Game Summary – Kotobuki Reiji Route A from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Morning

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and Uta no Prince-sama All Star ahoy!

Today’s covers Kotobuki Reiji’s Route A. Unlike the other games, the senpai each have two routes, one for each song. Each route has two endings. The first ending is the one you get if your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka has been working at the agency for over two years. She has to go to the agency.

She can hear voices arguing. Ranmaru is accusing Camus of not putting enough power into the song. Camus blames Ranmaru for throwing off the balance of the song. They go back and forth for a while, with Ranmaru saying the heart is the most important part while Camus says the other needs to think more. Reiji finally interrupts them and tries to calm them down. He asks Ai for help. Ai says that they always do this. Ai points out that Reiji fell at their previous live. Reiji is like, “My bad! But accidents spice things up!” Ai still doesn’t feel the need to stop them, but he finally agrees to Reiji’s pleas. Ai distracts Camus by asking about unusual sweets while Reiji distracts Ranmaru with the promise of Kotobuki Bentou samples. After things settle down, they four invite Haruka inside. They wonder why she was hiding. They’re all waiting for Shining. Haruka thinks about how Quartet Night was formed.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Quartet NightShining suddenly busts in and announces the four are going to sing solo songs. Quartet Night has no problem with that. Then he wonders why Haruka is there.

Reiji gives Haruka a “leave it to me” smile. He says he invited her to watch him. And she’s his partner, so he wants her to create any new songs for him. Haruka also asks Shining to let her make a song. Shining approves and jumps through the glass. Both Reiji and Haruka are excited to work together again. He then casually nudges her with his hips and asks her if she remembers tonight’s promise. They should take the chance and meet. Haruka agrees. He leans in and whispers their time together is precious and they haven’t been out on a date in a while. Ai interrupts their whispering, and the other two apologize. Reiji tries to pump everyone up, but the others ignore him. Camus wants to know more about the sweets and Ranmaru the bentou. Haruka wants to work hard for the new song.

Haruka goes over to Reiji’s. He welcomes her and escorts her inside like a princess and kisses her hand. He notes her nervousness and pulls her in for an embrace. Was she lonely? He was. Of course. He loves her so much that he’s going crazy. Seeing her makes his heart dance. Haruka leads him to the sofa to get to work, but he puts his finger on her lips. It’s nice she’s serious, but he wants to be spoiled right now. Because he wants to feel her. Haruka calls him mean because he’s so charming she doesn’t know what to do. “That’s right. I’m more of an adult than you. A bad adult.” Reiji wanted to see her so much he made up an excuse. He winks. More serious now, he mentions she’s been busy lately and asks if she’s been resting properly. Haruka replies he’s been busier than she has. That’s why she comes over on her off days. But he’s fine; her presence heals both his heart and body. She’s not fully convinced, but he reassures her. He’s living his dream. Reiji says he has to get it together if Haruka is worrying about him; he always wants her to smile. She responds she’s always getting happiness from him. She wants to support him as an idol musically. His music gives people strength, so she wants to learn so much more about him. He correctly pinpoints that’s the reason she came over. He knows her well. Now it’s her to to guess what he’s thinking. She guesses tea. Reiji teases her some more about rather having her than tea. He kisses her.  Haruka asks again if he’s exhausted. He’s like, “Well, now that you mention it…” and grabs her in a princess lift…

And takes her to his bedroom. He drops them both on the bed. Haruka tries to put distance between them but Reiji grabs her wrists. He begs her not to run away. Yes, he’s a bit tired, but his body wants her. She feels the warmth from his hands and closes her eyes. He continues seducing her. He didn’t know true happiness before they met. He hopes Haruka will be happy when she’s with him as well. She is. He notices the sleepy look on her face. He’s tired as well, so just sleep in his arms right now, his only girl. He kisses her goodnight and Haruka falls asleep.

Haruka opens her eyes in the brilliant light. Haruka realizes she slept at Reiji’s all night and snaps awake. Reiji’s not in the room, and she worries that he might have slept on the sofa.

She rushes out to the living room. Reiji greets her with a good morning. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji MorningHaruka apologizes and covers her eyes, but he assures her he’s dressed now. Haruka turns around. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji MorningYep, still the same. Reiji teases her. She doesn’t have to be that embarrassed, they’re lovers! “And…it’s not the first time you’ve seen me, right?” Haruka answers that’s not the problem here. She thinks to herself he’s always captivating and is never caught by surprise by her. He continues his teasing. “I want you look at me, all of me. How does my birthday suit look? Cool?” She can only nod. With a satisfied smile, he decides to give Haruka some “blood-loss (inducing) big service”. He starts to strip, but Haruka tells him he’ll catch a cold. She goes to stop him, and he jokes about how bold she is for embracing him (complete with a “kya~” scream). Haruka protests, and Reiji apologizes for his teasing. Haruka asks if he got a good night’s sleep. She notices a script on the table. He’s been rereading it and making notes since last night. Reiji tells Haruka he’s fine as usual; he’s the type who can do without much sleep. Haruka doesn’t like the sound of that but doesn’t say anything. He tells her she can go back to sleep. She’s awake. She says sorry for taking over his bed. It’s fine because he has a shoot anyways. He gets serious. When he closes his eyes, he feels like he’s in darkness and wonders if tomorrow will really come. He prefers the light as it’s proof a new day has come. Haruka realizes how lonely and hurt he is. Reiji muses it probably started when Aine disappeared. Haruka thinks about how he’s had to live with this pain and wants to be his strength. He thought he had overcome Aine’s disappearance, but he hasn’t forgotten. She doesn’t know what to say. Cheerfully, Reiji says the reason he can think about this is thanks to her. And he likes having someone to confide in. Haruka tells him thanks (for telling her) and Reiji returns it (for listening). He apologizes for the boring talk, but she was actually happy. She wants to learn more about him. Haruka asks for his happiest childhood memory. He has too many, but he remembers one time when he got a rare Odorokiman card. And there was the time Kotobuki Bentou got a new menu. Their time together passes by.

(By the way…”He plays the clown however he becomes sharp in some crass.” That’s a big typo.)

A few days later, Haruka heads to the studio to work on the new composition with Reiji. Reiji comes running up to her in the hallway. Ai suddenly surprises them and tells Reiji he’s in the way. Ai sighs at how energetic Reiji is so early in the morning. Of course he is, he gets to work with his cute Kouhai-chan on a new song. Ai is like, “What is this? Flirting?” Haruka blushes while Reiji asks if he’s jealous. Ai looks like he wants to say something. “Reiji, j–” “What what? Jealous?” The door opens and hits Reiji on the back of his head hard. Nope, just behind you the door is opening. Well, too late, you okay? Reiji cries he’s not alright, but Ai thinks he’s fine. Ranmaru comes out from the room, telling them all to get out of the way. Ranmaru and Ai are ready to leave. Reiji wants them to stay. The other two aren’t interesting in chatting, but Reiji clarifies he was just excited to meet them by chance.

Reiji tells Haruka to get ready. Just as they get ready to go inside, they meet Camus. Of course it’s for work, fool. Reiji is happy to run into the last member of Quartet Night. Reiji cheerfully leads Haruka to the recording room. But…

Camus is also heading the same way. Camus is noticeably irritated and finally asks why are they following him. Reiji is like, relax, we’re just going to the studio. Camus replies that’s where he’s going; are you dare saying he made a mistake? Haruka thinks it’s probably the agency’s mistake and makes a call. Yep, double-booked. Camus heads off to kill some time, but Reiji invites him to listen to them work. Haruka is taken aback but agrees with Reiji to get Camus’s opinion. Camus is not interested, but Reiji tries to guilt him into it by loudly saying, “It’s a request from our adorable, adorable kouhai. Myu-chan won’t grant his kouhai’s wish?” The staff starts to overhear. Cornered by Reiji, Camus enters the recording room. Reiji signals victory. Haruka feels the pressure but wants to show Camus a good song.

Reiji asks if Haruka already has an idea. She wants to create a song that shows his charm, different from his Quartet Night material. She suggests concentrating on the adult gap. (If she says his lonely smile, Camus snarks, “Are you sure you’re talking about Kotobuki?”) Reiji feels like he’s being called old. Camus snarks he is. Reiji tries to overcome all the jabs because he’s the adult. Camus thinks bringing out a new side of Reiji is not important. Reiji cheers up Haruka by saying they’re still just planning, so they’ll think about it more together. She says she has a hard time putting it into words. That’s right, for them, it’s music over words. Believe in him; whatever song she makes, he can properly sing it. Haruka closes her eyes to listen to her heart. Inside she hears a calm, adult ballad. She announces this to the two senpai. Reiji is touched, but Haruka just wants to bring out more and more of his charm. Well, he can’t let her down now and strikes a guts pose. Haruka quickly goes to work on the rough draft.

With Reiji’s encouragement, Haruka finishes. She plays it for Reiji and Camus. Reiji is excited and can’t wait to sing. He says Camus must be jealous. Camus, of course, denies this, but says the song is not bad. High praise coming from him. Haruka gets some advice from the two. Camus is done here. This song is certainly on par with his level, so try to not ruin it. Reiji is glad Camus stayed. He certainly knows more about Reiji than before and wouldn’t talk outside of work. Camus replies this is work. Reiji says it’s sort of work but is touched they’re getting along better. Haruka is confused. Reiji says he and Camus are going to host a show together. Camus doesn’t think it will go well. Haruka thinks she’d like to see them together, too. Camus is like, because of our unbalance? Reiji agrees and was wondering what to do to get the two of them along better. Camus recognizes that’s why he was invited today. Reiji says it’s because Camus isn’t honest, but Camus replies Reiji is the one who truly doesn’t want to get close to people. Reiji is taken aback. He neither confirms nor denies Camus’s accusation but replies people can change, and it’s because he has a wonderful partner. He grabs Haruka and pulls her closer. Camus scoffs but agrees that’s what it seems. He leaves. Reiji is deep in thought. He smiles when he sees Haruka watching him. She’ll do her best for him.

Haruka and Reiji walk home. She’s thinking about earlier. Reiji remarks walking isn’t bad since he can be close to her. He gets really close to her face, and she tells him to face forward while walking. It’s fine if he falls, because she’ll tend to him! Haruka giggles. He wants to know what he should do to see more of her smiles. She replies listening to music. She sparkles the most when she mentions music. He jokes he’s disappointed. He wanted her to say talk about him. He grabs her hand while walking. Reiji wants to create a memory for the song. He’ll take her somewhere, anywhere. Haruka notices the stars are beautiful. He says looking up at the stars makes it seem like something was just born: feelings, melodies. A heart pounding secret for just the two of them. He wants to place these feelings into a song that no one else can create. He’ll treasure both the songs and his feelings for her. Reiji instructs her to close her eyes. He’ll cast a spell so she can make it an even better song. She’s a little worried about being spotted, but he tells her to just focus on him. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. Haruka buries her face in Reiji’s chest. Even her ears turn red. He notes how lucky he was to get a bonus hug from her. But she’s also not to show such a face to any other man. She agrees and gets a kiss on the cheek as a reward. They run home.

It’s been two weeks. Haruka and Reiji are at her home working on the song. She’s had lots of ideas, but she doesn’t feel like it’s his song yet. She’s wondering where to make it painful and an adult’s atmosphere. He studies her notes. She apologizes for not making more progress, but his bright and happy personality is just too strong. He tells her it’s not her fault. He doesn’t always think life is fun, but he doesn’t want to give her any sad feelings. But it seems he has. Haruka in turn feels like she has been causing trouble for Reiji because all she’s been thinking about is the song and how to best express him through it. Reiji disagrees; it’s because of her he can face his past. He touches her cheek and tells her to come closer. He pulls her in and begins kissing her all over her face. “Do you want to know about me?” he asks. She does, and he’ll tell her anything because she’s special. He kisses her again. He’ll tell her everything, but he asks if she will promise to love him, however he is. Will she stay by his side? With a serious face, Haruka nods. He doesn’t want to disappoint her. She won’t be; she’ll accept everything. She wants to say more but doesn’t know how. He’ll treasure her, but first he wants to do something about that expression on her face. Reiji tells her to close her eyes, and he’ll cast a magic spell so she can create a good song. He kisses her many times. He’ll cast more magic, so does she have any requests? She has none, so he takes it upon himself to kiss her. He indicates she should be more open. She’ll try harder. He’ll teach her more, like how to make beg cutely. She shyly agrees as she stays in his arms, her ear to his heart. After a while, he suggests they go on a trip to create memories on his next day off. She agrees. She’s getting a little closer to the song.

The day of their promise arrives. Haruka waits at Saotome Gakuen. She has no idea where they’re going to go. She thinks about here time at the school and how nothing seems to have changed. Reiji greets her. Was she thinking about him? She was thinking so hard she didn’t notice him arrive. She replies she was wondering why they were meeting here and remembering her days at Saotome Gakuen. He tells her they’re going to walk and talk. She takes his outstretched hand. No one is around because it’s a vacation day. She feels that’s something strange, but she believes in him. He thought this place would be the best way to talk about his time here. She is having difficulty picturing him at school. Reiji tugs her and leads her.

They stop at a bench. He looks up and the sky and muses nothing has changed here. She feels happy because they both thought the same thing. He asks if it’s okay to tell his story. She’s ready to hear. Holding hands, Reiji playfully begins but quickly gets serious. He entered Saotome Gakuen thanks to his mother’s encouragement. Truthfully, he didn’t want to come, but others said he needed to pursue his dream. He knew he wouldn’t always have fun times if his dream came true. He couldn’t innocently pursue it. Then he met Aine. He was always smiling and working hard. Aine made Reiji want to be an idol again. Reiji, Aine, Hibiki, and Kei spent their days together enjoying their lives. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji GroupAine was the center of their group. Closing his eyes, Reiji talks about how Aine supported everyone, and Reiji viewed him as his best friend and rival. They all treasured him. Aine’s biggest smile was at the graduation audition. Aine went after Reiji. Aine was nervous, but he smiled brilliantly the moment he went onstage. He also had a strange pattern for applauding: 1, then 2, then 4, etc. Reiji thought those days would continue. But looking back on the past wouldn’t change anything. So he started hiding his useless self. Voice wavering and eyes downcast, Reiji wonders aloud where Aine is. Everyone’s worried about him. But even when Reiji couldn’t quit being an idol he met “a single unhatched composer” who dragged his dream out again. Reiji thanks Haruka for listening. Deeply moved by his story, she confesses she can’t think of what to say. He appreciates her sentiments and hugs her. He tells her not to make such a sad face because he feels fine now. She hopes she was truly able to help him even a little. She feels like she understand something, so Reiji suggests they work on the song right there. Haruka pulls out her laptop and plays the song. Reiji thinks it’s wonderful. He’s touched he understands him so well. They hold hands and start walking again.

They go to the riverside. It’s pretty there. It reminds Reiji of the time he and his friends jumped into the river during a marathon. Ryuya got mad, just as he does now. But there is one thing that turned out differently than expected: he got such a cute girlfriend! It’s the same for Haruka. Especially since love is forbidden. It feels like a dream they’re here together, but he wants them to be tied even more deeply. He pulls her close and gets ready to kiss her. She’s worried about kissing in a place, but he says he’ll just throw away everything else for her. When they are just about to kiss, his phone rings. It’s his sister. He answers it. He suddenly screams. Reiji is shocked; he hasn’t heard anything. He hangs up, and Haruka worries it’s bad news. Turns out his sister’s getting married. Her fiance is getting transferred, so she’s leaving the house. Haruka remarks Reiji must be lonely.
“But she’s quite a bit older than me, so it’s not unusual, right~. But a wedding, I’ve been longing for one~. Sounds nice~.”
“I agree. Your sister is so wonderful after all. She’ll surely build a wonderful family.”
Just thinking about it makes me full of happy feelings.
“Ah–….yeah? B-but! Kouhai-chan will surely make an even more wonderful bride! I’m sure!”
“Huh? You mean…me?”
I tried to imagine it, but I have never felt like that.
“Sorry. I can’t imagine it at all.
I’m having fun making music right now. That’s more than enough happiness!”

“…Well, I guess timing is important for things like this. And the atmosphere…and the setup…”
As if he was disappointed, Senpai bitterly smiled.
“Don’t get flustered, don’t get flustered… ‘K. We should he head back before it gets dark.”
On their way home, they chat about his sister’s upcoming wedding.

Haruka is at the agency to meet Reiji. She hasn’t seen him in awhile. He startles her. As he leads her down the hallway, he suddenly stops, grabs her, and shushes her. Up ahead is Camus and the professor. Reiji mentions he’s never heard they knew each other. They can only hear part of the conversation. Camus says, “Ai….is….right?” The professor is shocked. Camus seems to be saying he won’t despise (someone/something). The professor mentions Aine. Reiji is shocked. The professor suggests continuing this conversation elsewhere. After the two leave, Reiji wonders if they know something about Aine. He notices Haruka’s concern and apologizes for making her worry. They continue walking.

After the meeting, Haruka and Reiji are walking home. She’s talking about the song, but Reiji is not really listening. Haruka tells him not to force himself. Reiji replies he was listening but just spaced out. He laughs awkwardly. Haruka cries she’s never been able to do anything for him, but she wants to do something. The song is important, but Reiji is the most important. She doesn’t want him to pretend in front of her. He’s been staring at her the whole time. He finally says Rei-chan is going to be serious, but his tone is light. Haruka hugs him from behind, startling him. He tries to separate them, but she hugs him even more tightly. He’s hugged her like this before, and the gloomy feelings will be replaced by his pounding heart. He’s lost to her feelings. He turns around in her arms and lets his hand caress her hair and down to her back. He wonders why it feels so warm being like this. It’s because they’re together. He remarks she’s strong for someone so small. He thanks her for supporting his weak self. They hold each other in a tight embrace. Reiji finally lets go and looks like his normal self.

Reiji drops her off with a smile and waves. As she waves back, Haruka wonders how to support him.

A few days later, Haruka is suddenly summoned to the agency. Reiji’s been busy, but Haruka is determined to make the best song for him.

Inside the meeting room are Reiji and Camus. And Shining!! She’s surprised and wonders if it has to do with the show Reiji and Camus are hosting together, but why is she here then? Shining announces one of them gets to be a VIP guest for a show and doesn’t care which one does it. It’s going to be about one of them. Camus tries to pass it off to Reiji. Reiji tries to discuss it more. Camus says it’s a rare meeting and Reiji might learn something. Reiji’s eyes narrows and asks what Camus means by that. Shining turns to Haruka for her suggestion. She replies Camus since Reiji has a troubled expression on his face. Shining states that this is a big chance to appeal to the audience. Reiji thinks and then accepts the job. He’ll sing the new song. Like Shining said, it’s will be life’s big bang, but Reiji adds it will also be his turning point. Haruka will improve the song. Reiji realizes Haruka was invited so Reiji would accept the job. Shining leaves. Reiji gets serious and wants to talk to Camus. He gets straight to the point, but Camus replies it has nothing to do with him. Reiji requests Camus to tell him anything about Aine. Both are silent and stare at each other. Camus finally asks what Reiji would do if he knew. Reiji will do anything. He begs Camus. Camus finally sighs and says Reiji isn’t being himself; he’s like a lost child. Basically, Reiji isn’t moving forward unless someone guides him, but he needs to do it himself. Reiji says he knows but hasn’t found the answer, but Camus replies it’s because he’s halfhearted. Reiji will do anything for the answer. Camus says it’s meaningless if Reiji learns it from him. And he’s supposed to be concentrating on the song. Reiji knows, but… Camus finishes by saying he only has information but knows nothing of Aine. He can ask the megane man, but it still will probably be useless. Camus leaves. Reiji stares after him.

Ten days later, Haruka and Reiji are in the recording room. Reiji has been doing voice training, so a staff member is going to get lunch.

They both have time off after the shooting. They’re at Haruka’s. He talks a little about the program and the recording done at his parent’s home. They site to watch the DVD.

It’s Shining and Reiji (in a school uniform) doing a promotion video for the school. Reiji goes around to different locations at Saotome Gakuen. Reiji talks about his and Aine’s performance for a musical at the school festival. He talks more about Aine. Reiji then says even though Aine isn’t here, he still feels connected to him.

Reiji (present) mentions he knows that in his head, but still… He then switches to the recording, saying it’s a well-done recording about him. He’s ready to work on the song for his turning point. And it’s also the first one since they’ve become lovers, so it should be a commemoration. Haruka agrees but is feeling the pressure. They’ll work hard together. Reiji’s phone then rings. It’s an unknown number. Reiji answers. It’s Kimura-oba-chan. Talking on the phone, Reiji is shocked to hear his mother collapsed. He hangs up. She collapsed because of overwork. Haruka is ready to go to the hospital, but he grabs her hand and tells her to calm down. His mother has already returned home. Since his sister is getting married, his mother must have been overdoing it. He feels bad not knowing anything. Haruka suggests they go visit his mother on their next day off, the day after tomorrow. Reiji protests he’s already promised to work with Haruka on the song that day. She insists they have enough time to work and should check on his mother. She also wants to help. He pulls her closer. She’s like his goddess, always saving him and encouraging him. Haruka knows he really was worried about his mother and hugs him back.

On their day off, they head to Kotobuki Bentou early in the morning. It’s open, much to their surprise. Reiji goes in, and his mother is surprised to see him. That goes double for Reiji. His mother says it was just a little dizzy spell before but welcome home. Haruka greets his mother. She thinks his mother looks a little pale but doesn’t say so. Reiji’s mother recognizes Haruka from before. Reiji thinks she should have closed the shop, but anyways, he’s here to help. Haruka will also help. Reiji’s mother puts them in charge of cooking.

They go into the kitchen. Reiji comes out in an apron. Haruka asks about his favorite thing to help out with. He liked coming up with new menus. Haruka busts Reiji eating some food, but he tricks her into going “aah~” and puts a piece in her mouth. Now she has to keep it a secret. Well, now it’s time to work. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji ApronHe’s helped out many times, but it’s the first time with someone he loves. It’s a weird feeling, but his heart won’t calm down. He’s really been thinking a lot about the past lately because of the program. But he’s happy because Haruka is with him. It’s the same for Haruka. She wants a lot of people to here her melodies with his voice. It’s the same for the idol Kotobuki Reiji. He can find a new self because of her. And the bentou they make will also be delicious since it’s full of their love. He winks.

They haven’t been getting many customers, so they’ve been looking around. It’s starts raining. Reiji gets excited since they can share an umbrella and their faces will be hidden. He’s always wanted to try it, so he grabs her shoulder and pulls her toward him. They walk. Haruka feels he’s too close, but Reiji wants to be like thus, plus they’re sharing an umbrella. She nudges closer. He tells her if she gets so close, then he wants to kiss. Haruka says no, but he manages a kiss on the cheek.  Reiji blushes at the situation.

They sell out of bentou for the day. Haruka and Reiji go up to his room to work on the song. Reiji is exhausted and collapses on his bed. But he’s willing to work on the song. She plays. After she finishes, she hugs her as a reward for it being so excellent. She protests it isn’t finished, but he gives her a kiss as another reward.

Haruka makes some changes and finishes the composition. All that’s left are the lyrics and the performance. She can’t wait. He laughs; he wonders what has captured him. He knows he wants to treasure the present. But he can’t truly smile when he’s happy and covers sadness up with a smile. The past won’t return but he can’t fully live in the present. He hates his halfhearted self. But Haruka made this song for him, and he really wants to sing it. She can see the strong look in his eyes. His current self wants to sing and sing with love. This is happiness. Haruka feels the same way. To celebrate the song being finished, he’s going to take her to his special place where no one will spot them.

He takes her out to the roof. Haruka can see all the stars. He can’t take her to the stars, but he can be her star. He’s already brighter than any star, she says. Well, he has to make lyrics that won’t disappoint her. Everyone has things they want to forget, so he thought he had to be the one to remember. He wanted to be forgiven. He’s finally realized he can’t lose sight of the present. He grabs her hand. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji RoofIt was Haruka who made him realize it. He might do it again, but he hopes Haruka will be there to smile for him. Reiji wants to spend his life living with her, so he’ll change. Haruka protests she didn’t do anything. His heart is filled with her, his dearest person. He swears to the stars to love her and her music forever. He requests she vow as well. She does.

A few days later, his mother is fully recovered, and the day of the program arrives. Camus and Reiji are discussing the new song. Camus has heard it before, but he notes the air around Reiji has changed. Reiji cheerfully agrees. Camus asks about the lyrics. Reiji replies he put all his feelings into them. He gave up on some things never changing, but now things can change with a little courage. He’s not halfhearted anymore; he’s found the answer. Reiji’s strong gaze makes Camus agree. Camus says Reiji doesn’t need to find the answer in another song. Interview over, normal Camus notes Reiji’s confidence. Only Haruka hears this. Reiji introduces the song and stars performing “Itoshiki Hito e“.

Friend Ending:

At the end of the song, Haruka is in tears. She’s not the only one. Reiji and Camus chat. Camus asks about Reiji’s turning point. He admits he’s still nervous. Even his fans were probably surprised, saying this isn’t Kotobuki Reiji’s style. But Reiji hopes they’ll watch him. All of him, the brilliant and dark Reiji. He hopes they’ll love whatever Kotobuki Reiji he is. The show ends.

Haruka runs to his dressing room.

Haruka and Reiji talk about the performance. He thanks her for making the best song. She is amazed by the lyrics. She raves so much it makes Reiji slightly embarrassed. He understands without her saying anything. While they are lovers, they understand each other as an idol and composer. He thanks her. He wouldn’t be able to have a turning point without her. She thanks him in return.

The two leave and run into Camus in the street. He says nothing. Reiji follows him. Camus eventually wants to know what Reiji wants. Reiji says nothing but finally brings up their previous conversation. Yes, he’s afraid of something: his true self. Reiji’s eyes narrow: So, tell him…about his song! He cheerfully talks about how is no longer halfhearted. Camus is surprised. Reiji talks about his feelings and how he let them loose into the song. He’s no longer lost. And thanks to Haruka, he can finally sing this type of song. Reiji puts his arms around Haruka’s shoulders. He’s not alone and was supported by many people. He and Camus are alike in some aspects. Camus is his usually tsuntsun self. He remarks on being lectured by Reiji. Camus smiles and accepts his words. As Reiji and Haruka walk away, Camus reveals the Aine Reiji knew is no more. Haruka immediately turns to Reiji. He turns around doesn’t say anything. Camus continues: even if he waits, he won’t come back. The professor won’t say anything different. Reiji, after a long pause, finally says he thought so. He smiles. But if Aine is somewhere smiling, then it’s fine. Camus is glad Reiji has accepted the truth. Reiji then suddenly invites Camus out to eat. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Friend EndingReiji grabs Camus, much to the latter’s displeasure. Reiji says it’s a thank you, but when Camus doesn’t need his gratitude, Reiji replies it’s really because he wants to get along with him better. Camus can’t believe the embarrassing things the older one is saying, but Reiji can’t help his honest feelings. Camus insists Reiji let go, but Reiji won’t. He doesn’t want any regrets. Camus says this uncool side is not like Reiji at all. Reiji is like, “Does that mean you think I’m cool?” Camus continues being tsuntsun while Reiji tries to convince him. They both try to drag Haruka into their conversation, but she eventually suggests going to dinner. Her stomach growls. Finally, Camus agrees to go. Haruka smiles at the two of them.

True Love Ending:

It’s like he enveloped everyone’s hearts. One person claps in a pattern: 1, 2, 4. Reiji is shocked. The rest of the crowd also applauds. When the recording wraps, Reiji runs up to Haruka and proclaims Aine was here. Haruka heard the claps, too. He adds he also heard his name called, although faintly. Reiji looks around and eventually bumps into the professor. He introduces himself to Haruka and compliments the song. The professor notices the look on Reiji’s face and admits he didn’t come just to listen. He gives Reiji a letter. An unknown man was holding on it. Reiji cries, “This writing–” and smiles softly. Tears are in his eyes. Now on the verge of fully crying, he reports to Haruka the letter says he should live for his own sake. Haruka sees it on the paper along with the line, “This is my once-in-a-lifetime wish.” He half-jokes he can’t refuse now. The letter contains all of Aine’s feelings. Reiji thanks him and never thought the day he would be forgiven would come. Both Reiji and Haruka ask for any information about his nephew. Haruka even bows, but Reiji stops her. It’s fine. He’s already accepted they won’t meet again. The professor would tell him any information if necessary. Reiji believes in Aine, no matter where he is. He winks at the professor.

Haruka and Reiji go to the riverside. All that’s left is the broadcast for the show. He was happy — and surprised — to be complimented by Camus. She also felt Reiji’s memories and his past in the song. She wants to see all of self. He invites her to watch the broadcast with him. It will surely be fun. Haruka agrees. Anything is fun if they’re together. It’s the same for her. Reiji then spots some white clover. Haruka looks, and he guesses she was looking for a four leaf clover. She probably won’t find one. Finding one won’t mean happiness. He points to a clover: one leaf for hopes, one for friendship, and one for love. He weaves some clover together into a bracelet and gives it to Haruka. “Be mine,” he says with a kiss. It’s what the four-leaf clover means in American flower language. And four means “true love”.  He asks doesn’t it feel like you’ve found a four-leaf clover? His four-leaf clover is Haruka. He pulls her up. He asks about the song and the courage he got. She talks about how he sparkles. Reiji mutters it was kind of conveyed and kind of wasn’t. He’s not waiting for the broadcast; they’re going to discuss the lyrics now. They were of his feelings for her. He hugs her and thanks her. Reiji is always showing his bad side in front of her. Haruka protests. She’s charmed by whatever kind of Reiji he is. Now he has a quiz: who is his dearest person? Haruka’s heart speeds up but doesn’t respond. Does she need a hint? It’s a person who is thickheaded and is always looking forward. She can create a gentle song but is strong. Reiji wants her to say it. She says her name. Haruka is shy and looks away, but he wants to see more. Were his feelings conveyed? Yes. Reiji sulks. “Really? You’re so thickheaded, after all. You didn’t even realize I was proposing, did you?” Haruka shouts in surprise. He’s always thinking about her. Reiji loves her so much he always wants her in his arms. Even this close, he wants to be closer. She now properly understands his feelings. They embrace. He used to be scared God’s maliciousness would make this happiness disappear, but he just won’t let her go. Words aren’t enough. He kisses her so deeply she loses the strength to stand Reiji’s not satisfied yet. Haruka is so embarrassed she looks away, but he wants her to look straight at him and say his name. Eyes half-shut, she hears him say in his serious tone if she doesn’t then he’ll just have to kiss her even more deeply. “Reiji…senpai…” No senpai, try again. Haruka protests that senpai is senpai, but now Reiji is deciding where to kiss her next. Perhaps someplace he’s never kissed before? “R-Reiji-san,” she finally says. Now she gets an award. He kisses her again. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji True Love Ending ANow she’s lost all feeling to her feet and collapses into Reiji’s arms. He likes the look on her face, but she can’t show it to anyone else. “You’re the only one I love, Haruka.” He kisses her again. Haruka calls him senpai again. He corrects her. She’s incredibly happy, so…she wants to make more and more songs for Reiji-san! Reiji asks if that’s her way of accepting his proposal. Haruka worries it was no good. Nope, it was good. He wants the best song from his best girl. He hugs her even more tightly. Reiji wants to sing more and more of his songs. Reiji adds he sings of his love for her because words aren’t enough. Haruka gets another magic spell from him (a kiss). Words aren’t enough for her, either. That’s why there’s music. And she’ll keep making music for him.

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