Liebster Award #3

Liebster Award

TwiceAlive of We the Hunted was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award.

Thank you very much, TwiceAlive! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがと♪( ^-^)/★,。・:・゚

The Rules:

Liebster Award RulesI’m not going to nominate anybody this time since I just did this twice.

Questions from TwiceAlive:

01. Are you a Ninja, or a Samurai?
Ninja. I’ll stay in the back in the dark with a large shuriken.

02. If you could bend any of the elements, which would it be?
Water. Water + ice + healing abilities.

03. What are the two largest factors that attract you to a show/movie?
Probably the cast and the genre.

04. What is the highest number of books you have read within a months time?
Hmm…that’s a tough one. I really don’t know. I’ve marathoned manga with 20+ volumes in a couple of days.

05. If you’ve ever gone on an anime marathon, how long was it?
I marathoned the 90s Sailor Moon, live action, musicals, and fan events just before Crystal was supposed to be released. It probably took about 2 months.

06. Do you like wasabi?
I’ve never had it, but considering how picky I am, I probably won’t.

07. What is your favorite genre anime? Novel/manga?
Probably shoujo fantasy-action. Favorite manga? That’s really hard. Mars and Please Save My Earth are top-quality manga, and Sailor Moon will always have a special place in my heart.

08. Would you rather have a pet dragon, or pilot a mecha?
Pet dragon. Forget the mecha.

09. What character trope annoys you the most? What character trope do you admire the most?
Annoying: I’m a genki girl who’s bad in school and afraid of lightning, and I love the most popular guy in school!
Admire: Anybody who tries but has real flaws and not moe-type “oh, isn’t she so cuuuute when she tries!” negative qualities.

10. Your a super OP secret agent, what is your code-name and where is your hideout?
Code-name: Ace, just to make my opponents think they’re going up against a guy. My hideout is a top-secret scientific facility disguised as a manga library.

11. I’ve asked this before and Ill ask it again cause its just that important: Almond butter or peanut butter?
Peanut butter. The smooth kind.

Random Facts About Me:

  1. I love taking pictures, but I hate being in pictures.
  2. Final Fantasy VII was my first RPG.
  3. My bathroom is has a Hello Kitty theme.
  4. I am a pegasister.
  5. I love the 2nd edition of The Game of Life the best.
  6. If I were in a Final Fantasy game with a job system, I think I’d be a Red Mage.
  7. I still love Big Bird and Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.
  8. I hate cooking.
  9. I love Burger King.
  10. I want to see Supermarket Sweep back on TV.
  11. The first game that ever game me motion sickness was the tennis game on the Virtual Boy.

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