Game Summary – Kotobuki Reiji Route B from Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret

Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Morning

This is part of a series of summaries of the routes in Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret. Heavy spoilers for the game and Uta no Prince-sama All Star ahoy!

Today’s covers Kotobuki Reiji’s Route B. Unlike the other games, the senpai each have two routes, one for each song. Each route has two endings. The first ending is the one you get if your love or music meter is below 80%.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a chapter.

Haruka has been working at the agency for over two years. She has to go to the agency.

She can hear voices arguing. Ranmaru is accusing Camus of not putting enough power into the song. Camus blames Ranmaru for throwing off the balance of the song. They go back and forth for a while, with Ranmaru saying the heart is the most important part while Camus says the other needs to think more. Reiji finally interrupts them and tries to calm them down. He asks Ai for help. Ai says that they always do this. Ai points out that Reiji fell at their previous live. Reiji is like, “My bad! But accidents spice things up!” Ai still doesn’t feel the need to stop them, but he finally agrees to Reiji’s pleas. Ai distracts Camus by asking about unusual sweets while Reiji distracts Ranmaru with the promise of Kotobuki Bentou samples. After things settle down, they four invite Haruka inside. They wonder why she was hiding. They’re all waiting for Shining. Haruka thinks about how Quartet Night was formed.Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Quartet NightShining suddenly busts in and announces the four are going to sing solo songs. Quartet Night has no problem with that. Then he wonders why Haruka is there.

Reiji gives Haruka a “leave it to me” smile. He says he invited her to watch him. And she’s his partner, so he wants her to create any new songs for him. Haruka also asks Shining to let her make a song. Shining approves and jumps through the glass. Both Reiji and Haruka are excited to work together again. He then casually nudges her with his hips and asks her if she remembers tonight’s promise. They should take the chance and meet. Haruka agrees. He leans in and whispers their time together is precious and they haven’t been out on a date in a while. Ai interrupts their whispering, and the other two apologize. Reiji tries to pump everyone up, but the others ignore him. Camus wants to know more about the sweets and Ranmaru the bentou. Haruka wants to work hard for the new song.

Haruka goes over to Reiji’s. He welcomes her and escorts her inside like a princess and kisses her hand. He notes her nervousness and pulls her in for an embrace. Was she lonely? He was. Of course. He loves her so much that he’s going crazy. Seeing her makes his heart dance. Haruka leads him to the sofa to get to work, but he puts his finger on her lips. It’s nice she’s serious, but he wants to be spoiled right now. Because he wants to feel her. Haruka calls him mean because he’s so charming she doesn’t know what to do. “That’s right. I’m more of an adult than you. A bad adult.” Reiji wanted to see her so much he made up an excuse. He winks. More serious now, he mentions she’s been busy lately and asks if she’s been resting properly. Haruka replies he’s been busier than she has. That’s why she comes over on her off days. But he’s fine; her presence heals both his heart and body. She’s not fully convinced, but he reassures her. He’s living his dream. Reiji says he has to get it together if Haruka is worrying about him; he always wants her to smile. She responds she’s always getting happiness from him. She wants to support him as an idol musically. His music gives people strength, so she wants to learn so much more about him. He correctly pinpoints that’s the reason she came over. He knows her well. Now it’s her to to guess what he’s thinking. She guesses tea. Reiji teases her some more about rather having her than tea. He kisses her.  Haruka asks again if he’s exhausted. He’s like, “Well, now that you mention it…” and grabs her in a princess lift…

And takes her to his bedroom. He drops them both on the bed. Haruka tries to put distance between them but Reiji grabs her wrists. He begs her not to run away. Yes, he’s a bit tired, but his body wants her. She feels the warmth from his hands and closes her eyes. He continues seducing her. He didn’t know true happiness before they met. He hopes Haruka will be happy when she’s with him as well. She is. He notices the sleepy look on her face. He’s tired as well, so just sleep in his arms right now, his only girl. He kisses her goodnight and Haruka falls asleep.

Haruka opens her eyes in the brilliant light. Haruka realizes she slept at Reiji’s all night and snaps awake. Reiji’s not in the room, and she worries that he might have slept on the sofa.

She rushes out to the living room. Reiji greets her with a good morning. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji MorningHaruka apologizes and covers her eyes, but he assures her he’s dressed now. Haruka turns around. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji MorningYep, still the same. Reiji teases her. She doesn’t have to be that embarrassed, they’re lovers! “And…it’s not the first time you’ve seen me, right?” Haruka answers that’s not the problem here. She thinks to herself he’s always captivating and is never caught by surprise by her. He continues his teasing. “I want you look at me, all of me. How does my birthday suit look? Cool?” She can only nod. With a satisfied smile, he decides to give Haruka some “blood-loss (inducing) big service”. He starts to strip, but Haruka tells him he’ll catch a cold. She goes to stop him, and he jokes about how bold she is for embracing him (complete with a “kya~” scream). Haruka protests, and Reiji apologizes for his teasing. Haruka asks if he got a good night’s sleep. She notices a script on the table. He’s been rereading it and making notes since last night. Reiji tells Haruka he’s fine as usual; he’s the type who can do without much sleep. Haruka doesn’t like the sound of that but doesn’t say anything. He tells her she can go back to sleep. She’s awake. She says sorry for taking over his bed. It’s fine because he has a shoot anyways. He gets serious. When he closes his eyes, he feels like he’s in darkness and wonders if tomorrow will really come. He prefers the light as it’s proof a new day has come. Haruka realizes how lonely and hurt he is. Reiji muses it probably started when Aine disappeared. Haruka thinks about how he’s had to live with this pain and wants to be his strength. He thought he had overcome Aine’s disappearance, but he hasn’t forgotten. She doesn’t know what to say. Cheerfully, Reiji says the reason he can think about this is thanks to her. And he likes having someone to confide in. Haruka tells him thanks (for telling her) and Reiji returns it (for listening). He apologizes for the boring talk, but she was actually happy. She wants to learn more about him. Haruka asks for his happiest childhood memory. He has too many, but he remembers one time when he got a rare Odorokiman card. And there was the time Kotobuki Bentou got a new menu. Their time together passes by.

(By the way…”He plays the clown however he becomes sharp in some crass.” That’s a big typo.)

A few days later, Haruka heads to the studio to work on the new composition with Reiji. Reiji comes running up to her in the hallway. Ai suddenly surprises them and tells Reiji he’s in the way. Ai sighs at how energetic Reiji is so early in the morning. Of course he is, he gets to work with his cute Kouhai-chan on a new song. Ai is like, “What is this? Flirting?” Haruka blushes while Reiji asks if he’s jealous. Ai looks like he wants to say something. “Reiji, j–” “What what? Jealous?” The door opens and hits Reiji on the back of his head hard. Nope, just behind you the door is opening. Well, too late, you okay? Reiji cries he’s not alright, but Ai thinks he’s fine. Ranmaru comes out from the room, telling them all to get out of the way. Ranmaru and Ai are ready to leave. Reiji wants them to stay. The other two aren’t interesting in chatting, but Reiji clarifies he was just excited to meet them by chance.

Reiji tells Haruka to get ready. Just as they get ready to go inside, they meet Camus. Of course it’s for work, fool. Reiji is happy to run into the last member of Quartet Night. Reiji cheerfully leads Haruka to the recording room. But…

Camus is also heading the same way. Camus is noticeably irritated and finally asks why are they following him. Reiji is like, relax, we’re just going to the studio. Camus replies that’s where he’s going; are you dare saying he made a mistake? Haruka thinks it’s probably the agency’s mistake and makes a call. Yep, double-booked. Camus heads off to kill some time, but Reiji invites him to listen to them work. Haruka is taken aback but agrees with Reiji to get Camus’s opinion. Camus is not interested, but Reiji tries to guilt him into it by loudly saying, “It’s a request from our adorable, adorable kouhai. Myu-chan won’t grant his kouhai’s wish?” The staff starts to overhear. Cornered by Reiji, Camus enters the recording room. Reiji signals victory. Haruka feels the pressure but wants to show Camus a good song.

Reiji asks if Haruka already has an idea. She wants to create a song that shows his charm, different from his Quartet Night material. She suggests concentrating on the adult gap. (If she says his lonely smile, Camus snarks, “Are you sure you’re talking about Kotobuki?”) Reiji feels like he’s being called old. Camus snarks he is. Reiji tries to overcome all the jabs because he’s the adult. Camus thinks bringing out a new side of Reiji is not important. Reiji cheers up Haruka by saying they’re still just planning, so they’ll think about it more together. She says she has a hard time putting it into words. That’s right, for them, it’s music over words. Believe in him; whatever song she makes, he can properly sing it. Haruka closes her eyes to listen to her heart. Inside she hears a catchy pop song. She announces this to the two senpai. It will show his sexy adult self while not forgetting his childish heart. Camus thinks this sounds like nothing new, but Reiji replies the super idol Rei-chan will power up. Both Reiji and Haruka will prove they can do it. Haruka quickly goes to work on the rough draft.

With Reiji’s encouragement, Haruka finishes. She plays it for Reiji and Camus. She surprised Reiji; he’s touched. The gentle smile on his face makes her heart pound. They’ll make it into a wonderful song. Camus says the song is not bad. High praise coming from him. Haruka gets some advice from the two. Camus is done here. This song is certainly on par with his level, so try to not ruin it. Reiji is glad Camus stayed. He certainly knows more about Reiji than before and wouldn’t talk outside of work. Camus replies this is work. Reiji says it’s sort of work but is touched they’re getting along better. Haruka is confused. Reiji says he and Camus are going to host a show together. Camus doesn’t think it will go well. Haruka thinks she’d like to see them together, too. Camus is like, because of our unbalance? Reiji agrees and was wondering what to do to get the two of them along better. Camus recognizes that’s why he was invited today. Reiji says it’s because Camus isn’t honest, but Camus replies Reiji is the one who truly doesn’t want to get close to people. Reiji is taken aback. He neither confirms nor denies Camus’s accusation but replies people can change, and it’s because he has a wonderful partner. He grabs Haruka and pulls her closer. Camus scoffs but agrees that’s what it seems. He leaves. Reiji is deep in thought. He smiles when he sees Haruka watching him. She’ll do her best for him.

Haruka and Reiji walk home. She’s thinking about earlier. Reiji remarks walking isn’t bad since he can be close to her. He gets really close to her face, and she tells him to face forward while walking. It’s fine if he falls, because she’ll tend to him! Haruka giggles. He wants to know what he should do to see more of her smiles. She replies listening to music. She sparkles the most when she mentions music. He jokes he’s disappointed. He wanted her to say talk about him. He grabs her hand while walking. Reiji wants to create a memory for the song. He’ll take her somewhere, anywhere. Haruka notices the stars are beautiful. He says looking up at the stars makes it seem like something was just born: feelings, melodies. A heart pounding secret for just the two of them. He wants to place these feelings into a song that no one else can create. He’ll treasure both the songs and his feelings for her. Reiji instructs her to close her eyes. He’ll cast a spell so she can make it an even better song. She’s a little worried about being spotted, but he tells her to just focus on him. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. Haruka buries her face in Reiji’s chest. Even her ears turn red. He notes how lucky he was to get a bonus hug from her. But she’s also not to show such a face to any other man. She agrees and gets a kiss on the cheek as a reward. They run home.

Haruka is walking down the hallway. She promised to meet with Reiji about the song. He’s doing a CM, so she doesn’t want to interrupt. He’s been working hard. She’s been working on the song, too, but she still wants his input. And spend some time as lovers. As she’s in thought, she hears a “Kouhai-chan!”. Reiji is ready to work (or, as he says, “Let’s music!”). As they head to the studio, the stylist comes running up to talk to him. The chat, and the stylist leaves. Then another staff member congratulates Reiji on the day’s work. Lots of people talk to him. They’re looking forward to his next work. It’s not just his fans that are anticipating the song. Haruka feels a squeezing in her chest .

Reiji is driving. Haruka is wondering how to make a suitable song for him. She can feel the pressure. He asks why’s she’s spacing out. She responds she was just thinking. He’s told her before to tell him anything. He doesn’t want to see her depressed. Haruka doesn’t want to burden Reiji since he’s so busy. Is he troubling her by asking? Not at all! But if she doesn’t say anything, he’ll be the saddest. She says Reiji. He’s stunned. She says yes, but inside, she’s lying. Haruka apologizes, but Reiji is ecstatic she’s thinking about him. She finally says she has no confidence and wonders if it’s okay for her to make him a song. He won’t sing if she’s not composing. Haruka says there are a lot of people excited about his next work. She just feels inadequate. They’re both quiet for a moment, then Reiji suddenly stops the car. He cheerfully announces the song is on hold for today. He winks. Haruka is lost. Instead, she’s going to accompany him today. He winks again.

They to to the beach. It’s very peaceful there. The sun is setting. Reiji says it’s been a while and does she remember? Of course. In fact, she couldn’t forget. She remembers the necklace he gave her. And it’s also the place Aine disappeared. He grabs her hand. It’s fine, Reiji says. He pulls her even closer. He says it’s thanks to her his bad memories from here have changed. She’s also been a strong ally for him. Walking like this, they look like lovers. Haruka protests that she didn’t do anything. They sit. As she stares at the waves, Reiji gently reassures her she has nothing to worry about. She looks at him and starts to protest, but he puts his finger to her lips. “We don’t need words. Words are unnecessary and make us distant.” He lays his head down on her lap. In his joking tone, he asks her to allow onii-san to rest. And if Kouhai-chan has a lonely face, Rei-chan also becomes lonely. So he wants to be spoiled. Haruka giggles, understanding what he means. He’s spoiling her as an adult. He replies it’s thanks to her since usually he’s a child. He snuggles in her lap, tickling her. Reiji’s already decided to be spoiled a lot today. His kindness warms her heart. They enjoy their time together. Haruka’s resolve is rekindled.

Night has fallen. He notices she’s not wearing the necklace. Haruka replies she is treasuring it at home. It’s the only present in the whole world she got from him. Reiji chuckles and asks if she’s begging for more. She frantically says it’s just that she was so happy. If she wants something, he’ll get it for her. He kisses her hand. Haruka feels like she’s stopped breathing. “Haruka. Are…you properly looking at ‘me’?” His serious tone (and using her name) pulls at her heart. Reiji wonders if he’s become special to her. He thought they understood each other better than anyone. She answers he’s her special person. Haruka wonders how she’s seen in his eyes. She wants to be closer to him than anyone. She gets up the courage to ask who he’s looking at. It’s you, my girl, so smile. He notices she’s still unsure, so Reiji pulls her close, to the point where their lips are almost touching. He wants to know how to get rid of her worries. Nervously, Haruka blurts out she wants to be held. Excited, Reiji invites her into his open arms. He whispers in her ear he wants his cute girlfriend understands how much he loves her.

It’s time to go back. Walking back, she can feel the warmth from his fingertips. He suddenly stops and says it was good they came here. He wanted to get to know her more. Now he’s going to his promise about making a memory for the song. He tells her to look forward to it on their next off day. He winks. She’s curious

The promised day arrives…

And Haruka is waiting at the airport. An unknown man approaches up her as she waits on the bench. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Disguise“Kouhai-chan. You shouldn’t ignore me.” Reiji murmurs to himself he should view this as his disguise was a success. To Haruka, says he’s taken care of everything and to leave it to Kotobuki Tours. He’s supposed to be doing research, but just consider it his present to her. Seeing the suitcase, it finally dawns on Haruka. Reiji confirms they’re going on a trip. She thought it was going to be an ordinary date. So where are they going? “Overseas. To be more specific, London.” She’s shocked and screams in surprise. He likes her reaction. The surprise was a success…but maybe she was too surprised? She is surprised but is happy. She’s about to say she doesn’t have her passport, but he’s prepared. He tricked her into lending it to him earlier. Even he was shocked she handed it over without questioning him. Beaming, Reiji suggests they start their exciting, heart-pounding trip.

They arrive. Reiji has always wanted to come here. She remarks he really loves England and thinks about how he has a Union Jack in his room and on some of his clothes. Plus he likes English fashion. He doesn’t know when his fascination started. He’s always wanted to try an afternoon tea with scones. Reiji is all prepared and is ready to start the tour. He takes Haruka’s hand and starts to walk. She’s worried again, but he says it’s fine and kisses her on her cheek. She tries to push him away, but she can’t. Nobody knows them here, he says, so they can be brazen lovers. Right now, her lover isn’t an idol; it’s Kotobuki Reiji. They intertwine their fingers.

They board a bus. They enjoy fish and chips and go sightseeing. Haruka has a lot of fun. Reiji has made a lot of notes and is well prepared. She feels a little bad about not doing anything, but she’s having a blast. It’s the first time she’s had a day like this.

Reiji suddenly stops. They should take a picture. Haruka is excited but then surprised when he pulls her in. If they don’t take one now, they’ll never get the chance. He tells her to look at the camera. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji PictureHe wants her to get closer. This is their first picture of the two of them. He’s always wanted to take one; don’t they seem like a normal couple now? Haruka is a bit surprised, but Reiji reminds her that right now he’s just an ordinary guy who loves his girlfriend. He asks what kind of face they should make. She replies a shot of them smiling. She wonders if she’ll look like she’s smiling in the picture. After all, she’s next to an idol. Reiji assures her she’s more than cute enough. He takes the picture and goes to take one more. Just as the camera takes the picture, he whispers, “I love you”, and then he kisses her cheek. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji KissHe’s been longing for a kiss shot. She’s flustered. He adds he’s going to blow up the picture and put it in his room. Haruka is embarrassed but happy.

Haruka and Reiji leave a restaurant. She thinks even the moon looks different here. He agrees the moon is too pretty for words, but she shines even more than the moon. He calls her by her name, making heart throb. He has been thinking how to best convey his feelings to her. She’s so special to him and has captured his heart. She doesn’t even realize this all feels like a dream to him. It’s the same for Haruka, perhaps even more so. That’s why she’s so happy and anxious at the same time. Does she still not believe him? That’s not it. Reiji blushes and remarks that’s what makes her so cute and difficult at the same time. He strokes her hair. It’s fine if she doesn’t understand yet; he’ll go at her pace. They’ll climb the staircase to adulthood together. She expresses herself through music, so he’ll listen. She feels the music inside. Haruka pulls out her laptop and plays the composition. He thinks it’s the best and strokes her cheek. She looks away, but he requests she look at him. Haruka looks straight at him and gets a kiss on her forehead as a reward. They make a few changes and listen again. Reiji says it’s like she encompassed all of him and included lots of their memories. The trip is successful. Haruka knows she can do better and wants him to watch over her. Since it’s late, he suggests they go back (to their hotel, I assume). They hold hands and walk through London. She wants to share more of these feelings with Reiji.

Back in Japan, Reiji has been doing a lot of hard work. They had a wonderful time on their trip, but they haven’t seen much of each other lately. She’s been working on the song. But today, she’s going to meet Reiji at the studio. He’s doing a gravure shoot. Outside, she hears the camera shutter and realizes he’s still working.

Heading inside the studio, she sees Reiji and Otoya posing together. Haruka watches them.

Afterwards, Reiji runs up to her and apologizes for keeping her waiting. Otoya also walks up and greets her. The two idols talk about how much fun it is to work together. Reiji then has a reward for Otoya. He’s surprised, but his senpai explains it’s a souvenir from his trip to England. Right? he adds as he winks at Haruka. She feels her heart jump. The look on her face makes Otoya realize they went on the trip together. He’s shocked. Haruka can’t think of what to say, but Otoya reassures her he won’t say anything. But he’s a little jealous though. And Reiji has only been talking about her lately, like today– Reiji quickly interrupts and tells Otoya to look at his gift. Otoya continues, though: “‘The song Kouhai-chan is making is the best. And the one making it is so honest and cute,'” and even more like that. Haruka blushes. Reiji defends himself by saying it’s the truth and just can’t keep it to himself. Haruka is embarrassed, but Otoya likes listening to Reiji’s stories. She still is pretty mortified, but she also can’t help feeling happy. Otoya is looking forward to the song and thanks Reiji for the gift. He leaves. She wonders if it’s okay to feel a little more confident now as the pair heads his place.

Afterwards, Haruka and Reiji enter his apartment. Reiji is excitedly talking about the song and can’t wait to hear it. She plays. He hugs her after he hears it. She’s such a bad girl to make his heart pound like this. She’s always surprising him. They make some more changes, and it’s finished. He’ll make some good lyrics to go with it. She’s looking forward to them. He adds a lot of people are looking forward to the song. Haruka thinks to herself his energy is almost dazzling. But he went to great effort to go at her pace and to close the distance between them. It’s good the song is complete now, but she wonders if there’s something more she can do. She can’t get her heart to calm down. Reiji is still talking, but then he asks if she’s listening. Haruka snaps out of her thoughts as he wonders aloud what she’s thinking about while he’s discussing the lyrics. She replies she’s looking forward to the lyrics. All that’s left is his performance. Cupping her cheek, Reiji invites her for a ride. She agrees. She knows they won’t see each other much after this until the live. So they go on their secret drive.

Backstage, Reiji asks her to watch. As he goes off to talk with the staff, she notices his smiling face as he greets each one.

He does his rehearsal.

Now it’s time for the real thing. The venue is packed. Haruka can feel the excitement. She can’t sit still. Suddenly, she spots Tokiya in disguise and runs over to him. He greets her and they discuss how packed it is. Otoya wanted to come, but his work is running late. Tokiya mentions he’s nervous at his own lives, but he’s even more nervous for Reiji. Tokiya explains Reiji more of an ad libber and changes his performance depending on the audience. It’s more risky that way. And that’s why Tokiya can’t stand him, he says with a smile. Tokiya can’t do things the way Reiji does. But Tokiya also wants to carefully watch his performance. Haruka is glad and feels the same way. She mentions he really respects Reiji. Tokiya is taken aback. He finally acknowledges he respects him as an idol. They finish talking and see the countdown on the monitor. “Rolling?” Reiji’s voice is heard as “Dekiai Temptation” starts. The crowd goes wild. Tokiya is impressed by the audience’s fever. Haruka is entranced by Reiji’s sweet voice. She can’t take her eyes off of him. Even Tokiya is watching intensely. The audience keeps chanting Reiji’s name. He’s sparkling.

After a song, Reiji is chatting and joking onstage. But before he starts the next piece, he’s got some advertising. Song Station is doing a special featuring him. And he’ll debut a new song there. The live finishes.

When the live is over, Haruka and Tokiya head to Reiji’s dressing room. They knock and enter.

Reiji happily asks what they thought of the live. Haruka says it was wonderful and the crowd love it. The audience was certainly fired up, but why did he do a backflip? It wasn’t in the rehearsal. Reiji is like, “You saw the rehearsal?” Tokiya didn’t, but he correctly surmised it was another one of Reiji’s ad libs. He sighs. What if he had gotten hurt? Reiji is touched by the fact Tokiya was worried about him. Tokiya denies this but admits it was a wonderful concert. It certainly fit him, as brash as he is. Reiji isn’t sure if Tokiya is complimenting him or not. His kouhai replies just to take it as it is. Suddenly Reiji breaks out into a huge grin. Tokiya is slightly disturbed. Reiji says to Haruka Tokiya praised him. Haruka again states it was terrific. Inside, she knows it had a severe impact on her. So many people have high expectation of him. She feels the pressure again. Haruka thinks about all the fans chanting Reiji’s name and Tokiya’s words. Reiji continues talking to Tokiya, saying the latter will be even more surprised at the new song. Haruka snaps out of her daze. Tokiya is looking forward to it. Reiji is excited and hopes Tokiya will come. Haruka spaces out again until Tokiya leaves.

Haruka goes to Reiji’s apartment. She can’t get rid of this anxiety. She doesn’t say much. She apologizes to him for being so quiet. He wonders if he did something to make her upset. Haruka says no, but he still wants an answer. She’s afraid she’ll start crying. She finally tells him she doesn’t know what to do. Reiji praises her for finally coming out and telling him. He jokes and she finally smiles. More serious now, he tells her he’s here. He was like this before. But a person has to open their own heart, and they have to be the one to overcome their hurdles. Haruka is the one who made him realize this. She expanded his world. Life is long, and there’s still so many things to enjoy yet. If a person keeps looking back, they can’t run forward. It’s okay if she fails. He guesses she feels inferior to him as both his girlfriend and his work partner, and she’s probably been thinking there’s still something she should do. She’s trying to hurry and chase after him. Haruka admits he’s right. But no matter what image she has of him, he’s still a kid. He’s going to fail many times. Reiji may be her senpai, but he’s screwed up many more times than she has. So it will be fine…just have confidence. He’ll save her if she needs to be helped, but they’re going to continue to run forward together, right? He grasps her hand. Tears well up in Haruka’s eyes. If she wants to cry, then it’s okay to cry in his arms. She confesses she wants see him sing, to see him shine even more. Taking her into his arms, he thanks her and again states they’ll climb the staircase to adulthood together. She apologzies for causing him trouble, but he’s glad. He can feel the love from her. He never thought he’d be this happy, so he thanks her. Haruka says she’s been misunderstanding the whole situation by herself. Reiji gently replies they’ll have a lot more misunderstandings in the future. But they’ll embrace like this to bridge the gap and get along better. He places a rain of kisses all over on her face. She feels the anxiety disappearing. Haruka finally proclaims she’s stop crying, so that’s enough. Reiji sits Haruka down on the sofa with him on top. She tries to surprise him with a kiss on the cheek. It works. “…Kiss…Kouhai-chan…kissed me? ……KOUHAI-CHAN GAVE ME A KISS!!” Reiji embraces her. He’s that surprised? He babbles it’s like heaven, he’s so happy, and kisses her cheek. She’s finally smiling again. They talk about a lot of things: the song, themselves. He’s helped her again. She’s decided in her heart to give her whole self to him.

It’s the day the song will debut. They’re at Song Station. The staff tells Reiji to get ready to go. Otoya and Tokiya are there to support him. Otoya wishes him luck, and Reiji replies the former will be surprised by his performance. Tokiya tells Reiji to limit his ad libs. Reiji can’t promise that. He tells Haruka to not take her eyes off of him. He heads onstage. The show starts. The announcer introduces Reiji. They chat, with Reiji mentioning this is a dream come true. Haruka can see his dream right in front of him. He continues, saying dreams can come true if a person doesn’t give up. The host asks what was necessary for Reiji’s dream to come true. “Love,” he answers. Tokiya is like, “What the heck?” while Otoya smiles. Reiji talks about how if someone doesn’t love themselves, they can’t have any confidence or sincerely thank those who have supported them. The path is tough, but memories will give them strength. He’s still in the middle of achieving his dream, but he’ll dedicate this song of love to those struggling. The announcer asks Reiji to sing. He stands. Haruka touches the necklace she got from him to calm herself. The spotlight shining down on him, Reiji looks straight at the camera. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Stage“I’ll sing for you.” Then he performs “Kiss wa Wink de“.

Kouhai Ending:

Sparkling, his expression changes in perfect time to the dance moves, jumps, and winks. Haruka almost can’t believe a song she wrote could be enjoyed by someone so much. “In a lifetime, the time that shines brightest…” Haruka repeats from the song. His life’s policy reaches her heart. Reiji thanks the crowd and they cheer wildly. She feels a sense of accomplishment. He probably knew it would turn out like this the whole time, but he watched over her.

The host compliments Reiji. Reiji replies he thinks it’s the best song. The girls in the audience agree. The host asks for Reiji’s thoughts. Reiji responds it encompasses all of him, a happy song that will bring out everyone’s smiles. He wryly smiles and adds there was some difficulties. Haruka notices he glanced her way. Her heart leaps. The announcer asks for more details. Reiji says it was a battle with a past self and dealing with the pressure. In the end, he just did his best. She realizes he was facing the same worries as her. She feels closer to him than ever. Reiji adds he feels like he’s matured, and he’s grateful for the song. “Well done” is what he wants to hear and winks at the audience. Those words capture Haruka’s heart. Reiji suddenly brings up he went to England. He’s always wanted to go, so he just thought why not now. The host remarks it sounds like he had quite a challenge, but Reiji just doesn’t want to have regrets. He wants to make a lot of happy memories. The host would like to talk some more, but there’s others who want to discuss the song. Reiji doesn’t know what is going on; he didn’t hear anything about this. With a couple of loud pops, Otoya and Tokiya appear onstage. Reiji is stunned. Haruka is surprised, too. They were with her, then suddenly disappeared. She was so entranced by the performance she didn’t realize they left. The audience is happy to see them, too. The surprise was a success. The host invites them to sit and chat. The two introduce themselves. Reiji believes they should have warned him, but it’s boring, Otoya replies. Tokiya adds something like, “‘Ad libs blow the real thing away!’ Now who said this?” Reiji: “I did…” The audience laughs. The host states they get along very well. Tokiya is not so sure, but Otoya says Tokiya is not being honest. He was very excited about the new song. Tokiya tries to shut him up, but the audience laughs again. Reiji is touched to have such wonderful kouhai. They say they’ve learned a lot from Reiji, but their senpai claims he’s learned from them and now are wonderful friends. He puts his arm around the two of them. Otoya tells Reiji he likes him, but Tokiya tries to escape the hug. Reiji surmises there is another reason the two of them are here. Tokiya nods and smiles. Yep, Otoya chimes in, let’s all sing! Asthey get ready to sing, Otoya asks Reiji if he’s fine without a rehearsal. Reiji replies it’s the first time Otoya will sing this song. He and Tokiya practiced. Reiji half-jokes he’s kind of embarrassed to sing this song with the two of them. The three fire up the crowd. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Kouhai EndingThey introduce the song together: “Dekiai Temptation”. Haruka is shocked as the music starts. The three are all excellent despite not having practiced together in advance. (No, you don’t hear them sing. I wish…) She believes their three hearts are connected. The song is over. The crowd cheers. The three’s harmonies are perfect. “Thank you! My girl!” Reiji blows a kiss. Haruka gets the message. Her songs can make idols sparkle. And she will continue her dream.

True Love Ending:

His voice captures everyone’s hearts. His sweet, sometimes sexy resounding voice and the uptempo song spread out. She won’t — can’t — look away. It’s like he’s singing just to her. He ends the dance with a spin turn. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji Hat TossTossing his hat, Haruka catches it with both hands. Reiji blows a kiss in her direction and winks. The crowd applauds. The fans were drawn in, too. Haruka is still entranced. Otoya suddenly speaks up; he’s amazed and says he himself forgot to breathe. Tokiya adds Reiji’s performance quality has gone up and shows his growth. The composition’s melody and arrangement suit him perfectly. Otoya smiles. He’s still jealous, but the trip to London certainly paid off. Only she could create a song like that, and only Reiji could sing. Tokiya says Haruka and Reiji make the best partners, and he hopes Haruka will continue to make wonderful music. Haruka thanks them. She sees the fans’ smiles and remembers Otoya’s and Tokiya’s comments. This time is the best present she could get.

Reiji finishes up on stage. Haruka watches. Otoya gives her a gentle push. Tokiya believes Reiji is waiting for her. She dashes off.

Running behind the set, she searches for Reiji. She spots him and jumps into his arms. It was amazingly cool! She continues praising him. She closes her eyes and remembers his wink. The performance was really wonderful, and the lyrics were, too. He spots the necklace. He would love to talk some more, but then he’d want to embrace and kiss her. Reiji winks and Haruka blushes. Did she realize he was looking at her while singing? So it wasn’t her imagination. Did she think it was a fluke he tossed her his hat? He secretly practiced after rehearsal. If she didn’t catch it, he was going to ask to try again. Haruka laughs. She thinks to herself he really is an idol, a true entertainer. His smile sparkles and is aimed straight at her. He suggests they go back together. His finger on her lips, he says he wants to see more of her smiles. He has some things to finish up first. She agrees to wait. He leaves. Haruka’s heart pounds at the thought of him smiling just for her.

They go back to his place. Reiji is exhausted.

He collapses on his bed. She asks if he’s alright. When he doesn’t respond, she gets closer to see if he’s asleep. Reiji captures her and pulls her down on the bed. He thought they’d talk here. He’s normally childish, but he doesn’t want to hide himself. Does she dislike this kind of him? She’s the childish one, making him worry and getting lost under the pressure. She probably couldn’t have done anything without him, so she thanks Reiji. He apologizes for making her cry a lot. It’s not his fault. Reiji disagrees. He’s supposed to be the one who makes her smile the most. She’s so precious to him that he loses his nerve. She’s surprised. He’s told her before: he’s just an ordinary man in front of her. He cradles her cheek. Did he look cool in front of her today? She thinks it’s natural for an idol to sparkle, but she’s wrong. Reiji grabs her hand and places it over his heart. He just wants to do his best, reckless as it is, just for her. He put his feelings in the lyrics. Is she still worried? She isn’t. Haruka can feel the love from him. He’s glad. Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret Kotobuki Reiji True Love Ending BFrom now on, she’s the only one who can jump into his arms. Reiji wants to hear her say who she belongs to. Haruka says she’s senpai’s. He was nervous she wouldn’t say it. He has worries like that, too. He pulls her closer. But through the difficulties, she’ll become stronger. They’re alike. But he always wants to look into her eyes. And he wants her to look at him, too. They kiss and fall backward onto the bed. He told her he wasn’t going to let her go. Her eyes are going to embrace him. As for him, he probably won’t get tired of looking at her all night long…shall he test it? But he probably won’t be able to control himself. Reiji is always serious in front of her, body and soul. His hands begin wandering. She can feel his heart pounding, too. Her body is getting hot. Shall they open the door children can’t seek? If so, he’ll take her to a new world. Haruka closes her eyes as Reiji kisses her passionately. He says each time they kiss, it’s a vow that he loves her. And he won’t leave any place where he doesn’t leave proof of his love. He kisses her necklace. He wants her to always be with him until the unknown future. She won’t have any regrets and will follow him. “Thank you. I love you, my girl.” Haruka closes their eyes as they kiss again. It’s their eternal agreement.

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