Game Summary – Kurosaki Ranmaru Route B from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru Bouquet 1

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and Uta no Prince-sama All Star ahoy!

Today’s covers Kurosaki Ranmaru’s Route B. Unlike the other games, the senpai each have two routes, one for each song. Each route has two endings. The first ending is the one you get if your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka has been working at the agency for over two years. She has to go to the agency.

She can hear voices arguing. Ranmaru is accusing Camus of not putting enough power into the song. Camus blames Ranmaru for throwing off the balance of the song. They go back and forth for a while, with Ranmaru saying the heart is the most important part while Camus says the other needs to think more. Reiji finally interrupts them and tries to calm them down. He asks Ai for help. Ai says that they always do this. Ai points out that Reiji fell at their previous live. Reiji is like, “My bad! But accidents spice things up!” Ai still doesn’t feel the need to stop them, but he finally agrees to Reiji’s pleas. Ai distracts Camus by asking about unusual sweets while Reiji distracts Ranmaru with the promise of Kotobuki Bentou samples. After things settle down, they four invite Haruka inside. They wonder why she was hiding. They’re all waiting for Shining. Haruka thinks about how Quartet Night was formed.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Quartet NightShining suddenly busts in and announces the four are going to sing solo songs. Quartet Night has no problem with that. Then he wonders why Haruka is there.

Reiji and Camus want to know, too. Ranmaru says he called her because she’s his composer. Camus states she should have said so earlier. Ranmaru mutters it’s because of Camus’s scary face. Ranmaru remarks that Haruka’s late and asks if she got lost. No, it was just because of work. Reiji tries to pump everyone up, but the others ignore him. Camus wants to know more about the sweets and Ranmaru the bentou. Haruka wants to work hard for the new song.

Haruka is awoken to the sound of an alarm. She tries to reach out to shut it up but feels a bigger hand on top of hers. This snaps her awake. It’s 6 AM. Haruka tries to remember yesterday: first she met the senpai, then had beef stew with Kurosaki-senpai, played with the cats, watched a DVD, and then…blush. She thinks about how her time with Ranmaru was minimal until he gave her a key. He has to go out on location a lot, but she is happy when they get to spend time together. Haruka hasn’t fully gotten used to her life yet. (Seriously, Shining allows this!? Not to mention paparazzi…) Haruka tries to sneak out of bed, but Ranmaru pulls her back. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru MorningHe falls back asleep. She decides to stay like that for a while longer. Ranmaru murmurs that this is heaven. He snuggles up to her and even licks her neck. Of course, she’s embarrassed. Ranmaru laughs and apologizes for teasing her. After they get out of bed and stretch, he kisses Haruka good morning. She shyly looks away: “G…good morning, senpai.” Ranmaru tells her to use his name. “Um, good morning, Ra-Ranmaru-san.” He wants to hear it again. As she calls his name again, he kisses her again and then more deeply. He remarks that it’s been a while since they’ve enjoyed a morning together. She smiles and agrees. Ranmaru is delighted to see her smiling face and wants to see more of it. They start heading toward the bed but are interrupted by their hungry cats Tama and Mike. Ranmaru mutters angrily to himself but wants to continue later. Haruka giggles to herself at how cute Ranmaru and the cats are. He pulls her out of bed.

Haruka wants to help with breakfast, but Ranmaru reminds her that she did it yesterday. As she sets the table, Ranmaru asks what to make with the eggs. They have omelets and feed the cats. (There’s also Niko and Ikko, their kittens.) She spots flowers outside.

Haruka decorates the table with flowers. Ranmaru says it’s nice. It feels like he discovers something new everyday with her, like adding color to his world. They enjoy their breakfast.

Ranmaru remarks at how the cats act like they own the place. He’s off to work but hopes Haruka has time tomorrow to discuss the new composition. She’s excited to start. He warns Haruka to not answer the door for any salesperson. She’s not a child, she protests, but Ranmaru worries about her. He tells Haruka he loves her and kisses her goodbye. She uses his name to say farewell. Ranmaru’s a little surprised but happy. After he leaves, Haruka starts thinking about the next song. Ikko knocks over some CDs, and seeing them all makes Haruka decide the composition has to be rock.

At the recording room, Haruka is being formal since it’s work. Ranmaru wants her to be her usual self. She thinks about how Ranmaru originally did not want a partner and was kind of scary. But she saw his live and was captivated by him, and he ended up teaching her a lot. Ranmaru tells her to have more confidence in herself. She’s grown as a composer and as a person. He’s leaving it to her to discover a new side of him; he’s changed a bit from before. Together, they’ll aim for the top.

Ranmaru asks Haruka what she wants him to sing. She says rock. Ranmaru wasn’t expecting that response. She explains that rock is important to him and his fans and they can create a different type of rock. He thought maybe he would like a more idol-like song. He’s been thinking lately he’s not giving it all as an idol. He realized it after singing Haruka’s song at the festival. Unlike the others, he was scouted, but he never dreamed of being an idol. It was just a job. Now, however, he feels like he should do whatever he has the ability to do. So Haruka can’t decide between a cool idol song and wild rock. Ranmaru suggests sitting at the keyboard and letting the music flow. Haruka closes her eyes and concentrates.

She plays a rock song. She looks at Ranmaru for his reaction. He’s stunned. “Isn’t it…cool?” he says. Haruka is thrilled, as it’s the first time he’s ever said that. Well, it’s the first time he’s ever said it to a woman. The song sets his soul a-blazin’. He smiles. She’ll continue to work on it even more.

A few days later, Haruka submits some BGM at the agency.

On her way home, she receives a message from Ranmaru thanking her for today’s bentou. He’s done with work for the day. Since replies that she’s heading to the studio to work on the song.

Several hours later, Haruka is still working on the composition. She so wrapped up in the song that she doesn’t notice Ranmaru come in. She screams so loudly he jumps. He reminds her she texted him she was coming here to work. She didn’t mean for Ranmaru to show up, so is there some reason he’s waiting for her? Yep. Ranmaru is holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru Bouquet 1“Take it.” Haruka thinks they’re beautiful and asks if he got them from work. Ranmaru shyly and awkwardly admits he bought them for her. She’s surprised. He thought of flowers on his way home. Although he shouldn’t have bought them before the train station since he had a hell of a time hiding them. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru Bouquet 2He remarks that she doesn’t seem to know what day it is, but he only remembered when he saw the date, too. It’s been one month since they started living together. (Awww, how sweet.) Haruka finally realizes it and apologizes for not having thought of it. He stutters that it’s also a thank you and I’m-counting-on-you present.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru Bouquet 2Haruka finally takes the flowers. She’s overjoyed since they’re her favorites, but Ranmaru said they just fit her. He has to go soon, so he embraces her, crushing the flowers. Haruka says it’s still surprising that Ranmaru would remember such an anniversary. He’s shocked, too, since he never even cared about his own birthday. But he wants to celebrate many special days with her. She’ll do her best, she says, which makes Ranmaru laugh. They’ll make every day a special day. He’s looking forward to the song, and Haruka thinks to herself how a new melody was born.

Haruka is saying her goodbyes to the kittens on a rainy day. She’s off to watch a music variety show and perhaps to make a job connection. The flowers from Ranmaru are wilting, but they have brought her a lot of happiness.

She arrives at the studio. Ranmaru, Masato, and Ren are all there for a talk corner. The host mentions it’s been a while since the three of them were together, but Ren replies they hang out in their private time. Ranmaru is like, “I can’t get rid of them.” Masato is horrified; he’s so happy to see him. Ranmaru retorts they just ate together the other day. The audience laughs. The host asks about their new songs. Masato and Ren talk about their songs. Ren assumes Ranmaru’s is done, but Ranmaru replies that it still has a ways to go; the level is not there yet. It will be a different rock than usual for him and will put all of his power into it. Haruka notices he seems fired up. Masato states he feels Ranmaru’s love of music. Ren adds, “Love, huh? That’s right. I feel a lot of love from Ran-chan’s voice lately. Could this small change be…a change in his mental state?” Ranmaru doesn’t think anything has changed. Ren and Masato disagree. Ranmaru still disagrees, but Ren points out the old Ran-chan would have just grunted “aah?” (or “huh?”). Masato then talks about all the variations of “aah”. The announcer laughs, noting they are close. Ranmaru is basically like, “Yeah…well…” The fans cheer as three leave the stage.

Haruka is outside the studio thinking about Ranmaru’s words. She’s depressed. He said it wasn’t ready so matter-of-factly. She wonders how to best portray Ranmaru through the composition. She tries to encourage herself. A staff member runs up and asks Haruka if she will take the job.

Haruka enters the dressing room. Ranmaru is bitterly questioning Ren about his earlier comments. Ren responds he just said the truth then spots Haruka. She has brought lunch for everyone. She’ll help serve. Ren then pipes up that she should just leave it to Masato; he wants to hear more about how Lady changed Ran-chan. Ranmaru replies it’s none of his business. Ren just thought the person closest to Ranmaru (i.e. Haruka) would know. Masato would also like to know the reason since she and Ranmaru are always together. Haruka is panicking. Ren presses her. She stammers and looks to Ranmaru for help. He notes Haruka is always easily flustered. Then Ren asks Haruka what kind of flowers she got. This catches Ranmaru completely off-guard. He grabs Ren. Ren continues: Ranmaru asked for advice, so now Ren wants to know if Grand Operation: Bouquet went well. Ranmaru mutters not to give it such a weird name. Masato is confused. Ren reminds him about the flower dealer, and Masato realizes it was a present. But Masato doesn’t know who the flowers were for. Ren can’t believe Masato hasn’t noticed and comments that Masato is thickheaded. Masato indignantly replies he knows the meaning of flowers, but Ranmaru just yells at the two to shut up. He tries to urge them to eat up to distract them. Haruka agrees. Ren just smiles.

Haruka wants to know how the food is. They all compliment her on it. They then talk about meat and Ranmaru’s love of it. Ren recounts how Ranmaru always went after it at parties. Ranmaru orders them to stop talking about the past. Ren points out Haruka wanted to hear about it. She wants to know more about their childhoods (well, really Ranmaru’s). Ranmaru sulks while Ren asks what kind of story she wants to hear. She requests a fun story. Ren replies that parties weren’t really fun for kids. But he was surprised to see Ranmaru’s hair when they met again. Ranmaru replies it was a whim to make it silver. They comment on how unusual it was for the three of them to meet again here and be friends. Ranmaru has had enough of reminiscing and leaves. Ren wonders if he’s embarrassed. Masato recalls the rainy weather, so Haruka volunteers to bring Ranmaru an umbrella.

She dashes after Ranmaru. He says he’s fine. Haruka wonders if he’s hated hearing about the past. He says not all memories of the past are good. She noticed him look somewhat happy when they were talking. He replies there are some times a guy doesn’t want his girlfriend to know about. And he’s already thrown away his past. Haruka wants to know more about him, and is that bad? He’s silent. Haruka apologizes, but he turns around and apologizes for scaring her. Ranmaru is just irritated with his past self. He didn’t appreciate his life then until it was gone. She still wants to know everything, and then she can create an even more Ranmaru-ish song. His past isn’t that fun, so won’t she be disappointed? Of course not! They’re partners! He finally relents with a smile. They’ll talk at dinner because he still has work to do. She wishes him luck with work.

Haruka is at the agency. She wants to believe talking will change something. She suddenly gets a text from Ranmaru. They’ll meet at Parsley.

Haruka arrives at Kitchen Parsley. It’s closed, so she hesitantly goes inside. The owners are there and happy to see her. (How unfair is it that these two make an appearance but Ringo and Ryuya do not?!) Ranmaru cheerfully calls her over and tells her to relax and enjoy herself. The owners want their advice on the new menu.

They talk about the new menu. Finally Haruka requests Ranmaru talk. He thought she had forgotten. Of course she hasn’t forgotten! He laughs, as it was a joke. He sets down his coffee and asks what she wants to know. She wants to know how he met music. He heard Hariya play bass in his car. Rock became Ranmaru’s reason to live, his dream. He was entranced by Hariya’s sound. Then he became enthralled with the bass. But then his father died and his family lost everything. But the one thing Ranmaru couldn’t give up was music. He kept forming bands, but members kept leaving. Fights over betrayals, women, etc. He couldn’t believe in anyone since they turned on each other so easily. Just when Ranmaru is wrapping up his story, he notices tears in Haruka’s eyes. She didn’t even realize. Ranmaru is flustered and tries to get her to stop. The owners reappear and remark that Ranmaru must be a smooth operator to make a girl cry. Haruka apologizes for making everyone worry. She bows but Ranmaru wipes her face because she’s still crying. Ranmaru says sorry to the owners for staying late, but they both say the two are welcome back anytime. They’ve been watching him on TV. Haruka promises they’ll come again.

A few days later, Haruka is at the recording room. She’s surprised to see Ranmaru come in, especially so late. He’s always ready to go, so she plays the song. It’s closer to the image he wants. But it’s not wild enough. Haruka is confused. He means power and strength; Haruka is just too gentle. She needs to expand her world. She starts getting depressed, but he’ll show her the wide world. She worries about all the trouble she’s causing him, but Ranmaru reminds her they’re partners. He pats her head and tells her he’ll teach her anything she doesn’t know. Haruka feels better.

After meeting with a client, a taxi drops Haruka off.

She is inside a meeting room. She’s working on music for a CM. She keeps think about Ranmaru’s words that the song isn’t wild enough. She leaves the room.

Haruka bumps into Natsuki, who was looking for her. He has something to give her. It’s a pair of boxes wrapped in a ribbon. He explains it’s a pair item that he got from a TV gig. He didn’t know what to do with them until he heard she was here. Natsuki tells her to give one to Maru-chan-senpai. “Thank you very much…Wai-! Wh-why did you…!?” Natsuki thought of them because she and Ranmaru get along so well. Haruka accepts the gifts, and Natsuki’s delighted. He hopes Maru-chan-senpai also likes them. They’re so cute! Haruka still doesn’t know what’s inside the boxes. She’s also a bit bewildered.

Mike greets Haruka as she comes home. Ranmaru is playing the bass and greets her. He notices her good mood. She tells him she has a present from Natsuki. Ranmaru questions why she received a gift from him, but Haruka corrects him and that it’s a present for the two of them. Ranmaru is also curious why Natsuki chose them. Then he panics and wonders if they’ve been exposed. Haruka admits it seems like it. Ranmaru is alarmed wondering how the heck Ai’s kouhai have found out. He goes over the list of suspects: Ren, Masato, Reiji. Haruka distracts him with the box. Ranmaru thinks it’s probably food. They open the boxes together. It’s parkas! Haruka thinks it’s so cute, but Ranmaru is disappointed it’s not food. So they put on their presents. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru BearsRanmaru doesn’t get it, but Haruka thinks it’s so cute. They’re the black bear and white bear. (Although doesn’t Ranmaru’s look brown?) Ranmaru says she looks….fine, but this doesn’t suit him at all! Haruka insists he looks like a real wild bear (kuma). Then she wonders what should she do. If she plays with his tail, Ranmaru gets annoyed. If she calls him Kumamaru-san, he calls her Chibikuma. Instead, she hugs him. He’s caught off-guard but hugs her back. She seems warmer in it, so he thinks these might not be such bad presents. Haruka takes a picture of the two of them in their parkas. Ranmaru wonders what she’s going to do with it, but it’s to remember the bears. She requests that he wears his parka again, and he will in the winter. Haruka gets excited. Haruka strikes a pose and and tells him she’s going to eat him. Ranmaru responds that a bear is wilder, and he’ll show her how it’s done. He brings her face close to his and says in a low voice, “You look delicious. I’m gonna eat you up.” Then he kisses her. “Thanks for the treat.” But Ranmaru really is hungry, so they go into the kitchen to make dinner.

Haruka and Tomo are out shopping a few days later. Haruka told Tomo about the parkas, and Tomo giggles that she would have Ranmaru wearing it. Haruka starts to say she has a picture, but then she stops herself from actually showing it to Tomo. Tomo notes that things are going well for Haruka and her boyfriend. The two friends are still discussing the parkas when Ranmaru calls. He’s going abroad for practice, so does she have any plans. She’s shocked; where’s he going? America, so get your passport. After their conversation in the recording room the other day, he contacted an acquaintance who invited him over. Ranmaru is going to show Haruka the wide world, so is she going? She’s going! He’s glad to hear it and will contact her again after work. Tomo asks what the call was about. Haruka suddenly asks how to get a passport. Tomo is shocked and confused.

A week later, the couple has just finished their flight. Haruka is nervous because it’s her first time traveling overseas but knows she’ll be fine with Ranmaru. Ranmaru is totally pumped. He and Haruka literally jump off. Haruka says she’ll be strong because Ranmaru is here with her. He smiles. They have some time before the bus comes, so they go to get something to eat. Haruka thinks about how no one here knows who Ranmaru is. He leads her to his favorite hot dog place, his treat. She asks if it’s really alright, but they’re going to fully enjoy their visit here and not worry about the money.

They board the bus and travel. Ranmaru tells Haruka they’re getting off at the next stop. It’s a place with rocky mountains (canyons, think American Southwest). They admire the scenery. Haruka’s breath is taken away, so Ranmaru suggest they get a closer look. He takes off with Haruka running after him. He teases her by saying she’s going too slow. She nearly falls down after tripping on a rock, but Ranmaru catches her. They rest. She asks how far to the studio. He says it’s still quite a ways, a good three stops. They’ll hop on the next one. He just wanted her to enjoy the scenery. Then it gets dark. Ranmaru is shouting on the phone. It turns out the bus they got off of was the last bus. Haruka says they should just keep calm, but Ranmaru notices she’s trembling. He tells her to just let herself be spoiled in times like these and pulls her close. They’ll continue down the road and see if any cars go by. She should be anxious, but her bad feelings are extinguished just by being with Ranmaru.

The two walk. They haven’t seen anyone. Ranmaru suggests they take a break. He offers her a piece of mint gum since that’s all they have. Haruka realizes it’s his last piece, so she insists they split it. They admire the starry sky. She mentions she thought she had never seen such a scene in Japan, but maybe it’s just because she wasn’t looking. Ranmaru replies it’s true; sometimes when you’re chasing something you don’t see anything else. Ranmaru suddenly asks what her dream is. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru SkyIt’s for an idol to sing a song she composed. Ranmaru has made it come true already. So now she wants to show that’s she grown and widen her repertoire. But it will still be song people will enjoy, just as her grandmother’s music touched her. He notices she can clearly see her dream. He was scouted by Shining and wondered at times why he was at the agency. He lost sight of his livelihood. He can’t forgive his past self. He throws a stone. Ranmaru just played music for money. But he met Haruka and found someone to protect and make him happy. He’s not like who he was. Haruka replies that both the current and past Ranmaru are both wonderful. He notes he can’t win against her as he throws another stone. Now his dream is as endless as the sky. He’ll make music until he becomes an old man. Although he doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow, he’ll live his life to the fullest. Ranmaru is looking forward to her rock, and she can’t run away anymore. She won’t. Ranmaru grabs her and pulls her close. He’ll show her the best dream. As they hug, they hear something. It’s a car! The driver calls out for Randy. It’s his friend Bob!

Bob takes them to the recording studio. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru BobHe didn’t know what happened to them. He also notices that Randy has all grown up. Ranmaru yells at Bob to stop calling him that and he knows he’s doing it deliberately. Bob replies to not worry about it, Boy. Evidently, they had met through Shining and bonded over their love of rock. So when he heard about Ranmaru’s upcoming release, Bob invited him to America. Bob invites them to rest, but Ranmaru wants to Bob to assist the song right away. He then asks if Haruka is his girlfriend. She stammers, but Ranmaru replies she’s his partner for music and his everyday life. Haruka is slightly flustered since she’s never been called that before. Bob laughs as Ranmaru had said before he never needed a woman. But now it’s time to work.

Haruka is excited to work in a whole new place. Ranmaru tells her they’ll get the song closer to the image. She knows it’s a big opportunity to be here. They work until lunch. They have sloppy joes while Bob and Ranmaru reminisce.

Haruka finishes her work and asks Ranmaru to listen. He’s ready whenever Haruka is. She plays it. Ranmaru gives it the OK. She’s so happy she jumps into his arms. He squeezes her and whispers he can’t wait to sing it. She is delighted that she’s finally completed a rock piece. They high-five. She’ll leave the lyrics to Ranmaru.

Haruka wakes up and hears a bass. She walks outside to find Ranmaru. He doesn’t want to waste his trip sleeping. He feels he can create better lyrics when holding his bass. He’s almost finished. The words came easy to him since it’s the rock they created. She’s so happy that she’s to the point of tears. Ranmaru notes she’s so quick to cry. He kisses her cheek to get her to stop. He then tells her to stop talking and they kiss. In the midst of their raburabu time, Bob comes out yelling for Randy, who is not happy about being interrupted. Bob doesn’t know why Ranmaru is upset since the lamb chops are ready. Ranmaru shouts the problem is his timing. Haruka tries to calm the two down so they can go eat.

Haruka and Ranmaru return to Japan. The day of the live is close. Today, they are at the agency and run into Masato and Ren. Masato greets them normally, but Ren asks how their flight (the kanji also means elopement) of love to America went. Ranmaru calmly replies it was just for work. Haruka says the song will premier at the next live. The kouhai will both be going. Ranmaru orders Haruka not to say unnecessary things but reluctantly invites them.  They’re happy. Ren mentions Ranmaru has changed since his return. He gives them both a keyholder. Masato is stunned but overjoyed. His voice is trembling with happiness. Ren is also surprised; he wouldn’t be surprised if it snowed today. The keychains are wild-looking grizzly bears. Ren’s is orange while Masato got a blue one. Neither really like it nor can figure out why grizzly bears, but they are very happy Ranmaru thought of them. They bid Haruka farewell and wish her luck at the live.

The song will debut at the livehouse. Tickets are sold out. Haruka notes the fans here are a bit different from ones at a concert hall. The sound effects start as Ranmaru makes his entrance. Ranmaru yells for the crowd to get louder. Ranmaru sings his songs including “Bright Road”. Finally, it’s time for the new piece. He’s dedicating it to all his fans and staff. He performs “Wild Soul“.

Kouhai Ending:

Ranmaru announces that this is his music. Fans call for an encore. He thanks them before leaving the set. The audience loves the new composition. Haruka thinks it was amazing. Masato and Ren come up to her. They mention Ranmaru is at his best at a live. She’s glad to see someone she knows at the live. They mention the song that resounded most in their heart was the new one she did. Masato says it’s a strength that encompasses everything. Ren adds it’s love, perhaps Lady’s power? Haruka responds it wasn’t her alone. She thinks about her trip to America. Ren amends it to their power, but Haruka says it’s everyone’s power, including the two of them. They like that. Haruka invites them to see Ranmaru.

The three go backstage. Ranmaru immediately asks about Haruka’s song. Ren gives an answer Ranmaru doesn’t understand while Masato goes into fanboy mode. Ren and Masato both state they’ve seen a new side of Ranmaru. Masato continues, and Ranmaru responds it’s the power of rock says “as expected of his kouhai”. Masato is touched. Ren is like, “You also meant me in that ‘kouhai’, right?” Ranmaru does. Ren is happy, too. They’re really glad they came for multiple reasons. They understand rock and Ranmaru better. Ranmaru has had enough of them talking about him. They’ve changed as well. But Ranmaru will always be their dear senpai. Ren actually calls him that and weirds Ranmaru out. They also got Ranmaru’s message in the lyrics. Ranmaru doesn’t know how they know. Haruka explains it’s his gratitude for his fans. Ranmaru asks if she heard it, too. Since she did, it must be true. Ranmaru loses his balance as they go to leave. The others try to prevent his fall, but Masato and Ren fall down with him. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru Kouhai EndingRanmaru orders them to get up since they’re heavy, but Masato’s button is caught on Ranmaru’s hair. Ren is insulted that Ranmaru thinks they’re heavy. Ranmaru is in pain. Ren messes around and slowly untangles the other two. He finds another button tangled, and Masato is horrified. Ranmaru shouts that Ren’s lying and he should know better after all these years. Ranmaru is still very much in pain. Masato yells at Ren for making a joke, but Ren blames Masato for falling for it. Ranmaru gets pissed and yells at them from the top of his lungs. Haruka smiles and will continue watching all of them.

True Love Ending:

The audience cheers. One line in the lyrics stands out to Haruka: “We’ll live together.” Ranmaru will show the audience a dream, so he yells at them to come along. They go wild. The live ends.

Backstage, Haruka runs into Ren. They chat, and Haruka asks about Masato. He shows up a moment later, complaining that Ren took off. Ren mutters that he spotted Lady and Masato didn’t have to follow him. Masato snipes back. Haruka worries they’ll keep fighting, but Ranmaru hears them and tells them to shut up. Masato starts babbling about the live, but Ren cuts him short and said it was awesome. Ranmaru invites to wait in his dressing room. He gently says he’ll see Haruka later. Ren whistles at how cool his senpai is.

Haruka and Ranmaru take a taxi home. She has a lot to discuss with Ranmaru. She thinks about the after-party and how Ranmaru knew everyone’s name. He seemed truly relaxed. He gave her a white rose. They walk the rest of the way home. The live was great and the new song was the best, he says. Haruka responds that his feelings were properly conveyed. She goes on, but Ranmaru’s embarrassed. She apologizes, but she’s been holding back this whole time. Ranmaru laughs as Haruka tries to express her feelings. He grabs her hand, pulls her close, and whispers a “thank you” in her ear. Haruka protests they’re not in America anymore, and Ranmaru replies he’d be doing something more embarrassing if they were. He talks about his new dream. He thinks he sounds lame since a guy always wants to look cool in front of the woman he loves. He can accept his past since Haruka always looks forward like an idiot. They still have a lot to accomplish. Haruka is already looking forward to the next song.

The two get home. They notice it’s strangely quiet; the cats must have fallen asleep somewhere. Ranmaru collapses on the sofa as Haruka realizes they’re alone. She stares at his back. Something seems slightly different tonight; he seems cooler than usual. She distracts herself by putting the rose in a vase. She tries to calm herself by breathing in and out. Just as she is about to leave the kitchen, the lights go out. She wonders what is going on when Ranmaru hugs her and admits he did it. Haruka notices he smells different; it must be shampoo from the shower he took after the live. She starts to ask why, but he just wanted to. He asks what she wants to do. He traces her lips with his fingers. She freezes. He apologizes for messing with her and lets her go. He’s about to turn the lights back when when she reaches out and says it’s fine. She admits she wants to kiss. Ranmaru immediately accepts the invitation. She’s weak now, so he carries her to the bed. He chuckles but is happy Haruka was so honest. She admits she didn’t have the confidence to be honest, but because she loves Ranmaru, she wants to become more honest about what she wants. He kisses her fingers before he gets into bed. He kisses her repeatedly and calls her name. She calls him senpai and he corrects her. After she calls him Ranmaru-san, he kisses her again and tells her she’s cute. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kurosaki Ranmaru True Love Ending BIf they’re being honest, then she’s his beloved, the only one for him. He’ll take her to a world she’s never seen before. He wants to feel her all the way to her heart, and he won’t let her go. He’ll make her happy. Then he says, “We’ll live together.” Haruka thinks about all the happy times they’ll spend in the room, morning to night. They’ll make a lot of special days together.

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