Game Summary – Camus Route B from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Tea

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and Uta no Prince-sama All Star ahoy!

Today’s covers Camus’s Route B. Unlike the other games, the senpai each have two routes, one for each song. Each route has two endings. The first ending is the one you get if your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka has been working at the agency for over two years. She has to go to the agency.

She can hear voices arguing. Ranmaru is accusing Camus of not putting enough power into the song. Camus blames Ranmaru for throwing off the balance of the song. They go back and forth for a while, with Ranmaru saying the heart is the most important part while Camus says the other needs to think more. Reiji finally interrupts them and tries to calm them down. He asks Ai for help. Ai says that they always do this. Ai points out that Reiji fell at their previous live. Reiji is like, “My bad! But accidents spice things up!” Ai still doesn’t feel the need to stop them, but he finally agrees to Reiji’s pleas. Ai distracts Camus by asking about unusual sweets while Reiji distracts Ranmaru with the promise of Kotobuki Bentou samples. After things settle down, they four invite Haruka inside. They wonder why she was hiding. They’re all waiting for Shining. Haruka thinks about how Quartet Night was formed.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Quartet NightShining suddenly busts in and announces the four are going to sing solo songs. Quartet Night has no problem with that. Then he wonders why Haruka is there.

Camus (in his butler mode) replies that he called for her. After all, they won at the music festival, so the next piece will get some good attention. Besides, they’re going to have a big discussion about it afterwards. Is there a problem? Shining thinks it’s a good idea and leaves. Reiji immediately snickers and wonders if Camus just wanted to be with Haruka. Camus goes back to his normal self and scoffs. Haruka adds that she never thought about being with Camus. They’re just partners! She has no personal feelings for him! Camus balks but quickly recovers. Haruka knows they have to keep their personal and professional lives separate. They both sigh at the same time. They look awkwardly at each other before Haruka says she’s happy to work with him again. Camus mumbles an OK while Ranmaru curses. Reiji tries to pump everyone up, but the others ignore him. Camus wants to know more about the sweets and Ranmaru the bentou. Haruka wants to work hard for the new song.

Ai and Ranmaru leave. Camus tells Haruka he has the day off and asks if she wants to come to his house. She wants to work on the song. Reiji is surprised; aren’t they in the middle of their raburabu living together? Not anymore. Before, they were lying about being lovers, but Camus replies that Shining said it was NG (no good) after they really were. It was also a kind of penalty for spying on Shining. She’s back living at the agency. She thinks it’s kind of lonely being there. Reiji says they need time apart when they’re young. Haruka wonders about that. Reiji insists that the more time apart, the more dokidoki wakuwaku their love will be. Camus tells Reiji to shut up. Reiji finally leaves. Camus suggests they do some shopping first.

They go to the optical shop. Camus fines a pair of glasses he likes. He wants to see Haruka in a pair, too. She mentions they don’t have the time, but he says there’s no rush for lovers. He suggests a pair and then stares at her after she puts them on. Not bad, she looks refreshing. They end up buying a lot of stuff since they haven’t been out shopping in a long time.

They head to the tower. Haruka wonders if they should have had the taxi drop them off in a different spot. Camus says they never know when someone will show up, and doesn’t Haruka want to hurry and open the door? She smiles happily. She pulls out her keys and unlocks the door. Alexander pounces on her, but she’s getting crushed under his weight. Camus helps her up and tells her to wash her face from Alexander’s slobber.

Haruka insists on doing chores around the house. She remembers Tomo calling her a commuting wife. As she heads down the stairs, she can hear Camus telling Alexander he understands how lonely he was when he couldn’t see Haruka, but noble dogs must endure it. Alexander whines, and Camus scolds him. He is, after all, a Borzoi and Camus’s dog. Haruka giggles at Camus’s serious expression. He startles her, and she trips. Camus uses his magic to stop her fall. He then catches her. He shakes his head and admits he worries about her. After all, protecting her is his job as a fiance. She squeaks out a yes, and he asks her if she has a problem with that. No, just not used to it yet. He then questions how long she’s going to call him Camus-senpai. She’s like, “Yeah, what name should I call you by?” When she calls his name, she can’t help but remember a lot of things. Now this catches Camus’s attention. He speaks in his butler tone and asks her politely to tell him what she remembers. It’s just the two of them. Alexander barks in protest. Camus sends him out, but Alexander wants to play. Haruka suggests they play with him for a bit. Alexander is so happy he jumps on Camus. He then orders him to go run around, and Haruka will make something to eat. As she heads into the kitchen, he wraps his arms around her and whispers in her ear in his butler speak. She was so kind to Alexander, did she want a request from him? She wants to be together until night falls. “Good girl.” Then he kisses her. Please forgive him for stealing her lips. She protests it isn’t night yet. Camus calmly asks his Master to excuse him for not waiting.

Haruka, Camus, and Alexander are in the forest outside the tower for a picnic. Alexander goes wandering off while Haruka wonders what kind of song to make next. She thought maybe an idol-ish song, since Camus is an idol. Camus states fans probably want to see a solo song different from Quartet Night songs. Haruka wants to make a song he wants to sing, a song he loves. He mentions she said the same thing for the music festival. Camus thought it would be their first and last song, so he put all his desires into it. His only desire now is to sing a song she wrote, a song just for him based on her image of him. She’s happy. As she’s thinking, she wants to run back to the piano. He’s fine with that, but he still wants to be addressed by his name. “Please, Cryszard. Let’s go make our music together.” He calls for Alexander and the picnic ends.

Haruka has been bouncing ideas for the past several days. She’s been getting a lot of inspiration and advice, but ultimately, it’s up to her. Camus suddenly asks her what kind of sweets is she into lately. She’s into stuff with lots of strawberries, but she has no idea why he just asked her that.

Haruka heads to the agency to work on the song. She’s still pondering on what to choose. Suddenly, Cecil greets her, snapping her out of her thoughts. He wants to know what she was thinking about. He sees the look on her face and worries that something happened to Silk Palace. Or did Camus bully her? Did he force her to eat sugar? Did he insist on a weird cat? Haruka replies no, but Cecil insists she tell him so he can fight Camus. Haruka assures him she’s not unhappy with Camus. Tokiya, Otoya, and Syo all appear. Cecil reports he’s checking to make sure Haruka isn’t being bullied by Camus. Syo reminds him Haruka and Camus are partners. He’s amazed that Haruka chose him, as Camus really has a count’s aura. Otoya doesn’t know what a count is. Haruka tries to explain its position relative to other titles, but Otoya gets further lost.

After the others leave, Haruka realizes there’s a lot she doesn’t know about Camus, the Silk Palace Camus. However, she’s happy as things are.

Back at home, she’s still thinking about the solo piece.

Fast forward a few days. She’s ready to present the base of a song to Camus. She arrives at the promised time and opens the door. “Welcome and good day, ojou-sama.” Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus TeaHe has prepared afternoon tea before today’s discussion. After all, he just can’t root for his princess; he wants to inspire his ojou-sama. It may be presumptuous, but perhaps she’ll forgive this Camus for preparing this. Of course, Haruka thinks it’s wonderful. For desserts, he’s prepared strawberry tarts. She realizes that’s why Camus asked her that the other day. She goes to take one, but he swiftly switches out of butler mode and says drinks before desserts, fool. Butler switch on, tea’s ready! Ojou-sama, shall I feed you? Haruka opens her mouth and waits. Camus is taken aback and calls her daring. She’s still waiting, but then Camus feeds her a strawberry with his mouth and asks her how it tastes. Haruka is stunned. “You’re 100 years too early to get the better of me!” She tries to protest, but Camus laughs at her red face. They enjoy the rest of their tea time.

Camus is looking forward to see what kind of song she’s made. Nervous, Haruka is ready to play her song. It’s a calm and gentle piece. He’s always surprised by her creativity. Of course, she can aim higher. He thinks it isn’t bad, but it isn’t him. It doesn’t match his image. Haruka is disappointed but says she was certainly thinking of him when crafting it. He’s very surprised this is supposed to be his image. She asks what’s strange about it. Camus is upset. He believes this song means Haruka wants him to be gentler. If she wants him to be, she should just say so; he’ll grant all of her wishes. She protests. Camus groans but settles on using the piece as a base.

Haruka and Camus chat for a bit about technical problems. Then she works on it alone. She sits at the piano while Camus sits on the sofa. She can’t just get into a composing mode. He suddenly asks if the air conditioning is okay. She’s a little chilly, so he offers to get her a blanket. She protests and goes to get one herself. Haruka thinks about how she used to be a servant here. Then they became partners, then lovers, and now spending dream-like times together like the tea time. She asks Camus if he would like a shoulder massage before she leaves. Yes, but first, about what they were talking about earlier. Then she notices him staring at something. He’s reading fan letters. She has never seen him reading them before. He asks if she remembers his work before the musical festival. He thought he would never come back to this country or work as an idol again. But Camus doesn’t know when he’ll go back to his homeland. What is a fan, and what is an idol? Haruka knows Shining scouted him. Camus was trying to fulfill the queen’s orders then. Now he came back to sing Haruka’s songs. But his schedule’s tight and he has his count’s duties, but quitting would go against the queen’s wishes. “Um…do you hate being an idol?” He truly doesn’t know. But he won’t hand over fulfilling Haruka’s dream to anyone else. Since he’ll continue to be an idol, thinking about it anymore is pointless. Camus suggests Haruka get back to work.

Back at her home, Haruka still wants to know more about Camus. But instead of his private life, she’ll concentrate on his idol self. She’ll watch a DVD of him. She has a choice between a horror film, quiz show, or comedy-drama. The first involves him cackling about a revived dead lover. The second has him on location for “Sorehodo The World” among a sea of clouds posing a question, then Reiji gets the answer wrong in the studio. The comedy-drama is a section of a TV program called “Michael in Japan”. Camus plays Michael, a businessman who is meeting another businessman named Leonardo, an Italian. So the scene begins. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Michael(I will not lie. I almost did a spit take.) “Michael” speaks in very accented, slow Japanese about wanting okonomiyaki. “Leonardo” gets burned from the sparks. Haruka finds the DVD interesting and notes Camus can play a lot of parts. But the Camus she sees is the real Camus, not one from a drama.

Time is passing by. She’s been working on the song. Haruka rushes to meet Camus. Both have the day off. He mentions her clothes suit her. She dressed up a bit for today with help from Tomo. He doesn’t get to her like this too often. She apologizes for always wearing the same thing. That’s not what he meant, but they hurry to catch a train.

Haruka mentions she’s never seen Camus take the train before. He usually takes a taxi. It’s kind of strange to see him here. It feels like they’re ordinary lovers. He wonders if she prefers being ordinary but quickly changes the subject. She’s really close to Camus. Haruka tries to make small talk about his work yesterday. Camus falls asleep on her shoulder.

At a park, Camus goes over what happened earlier. He feel asleep, and now her shoulder’s stinging a bit and her balance is off because he was heavy. She’ll be fine soon. Why didn’t she shake him off? She didn’t want to wake him. Camus is like, “Shouldn’t a normal lover’s reaction be, ‘Why did you fall asleep?'” Haruka points out he couldn’t help being tired. She’s fine now. Haruka spots an ice cream vendor selling violet flavor ice cream. She knows Camus tried it before and asks how it taste. Camus replies he’ll buy one, as the only way for her to know is to try it.

Haruka hears a one girl spotting Camus. The other replies Myu-sama would never ride the train. The other agrees; he would most likely use a horse and carriage. They walk away. He mutters he should have taken one. Haruka giggles at the thought. Camus asks if it’s because that’s not normal. He’s serious. Camus knows their beginning was not normal but was fine with it. But now he’s worried Haruka wants a normal boyfriend. She protests. Camus continues: she’s not his employee anymore, so she doesn’t need to look after him so much. Haruka explains she’s more nervous than vigilant; she’s the one who wonders if she’s a good girlfriend. He doesn’t want her sympathy. Haruka is the savior of his country and the person who gives him confidence and joy. She even had to go to Tomo for advice. Haruka stutters. Camus is nobility, after all. So the problem really is with him. He declares they’re going to talk more like lovers. She’s a little unsure. But Camus (not quite in his butler tone) asks where Haruka would like to go. She’s totally taken aback. They’ve already talked about going to an art museum. Camus ignores her and says he’s looking forward to walking around the park after lunch. “Ah, y-yes.” “‘Yeah’ you mean. Don’t hold back.” Haruka still feels this is weird.

They’re continuing their ordinary date. They’re going to the museum. She can’t calm down, but Haruka is trying her best to be ordinary. So she tries to be all girlfriend-y and asks Camus to go get the tickets with upturned eyes. He immediately goes speechless. He manages to recover. Camus calls her cute before going off to get the tickets.

Camus comes back, still trying to sound casual. He warns Haruka to be careful since she’s so clumsy. On Camus’s urging, she suggests starting in the European section to Camus-senpai. He corrects her: Camus. She does call him by name. The European section may also help with the song. He shrugs; they should go where she wants to go. Haruka still tries to sound casual but is not successful. Camus finally says she’s more nervous than usual. She says sorry but points out Camus-senpai is also unnatural. Camus notes his acting must be poor. Haruka points out only the outside appearance has change. Camus wonders if he should escort her more like a foreigner. Haruka doesn’t want that, so he doesn’t know what to do. She replies being with the usual Camus would make her happy. He sighs. If that’s what she wants… Camus talks like normal. They look at the pamphlet and make their way around. Haruka feels much better and fully enjoys the day.

Another day, Haruka is working on the song at home at night. Working at the piano, she remembers all her happy times with Camus. But one thing is bothering her: he’s been acting strange lately. It’s like something’s bothering him. Then there’s the song. It’s not good enough yet. She wants to return all the love and happiness he’s given her. The next day, she promises to herself to meet with Camus.

She goes to Camus’s. He’s not too busy. As usual, he sits on the couch and she at the piano. Alexander looks slightly worried. Camus is probably tired. But Haruka plays the song. He acknowledges it’s a good song. But he has comments.

Camus is finishing up giving his advice. Haruka is still conflicted on some parts, but she gets an idea.

Haruka suddenly realizes how late it is. He gets off the sofa and stares at her. He finally says he was just thinking she is beautiful. Haruka thinks he’s joking because she just grabbed something. He means any person who works hard is beautiful. Camus walks up to her. How does he look in her eyes? Haruka is confused. He switches to talking about the song. Does he want a more powerful song? No, if it’s a song she wants for him, then it’s fine. Haruka wants him to speak freely; she wants to do anything she can. That’s his line, he replies. Don’t forget: he’s already sworn to give her life-long happiness. There’s a lot he doesn’t know what to do about…Haruka, his fans. He’ll be an idol for that’s her dream, but why do the fans keep supporting him? Haruka replies the fans’ feelings are similar to her’s. He points out she knows his circumstances. What did she think of him in the beginning? She admits she was a little scared and didn’t understand him. But he captivated her as an idol. Her words aren’t coming out right. He wants to know what Haruka thinks of him as an idol who sings her songs. She thinks he sparkles as an idol. His hairstyle, the suits, and his butler facade are all at Shining’s instructions. Haruka points out the fans wouldn’t love him if he wasn’t a true idol. He’s already one, so if he’s becomes more aware of it, then… Haruka keeps going over his talents: wonderful voice, charisma, sexy dance movements. It’s only Camus who doesn’t know how he sparkles! He finally smiles, then he remarks how rare it is for her to be so straightforward. The he questions her about his usual self. He’s wonderful. He likes being praised so much, won’t she keep on doing so? He watches her intensely and places his hand on top of hers. This makes her nervous. If she likes his voice, he’ll whisper whatever she wants. Haruka stutters. Words of love? Her name? He wants her to tell him. She’s panicking, but he won’t let her escape. He gets his way.

A few days later, she and Camus are called to the meeting room at the agency. Camus tells Haruka there’s a big TV project planned, and she’s probably here in connection with the new song. She hears footsteps. Cecil runs in, happy to see and work with Haruka. The two of them are surprised to see Cecil. “Why are the two of you so surprised? You haven’t heard from Saotome?” He reluctantly tells Camus he was told to help with the program since Camus is always reckless and takes on too much. Camus glares. Cecil cries he can’t help being here; it’s for work! The producer comes in. He’s glad they took the job. Cecil starts to say Saotome said it was a secret, but Camus crushes his kouhai’s foot while maintaining his work mode. Camus sweetly wants to hear more about the project from the producer since he doesn’t know anything about it. The new show is basically titled “24 hours with the Idol Camus!” He summoned Haruka here for the new song. It will be the main theme and air last. She’s a little worried since Camus already has his regular idol and count responsibilities. Cecil proclaims 24 hours means no privacy, but the producer assures Camus will have privacy. Camus states the program sounds like a difficult project, but the producer thinks the fans will like seeing Camus’s full effort. Much to Cecil and Haruka’s surprise, Camus accepts. He does have one request, though. He wants to interact with his fans; after all, Camus is a butler. The meeting continues.

The producer leaves. Cecil questions whether Camus is all right. His senpai scoffs. He wouldn’t accept if he couldn’t do it, idiot. Haruka also asks if Camus will be okay, especially with his count duties. He’ll be fine. Haruka is the one who said he’s becoming more aware of himself as an idol. Cecil is still against it. Camus has to keep magic, his country’s secrets, and his demon personality all from being exposed. Camus not afraid of anyone. He’ll show him he can handle anything.

“…Or so I thought.” Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Crossdress 1(OK, this time I did a spit take.) Cecil: “I never thought I would suddenly have to wear women’s clothes. What do I say to my country if they see this?” Camus says they have no choice as the program is starting. Camus starts the show. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Crossdress 2Talking femininely, he says he’s going to talk with these lovely ladies. “Ahh? Who’re you calling a lovely lady?” Ranmaru replies in his normal voice. Even Haruka can’t settle down while watching this. Woman Camus is very disappointed. (He actually talks like an okama.) “She” didn’t think the other was so unrefined. Of course, they’re not alone. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Crossdress 3Ai agrees, although Ranmaru as a lady is amusing. AiAi’s onee-san is shocked “she” would say such a thing. Ai-chan continues talking like a kogal and says “she’s” “chou MK5”. (Wikipedia for reference.) Reiji notes that is old — although (s)he’s used that term before — it’s old! The audience loves it. Normal Ai reports to Reiji on his data about high school girls’ speak. Cecil follows Ai’s advice and says, “Choriisu!”. A girl shouts that Ai-chan is sexy. Camus still thinks something is off. Ai tells Camus to try. The older one passes on the basis “she’s” too old. Camus now is ready to start the next corner, a fortune telling segment. He asks the Goddess of the Forest who is the most unfortunate one, and Ranmaru replies, “Everybody’s unfortunate for getting on this show!” The crowd laughs. Haruka notes Camus carries himself throughout the whole show as if he dressed up in women’s clothes every day.

Haruka greets Camus and Cecil in the dressing room. Cecil didn’t like doing it, but he’s glad for the praise. Haruka helps him with his makeup and basically forgets Camus is there. She apologizes for being lost in the conversation. He notes she’s more relaxed and casual around Cecil than him. Camus shouts to Cecil to get ready for the next segment. Cecil notes that Camus is too big to look like a woman. Yet onstage, Cecil really thought he was a woman; it’s a mystery. Camus snarks it’s acting, stupid cat. Cecil is afraid Camus is going to curse him. Camus looks like he’s going to continue his stern lecture but instead says Cecil is right. “Stern and frightening, an existence like the north wind. That is me.” Haruka says Camus really is pretty. The song program is still to come.

The show continues. Sports, dance lesson, Silk Palace, a whole lot of stuff. Camus is being open to the fans while also maintaining some privacy.

Now the show is recording the pre-opening of a new sweets theme park Sweet’s Eden. Camus is the guest. He greets the crowd in his usual work mode. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Sweet's Eden 1Then the theme park’s mascot Macaron-kun and his girlfriend Macaron-chan give Camus a dolche dessert. Camus thanks Macaron-chan. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Sweet's Eden 2Camus says the dolche is good, but he would rather eat Macaron-chan. He then continues the comedy by telling Macaron-kun he won’t separate the two, he’ll eat them together.

The park opens. A girl cries out for Camus. Camus keeps smiling for his fans. A kid recognizes the Demon King and wonders what he’s doing here. It’s the group from All Star. Camus continues being polite. The kid wants to see Camus’s true self. Camus replies this appearance is for world domination and can’t show his real self. The kids want to play with Camus. Haruka thinks Camus is really a strong yet gentle person. She wants to put this warm feeling into the song.

At the end of the day, Camus calls out to her. He wishes he could eat with her. Haruka suggests they’ll be fine if they do so secretly, but Camus reminds her the camera is following him 24 hours. But he likes how she asked for an unreasonable request, so keep it up. Haruka protests. Camus admits he wants to be more free so he doesn’t cause trouble for her. Haruka is fine; she’s not lonely. Camus sighs but tells her to contact him if something comes up. Camus still groans.

Haruka is back at home at night. She’s working on the song again. She wants to make it a song he fully accepts. She has been putting a lot of their memories into it, but there are parts he says are no good.

That night, Haruka gets a text from Camus. He’s suddenly got the next two days off to collect data for his column. She wants him to relax.

Camus texts back basically asking if Haruka’s sure. She insists she’s fine. Haruka’s not that busy, but she’s going to work on the song some more.

The next day, she decides to relax in a park near the agency. She spots Cecil. He comes up to her and tells her, “Your mana is disturbed.” Of course, Haruka is confused. He’s speaking to her very seriously and mysteriously. “Your destiny is wavering. A path of hesitancy, you do not yet realize you are in a deep fog.” Haruka notices the atmosphere around him is different. She asks him what’s the matter with him. Cecil suddenly reverts back to his usual self and asks if he did something strange. Haruka sighs in relief and explains he was just saying something about destiny wavering. Cecil gets a serious expression on his face. “Muse, just before, were you humming a piece for Camus?” Yes she was. Cecil notes her sound is hesitant, are things not going well with Camus? No, but then Haruka admits something is strange with the song, although she doesn’t know what it is. Haruka goes to show him the composition, but Cecil stops her. This is her and Camus’s piece, and they must forge the path together. Haruka is upset Camus won’t tell her why he’s dissatisfied with the song. Cecil asks why she’s afraid to get closer to the music. She explains she thinks she should know without asking. Cecil replies her heart is wonderful, but her opponent is Camus; she must fight. Neither of them believe in each other. Haruka protests, but he continues. She doesn’t want to be a burden to Camus. He takes her hand and explains lovers should walk hand-in-hand. Camus lies to protect Haruka, and Haruka accepts those lies, but that’s no good. Haruka realizes she needs to properly peer into Camus’s feelings. Cecil says she can do it since she’s the one who melted the demon. There’s no need to rush because Camus loves her, but fight.

Haruka is back home thinking about Cecil’s words. She needs to speak to Camus. Suddenly, he calls her. He shyly asks her about tomorrow: “I…want to see you.” Haruka excitedly agrees. He notes she really was happy, confusing Haruka. Never mind, he says, I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Haruka instead insists on going by his place. He agrees: “I want to hurry and see you.” Haruka is taken aback by his honesty and different tone/speech. She can believe how straightforward he was.

The next morning, Haruka heads to Camus’s house with the song. She’s going to support him on his day off, but she also wants to talk about her composition.

Haruka goes inside. He’s wrapping up his work for Silk Palace. He’ll be with her in a moment.

Camus finishes. To make up for him making her feel lonely, he’ll take her out. She’d rather spend the day at his place. What does she want to do? Support him on his day off. If that’s what she desires, then okay. “If that’s what I desire…?” Haruka thinks. Haruka wants to talk about the new song and why he’s uncomfortable with it. He seems taken aback it’s in regards to the song. He goes on saying he has confidence in any song. She watches him carefully. Something is still off. She asks him if there’s something wrong lately, and he sharply wants to know what she’s talking about. Haruka immediately apologizes, but that Camus is still upset. She’s the one who’s strange. They’re lovers, so why does she always apologize so much? Haruka thinks she’s like always, but then she remembers Cecil’s words about being hesitant. If she’s so awkward as his lover, then… She suggests living together again. That’s what Camus would like, but they can’t. Haruka clarifies: she wants to go back before they were lovers. Then she can figure out what’s wrong. He agrees but wants to know what exactly what she means. They’re going to relax, how about tea? He goes to get her tea.

They drink their tea. What next? Then Haruka wonders where Alexander is. He’s at the groomer’s for the day. They both go silent. Haruka, panicking, suggests watching TV. She fumbles before settling on a suspense drama. Camus is surprised she’s into this sort of show. She’s not really, but the other shows on are about families and romantic relationships. Then Haruka realizes they’ve never fought. Camus admits it’s common for couples to fight. They watch on TV an scene about a woman yelling her boyfriend needs to be considerate of a girl’s feelings. Neither Camus or Haruka want to be like that. Haruka searches for her next idea. She’s going to work on the song, so Camus will stay on the sofa. She suggest going to the bedroom. Camus checks to make sure she doesn’t have any hidden meaning. “Perhaps you’re inviting me into the bedroom, ojou-sama?” Haruka vehemently denies this. Camus continues, saying he shall take in her devotion. Haruka begs him to forget everything she just said. He’ll stay there, and she will join him. Camus thinks this is more natural.

Haruka is still uncomfortable. She tries to concentrate on the song, but her heart won’t calm down. She notices Camus finishes his coffee. He’s nearly out of ink. The teapot is teetering. Haruka finally tells him to be careful, but he counters they’re supposed to be relaxing. She then shouts they’re done with this step. Camus is irritated and wonders what’s next. Of course he’s fine, he finished a program with Tokiya yesterday. Haruka cheers up at the sound of Tokiya’s name. More relaxed now, Camus talks about it. Even he admits it was exciting. Haruka adds he looks like he’s having fun when he’s with Cecil and the others, like a little boy. He still doesn’t know if he has fun with his work. Haruka replies that’s fine, the feelings of having fun are being conveyed to the fans. Camus asks what’s wrong with their relationship. Haruka is confused. Didn’t she do this so she could confirm something’s wrong? Haruka explains she was trying to find what was the source of friction between them, not that she regretting being with him. She’s hasn’t once thought that. Camus is noticeably relieved. He goes silent when he thinks about the song. Haruka grabs the score. “Cryszard! Tell me what you don’t like about this piece!” She begs him to tell her. Camus again states he has no problem with it. He was just thinking about work and suggests they go outside. Haruka remembers Cecil’s words. Cecil was rebuked by Camus many times in the Master Course. So she decides to be like Cecil and stands in his way. She won’t move.

Camus snickers and remarks they look like other people today. Camus says Haruka is strange today. Haruka explains she wanted to be like Cecil who tried so hard to be accepted by Camus. He lectures her then stops. He looks at the score. He admits he couldn’t believe this was his image. He’s like a blizzard, and this isn’t a blizzard-like score. He goes on and basically says he tried to show her his gentle side since he thought that was what she wanted. But it’s not him, so this is another person’s song. Haruka disagrees. Camus always brings her happiness. He points out she’s always hiding her wishes, like wanting to see him. He uses his magic and summons a cold wind. Camus declares this is him, and this blizzard-like man cannot grant her desires. Haruka is on the verge of tears. She created this song based on their memories together. If this isn’t his song, then he’s denying their memories and her feelings. She’s misunderstanding, he says, but Haruka protests more: she’s been happy from the moment they first met until now. Camus declares she doesn’t know anything about him, but Haruka yells at him to cut it out. “Cryszard, what are you afraid of?!?!” Her loud voice surprises the two of them. Then they hear the radio noise from Silk Palace. He’s going to ignore it, but Haruka tells him to answer it. She realizes Camus really is afraid of something.

Haruka remains seated on the sofa, as his life as a count has nothing to do with her. Haruka thinks about what she wants. She has to convey her feelings. She remembers Cecil telling her she doesn’t believe in Camus.

Haruka continues thinking about the song and her and Camus’s earlier conversation. She writes a note to Camus about how this really isn’t his song and apologizes for causing him trouble. She leaves.

For the next few days, Haruka is at home working on the song. She makes change after change. She wants to hurry and show Camus.

It’s finally finished. Haruka collapses and calls Camus. She’s on her way now.

She makes it to the forest. She’s kind of dazed. She realizes he’s probably in the middle of work, but Haruka enters anyway.

Haruka goes to drop off the score. She apologizes to Alexander because she can’t stay. Then she hears knocking. Haruka asks who’s there. Camus comes rushing in. He grabs her shoulders and pants he’s written the lyrics. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Shoulder GrabShe wasn’t wrong; this song was written for him. He doesn’t want anyone else to sing it. He doesn’t want to lose either her or her music. Haruka tells Cryszard she never had any intention of anyone else singing it. She came hear to play it. Since the other day, she couldn’t have…? Yep, she was making changes. Camus stutters he thought she was considering breaking up with him. Of course not! But the letter– he sighs, loosens his grip, and laughs in relief. He thought he couldn’t do anything if she wanted to, but he more he thought about it, the more he didn’t want to. Like a child, no, no, no! She hugs him. Haruka tells him he’s fine as he is and that she couldn’t wish for anything more than that. Please believe her, she says. Camus is still lost. What is the “current him”, and what can he do for her? There’s nothing left after the ice melts. That’s what he is afraid of. Haruka doesn’t think so. Cryszard is strong, gentle, and peaceful. Why is he empty? He’s given her so much happiness, but she wants to give him happiness. Please believe in her love, and then he’ll be fine. Both the butler and count Cryszard are him. He finally smiles and embraces her. He laughs at the irony of her teaching him. Camus is Camus, and he’s gotten his confidence back. He feels blessed just being with her. It seems they’ve both been feeling the same way the whole time. They smile. Haruka will try to be more selfish. She really was lonely. Before Camus interrupts, she continues: she is lonely, she’s fine. Haruka just wants to properly say it. It’s also painful that he has a whole other world with the queen. He feels the same. She gets along well with the other idols. They both protest it’s not like that and smile. Haruka wants Camus to listen to his song. He’s so shocked he’s speechless. Camus smiles. It’s certainly his song. No, it’s certainly his and Haruka’s song. Now he just has to fix the lyrics. Haruka asks about today’s work. He ran away in the middle of it. He tells her to contact him and not get spaced out working. She wonders if something happened. He quickly tells her to never mind. Haruka apologizes for not being more clear, but Camus is just glad she’s here. He goes for her hand, and Haruka thinks they’re going to hug. But Cryszard stops, much to Haruka’s confusion. He has a strange look on his face, but he leaves.

Camus’s schedule has been packed. They haven’t been able to be alone.

After work, the two are alone in the meeting room. Haruka asks about how Camus’s meeting with fans went. He replies Cecil and Ranmaru nearly blew it by saying Camus has a bad personality. Haruka replies she’s sure they didn’t do it on purpose. He adds he’s been thinking about expanding his butler role by adding a little more of his personality. Haruka thinks that’s wonderful and the fans will be happy. The days pass by until the day of the live arrives.

Haruka is backstage with Camus. This is the last of his major events for now. He tells Haruka the first time he felt singing was fun was at the music festival. But not just that. He may not fully understand being an idol, but he can respond to the passion. This is probably his dream. He can respond to their love. Does she dislike how he belongs to them on the stage? No, because at a live, she’s a fan, too. Camus jokes that’s boring. The song may be a little different from what she was expecting, so she best be prepared. If she’s a fan, then just believe. She will. She wants to wish him good luck, but she doesn’t want to call him by Camus, the name the queen gave him, but she can’t call him by his private name, either. “Um…please do your best. Anata.” (“Anata” = you with the connotation of “dear”.) Camus is taken aback, then tells her he’ll show Haruka the aurora. She joins the crowd.

Amid the lights, Camus appears. He sings “AURORA“.

Kouhai Ending:

Haruka goes to the dressing room where Camus and Cecil are. Cecil tells Camus he was touched. Butler Camus replies he appreciates it. Cecil wants to learn more from him. Butler Camus wants to learn from Cecil, too. Cecil is happy…not really. Work Camus continues to say he may be a tough senpai, but he wants to be honest at time. Cecil is still shocked. The staff goes and gets them.

Haruka hesitantly knocks on the door. Camus invites her in.

Camus noticeably relaxed. He stands up, but Haruka tells him to sit. Camus replies the cameras are no longer on him, and he wants to embrace her. He does so. Haruka panics, but Camus tells her to indulge in his selfishness. She hugs him back. He tells her she’s cute for being so honest. Haruka scowls while Camus is like, “Don’t you believe me?” They embrace for a while. He has to go to the agency, then they’ll go to his house.

Haruka gets out at the agency. She spots Cecil. He’s yelling for Camus to stop. Camus is back in stern senpai mode to the stupid cat. Cecil cries that Camus lied and was only praising him in front of the camera. Camus points out that Cecil said he was touched, but Cecil says he really meant it. “Hooh, yes yes. Muse’s new work like always is ‘fantastic’ music. Finish and go home. Shoo, shoo.” Cecil still protests that’s not what he meant. Haruka goes up and tries to tell Camus to listen. Her foot slips but Camus catches her. Cecil comes up and informs Camus he’s always touched by Camus’s music, not matter who the composer is. He loves music, and music lives through love. That’s what he always thought until they met. Camus glares. Camus didn’t like music, but his heart could move people. But then he met Muse, and Cecil acknowledges Camus as Muse’s husband. Camus interrupts the “nyaanyaa” (meowmeow) babble by pulling on Cecil’s ear. Camus insists the one he was the one who decided to change for Haruka and not for Cecil. He finally lets go at Haruka’s pleading. Camus is still haughty while Cecil is upset his senpai won’t listen. Cecil finally blurts out Camus is afraid of him. Camus is shocked and glares. He thinks for a moment then looks for Haruka for encouragement. He finally admits Cecil is right. Cecil is so surprised he makes a strange noise (hahi!?). He thinks something is wrong with Camus. Camus insults the cat again. Haruka interjects and Camus stops. “Mmm… That’s right. Listen well, lower organism.” Haruka expects Cecil to say that’s worse than cat. Cecil always looked for people but Camus disregarded them. In Silk Palace, there’s a lot of deception, and someone like Cecil couldn’t survive there. That’s what he thought until he came here. Cecil is a foolish child, but he also is moved by others. But now Camus realizes living like a child isn’t always bad. He was running away from his childhood. Cecil’s existence served as the base for shaking up Camus. He remembered his past, and he’s decided to not be afraid of fear. In short, he’s sorry and thanks, “Suuta Cecil”. He bows Japanese-style. Cecil cries that he’s grown, and Camus should just call him an idiot like always. Camus gets angry, but he apologizes to Cecil in his speech and not in his count-speak. Haruka explains Cecil told her to believe in Camus, so neither should run away now. Cecil finally grins. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus Kouhai EndingCan Cecil really, really believe in those words? Camus assures those are his true feelings. Cecil is so happy. Camus remarks about Cecil choosing a handshake. Cecil doesn’t care and tells Camus to look after Muse. Of course. He’ll do his best to make her happy. Haruka will try hard as well. Cecil asks Haruka to look after Camus. He’s an annoying person, but nothing is impossible for the goddess Haruka. Camus notes Cecil didn’t need to add the first part, but it’s Cecil’s revenge. They smile. Camus asks about why Cecil was summoned to the agency. He was called by Saotome.

Haruka waits inside the agency. Camus comes out and is calling Cecil an idiot. She wonders what is going on. He meant what he said outside, but he’s going to still be a strict senpai. But he’s also mad that Cecil is the one who gave Haruka advice. Camus says he didn’t believe in her or her music. Haruka replies she was the same. He smiles. Camus doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, and there might be times when they have misunderstandings and are lost, but he wants to be with her. Haruka will. He’s looking forward to where they go. And she should scold him when she needs to. They’ll continue their lives together. Camus realizes they really shouldn’t be having this conversation right in the middle of the agency. Haruka says it’s fine, but they’ll continue later. Cecil then comes running up. Camus had locked him in. Haruka apologizes, but it’s not her fault, Cecil says. Camus tells Cecil to consider it a penalty. Cecil complains nothing’s changed; Camus is Camus. Camus smirks. “Of course.”

True Love Ending:

He seems to be surrounded by a sea of lights in seven colors. The aurora. She feels like she’s in a dream.

Haruka runs to the dressing rooms after the song is finished. She knocks on the door and goes inside.

Camus is a little surprised to see her. She came rather quickly. Haruka excitedly says she saw the aurora. That’s the aurora she showed him. It’s just as beautiful as the one in his homeland. He was a fool for not realizing it before. He tells her not to cry because they’ll see it many more times together. Yes, she’ll do her best, Cryszard! He’s about to embrace her but stops. The cameras will be here soon. They’ll meet later.

Haruka is in a meeting room. Fan reaction has been good. Ranmaru wants to know when Camus is going to stop being a butler. He’s not going to stop. All of Quartet Night is there. Ai’s data was a little off from his predictions. Ranmaru interrupts, and Ai tells Ranmaru to be quiet. Ranmaru sarcastically asks the Master to forgive this lowly Kurosaki. Camus notes Ranmaru is like a real delinquent, and Ranmaru responds he’ll show him what a delinquent is like. Ai tells the two of them to stop. Ai then asks why Reiji isn’t breaking them up as usual. Reiji is sitting there with a smile. He’s actually happy. After all, after the music festival, Camus returned to his country without a word. He wondered if the same thing would happen again, so he’s touched. Camus is not. Reiji wonders if the problem in his country from last time is okay. Camus replies there’s no problem right now. The insurgents were punished. Haruka starts to ask abou the servent, but Camus tells Haruka he’ll explain everything later. Haruka is happy Camus isn’t saying it has nothing to do with her. Haruka is always available to talk. Reiji can’t believe they’re flirting right in front of everyone. Camus wants to get back to work. Kurosaki, don’t sleep. Ranmaru responds he wasn’t asleep; he was just closing his eyes. Ai mentions the solo songs are done, so they need to discuss what’s next for the unit.

Haruka is at Camus’s house. Haruka doing things around the house while talking with Alexander. They both have the day off, but Camus is out right now. She’s deciding what dessert to make. Then she has a question for Alexander. “Lately, um…I feel like your Master hasn’t been hugging me a lot lately…What…do you think?” Something falls. She turns around and thinks it’s Camus, but no one is there. She tries to calm herself down. Just then, Camus comes home. She assures him she’s had no work suddenly come up. She asks if Camus would like a bath. No, there’s something else he wants. The teapot goes off and Haruka rushes to the kitchen. She asks if he would like tea or food. Camus tries to again steer the conversation back to the two of them, but Haruka babbles on about the design on the pastries she bought. Camus sighs and agrees to eat. Alexander greets his master like always.

Haruka takes the food and drinks to his room. He wants them, but right now, he wants to be with her. He rests his head on Haruka’s shoulders and complains about the work the agency gave him on his day off. He’s glad she came today. Camus wanted to see her even one second sooner; she also wanted to see him. He’s blessed. He still wants to do anything for her, but his reason has changed: he wants to see her joyous face. Even if it’s hard, he can get through it. He says this is probably his first taste of true happiness. It’s the same for her. He sits back up. They chat about work and even Silk Palace. They also talk about a new composition. This time, Camus says, they’ll make it together from the start. Haruka is excited. Does he have a theme? He suggests “future”. Haruka starts to imagine their future. Haruka then tells Cryszard she loves him. He’s taken aback. She’s basking in the happy feeling when she feels her field of vision spin. His face is right in front of her now. He apologizes; he knows she wanted to take it easy today, but he can’t hold back any longer. She realizes he’s pushed her down on the bed. She’s never seen that feverish look in the normally cool Camus’s eyes before. He sighs; he planned on enduring it until after dinner. Haruka tries to distract him with the sweets, but right now, he wants her to be quiet. He kisses her. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Camus True Love Ending BRight now, she’s better than the sweets. Everything’s different from usual, like the way he says her name. Admist the swirl of emotions, she feels the heat. She manages to ask about his recent behavior, and he admits he’s been having a hard time controlling himself. But he tells her to quit talking and just feel him. Camus kisses her again. She feels like she’s melting like chocolate. Sorry, but he’s not letting her reconsider. She tells Cryszard it’s fine, do as he wishes. He’s a little disturbed. He just wants her love. He doesn’t want to let Haruka go. She agrees; please give her his love because she wants to give him her love. He kisses her again and says this feels like the first time they’ve become lovers. Now they’re truly partners. They’re not ordinary lovers, and she has a lot to learn about Silk Palace, but they’ll be fine. Follow him, he says. If they’re together, he doesn’t need any orders. She has a request first. “Cryszard, together, let’s be happy.” Of course. Haruka thinks to herself tomorrow may bring the start of hardship, but being together with her beloved is happiness.

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