruka replies she was a little. Ai explains that he shines because of her. He couldn’t be the Ai he is now if it weren’t for her. He grasps her arms and tells her that he can no longer let her go. Uta no Prince-sama All Star Mikaze Ai True Love Ending BHe kisses her. She’s embarrassed and looks away, but he wants to see more of her and her expressions. Then he’ll show her all of himself. They then move on to an “adult’s kiss”. Ai manages to control himself. They’ll search for their form of love together. Haruka agrees to continue to walk together with her one and only prince.

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