Game Summary – Camus Route A from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Tea

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and Uta no Prince-sama All Star ahoy!

Today’s covers Camus’s Route A. Unlike the other games, the senpai each have two routes, one for each song. Each route has two endings. The first ending is the one you get if your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me. Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka has been working at the agency for over two years. She has to go to the agency. She can hear voices arguing. Ranmaru is accusing Camus of not putting enough power into the song. Camus blames Ranmaru for throwing off the balance of the song. They go back and forth for a while, with Ranmaru saying the heart is the most important part while Camus says the other needs to think more. Reiji finally interrupts them and tries to calm them down. He asks Ai for help. Ai says that they always do this. Ai points out that Reiji fell at their previous live. Reiji is like, “My bad! But accidents spice things up!” Ai still doesn’t feel the need to stop them, but he finally agrees to Reiji’s pleas. Ai distracts Camus by asking about unusual sweets while Reiji distracts Ranmaru with the promise of Kotobuki Bentou samples. After things settle down, they four invite Haruka inside. They wonder why she was hiding. They’re all waiting for Shining. Haruka thinks about how Quartet Night was formed.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Quartet NightShining suddenly busts in and announces the four are going to sing solo songs. Quartet Night has no problem with that. Then he wonders why Haruka is there. Camus (in his butler mode) replies that he called for her. After all, they won at the music festival, so the next piece will get some good attention. Besides, they’re going to have a big discussion about it afterwards. Is there a problem? Shining thinks it’s a good idea and leaves. Reiji immediately snickers and wonders if Camus just wanted to be with Haruka. Camus goes back to his normal self and scoffs. Haruka adds that she never thought about being with Camus. They’re just partners! She has no personal feelings for him! Camus balks but quickly recovers. Haruka knows they have to keep their personal and professional lives separate. They both sigh at the same time. They look awkwardly at each other before Haruka says she’s happy to work with him again. Camus mumbles an OK while Ranmaru curses. Reiji tries to pump everyone up, but the others ignore him. Camus wants to know more about the sweets and Ranmaru the bentou. Haruka wants to work hard for the new song.

Ai and Ranmaru leave. Camus tells Haruka he has the day off and asks if she wants to come to his house. She wants to work on the song. Reiji is surprised; aren’t they in the middle of their raburabu living together? Not anymore. Before, they were lying about being lovers, but Camus replies that Shining said it was NG (no good) after they really were. It was also a kind of penalty for spying on Shining. She’s back living at the agency. She thinks it’s kind of lonely being there. Reiji says they need time apart when they’re young. Haruka wonders about that. Reiji insists that the more time apart, the more dokidoki wakuwaku their love will be. Camus tells Reiji to shut up. Reiji finally leaves. Camus suggests they do some shopping first.

They go to the optical shop. Camus fines a pair of glasses he likes. He wants to see Haruka in a pair, too. She mentions they don’t have the time, but he says there’s no rush for lovers. He suggests a pair and then stares at her after she puts them on. Not bad, she looks refreshing. They end up buying a lot of stuff since they haven’t been out shopping in a long time.

They head to the tower. Haruka wonders if they should have had the taxi drop them off in a different spot. Camus says they never know when someone will show up, and doesn’t Haruka want to hurry and open the door? She smiles happily. She pulls out her keys and unlocks the door. Alexander pounces on her, but she’s getting crushed under his weight. Camus helps her up and tells her to wash her face from Alexander’s slobber.

Haruka insists on doing chores around the house. She remembers Tomo calling her a commuting wife. As she heads down the stairs, she can hear Camus telling Alexander he understands how lonely he was when he couldn’t see Haruka, but noble dogs must endure it. Alexander whines, and Camus scolds him. He is, after all, a Borzoi and Camus’s dog. Haruka giggles at Camus’s serious expression. He startles her, and she trips. Camus uses his magic to stop her fall. He then catches her. He shakes his head and admits he worries about her. After all, protecting her is his job as a fiance. She squeaks out a yes, and he asks her if she has a problem with that. No, just not used to it yet. He then questions how long she’s going to call him Camus-senpai. She’s like, “Yeah, what name should I call you by?” When she calls his name, she can’t help but remember a lot of things. Now this catches Camus’s attention. He speaks in his butler tone and asks her politely to tell him what she remembers. It’s just the two of them. Alexander barks in protest. Camus sends him out, but Alexander wants to play. Haruka suggests they play with him for a bit. Alexander is so happy he jumps on Camus. He then orders him to go run around, and Haruka will make something to eat. As she heads into the kitchen, he wraps his arms around her and whispers in her ear in his butler speak. She was so kind to Alexander, did she want a request from him? She wants to be together until night falls. “Good girl.” Then he kisses her. Please forgive him for stealing her lips. She protests it isn’t night yet. Camus calmly asks his Master to excuse him for not waiting.

Haruka, Camus, and Alexander are in the forest outside the tower for a picnic. Alexander goes wandering off while Haruka wonders what kind of song to make next. She thought maybe an idol-ish song, since Camus is an idol. Camus states fans probably want to see a solo song different from Quartet Night songs. Haruka wants to make a song he wants to sing, a song he loves. He mentions she said the same thing for the music festival. Camus thought it would be their first and last song, so he put all his desires into it. His only desire now is to sing a song she wrote, a song just for him based on her image of him. She’s happy. As she’s thinking, she wants to run back to the piano. He’s fine with that, but he still wants to be addressed by his name. “Please, Cryszard. Let’s go make our music together.” He calls for Alexander and the picnic ends.

Haruka has been bouncing ideas for the past several days. She’s been getting a lot of inspiration and advice, but ultimately, it’s up to her. Camus suddenly asks her what kind of sweets is she into lately. She’s into stuff with lots of strawberries, but she has no idea why he just asked her that.

Haruka heads to the agency to work on the song. She’s still pondering on what to choose. Suddenly, Cecil greets her, snapping her out of her thoughts. He wants to know what she was thinking about. He sees the look on her face and worries that something happened to Silk Palace. Or did Camus bully her? Did he force her to eat sugar? Did he insist on a weird cat? Haruka replies no, but Cecil insists she tell him so he can fight Camus. Haruka assures him she’s not unhappy with Camus. Tokiya, Otoya, and Syo all appear. Cecil reports he’s checking to make sure Haruka isn’t being bullied by Camus. Syo reminds him Haruka and Camus are partners. He’s amazed that Haruka chose him, as Camus really has a count’s aura. Otoya doesn’t know what a count is. Haruka tries to explain its position relative to other titles, but Otoya gets further lost.

After the others leave, Haruka realizes there’s a lot she doesn’t know about Camus, the Silk Palace Camus. However, she’s happy as things are.

Back at home, she’s still thinking about the solo piece.

Fast forward a few days. She’s ready to present the base of a song to Camus. She arrives at the promised time and opens the door. “Welcome and good day, ojou-sama.” Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus TeaHe has prepared afternoon tea before today’s discussion. After all, he just can’t root for his princess; he wants to inspire his ojou-sama. It may be presumptuous, but perhaps she’ll forgive this Camus for preparing this. Of course, Haruka thinks it’s wonderful. For desserts, he’s prepared strawberry tarts. She realizes that’s why Camus asked her that the other day. She goes to take one, but he swiftly switches out of butler mode and says drinks before desserts, fool. Butler switch on, tea’s ready! Ojou-sama, shall I feed you? Haruka opens her mouth and waits. Camus is taken aback and calls her daring. She’s still waiting, but then Camus feeds her a strawberry with his mouth and asks her how it tastes. Haruka is stunned. “You’re 100 years too early to get the better of me!” She tries to protest, but Camus laughs at her red face. They enjoy the rest of their tea time.

Camus is looking forward to see what kind of song she’s made. Nervous, Haruka is ready to play her song. It’s a strong and elegant piece. He’s always surprised by her creativity. Of course, the fine tuning is a life-or-death matter, so be prepared. She says it still lacks something. To help finish it, she wants to know more about senpai– no, Cryszard. He asks what does she want to know. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to learn. He laughs, then they continue to work.

Haruka has been working alone for a few days. But there’s still something missing. She’s worried about the composition.

She takes a walk, muttering to herself about Camus’s image. The weather is beautiful today. This reminds her that the weather in Silk Palace is tough. She then realizes she should ask Camus about his homeland. After all, the Camus of Silk Palace is the side of him she doesn’t know. She knows about the queen and magic, but Camus will surely have some interesting stories to tell.

The next day, Haruka goes to Camus’s. Alexander wants to be brushed. She plans on asking about Silk Palace today.

Haruka goes upstairs. She hears that radio sound from the perfume bottle and a voice calling for Camus-sama. She tells the servant Camus isn’t here, and he begs for Muse-sama’s forgiveness for his rudeness. Haruka tries to explain she’s just a composer. She asks if he would like to chat. The servant replies he’s already been given an order by Camus that only Camus is allowed to speak familiarly with her. Should she call him on the phone? Camus also issued a decree he’ll kill anybody who gets in their way. She then asks if something has happened in Silk Palace. No, the weather and queen are doing fine. There was some turmoil among the nobles, but things have settled down thanks to Camus. And Muse-sama, of course. Everyone in Silk Palace is grateful for her making music for them. She starts to realize a lot of people are depending on their songs. The servant is relieved. Camus had ordered everyone to not drag Haruka into their country’s affairs. She wonders if she should ask Camus about Silk Palace since since he doesn’t want her involved. The servant once again requests Muse-sama to make wonderful music for Silk Palace before ending the connection.

Shortly afterward, Camus comes home. Haruka and Alexander greet Camus. Camus runs up and lifts up Haruka. He’s got work tomorrow, so he wants to enjoy their time together today. She’s flustered. Does her work take priority? He’s teasing her. She says she’ll work on the song by herself. Camus is looking forward to it. She’ll do her best.

Back at her home, Haruka still wants to know more about Camus. But instead of his private life, she’ll concentrate on his idol self. She’ll watch a DVD of him. She has a choice between a horror film, quiz show, or comedy-drama. The first involves him cackling about a revived dead lover. The second has him on location for “Sorehodo The World” among a sea of clouds posing a question, then Reiji gets the answer wrong in the studio. The comedy-drama is a section of a TV program called “Michael in Japan”. Camus plays Michael, a businessman who is meeting another businessman named Leonardo, an Italian. So the scene begins. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Michael(I will not lie. I almost did a spit take.) “Michael” speaks in very accented, slow Japanese about wanting okonomiyaki. “Leonardo” gets burned from the sparks. Haruka finds the DVD interesting and notes Camus can play a lot of parts. But the Camus she sees is the real Camus, not one from a drama.

Haruka has been trying to indirectly learn about Silk Palace and Camus. Camus said she could stay at his house, but she always returned to the dorm. She thinks about magic. And although he was born in Silk Palace, he was in Japan now. And that is like a dream.

Haruka meets with Tomo in a cafe. Haruka is talking about the song with her friend. Tomo tells Haruka not to overdo it. She’s already been given a warning by Camus. Tomo is relieved. She adds he should be doing that, as otherwise, it’s meaningless for Haruka and Camus to be dating. Tomo comments Camus seems like a mean, annoying person, but Haruka replies Camus is always kind and wonderful. Tomo still doesn’t get it, but as long as is Haruka is happy. Tomo asks about Silk Palace, but Haruka doesn’t know much about it. Tomo is like, “You’re engaged! Shouldn’t you know!?” She replies she is happy as she is. Tomo disagrees, and Haruka finally relents.

On her next day off, Haruka visits Camus’s home and sips tea. She hesitantly asks if he will tell her about his private life. He responds he’s already said he would, so what does she want to know? About his family and lineage, but only if he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t care, but it’s a long story. First is the history of his family’s nobility. He has land, but it’s just as a source of income. Money isn’t really needed, as the queen has been responsible for generations for affairs.

He’s been talking for 3 hours. Now he’s moving on to how his parents got married. A few years later, he was born. The diamond dust was beautiful that day, making his parents particularly happy. Haruka recalls how diamond dust is a symbol of blessing in the cold climate of Silk Palace. Camus’s father was a count, and his mother was from a noble family. Camus is the sole child and heir. At age 8, he started serving the queen. For 10 years, he split his time training under his father and going to school for aristocrats. Camus asks if there’s anything else she wants to know. Haruka wants something a little more, like childhood stories. Unlike now, all he had in his heart back then was being a knight. So Haruka requests a memory about the queen. He’ll tell her the story of when the queen defeated an insurgent army with just words.

After he’s done speaking, Haruka asks about Camus’s mother. He doesn’t have a lot of memories about his mother. He had a wet nurse because his mother was sick. He’s heard she’s recovered. He hasn’t seen her? Seeing his face makes her illness worse. But he sees his father at least? His father died from an illness when Camus was 16. That’s how he inherited his title. Didn’t she know already know that? Haruka apologizes. He asks if she’s satisfied now. The things she’s learned are a little different from what she wanted, but she hesitates on pressing further. She finally stammers she wants to more about Camus’s feelings: fun times, happy times, bad times, unforgettable times. He threw away everything when he served the queen. He remembers a blizzard, but Haruka wants Camus’s happy times, not the country’s. Camus is confused; aren’t they the same thing? He thinks deeply. Finally he mentions the first time he heard the cello. When he finally could play well, he felt a sense of accomplishment and uplifted. Haruka proclaims this is the type of story she’s been looking for! He adds he also enjoyed riding his horse. He would try to go farther and faster every day. He can’t think of anything else that’s his own; everything else is connected to Her Majesty. Camus admits he never really was a child but a small adult. Even his sword practice was with adults. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus TrainingThey wouldn’t go easy on him, otherwise he wouldn’t grow. Same with everything else. It ended up the opposite, though. Camus explains he became the target for jealousy due to his physical ability and acceptance by the queen. All his scars from that time have been erased by the queen. There were a lot, but they weren’t deep. His father and him spent a lot of time defeating enemies, so there wasn’t much time for women. And that’s why he doesn’t have a lot of childhood memories. Haruka tells Camus he had it tough. All nobility have similar situations. He wants to respond to his father’s wishes. Besides, the queen had it a lot worse. Her retainers had to come up with all kinds of excuses why she couldn’t leave the palace. Haruka still thinks Camus had a difficult childhood. Camus asks if he looks like he had a difficult time. That’s not quite what Haruka means, but he shakes it off. It’s the past and has nothing to do with now. She can’t quite explain what she means. So she stands up and proclaims she’s here for him. She’ll save him when he’s being bullied! She’ll save him! He asks does he look like he’s being bullied? He appreciates the thought. She should stop crying. Her heart is too beautiful. He flicks her nose. Camus calls her a fool and to not to rush to a conclusion. He’s going to make her dream come true, so he doesn’t need her sympathy. Haruka just wanted to be useful. He scoffs. She’s at his house, they’re lovers, and they’re drinking tea together. Isn’t this his happiness? He pulls her close and assures her he’s blessed.

Haruka has been working on the song by herself.

A few days later, she is at the recording room with Camus. It’s beginning to take shape. He’s looking forward to it. She’s added some Silk Palace ambiance to it. Haruka plays the composition. He’s impressed, but he’ll work her harder. The Silk Palace influences are different from what he was expecting. Haruka says sorry. It’s to be expected, Camus replies, since she doesn’t know much about his country.

A few days later, Haruka is trying to figure out how to add some Silk Palace influence into the song. She’s at Camus’s house. Alexander whines in worry, but she’s just thinking, she tells him. Haruka hears the radio noise again. The servant answers some of her questions. She thanks him for his assistance. “By the way, Muse-sama, when are you going to come to Silk Palace?” Haruka doesn’t know what he means. Well, she’s Camus-sama’s fiancee. She tries to explain they’re both working. But they’re going to get married sooner or later, right? She thinks that she knows he can’t remain an idol forever and he hasn’t mentioned anything about getting married soon. She says Camus is here on the queen’s orders. The servant’s voice raises in volume. From the beginning, the queen — and now all of Silk Palace — anxiously wait for her arrival. Haruka stammers. Alexander barks. She’s so startled that she drops the bottle, and the connection is severed. She scolds him, saying this is his master’s– wait, what are you doing, Alexander? Dialing the phone?!

Camus has come home. Haruka is apologizing for what happened and interrupting his work. He’s relieved it wasn’t an emergency. She thanks him for his concern. But he wants to know what’s really going on. She is wondering if it’s better for the two of them to hurry to Silk Palace. He wants to know where she got an idea from. Ever since the onsen trip when he announced they were engaged, she’s been happy. But she’s also nervous. Will she really be accepted as Cryszard’s wife? She’ll end up going someday anyway. He sighs. Before he admitted his true feelings, Camus had no intention of telling her the meaning of getting a new name. He thought it was the end of his life here, and he would keep the meaning hidden inside. Everything did not go according to plan, and everything just came to the surface. He never really got her agreement to the engagement. But rest assured, he’ll take her there someday. But the country wants them to hurry and come. His face pales. Camus wants to know what she means.

Since then, Camus has been worried about something. He said he was going to confirm something, and their schedules haven’t overlapped since then. She works on the song as days pass.

Haruka spots Camus at the agency several days later. She catches up to him. He announces they’re going to Silk Palace. She’s taken aback. It will be a short trip. If she wants to get the Silk Palace ambiance, she needs to go there directly. Haruka asks about work. Ai comes up and reveals they’ve made a trade. Camus will take his place to go on location for “Sorehodo The World” with Reiji since Ai is NG with the sea. Camus says Ai is scared of the sea, but Ai indigently replies it’s a personal reason. Camus states that Ai doesn’t need to be act tough; even he was a little uneasy the first time he rode an airplane. Ai replies Camus is wrong, but it’s suspicious for Camus to be so proactive in his work. Camus tries to downplay it. Camus had a talk with the servant about the latter’s conversation with Haruka. Shortly afterwards, he heard about this TV opening. So he requested the agency let Haruka come along as his partner. She’ll have to be careful in front of the Japanese media, but she can do it because she wants to see Silk Palace. Haruka is thrilled.

The days fly by. They’ve been making arrangements for their trip. She grabs the magic stone. Although the servant can speak Japanese, this stone will help her understand their language. Haruka and Camus are at the studio. They’re going to check with Reiji about preparation for the Silk Palace edition of “Sorehodo The World”. Reiji greets them with “nakkuradaa!”, which totally confuses Haruka. Reiji replies it means “otsukaresama” in Silk Palace’s language. Reiji is surprised Haruka is going. In his half-teasing, half-serious way, Reiji notes the trip is almost like a honeymoon, so please excuse the interruption. Haruka starts to get embarrassed as she realizes it’s her first overnight trip with Camus. Reiji insists he won’t get in their way. Camus insists it’s just a trip back for data. He then haughtily reminds Reiji he’s a count, so Reiji is underneath him in rank. Reiji starts to cry that they’re friends, brothers, right!? He strikes a pose and declares the two of them family. Camus is a count, has the heart of a count, and is not moved. The two go back and forth until Reiji leaves.

At the airport, they get on the plane.

Finally, they arrive in Silk Palace. Reiji is freezing. Camus, in butler mode, says the weather can be shocking to a foreigner, but they’re waiting for his servant. A guide arrives. It’s the servant Haruka had talked to through the perfume bottle. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus ServantHe invites Haruka to follow him. Camus (regular) makes it very clear that this is his agency’s precious composer, so he won’t allow any mistakes. The servant vows to protect her with his life. Reiji remarks they’re making too big of a fuss. Haruka absorbs all the differences in the countries. The cold weather, the cloudy sky, etc. It’s a beautiful place. It’s all because of the queen, the servant explains. She can’t make the sky blue or the temperature warmer, however. Now, with Muse-sama’s power, they can bring back their glory days! Haruka is uncomfortable.

She continues her tour with the servant. He asks if he wants to see the academy. Haruka wonders what is keeping the two senpai. Of course, she’s really thinking about Camus. She goes to grab the stone in her pocket. It’s gone! She tries to think back. Suddenly, a man speaks to her in Silk Palace language. She gestures and talks in both English and Japanese. Five more people appear. One grabs her hand. Then she hears another voice. It’s Camus! He gives her the shining stone. The man curses that the queen’s dog has arrived. One tries to pull Haruka toward him, but Camus freezes the five with a blizzard. He starts to ask about their leader, then decides to just leave them as they are. He wants to hear their cries of suffering. One shouts to Camus he betrayed his brother and stole his rank. Camus will make an example of these guys for their master. He tells Haruka to hide in the school, and she reluctantly goes after he assures her he’s only going to threaten them.

Haruka apologizes for making Camus worry. He examines her face again for any injuries. The servant had quickly brought her to Camus’s house. Camus wants to hear every detail about what happened. He doesn’t believe she’s fine. She thinks about the stone, and he mentions how he should put it on a chain for the dingbat (Haruka). He let down his guard; he didn’t think anything would happen to her here. Haruka maintains she’s fine. Camus insists they both calm down together. She’s a little surprised. He puts her ear to his chest so she can hear his heartbeat. He feels a little more relaxed like this. She can’t tell because her own heart is pounding. Camus genuinely laughs. They look lovingly at each other. He was really worried about her. Right now, he doesn’t want to let her go. Haruka is worried they’ll be spotted. He drags her to a behind a pillar. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus PillarShe’s still a little worried and embarrassed. Then he better hurry. He tightly holds her. He wants her to stop thinking. “Or you won’t forgive me for stealing your lips until we return to Japan?” She starts to want to kiss. He smirks and orders her to give her strength to him. His servant is out, and Reiji is on location. They’re all alone, he says. All of a sudden, the door slams open and Reiji shouts, “I’m home!” Reiji is cheerful until he sees the pissed look on Camus’s face and realizes he’s interrupted something. Camus coolly states Reiji finished work quickly. Reiji went exploring, but it’s colder than he thought. He then chats the night away.

A few days later, Haruka is going to a concert. She’s still working on the song. But something still feels off, like how Camus’s eyes get intensely sharp at times.

She returns to Camus’s estate. She’s still thinking about the queen and Camus.

Later on that day, she can hear Camus and the servant arguing from her room. Camus is saying something about why doesn’t he understand, the companion’s a human. The servant argues this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for their country.

Camus and Reiji are recording for “Sorehodo The World”. Reiji mutters Myu-chan is scary today, and Camus squeezes his arm while Reiji cries out in pain. The recording is done. Camus goes off to talk to the staff. Reiji gets a serious look on his face. He’s been wondering if people oppose Camus being an idol. Haruka affirms it’s true. He heard the servant asking when Camus was going to quit. Reiji will do his part to show everyone the power of an idol. He runs off to Camus. Haruka thinks to herself that nobody sees him as an idol here but rather a count. They haven’t seen all his work for the agency.

Haruka is at the mansion. The two senpai are out on location for the day. She’s working on BGM. The servant comes up to her. He asks if she remembers the talk from before, about Muse being necessary for Silk Palace. His voice gets threatening and he accuses her of tarnishing Camus. She understands Silk Palace is in trouble, but… He grabs Haruka. He crushes her music. How is a normal person who composes one song at a time going to warm this country? If she weren’t Camus-sama’s lover…! They hear the door, and he asks to excuse his behavior. But he also requests she consider what he said. This is what Camus, the duke, and the queen all wish for.

It’s now night. She’s been thinking about what the servant has said all day. He scared her, but he really cares about his country. She ponders what creating a song for everyone means when Camus interrupts her thoughts. Haruka wonders how he snuck up on her. It’s a skill. He invites her out, but she feels she needs to work on the song. Camus wonders if she’s worrying about it. She explains she needs to fix it on her own. He’s a little jealous that she’d rather work instead of spending time with him. Haruka tells him she needs to prove herself as Camus-senpai’s — the count’s partner. Camus disagrees; everything can wait until they’re back in Japan. She reluctantly goes out.

Camus takes her for a tour. It’s been awhile since they’ve been together. They talk. Suddenly, Camus says he has one more place he’d like to go. In the car, he asks if she’s tired. She admits she’s had something on her mind all day. She starts to report what the servant said, but he tells her to freely pursue her dream. Everything else is his problem. Haruka tries to protest, then she thinks about Tomo’s words about investigating properly. She finally summons up the courage and asks Camus how his brother is doing. He questions whether she needs to know for the song. It’s not for the song; it’s to know more about Camus. She wants to look properly at him. If she really wants to know, order him and call him by name. That defeats the whole purpose of wanting to know what’s precious to him. Camus doesn’t say a word, then confirms he has a brother. Actually, it’s a half-brother by a different mother. His father had an affair. He had only heard stories about having a brother. In addition, he has a younger brother. This one has a different father, a man his mother couldn’t be with. He notices the look on her face and explains it’s not a rare story for nobles; very few marry for love. Haruka was told both parents were happy when he was born. He was the long-awaited heir and legitimate son. His mother reportedly shouted, “Now I’m free!” on the day he was born. Camus thought if he was born sooner, he could have prevented his mother’s illness. He knows it’s stupid. Haruka doesn’t know what to say. He has to be a count. That’s the reason he was born. He can’t play around like Reiji and the others. Camus will continue to be a count. If he doesn’t fulfill his obligations, his father’s pride, his mother’s sacrifice, and the dispute with his older brother would all be in vain.

The car stops, and they get out. It’s a beautiful place of prayer. This is the place Camus wanted to take her the most. Haruka can feel its link to the queen. Magic causes the entrance and stained glass to shine. There’s one more thing: Haruka wanted to know about the Camus who wasn’t the heir to a count or the queen’s sword. This is the place he always went to. No one else was here, and he could be himself. This is probably where he was happiest. When he was young, his mother wasn’t around, and his father just called him “son”. He threw everything else away when the queen gave him his new name. He’s done talking now. She doesn’t fully understand, but she thanks him for talking. She feels like crying, but she will make a wonderful song. Camus tells her to make her song; she doesn’t have to carry the weight of the country. Haruka insists she’s going to get stronger. She doesn’t want to be spoiled. He figures out the servant said something about making a song for Silk Palace. If he asked, would she throw everything away to live with him? She says yes. He smiles and calls her a fool. Camus embraces Haruka; she shouldn’t say such things. He thought bringing her here would make her happy. She is! But no matter what powers she has, he won’t restrain her. He loves her free songs. Does she want to know the meaning of his childhood name? It has to do with blizzards and the cold, but it also has to do with the glass and the sky. Siberian quartz, and blue crystal, and it has the same name as the sky here. Crystal…and blizzard…Cryszard. But that’s the name Haruka gave him! He thought nobody would ever call him that again, that it was a remnant of no-longer needed childhood days. But he needed those memories. He again says to leave everything to him. Haruka adds the servant mentioned the duke. Camus is shocked. He uses his magic to summon bats and sends them off. He realizes he’s become careless from staying in Japan too long. Camus demands she not worry. But they’ll part here, and he won’t be returning to Japan for awhile. He doesn’t know how long, but he came back in time for the musical festival, so she should just believe. Haruka asks if the duke is really a high-ranking person. He won’t say. Camus just wants her to remain free, so she should return home and wait for him like a good girl. She wants to be with him and support him as a partner. And if that isn’t reason enough, she loves him. He gently pushes her away, but Haruka insists he tell her directly. “My love…what I want to do… Let me think about it for a bit.”

Back at the mansion, preparations are being made for their return. The servant apologizes to Haruka. His face has returned to normal. The duke has prevented outsiders from leaving the country, trying to use it as a chance to meet Muse. Reiji and the staff are allowed to leave. Camus asks Reiji to look after Alexander if he can’t go back. He gives further instructions: he’ll let Ai off about the sweet shop but will think of something else, and Ranmaru can stay in the tower. Reiji is suspicious. He doesn’t want Camus to just disappear. Reiji will wait for their return.

That night, Haruka is in front of the piano. Her feelings are clearer now as she works on the song. The bats fly to Camus, and he sighs. He continues the conversation from the other night. The reason he wanted her to leave is that people want to obtain her. They think if they sing her songs, they can use magic. He tells her from now on just to quietly follow him. She’s already decided to follow him. He stands up suddenly. It’s a phone call from Japan. It’s Ryuya. Camus’s absence is causing problems. Camus asks to speak to Ringo or Saotome or anybody else. Camus puts it on speakerphone. Ranmaru is on the other end not really wanting to talk. Natsuki gets on the line and greets them. Ai then speaks. They’re all having a meeting. Masato then says goods from the sweet shop in Kyoto have arrived, and then gets yelled at by Ranmaru. Camus tells Haruka there’s no use wanting goods that are so far away, and how fools will stay fools. Well, it’s only been a few days, but it seems longer. They’re going out tomorrow to meet the queen, so be prepared. Haruka works on the song.

They go to the palace. Haruka thinks about the relationship between magic, the queen, and music. The door opens, and Haruka is greeted by the queen. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus QueenShe apologizes for the trouble from before and thanks for the live. Haruka is nervous. Camus reports to the queen they’re making a new song. The queen is interested but knows there’s a bigger issue. Camus wants to give up his title. Haruka cries out in shock. Camus continues telling the queen he will no longer return to this country. He hands her some papers. It’s the lyrics to the song. Haruka hasn’t seen them. The queen remarks he’ll have a hard time. As the queen, she cannot allow him to sing these lyrics. He’s prepared for the consequences. She’s heard Camus has changed, and now he’s sounding like that cat prince. Camus suggests she might reconsider if she heard the song. Camus whispers to Haruka to get ready. She sits at the piano and plays. Afterwards, he says he’s really glad she’s his partner. Camus glows. He says her song it the real thing, and if he’s not with her, the queen’s power won’t be restored. The queen asks if Camus will have any regrets. The queen turns to Haruka. Haruka replies she’ll follow Camus. The queen can’t believe he would throw everything away and live for love. He won’t stop supplying the country with magic. Muse’s power is needed. The queen, smiling kindly, says Camus should have been more obedient. Will Haruka really be happy with Camus? Haruka replies she certainly will. She goes over his good points for quite a bit, and the queen jokingly comments Haruka should consider the location. Camus also proclaims he’ll never give up on working for the queen’s freedom. The queen mentions she always knew a day would come when he’d be given a name. After all, “Camus” is a surname. Meeting someone you love is a miracle, so live hand-in-hand together in blessing. She won’t approve of him returning the title, though. Camus is surprised. The queen gives her final order: no matter where he goes, continue the pride of being a count of Silk Palace.

Haruka and Camus leave the audience chamber. Haruka can’t believe they’re returning to Japan together. Camus scoffs, they’ll always be together. He wraps an arm around her shoulder. He praises her for doing so well earlier and not questioning everything. She believed in him. Anyways, they’re breaking out of here. She’s his. No matter what the country wants, he’s not handing her over. Will she follow him, even when he’s reckless? She’ll follow him anywhere. There’s someplace he wants to show her.

They go back to the place of prayer. He wants to sing her song again here. She’ll always watch him, Cryszard. Don’t just watch, he says. He sings “Junketsu naru Ai -Aspiration-“.

Friend Ending:

His voice is beautiful and powerful. The colors of the place shine. Camus looks out the stained glass window. He remarks he’ll probably never sing again here. Haruka asks if he’s lonely. There’s a lot of people he won’t see again. But he’s already made his decision. And besides, not a lot will change. He can’t meet with his mother, his younger brother also won’t see him, and he had a dispute with his older brother over the title. He’ll continue to serve the queen even if he can’t see her. Haruka apologizes for making him talk about all this, but he’s actually happy. He’s a little disappointed he couldn’t make his servant understand. She makes that face again, but he tells her to stop. He is reminded of the trouble she got into when she was buying stuff. He’s reminded of the thugs’ faces and laughs. He has a lot of memories now with her, and now he can truly remember his past. Haruka knows he loves Silk Palace. He replies she’s got heavy memories from this trip, but she replies she’ll be fine; she’s got him. Camus pats her head. It’s too bad he won’t see her as a countess. She would have looked pretty nice around the mansion. Haruka says they should see it next time. Camus doesn’t know when that will be or even if they’ll be allowed to enter. It doesn’t matter because they should just look forward to it. Well, as her partner, he won’t allow her to feel sad anymore. She’s happy just by hearing those words. He tells her he wants to “take” her feelings of gratitude. Ojou-sama? Y-yes… He gives her a long. He’s squeezing her, and even when Haruka mentions it, he tells her he wants to make out like this a little longer. Afterwards, he declares in his normal voice they’re returning to Japan.

On the plane, Haruka thinks about the duke trying to prevent their return, and  Camus’s servants had been unhappy. However, everyone sent Camus off with a smile and a “come back soon”. Camus just smiled. She knows the situation is complicated, but she’ll stand by him.

It’s summer in Japan. The days in Silk Palace seem like a dream. Haruka and Camus take a taxi to the agency. Outside, they run into the rest of Quartet Night. Reiji greets them, and Ai immediately explains it’s a coincidence. Camus replies its probably inevitable. Camus and Ranmaru begin their usual cat-and-dog routine. Ai asks if the two of them are going to the agency, and Camus replies what other reason is there. Even without saying anything, the four walk off together toward the agency. Reiji notes both Haruka and Camus seem refreshed. He wonders what they found there, and Camus brushes him off. “Aw, the count is boring~” Camus responds he’s no longer a count. Reiji is shocked. Well, he’s actually just dismissed. Reiji is still trying to figure out what happened. Camus says he’s just Camus of Shining Agency. Reiji stares then grins. “Okay, Brother! Naturally! We’re all belong to Shining Agency! Everyone’s family!” Camus is disgusted. “I couldn’t stomach being ‘family’. You and Kurosaki are the older brothers while Mikaze is a younger brother? Hyuga is okay, Tsukimiya is the big sister…brother. And there’d be too many younger brothers and sisters. Reiji insists it’s fine and wants Camus call him “Reiji-onii-chan”. Camus thinks for a moment, then replies he’ll just leave a lot of things to the older brother. Reiji is surprised; at times like this, Camus is supposed to say, “Who’re you calling a younger brother!” Camus laughs. Reiji turns to Haruka and asks if something really did happen. Haruka dodges the question but replies she’s decided to follow Camus. Reiji thinks they’ve gotten married, but Camus corrects him. Reiji still thinks something’s up, but they all hear Ai and Ranmaru yell for them to shut up. Reiji wishes for Camus’s happiness. Ranmaru was all tsuntsun without his sparring partner. Ai had no one to talk to because the conversation level is too low without Camus. Quartet Night needs him. Reiji is really glad to see Camus back. Camus thinks this sounds like words they think he wants to hear. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Friend EndingReiji insists it’s true. Everyone — Quartet Night, the fans — have been waiting for him. Camus realizes he can’t let down his guard around Reiji because he picks up on more than they realize. Reiji grins; it’s because he’s the onii-chan. Camus suddenly says he owns a paper from Ranmaru in elementary school. And he has details on the pets Cecil had in his home country. Reiji is confused by Camus’s confessions. Camus says he’s acquired a lot of data on everybody here, including him. And basically, he’ll use it if he needs to, “onii-chan”. Camus urges to Haruka to hurry and leave a stunned Reiji behind. Camus whispers to her this is where he belongs, and they’ll live together here. They’ll go through all of life’s ups-and-downs here. Right, Cryszard? He agrees.

True Love Ending:

Cryszard sings among the lights. She can’t look away. His voice is like a king’s. He glows again, returning power to the queen. Camus wants to look around more and make a memory with her. Camus explains the designs of the stained glass. One is of a cute pig. He remarks it reminds him of Haruka. He was joking. She knows he’ll never see the stained glass windows again. He continues his explanation and mentions he’s glad she’s such a simple person. Camus doesn’t mean it as an insult. He adds he used to scribble on the walls here when he was younger. He was proud that no one discovered it. Haruka realizes it was a joke. She notices he’s much more cheerful and joking than usual. Camus leads her to a picture of a bride. He asks if he remembers their engagement. Of course she could never forget. Camus tells her it’s best to forget. She’s stunned, but he tells her to not look so worried. In times like these, it’s best to be quiet and follow his lead. Camus wonders if she remembers the conversation about how he should have properly proposed. He grabs her hand and says, “Haruka. Once again, I request we be engaged.” Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus True Love Ending A 1He is no longer a count and is considered a traitor. He swears to make her happy. In exchange, he wants her to be with him and to follow along and believe in him. Her feelings haven’t changed. “Yes. Desu.” He breathes a sigh of relief and kisses her. Haruka admits she’s a bit surprised by his sudden kiss. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus True Love Ending A 2It’s because she’s too beautiful. She turns red. He grabs her hand again and says she doesn’t know if he can really bring her happiness. “You…really are a fool.” She smiles and replies everything will be fine, just like at the music festival. He admits he has no confidence in himself. Haruka is surprised. It’s easy to say follow me and I’ll grant all your wishes, but it’s harder to do so. He doesn’t know what will happen, but he wants to see her full of smiles. He kisses her hand. He’s weaker than he thought. But he wants the both of them to he happier and more blessed. Camus thinks about discarding his name. She protests. It was, after all, the name the queen gave him. So then she requests that he always say “only you” until they become old and gray. He agrees. They’ll be together forever. He embraces her and tells her how precious she is. He gave him back his past, but he just needs her. Camus tells her he loves her. With this, he’s a count again. Haruka knows, but he made her a promise, so say it again. He agrees, but he has one last request: he wants to give her a name. She agrees. Cryszard call her by her new name, and they go back and forth until he says he wants to kiss her. This is their beginning.

Yes, that’s the end. No, the ending does not give Haruka’s new name. Instead, it’s revealed in a memorial. Spoilers for the memorial: It’s from Alexander’s point-of-view. Haruka’s new name is “Tica”. It’s written as ティカ, so it could be spelled differently. It refers to the only flower that blooms in the snow/blizzard in Silk Palace.

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