EXPIRED Deals – July 4th & Anime Expo Celebration Deals Roundup

Here’s a sample of some discounts on manga. Prices can fluctuate and coupons can sometimes suddenly be ended early, so make sure to confirm the prices before ordering!

Today’s highlights are the continuation of the Viz Media shoujo sale at Right Stuf and a whole slew of discounted titles (both new releases and preorders) at almost 50% off like Afterschool Charisma 10, Assassination Classroom 5, and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 3. There’s also a couple of bonus anime and merchandise deals today.


Shipping is free with Amazon Prime ($99/yr) or on $35+. Some of these are preorders, so lock in your price now. If it drops even lower, you’ll get the lower price automatically.

12 Beast 2 – $6.80

Accel World 4 – $7.86

Akame ga Kill! 3 – $7.40

Assassination Classroom 5 -$5.23

Citrus 3 – $7.32

Evergreen 2 – $7.85

Fairy Tale 49 – $5.75

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 1 [light novel] – $7.33

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood 3 – $12.72

My Hero Academia 1 – $5.90

Nisekoi: False Love 10 – $6.02

No Game: No Life 2 [light novel] – $8.04

Sword Art Online: Progressive 1 [light novel]

The Ancient Magus’ Bride 1 – $7.61

The Demon Prince of the Momochi House 1 – $5.23

The Devil is a Part Timer 1 [light novel] – $7.96

Trinity Seven 1 – $6.81

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 3 – $5.75

Amazon is also running a sale on select anime blu-rays, including Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series for $29.99. Visit WTK’s post in the Official Anime Bargains Thread at DVD Talk for the full list.

Barnes & Noble

On July 19th, Barnes & Noble stores will have a Manga Mania event: “Enjoy a special offer, activities, and giveaways.” Go here for more information.


At Books-a-Million, take $5 off $35 your online purchase with coupon code USA5, $10 off $50 with USA10, or $20 off $100 with USA20. Going to the store? Print this coupon for $5 off $25. Millionaire’s Club members get free online shipping and an additional 10% off your in-store purchase for $25/yr. Military members can go through AAFES to get Millionaire’s Club benefits automatically.


PayPal Digital Gifts is offering $50 iTunes credit for $40. This is a great way to get an additional 20% off any digital manga, anime, or soundtrack purchase.


eManga is offering 15% off select Juné and DMG titles until July 6th.


Go to your local F.Y.E. store where they are offering select clearance T-shirts for 2 for $10. I spotted shirts from anime series like Dragonball Z, Attack on Titan, Black Butler, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. If you’re a member of their Backstage Pass program, you can get an additional 10% off.


GoHastings.com is offering 30% off used books, movies, and music by entering the code FIREWORKS at checkout. Coupon code is valid through July 5th.

Shipping for books is $3.00 for the order + $0.99 each item; movies and music is $1.29 an item, and games are $2.28 an item. They accept credit cards and PayPal.

Have some old titles you want to trade in? Bring your Hastings Passport card along with these coupons to get an extra $5 when you sell them 5 books, movies, or CDs. There’s also a coupon for an extra $10 when you trade in 3 PS4 or Xbox One games.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is in the middle of their Hot Mess clearance sale. I saw anime shirts like Attack on Titan for $3.98. Accessories are buy 1 get 2 free. Wristbands are 2 for $3.00. Again, I saw some Attack on Titan merchandise. For every $30 you spend, you earn a $15 off $30 purchase coupon for a future purchase. Sign up for their HT+1 club for coupons. Military and former military members can save 10% everyday with military ID.


Use coupon code CONSALE to get 10% off everything at JBox. The coupon is good until July 6th and excludes subscription cards.

Right Stuf

Viz Media’s shoujo titles are 40% off for everyone or 46% off MSRP for Got Anime members. Go here for more information.

Viz Media

Viz Media is offering several digital bundles of TORIYAMA Akira manga, including the complete Dr. Slump series for $18 and Dragon Ball for $48.


Walmart offers free store pickup (if eligible) or on $49+. This list contains current releases. Go here for a huge list of preorder deals with free shipping.

Afterschool Charisma 10 – $6.81

Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit 2 – $6.45

Arata: The Legend 20 – $5.23

Black Bird 16 – $5.23

Black Cat 9 – $4.18

Black Rose Alice 3 – $5.23

Bleach 49 – $5.51

Buso Renkin 7 – $4.18

Dawn of the Arcana 10 – $5.37

Eyeshield 21 20 – $4.18

Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends 10 – $6.80

Inu x Boku SS 6 – $6.28

Kamisama Kiss 11 – $5.37

Magical Girl Apocalypse 3 – $6.80

Meteor Prince 1 – $5.23

Moon & Blood 4 – $3.87

My Love Story!! 3 – $5.23

Naruto 68 – $5.23

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 25 – $5.23

Soul Eater Not! 4 – $6.81

Skip Beat 34 – $5.23

The Heroic Legend of Arslan 2 – $5.75

Toriko 26 -$5.23

World Trigger 4 – $5.23

Your Lie in April 2 – $5.75

Zero’s Familiar Chevalier 4 – $6.80

Big thank you to all who have served in our nation’s military!

Find another deal? Post a comment!

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    I will probably try to go after the Barnes and Noble deal.

    1. krystallina

      Hope you have fun there! I’m going to try to go to my store’s event as well.

      1. Matthew

        I hope you make a great deal on those books.

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