Game Summary – Hijirikawa Masato Route from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato Kiss

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and all previous Utapri games ahoy!

Today’s covers Hijirikawa Masato’s route. Starish each has one route with two endings. Note that the routes seem to take place after Debut and not after Rainbow Route in All Star. Both Rainbow Route endings are considered True Love endings, but A is the one you get when your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka finishes work for the day at the agency. She’s 18 and has been working on various BGM. But today she’s going to also going to give a new composition to her boyfriend and partner. She has to hurry home but hears voices. She opens the door, and Syo is yelling at Natsuki. He says it was unfair to face Natsuki in a bread eating contest. Natsuki doesn’t understand why. Otoya is trying to calm Syo down. Masato points out that it didn’t matter about the bread if Syo can’t answer the quiz questions. Otoya says he had to go back to start five times because it was so difficult. Tokiya says it’s because Otoya took off before hearing the whole question. Ren remarks Tokiya skipped the bread race because it seemed too difficult. Cecil claims it’s because Tokiya hates high calorie bread, but Tokiya denies it.

Haruka thinks back on how she debuted because of Starish’s support. (The group isn’t called Starish here, but I’m going to.) Otoya and Syo notice Haruka and invite her inside. Natsuki says they all were at the same location today. The others mention they have been working together a lot. In fact, Ren explains, they were on a sports variety show, divided into three teams. Team 1 was Masato and Natsuki. Team 2 was Tokiya, Syo, and Cecil. Team 3 was Ren and Otoya. Ren asks Haruka which team she thinks won.

Haruka looks at Masato and Natsuki. Masato says Natsuki has the physical ability but his “my pace” attitude is troubling. In the middle of the race, Natsuki started gathering all the bread and feeding birds. Natsuki says the birds were hungry so he thought he should share. The birds flew away afterwards. Masato doesn’t blame Natsuki since it was Masato’s fault they chose melon bread and got a late start. Natsuki says they couldn’t help that they chose Masato’s favorite. Masato got intrigued by the melon pan next to him and unconsciously took it. Natsuki says the staff called Masato’s actions interesting.

Haruka is happy they’re getting so popular. She thinks about how different it is from when she was alone and couldn’t debut. Starish points out that it’s thanks to her and her songs. They decide to head home, and Syo assures Haruka he’ll defeat any bad guys that people. Cecil asks Haruka to keep making wonderful music.

Haruka is at the cafe, and Tomo rushes in, apologizing. They haven’t seen each other in a while because of their work. They split some cake and chat. Tomo asks how Haruka and her boyfriend are doing. Haruka starts panicking. Tomo asks if she’s bashful, and Haruka says it’s a little embarrassing. Tomo laughs and wishes for her excitement. She passes it off as a joke, saying it’s impossible for an idol. Haruka thinks about how her love life is a secret, but Tomo tells her she knows Haruka and her boyfriend are serious. Tomo then pulls out a magazine from Starish’s event yesterday and gives it to Haruka. She knows Haruka will want to read the interviews.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret StarishThey part, promising to keep in contact and go out again. She then goes to read her boyfriend’s interview.

Masato and Ren are doing an interview. The guy wants to know about their time at Saotome Gakuen. Ren says they’re inseparable, right, Lady [Haruka]? Masato says there’s a lot he’d rather not remember. He starts talking, but Ren jumps to an incident about a melon bread battle. Masato asks Ren to stay on subject, but Ren thinks fans would be happier with knowing any small detail. Masato tells Ren to be more serious, but he counters that Masato has always been serious to the point of being an idiot. Ren claims it was a compliment. The interviewer asks for more details, and Ren explains Masato was always a stickler for following the same schedule every day. Masato points out that a schedule is best for the body’s rhythm, and being at peak performance is important for the fans’ sake. Ren would rather do things his own way for the ladies. Their methods are different, but both think about their fans. Ren goes on saying Masato always has brought up worthless stuff to talk about. Masato says it’s Ren who always does. Haruka tries to get their attention. Masato is confused, but Ren realizes she wanted to stop them from fighting. Both say they weren’t really angry; it’s just their relationship. The interview tells them it was an interesting interview. Masato wryly smiles.

Masato talks about how the only time he felt free when he was young was when he was playing the piano. That’s how he met songs. People praised him and that’s when he started thinking about how he wanted to live his life. Haruka thinks about how they met on that snowy day. That day, she also thought about how she wanted to change. The person she encouraged ended up being Masato. The guy mentions it sounds like destiny. Masato smiles and mentions how that destiny continues to bring him happiness. Ren pipes up and adds that it’s the power of the winning song. Masato agrees. No matter what compositions he’s given in the future, he’ll be happy. Ren glances at Haruka as he marvels at how much happiness a composition can have. The interviewer asks Ren the same question.

The interview is over. Ren asks if Haruka enjoyed the day. It made her think about the past, too. Masato adds that Ren brought up a lot of unnecessary information. Ren thinks it was better that way. He’s on his way to his next job while Masato and Haruka are going to work on a new song. Ren is looking forward to the new song. Masato informs Ren it will be a good song regardless of Ren’s words. Ren’s like, “I was talking to Lady. Get out of the way, geez.”

Haruka and Masato go to the his room. He first wants to practice on the piano for a bit. She stands and admires him while he plays. He teases about that then asks for a request. She wants to hear him play his favorite song. He’ll play a piece dedicated to her. He plays Listz’s “Love’s Dream”. Masato wants to hear her play, so they play a duet. Masato notes the feelings he gets when she plays is the same as when they were in school. Haruka feels the same but her heart pounds even more now than back then. He embraces her. Haruka grabs his hand as he admits he’s nervous even now. Masato gives Haruka a kiss. She states what he said in the interview made her happy.

Haruka starts to brainstorm ideas for the new song. She doesn’t know what to do. Masato encourages her. He suggests looking back in order to look forward, to show how much she’s grown. Haruka doesn’t know what she understood back then since she’s changed. (Sorry, I got a little lost here.) Masato assures her she’s not alone and to think about their memories. She reflects on all that he means to her. Masato wants her to put her feelings from the first song into the new one. Haruka closes her eyes and plays. He praises the melody. It will surely become a great song. Of course, he’ll help with the arrangement and will write the lyrics. Haruka is looking forward to it. Masato mentions how wonderful it is to be free to do what one wants to do. Haruka thinks about the graduation audition and Masato’s father. Masato talks about how important Haruka has been in his life. It’s like a dream that they’re here together, so full of happiness that it’s almost scary. Masato starts blushes as he describes how much he loves her. This gets Haruka thinking about the best way to express her feelings. She goes quiet, which unsettles Masato. Then she leans over and kisses him on the cheek. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato KissHe’s stunned into silence. She asks if she surprised him. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato HappyHe’s overjoyed. He was so surprised that he didn’t know what was happening. Masato requests another one. Haruka kisses him again. He tells her he loves her before kissing her. They enjoy their time together.

A few days later, Haruka and Masato head to the studio to work on the new composition. Suddenly Masato takes off and greets Ranmaru. Masato starts talking about the song and asks Ranmaru to play the bass for the song. Ranmaru is a little creeped out because Masato leaned in closely. (First Ren now Ranmaru. Is this the BL route?) Masato bows deeply to apologize. Ranmaru tells Masato he’s no longer in the Master Course, so there’s no need to be formal. So Masato gives it a try: “omae……………..san” (you……………..san). Ranmaru laughs as Masato apologizes. He says they should use that in their next rock manzai routine. Masato was the boke. Anyways, just as Ranmaru is about to leave, he wishes them well on the song. Haruka mentions that Ranmaru and Masato don’t seem like the type who would normally get along. But Masato explains how Ranmaru believes people don’t have limits to their abilities.

The couple works on the song. Haruka is still a little unsure of what the theme is. She doesn’t know how to best show off Masato through the song. He informs Haruka to just create the piece as she wants. He talks about how she has grown and just thinking of her gives him strength. But he worries if he can be her source of strength. She responds he’s the most important person to her. If they both feel the same way, they can grow. Haruka puts his feelings and her thoughts into writing a composition. She plays the finished product for Masato. He’s impressed. She’s glad but still feels like she could do better. He maintains that there’s no need to rush.

After they finish, Masato asks where would Haruka like to go on their next day off. He doesn’t want her to feel lonely. She protests, but he wants to act like lovers sometimes. She suggests an aquarium. She’s a little unsure still, but Masato will plan everything. She’s looking forward to their date.

So the date of the date arrives. The weather hasn’t been cooperative, but it’s looking better. Haruka is worried she’ll be late. Masato calls her over with the news that the aquarium is only open for its own special business. He managed to get them in, however.

No one else is there except for the staff. Masato is overjoyed they can hold hands. Haruka thinks it’s like a dream. They’ll act like a normal couple today. Haruka lets Masato take the lead since he’s thoroughly prepared for the day by studying the guidebook.

As they head to another corner, Masato warns her to watch her step. On cue, Haruka stumbles. He catches her. They link arms now. Haruka’s heart is pounding. Masato is torn between wanting to be close to her and not making her feel uncomfortable. Haruka protests since it’s not is fault. They continue their visit.

The weather is now beautiful. Masato mentions he had a backup plan in case it rained like the previous night. They sit on a bench. Haruka thanks him for the day. Masato talks about himself for a bit. He was raised to be the heir of a zaibatsu, after all, so he had to always be prepared. He’s thankful now for all that he learned. Haruka says he’s strong. Masato isn’t so sure; he feels like he always shows her his weak side. But perhaps he has become stronger since the graduation audition and his debut. He wants to become even stronger to make her happy. Haruka repeats herself: he’s strong. She wants to support him if he’s anxious, but she doesn’t know how. She goes quiet. As Masato questions her, she suddenly hugs him. She stumbles with her words, but he thanks her. She pats his head. He wants her to be the only one to truly understand him. He kisses her and tells her he loves her.

They stay like that for awhile. Masato confesses how he keeps falling deeper in love with her. Haruka feels the same. She tells him not to do anything too surprising. He cannot make that promise. They laugh and start to walk home. He stop suddenly. It’s muddy up ahead. Haruka  suggests going the other way, but he just picks her up and carries her instead. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato Princess LiftHaruka tries to protest, but Masato insists. He jumps dramatically over the mudpile. He’s like, “I told you I couldn’t make that promise!” He shyly asks if he can carry her like that all the way home. She objects, but it was a joke. They enjoy the rest of their date.

Haruka cheers. The song is finished! She hasn’t seen him much, but she remembers his words about the heart being most important. She also reflects on him talking about the melody and improving it. She thinks back on how she used to address him as “Hijirikawa-sama” when they first met, but they became partners and eventually lovers. They’re “Masato-kun” and “Haru” to each other now. The doorbell rings. Haruka goes to let Masato in, but he glomps her. He’s also soaking wet from the rain. He delivers his good news: the song will premier on a TV show. It’s an incredible opportunity. Haruka gets a towel to dry him off.

As he dries off, Masato asks about the song. Haruka tells him it’s finished thanks to his encouragement. He gets worried and asks if it’s a difficult song. He can do it, she says. If she wishes it, he’ll sing it.

After he dries off, Haruka asks him to listen to the song. She tells him this is the melody she created while thinking of his voice. But even music can’t express all that she feels. She plays the song. Masato listens carefully. He then gets really excited, telling her he can’t wait to sing it. Now he’s got to create lyrics that match it. He asks for some space to work.

Haruka lets Masato work. She notices something is off, and she realizes he hasn’t written anything. She suggests they go for a walk since the rain has stopped. He agrees.

On their walk, Haruka stretches and tries to get Masato to join in. He tells her she doesn’t need to worry about him. He’s just trying to find the best words do describe their memories from their first meeting until now. He asks if she still remembers the first time they met. But then meeting again at Saotome Gakuen made him believe in fate, and he wanted to debut with her. Haruka believes Masato will be fine. He’s grateful to her because a person in love becomes stronger. And even in the toughest a times, a flower will bloom. He needs her by his side. He’ll dedicate all his songs to her. Haruka thanks him; he’s her treasure. He feels like she’s always protecting him. He kisses her forehead. Masato now feels he’s one step closer to his lyrics. They continue their walk for a little while longer.

The two reach a riverside. They take a little break. Masato lays a handkerchief down so Haruka can sit on the bench. He says being like this calms his heart down. He again thanks her. He humbly requests that she watch over “this Hijirikawa Masato” as both an idol and her lover until the very end. He knows it sounds selfish, but that is his one wish. And any dream he has will be replaced by another dream, and then another, and so on. She says she can’t. He’s horrified, but she continues: she can’t say it like that; “yes” is the proper response. He laughs and grabs Haruka. She leans against him, letting their memories become one. Masato kisses her on the lips, surprising her. It’s because she loves him, too. They kiss again.

The sun is setting. They finally leave.

It’s the day of the program. Haruka is backstage with Masato. He’s deep in thought. She gets more nervous because of his expression. Finally he chuckles at her nervousness. He’ll sing for her. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato StageAll their memories will come together. He hopes she’ll smile throughout the song. Masato thanks her again, words he’ll always repeat over and over. He thanks her for being born and by his side. Haruka gets teary. She tells him to take care as he steps onstage. He explains the meaning of the song to the audience. Then Masato sings “Sanctuary“.

True Love Ending A:

Masato finishes his performance. The audience applauds, then gets louder. They call for an encore. Masato beams and thanks them.

He asks if Haruka heard the song. The composition seemed to reach the crowd. Haruka points out it was also because of Masato’s lyrics and voice. He tells her thank you again. He shakes her hand formally and asks for her continued support.

A few days later, they relax at Masato’s place. They talk about the performance and the support of the staff and fans. He managed to put his all into the song and have it be accepted. Haruka talks about the theme and how she could see the future through his song. It’s his future with her, he replies. He reflects on how their meeting changed his life. He had a miracle happen by coming to this school: his first love was granted. The feeling he had when they met has grown bigger and is now shared with her. Haruka then discusses how she viewed him at first. The cool (quiet) part of him is still a bit scary, but it’s because he’s nervous around her and doesn’t know how to express his feelings. But if the feelings do not reach the heart, koi (love) can’t become ai (true love). Haruka will also work harder to express her love. Masato will make his first love his last love. Haruka also wants to be together forever. He wants to hear more of her feelings. She’s stuttering as he comes closer. Then she falls onto the sofa. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato True Love Ending AHe tells her she’s beautiful and kisses her eyelashes. He wants all of himself imprinted in her heart. He kisses her forehead and then her lips. She stammers out, “I’m…in love….with you….” He wants to her more of her voice. Haruka confesses her love again. He reciprocates as he kisses her. Masato once again affirms their meeting was fate. Haruka is embarrassed and her body stiffens out of nervousness. He talks about how he loves all her expressions as they kiss. She relaxes. Masato keeps kissing her and conveys how much he loves her. She tries to speak, but he understands. She wants to give her everything to her beloved. She thinks about their future, but no matter what happens, they’ll be fine.

True Love Ending B:

Masato overcame all his worries and put on a great show. The audience cheers. Haruka thinks about how much they’ve overcome and what he means to her. He thanks the crowd and smiles.

The staff compliment Masato backstage. He spots Haruka and goes over to her. Tears are flowing down her face. She tries to stop, but he tells it’s proof of her hard work. He whispers in her ear that he’ll embrace her at home as many times she needs while she cries, so just stop for now. Haruka’s surprised, but it stops her from continuing. He’ll hear more of her thoughts later, he says as he leaves. She thinks that she’s really can’t win against Masato.

They reach Masato’s place together. His earlier words still make Haruka slightly embarrassed. They have tea. Neither one knows what to say. They begin making small talk about the tea. Masato asks Haruka what she thought of the song. She praises it and the whole performance. She says he gave everyone confidence in their dreams. He thinks it was her effort that allowed him to reach the listeners’ hearts. The lyrics were about his feelings for her. He asks her if he can skillfully/successfully love, a direct line from his lyrics. Masato worries that his feelings aren’t fully reaching her. But he can better express himself through music. She understands since she can be awkward, too. That’s why she often cries. He doesn’t know how to make her understand how wonderful she is. But being together is enough for Haruka. Masato is the best boyfriend. He’s overjoyed at her words and hugs her. He loves everything about her. He doesn’t know what kind of troubles they’ll face, but he wants to walk to the road to the future with her. He wants her to accept all of his feelings. She hears his voice but doesn’t reply.

Haruka looks around. She finds herself in Masato’s bed. She fell asleep, so he carried her to the bedroom while he slept on the sofa. Haruka feels awful about falling asleep and taking his bed. She hides under the covers. She wants to apologize but doesn’t know how to. Masato hugs her and tells her to look at him.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Hijirikawa Masato True Love Ending B Was she lonely? He was. He watched her sleeping face for hours. This makes her even more flustered. He apologizes for teasing her as she listens to his fast heartbeat. She laughs. Now he’s confused. She likes how his collected appearance doesn’t always match his inner self. Masato asks for her response from last night. She has to think back on his words but then realizes it sounds like a proposal. Of course she wants to be with him always. He’s so happy. They kiss. He’ll show her the best dream, an eternal dream. They kiss as Haruka believes in their future.

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