Free Spirit Award #2

Free Spirit AwardLynlyn of Just Something About Lynlyn was kind enough to nominate me for the Free Spirit Award!

★あ(^-^) り(-^ ) が(  ) と( ^-) う\(^0^)/★

The Rule:

The only rule for this award is that you have to write a post about whatever topic the person who nominated you gave.

I had to write about one or both of the following phrases:

  • “When Love Hurts…”
  • “No Faith In…”

I chose the second.

No Faith in:

When I first read this prompt, my mind automatically filled in the last word with “people”.

Now, this may seem cruel. We tell and are told not to trust strangers for safety reasons, but it still seems cold from a moral perspective. And while crime is down in the US, there are still far too many sad stories involving crimes (violent or otherwise). When you read them, so many perpetrators are people that others thought were nice and normal.

So am I saying “no faith in people” is about assuming the worst in everyone?


I am reminded from a scene early in the Liar Game manga. The main character was always taught to trust people, and she lives her life as a foolishly honest person. But she is told that blinding trusting people is actually more about apathy, about not trying to understand them:

“Doubt them. Question them, suspect them…and take a good, long look into their hearts. Humans are the kind of beings that can’t put their pain into words, after all.”
~Akiyama Shinichi, Liar Game Chapter 29 (translation by Null)

I’m sure we have heard others tell us, “This person is a jerk”, “This restaurant is terrible”, or, “This product is junk”, but then we find out the rumors or complaints have been grossly exaggerated. Again, this often means “nice” people are often purposely giving false information, which leads back to the whole “don’t trust people because they’re bad” line of thought.

But sometimes people can’t be trusted not because they’re cruel but for other reasons. For instance, in Orange, the characters expressed regret they didn’t put more of an effort into understanding their friend, and they regretted it every day since the tragedy happened. They accepted his words at face-value instead of probing into his true feelings. This is the type of “no faith in people” that can actually lead to true understanding, and the lack of understanding is, essentially, at the heart of every conflict.

We as humans shouldn’t blindly accept what we learn as the truth. Whether it’s finding the true evil or true hurt in someone, questioning is showing interest and not apathy. It’s how we’ve made progress morally and scientifically. Otherwise, we’d still think the world is flat or that people of certain origins should be treated as slaves.

My Nominees:

In honor of National Dog Day, the topic is dogs. Write about your dog, what you like about dogs, your favorite dog character in anime, manga, or something else, whatever you want.

I’m going to tag three individuals, but this is open to anyone because dogs are awesome. Bonus kudos if you include cute dog pics.

Little Cloud Curiosity

Anime Reviewer Girl

Takuto’s Anime Cafe

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  1. lynlynsays

    So far, I am impress with what people are coming up with for my topic. You really thought long and hard about what to put at the end of the phrase.

    And like you, I would put “people” at the end of “No faith in…” too. Personally, i have trouble trusting people with ease because from my experience I met a lot of people that couldn’t be trusted. That’s why I am always skeptic when meeting people. It is a natural habit of mine.

    1. krystallina

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      It’s definitely a hard balance between being skeptical of people and trusting them. You don’t want to be paranoid, but you can’t automatically trust everyone. And visa-versa.

      1. lynlynsays

        Yeah, it is at those times when we have to use our personal judgment.

  2. Takuto's Anime Cafe

    I really like that quote. It fits the idea to a T. And thank you very much for nominating me! I’ll hopefully get on this soon . . . And dogs, where do I begin? The never ending hate love cycle.

    1. krystallina

      Liar Game does have some good quotes.

      Looking forward to your post!

  3. koolitzable

    Kudos for the award! 🙂

    1. krystallina

      Thank you! 🙂


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