EXPIRED Deal – Free 12 Months of Jet Membership with Purchase

A new site called Jet just launched. This site is billing itself as a members-only site like Costco or Sam’s Club. Right now, when you sign up with the promo code CURISMA, you can get a free 12 month membership. If you continue your membership, it will be $49 for a year. Other codes that might work include TAPJET and TKERSHAW. Sign up with the promo code now, but your 1 year will start from the date you place your first order. If you continue your membership, it’s $49.99 a year.

Jet is interesting in its pricing. It matches a lot of prices from Amazon and then discounts them further. Free shipping on $35 (before discounts). You do need to experiment a bit with their discounts. When you add items, Jet may discount other items further. So I played around with the site for a bit, and I had offers go up from under a $1 off up to $2-3 and so on. So add stuff, delete, and play around. Note that items are fulfilled by various third-party vendors like Buy.com and Walmart.com.

As I mentioned, they are matching a lot of Amazon’s prices. One example is Attack on Titan Colossal Edition 2. Your deal may vary, but right now they are offering it to me for $26.18 – $3.37 = $22.81. When I was testing the pricing algorithms by adding more to my cart, I had an offer for an additional $6 and change off, making this gigantic 5-in-1 volume for only $20.

They also offer additional discounts depending on your payment method, up to 1.5% off if you use a Visa debit card.

I did order a couple of volumes of Naruto for as low as $4.78 for volume 66 and Hetalia Axis Powers Complete DVD for $13.24.

Are you interested in Jet’s launch?

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