Game Summary – Main Route from I Doll U

I Doll U Re;Rise Meeting

This is part of a series of summaries for the PS Vita game I Doll U. For a brief introduction to the game, go here. Heavy spoilers for the game ahoy!

This one covers the main route. Please read this one before any of the others. I made this summary longer than usual because the events apply to all routes. Some character scenes take place during this main route, but the individual routes really start after this. I recommend reading the introduction before getting started.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a track or segment (chapter).

I Doll U SiblingsAika remembers a time when her parents asked her to sing. Her mother suggests Aika debut with a composition by her father and lyrics by her. Young Aika hesitantly agrees. Her mother wonders if Aika doesn’t want to debut, but Aika thinks it’s embarrassing to sing in front of others. Her father laughs and says she gets that from him. Mom is a little disappointed, but she says it’s fine; her children’s happiness is most important. Aika actually wants to be a designer for the people who sing and make them sparkle more. Manaka will become someone who can sing and sparkle. It’s his promise as her “Onii-chan”. Aika calls out for her Onii-chan…

And falls out of bed. Aika looks around her room and realizes nothing there has changed since long ago. She realizes she’s running late, so she quickly says a prayer to her parents’ picture (i.e. they’ve passed away). She knows Manaka’s dream will come true today. They’ve had to work hard at a lot of jobs in order to reach his goals. He’s finally going to become “someone who sings” under the stage name Amane Aika. Aika smiles to herself and admits Manaka is a bit of a siscon. Due to certain circumstances, he’s going to be the leader of an idol group. She’s so proud of Manaka. She’s going to the group’s (Re;Rise) debut today, but then she hears the doorbell ring. It’s clothing from Manaka. Confused, Aika opens the box. It’s stuff identical to his: clothes, wig, and even a smartphone. She’s surprised, but she finds a letter addressed to her:

“Sorry. Don’t ask anything; just take my place. There’s no time. Please forgive me for causing trouble for you. I’m begging you. I have no one else to depend on. I am really sorry.” Of course, it’s signed Amane Manaka.

Aika slowly processes this information. Surely he can’t be asking her to take his place at Re;Rise’s event today?! She can’t — she doesn’t want to — believe it.

Aika thinks about calling Manaka’s agency but worries about causing him more trouble. At times like these, she wishes she had a mother. The phone starts ringing; it’s the manager. Surely the manager knows something. Aika scolds herself saying she has to do what she can since her mother is no longer here. Aika picks up the phone, and the manager immediately issues a greeting and wonders if “Aika-kun” is at home. Aika explains she’s Amane Aika’s — really Amane Manaka’s — little sister. The manager sighs and asks why is the leader joking at a busy time like this. Aika insists she’s telling the truth, but the manager recognizes the voice as belonging to “Aika” and basically says, “I can understand why you’d want to run away, but stop telling lies” while sighing. This is the big event, and things will be difficult, but take on the challenge! The rest are always causing trouble as well, but hurry and come! The manager hangs up. Aika sees no other option but to meet Manager-san in person.

Aika leaves and immediately crashes into her friend Matsumoto Nami. Aika is surprised to see her, but Nami really wanted to see Manaka’s debut. Nami can tell Aika is worried about something and wants to help any way she can. Hesistantly, Aika asks her friend what she would do if Aika asked her to switch with her. Nami is like, “Like anchors in a race?”, but she says she’d do it. And Aika is good at sewing, so Nami would want to switch with her when it involved that. Aika smiles. Nami has always tried to support Aika since her parents passed away. Aika tells her friend not to dwell on the conversation and has to hurry and leave now. They say their goodbyes as Aika runs off.

Aika makes it to the agency. She thinks about the manager’s words of “I can understand why you’d want to run away” and knows something must have happened to her brother. If she can do something, she wants to; after all, it’s the day her brother’s dream will come true. She wants to help her brother.

Nami, meanwhile, thinks about what Aika just said about wanting to switch places. Nami wants to switch not just for sewing but whenever Aika is lost.

Aika thinks about the other members. She hasn’t heard much about them from her brother. She thinks back to a conversation she had about them with Manaka. He simply said it was hard to describe then, and Aika thinks about the troubled expression he had.

Aika finally arrives at the agency. She enters as she is (unknowingly) spotted by someone. The man mutters to himself about fans finding this location. But he’ll give the fan an autograph since he has nothing to do with “those guys” anymore. Meanwhile, Aika is mentally steeling herself. The man greets her with, “Mademoiselle…”, but she doesn’t hear him. The guy gets depressed that she doesn’t notice him. Aika wonders what’s up with him but realizes he must be Sakigake Itsuki, an idol who left Avex at the height of his popularity. He’s happy to be recognized, but Aika immediately says she’s in a rush. She goes to leave but steps on his foot. Aika apologizes but then notices a weird expression on Itsuki’s face. “Perfect…” he whispers. She tries leaving again, but Itsuki tells her he won’t let her escape. I Doll U Sakigake Itsuki MeetingHe’s finally found her: his “my dame”. Excitedly, he says she may be a little confused, but she can step on him anytime, harder! Aika is like, “Uh, are you really happy about this?”, and he replies yes. He gets all riled up again, proclaiming the wonders of this moment in finding his “my dame”. Aika is grossed out and starts to head back home. This is impossible! Now more serious, Itsuki asks if she’s okay leaving like this. Doesn’t she have business with Amane Aika-kun? Aika turns around and demands to know anything about her brother. Itsuki’s M side starts flaring up again, but he admits Aika-kun isn’t here and hasn’t seen him since this morning. In addition, yesterday he made up his mind about something. Itsuki surmises it’s that Aika-kun wanted his younger sister — the girl who is here now — to replace him. In fact, Itsuki even knows about the wig, and he proves his theory by calling Aika-kun’s number. Of course, the phone Aika has rings. She realizes he’s not just an ordinary strange person. Itsuki says Aika-kun must have chickened out and ran away from his debut event, but Aika protests; he must have had a good reason! After all, he was going to show Aika he could be a singer who sparkles! Itsuki thinks Aika-kun regretted this path and launches into a long explanation about his conclusion. After he’s done, he curiously wonders if she’s going to replace Aika-kun and prove him (Itsuki) wrong. He puts the wig on her and says she looks like Aika-kun. The other members are waiting, so what’s she going to do? Feeling pressured, Aika agrees, and Itsuki welcomes her to Re;Rise.

Now dressed as a boy, Aika enters. She tries to calm her nerves and goes over the members. There’s the refreshing idol, the nekomimi (cat-eared) idol, the artistic one, the model, and the multi-talented one. The last one is obviously Sakigake Itsuki, the not-so-ordinary weirdo. Itsuki smiles and mentions the manager, Yonezawa, is waiting in the living room. She wonders why Sakigake Itsuki-san would go so far for her brother, but he replies to call him Itsuki, and he’s basically doing this for her. Is that a problem? Aika eventually says no and that someone else might have info on her brother. They enter the room.

I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa MeetingOne is looking forward to the auras female creatures will have. Aika is shocked at how he refers to women but recognizes him as Kuroyume Tsubasa. After all, their dreams will become his food and how worthless they are if they aren’t captured by him. Aika has no idea what he’s talking about. I Doll U Shidou Reo MeetingThe next one scolds him for talking about all their cute fans and young ladies (onee-san) that way, nya. The “nya” helps make Aika realize this is Shidou Reo. He then scolds himself, saying this isn’t him at all, nya. “I want to stop being a nekomimi character, nya~~~!” I Doll U Sakigake Itsuki LaughingItsuki wants to be punished more by his my dame. He laughs manically as Aika chokes back her feelings of being weirded out. Who knew the multi-talented Sakigake Itsuki was such a weirdo? I Doll U Moroboshi Seiya MeetingThe next one shouts at him to shut up. This is the artist Moroboshi Seiya. He’s going to freeze the world and heat it up at the same time in the most “MAJESTIC ENTERTAINMENT”. He’ll show all of Japan’s DIVAs the muses bless him. Aika wonders if what he’s saying are lyrics, but he sounds incredibly serious. I Doll U Mikami Ruka MeetingThe final idol sounds the most normal; he’ll be happy if the fans are happy. He’s Mikami Ruka. Ruka notes Tsubasa-san is always energetic, Reo-senpai is cute, and Seiya-kun is always working on improving. Itsuki-san is often offbeat, but everyone is wonderful in their own way. Every moment is like a miracle. Aika think he’s like a prince, complete with shoujo sparkles.

Then the TV comes on with a female newscaster. Ruka freaks out. He pales and runs away, muttering, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” so softly Aika can’t hear. Ruka realizes the woman was just one on TV, so he calms down. I Doll U Re;Rise MeetingAika thinks about all the weirdos in the group. Ruka then notices something seems different about Aika-kun today. Is he nervous, or does his stomach hurt? Before Aika can protest, Seiya is like, “You’ll never become a superstar if you’re like this, Aika!” Tsubasa says the fool is talking like a child. He then gets close and stares at Aika. Tsubasa stares at her: “…It’s strange. Right now, you smell more like food to me than an idol…?” Reo tells them to knock it off and reminds Aika-kun to buck up since he’s a boy. Seiya snickers since it’s Reo giving this advice. Reo gets angry. “Nyani? (Meowhat?) I’m more manly than you, nyan!” Tsubasa snickers as well while Ruka calls Reo cute. Aika just stares. Itsuki whispers to her everything thinks she’s her brother. She calls him “Sakigake Itsuki-san” again, and he again asks to drop the honorifics. So she’s deceived the members, next the fans. Aika is a little upset no one realizes she’s not her brother. Suddenly, a man bursts in. She recognizes the voice as Yonezawa-san, the manager. She is dragged outside.

Seiya is pumped up. Tsubasa as well…for a completely different reason that has nothing to do with rock and roll. Reo thinks he’s taking his first steps forward to move away from nekomimi. Ruka wants to sing and wonders what kind of stage they’ll be on. Itsuki reminds him they’ll be girls there. He pales. Yonezwa pushes them all toward the call. Aika calls out to them, but he doesn’t listen. Itsuki leads my dame into the vehicle.

Before the event, Aika again requests Yonezawa to listen when she tells him she’s not Manaka. This time, he finally gets it and is shocked. Aika explains the situation. Yonezwa sighs; he thought something like this would happen one day. His stomach starts hurting. Aika asks about her brother’s disappearance, but Yonezawa just is like, “Well, you met the others…” He asks for her name and they exchange formal greetings. Yonezawa mentions the others gave their leader, Manaka, a lot of trouble. He remembers how Manaka tried to work with the others. Manaka mentioned Seiya uses a lot of strange language (foreign words) while Tsubasa is rude to their fans. Reo wanted Manaka to shut up nya while Itsuki longed for his dame. Meanwhile, Itsuki was in a corner being scared of all the girls. No one would listen to him. Yonezawa admits he relied on Manaka a lot, too. Manaka said something about causing trouble about a month ago, but Yonezawa didn’t really pay attention since he has to spend so much time apologizing for the others’ issues. Yonezawa’s stomach starts hurting again. He’ll do what he can and apologizes in advance for causing Aika trouble. He sighs, and his words have a tone that makes Aika think back on Itsuki’s words from earlier about regretting being an idol. Suddenly, Yonezawa begs Aika to take Aika-kun’s place. He watched and supported Aika-kun so much and hates to see it end. Aika protests there’s no way she can replace him. Yonezawa begs her for his sake as well as the fans’. Like Aika, he wants to see the idol Aika-kun and the path this will open for him. She thinks about Itsuki’s words from earlier as Yonezawa presses Aika. She finally agrees. The event will go on. Aika feels she has no choice. She thinks about telling the others, but Yonezawa strongly advises her not to. He quickly sidesteps the issue when Aika wonders why not.

Aine is now dressed as a police officer (or at least wearing the hat). Itsuki greets my dame, noting things must have gone well with Yonezawa. Aika starts calling him “Sakigake” but quickly shortens it to “Itsuki-san”. Seiya overhears Itsuki. Didn’t he always say he’d quit Re;Rise if he found his dame? And aren’t the two of them strange today? Itsuki smirks, saying Seiya should already know the reason. Itsuki continues: he suddenly feels “this” Aika-kun is the “my dame” he’s been searching for. Besides, isn’t the blue bird of happiness always nearby? Seiya happily accepts this answer. He understands completely, bringing up something about a fairy tale that shakes his heart. Aika still has no idea what this person is saying. Itsuki thanks Seiya but tells him to remember Aika-kun is his dame now. Reo tells them to knock it off nyan. Ruka also notes Itsuki has been acting strange; was it something he ate? And Aika is different from usual, too… Itsuki insists it’s because Aika-kun is my dame. Ruka is surprised, saying Itsuki sounds like Seiya-kun today. Seiya is flattered. Itsuki admits he’s changed a lot, right, Aika-kun? Aika is taken aback, but he whispers her to say something. Aika starts to say, “Mikami-sa-” but is cut off by Itsuki. He goes over how Aika-kun address them all: Ruka-kun, Reo-senpai, Seiya-kun, and Tsubasa-san. Aika whispers her thanks and tells herself to properly be “Amane Aika”. She tells Ruka-kun they’re just making changes for the debut. Ruka is glad, and it’s normal to be nervous since it’s Re;Rise’s first event. Then he says something that confuses Aika: “I want to make even better music. But me alone is probably not enough… No, if it weren’t for sound, it’d (or I’d) be nothing probably.” Ruka also tells Aika not to use formal language; didn’t he say that in the beginning? Aika tries to sound more casual, and Ruka beams again. Seiya then says something about he still can’t believe he’s “NEVER, EVER, FOREVER” had any friends. Aika doesn’t know what he’s talking about but tells him to settle down. He blushes but retorts it has nothing to do with him. Reo remarks it’s unusual for Tsubasa to be this quiet nya; has he been affected by the changes in Aika-kun and Itsuki-kun? Tsubasa replies although the flames of the Underworld may go out, he’ll never change. But Reo might be on the right track about a “change” involving Itsuki and Aika. Aika notes Tsubasa keeps staring at her. She thinks about how she’s gotten this far thanks to Itsuki. “What is it? Did you see something on my face? I’m so happy. Please feel free to defile it so more–” Of course, Aika is disgusted but can’t say anything, and Itsuki gets more excited. Ignoring him, Aika looks at the song composition. She wants to make it a good event for Nami and the other fans. A staff member then tells them to standby. Ruka’s face loses its color. Itsuki reminds Seiya and Itsuki to watch their language. Tsubasa is haughty as usual but says something like tonight is training to turn the dogs (fans) into faithful ones like Cerberus. Nobody is going to stop Seiya from starting his “neo regent”. Reo still complains about speaking like this nya. Aika can’t help but giggle to herself since he really seems like a real nekomimi character.

I Doll U Re;Rise LiveThey head onstage. The crowd cheers. Re;Rise greets the audience. Reo’s voice is at a higher pitch than normal. Aika thinks this is going well, but Ruka is shaking. Aika introduces the song. They sing “I Doll U”. After the performance, Tsubasa basically invites women to surrender so he can take them to the Underworld. Seiya disagrees saying the music is more important than the fans. Seiya wants to speed it up. Reo protests, but Seiya scoffs at how a kitty wouldn’t understand. Reo thinks Seiya is insulting, but Seiya says he loves cats. Reo hisses. Aika starts panicking, but Itsuki tells them all to stop since this is disgusting. She notes how he seems different from usual. He notes that Seiya and Tsubasa only have the face and voice of an idol. Seiya gets really upset. Tsubasa doesn’t want to hear critiques from a half-baked idol. The tension between Itsuki and Tsubasa starts heating up until Reo butts in. Tsubasa still insults Reo who gets mad in return. Itsuki declares he doesn’t want to stand on the same stage with Tsubasa. Reo agrees, and the two take off. Seiya yells after them and then Tsubasa for starting this mess. The fans are raising a ruckus. The dark idol tells the redhead to go away as well, and Seiya grabs the other in anger. Aika looks to Ruka for assistance, but he’s offstage. She wonders if he’s been there this whole time. He’s still shaking and repeating about how women are scary. She still can’t hear him. Seiya says to take his “FIRE BOMBER” but Tsubasa says he can’t stop the power of alpha and omega. Before the fight erupts, the curtain drops. The announcer apologizes to the crowd and says the even it over. The audience is upset. Aika is determined not to let it end like this. One Itsuki fan puts it bluntly: “Re;Rise is the worst.”

Yonezawa is depressed. He admits the debut is awful. He is panicking, then softly whispers, “If you were Aika-kun, then perhaps…!” Manaka was made leader because of how all the others are. But it’s pretty much hopeless now. Yonezawa goes to leave then stops. If Aika is able to make things better by fixing the others’ issues, he suggests, then Manaka will surely return. Aika thinks he’s right, but can she really do it? Yonezawa believes Re;Rise can be a success; watching them, they really did shine as idols. If Re;Rise becomes popular, Manaka will see all the coverage and return. After all, the person who most wanted Re;Rise to be a success was Manaka himself. Yonezawa then realizes it’s a lot to ask of a girl and tells her it’s okay to go home. He departs, leaving Aika puzzled. She recalls his letter and wonders why he left Re;Rise to her. She goes to find the others.

There’s no one in the waiting area.

Running outside, Aika uses her brother’s phone to look them up.

Aika is heading toward Itsuki’s when her phone rings. It’s Nami. She watched the event and recognized Aika onstage. Aika tries to cover it up, but Nami replies she knows because they’re friends. Nami’s worried so she’s coming over. It’s probably just as hard now for Aika as a year ago (when her mother died). Aika thinks about how she and her brother could rely on their mother, but now she has to be Manaka’s support. More confident now, Aika thanks Nami and will explain everything later. Hanging up, she remembers Yonezawa’s words about Manaka returning.

Aika heads the place everyone is staying at. Entering the living room, she finds Seiya and Tsubasa arguing still. Reo and Itsuki are also still expressing their disappointment. Ruka is still shaking and muttering to himself in the corner. Aika comes in and yells, “What are you all doing here?!?!?!” Tsubasa is like, “What do you mean?” Seiya immediately blames Tsubasa, who is still haughty. He has no problem if the others leave. The squabbling continues. Aika finally gets angry and demands to know why no one considered the fans’ feelings. Reo and Itsuki are taken aback, but Tsubasa still thinks it’s ridiculous; they should be thrilled to be his food. But Aika continues: Aren’t idols supposed to make fans smile? Idols who don’t consider the fans’ feelings are awful. Ruka finally stops shaking as he and Itsuki and Reo consider Aika’s words. She wants to see Manaka’s return. Her determination rising, she proclaims she wants the fans to see everyone’s idol aura. Tsubasa mentions Aika has said the same thing before, making Aika realize her brother must have tried already. She bites her lip but declares she’ll — he’ll — make Re;Rise a success. The others are taken aback. “Interesting…” adds Tsubasa.

Aika has made up her mind.

She calls Yonezawa. He’ll support her, but he makes her promise not to do anything too reckless. She can quit any time she wants. After hanging up, Itsuki appears and asks if she’s going to continue. He thinks it will be difficult for Aika but agrees to help. He likes the fact only he and Yonezawa know the truth.

He takes Aika to her brother’s — now her — room. It has a lot of privacy, but she notes how empty it is except for a calendar. Itsuki, meanwhile, is ecstatic my dame is going to be by his side 24 hours a day, but he promises not to do anything to her. “Because I’m your servant, my dame.”

Aika gets through the day with Itsuki’s support.

That evening, Yonezawa comes over. Reo is sleepy nyan. Tsubasa is a servant of the darkness, so he’s fine, and Seiya wants to do lyrics. Itsuki tells Seiya to shut up disturbing my dame. Seiya apologizes, then he’s like, “Why am I apologizing?” Anyways, Yonezawa is understandably upset. He thinks no one has shown any remorse. Reo protests, saying he has taken Aika-kun’s words to heart. Ruka also wants to sing in front of girls. Tsubasa still thinks it’s enough for all the female creatures to gaze upon him. Aika is worried, but then Itsuki’s words make her realize things should be okay if the others do well. Yonezawa then presents their next job: an idol cafe. Tsubasa think it’s a place where idols give women pleasure, but Yonezawa angrily corrects him. Tsubasa still believes he’s right, as serving food and drinks will please women. Reo nya-s as he goes over the papers. Itsuki eerily laughs at the thought of “serving” with Aika. Seiya and Aika are creeped out. Ruka doesn’t understand, but Reo urges everyone to listen to Yonezawa. He’s not too happy about being referred to just as “Yonezawa”. But anyways, the idol cafe will run for two weeks. Ruka is looking forward to singing, but Reo says he should be looking forward to work. Itsuki speculates on whether this will be Seiya’s first time working as an idol. Tsubasa, meanwhile, isn’t too happy.

Aika goes to bed.

The I Doll U Cafe is ready. Aika is a little worried. Reo keeps repeating this is so he can stop the cat talk, Tsubasa feels insulted since he’s like a king, Seiya is like a confident “supernova”, Itsuki wants to learn from my dame, and Itsuki the airhead thinks they get along well together. He tells Reo and Tsubasa to smile, but then he realizes women will come. Aika is really worried now.

Re;Rise prepares with the help of the cafe staff.

Ruka, Reo, and Tsubasa are still not into the job. Seiya is ready for “eccentric time” while Itsuki wants Aika to be more S toward him.

Ruka, Reo, and Tsubasa are going to be the servers. Seiya is the cook while Reo and Aika are the cashiers. Ruka and Itsuki are both upset. Reo isn’t too thrilled, either. Seiya is pleased, but, blushing he adds, “You’ll be lonely without me here.” Tsubasa replies, “Don’t worry. That won’t happen.” Customers enter, and Ruka takes off. Itsuki prods him, but Ruka’s greeting is so soft the customers want someone else. Tsubasa goes up and demands the women bow down to him. Ruka recovers enough to drag him away. The girls thank him, but he freaks out again.

Seiya, meanwhile, is dramatically showing off his cooking skills…and failing.

Reo’s fan is chatting with him and wants to see his kitty dance. He’s not happy about being treated like an animal.

Tsubasa is freaking out one lady while Ruka continues being freaked out. Itsuki laments being separated from my dame.

Reo is then ticked off about Seiya’s kitty art in the food.

The guests are not happy. One fan tells Aika she’ll no longer support Re;Rise. The others agree Re;Rise is awful. Aika starts to panic.

The day ends. Aika apologizes for everything, and they reply it wasn’t Aika’s fault.

Reo sighs; he still has lessons after this. Tsubasa finds it annoying he still has to hang out with everyone. Ruka is happy it’s singing time, and Seiya is excited as well. Aika thinks about Yonezawa’s talk about Re;Rise’s members having good points to be good idols. Aika is doubting this. Itsuki wants to hear a good sound from being next to Aika, and Tsubasa replies he’ll show Itsuki the greatest sound. He pointedly looks at Aika, who wonders if her identity has been exposed. Ruka wants to sing and won’t lose to the others. Reo adds he doesn’t hate lessons nyan. Aika realizes they all love singing.

Aika is still doubting whether Re;Rise can really be a success. She wonders what else she can do.

She heads to the rehearsal room. She’ll do her best for Manaka’s sake. Everyone is pumped up in their own unique way. I Doll U Re;Rise RehearsalAika realizes everyone does change when singing is involved. They’re sparkling; this is “Re;Rise”!

Ruka wants to sing again. Aika is excited but implies as if it’s the first time she’s seen them. She tries to cover it by saying it’s their best sound ever. She finally understands Yonezawa’s feelings. Still trying to sound like her brother, she adds this music composition shows off their strengths. Aika realizes to herself this is the first time she wants them to succeed not just for her brother’s sake but as a Re;Rise fan. Reo and Seiya blush from the praise. Aika then declares she’ll make the cafe with Re;Rise a success. The others are startled. When Tsubasa sniggers, Aika adds she can at least do better than him. She’ll take on the cafe, so everyone else should polish their singing. Reo says if Aika says that, he doubts he’ll continue being a nekomimi idol. That’s fine with her. She thinks to herself nothing will change if they remain as they are. Aika promises she’ll try hard to help everyone, but Ruka seems doubtful. Suddenly Seiya says he wants to help Aika with his artistic hands with any artwork shee needs. Tsubasa tells Aika to do whatever. She notes he probably needs the most help with fans. Itsuki will support her. Aika doesn’t know how everything will turn out, but she’ll do her best for everyone’s sake.

Reo thanks a pair of customers, but one asks if he isn’t going to say, “Thank nyou”. His temper rises, but Aika butts in and says he’s moved on. The fans are very disappointed and say that’s the only reason they came. Aika begs them to see Reo as a Re;Rise member. One storms out while the other asks if he is never going back to being a kitty. Reo tells Aika to stop. He sighs. “Onee-san, I’m sorry for causing trouble, nyan!” he says in his high pitch voice. His performance thrills his fan, and she leaves happily. Aika thanks Reo, but she’s sad she couldn’t help him as a leader. Blushing, he admits he was happy Aika said he wasn’t just the nekomimi one. Aika protests, but Reo goes tsuntsun and says it’s fine nyan. Tsubasa doesn’t understand why Reo did that (return to nekomimi character).

The cafe is starting to get crowded. Reo and Aika go to help Tsubasa.

Reo is now fully in charater, but they hear someone protesting.

Tsubasa is going on about how he’s the king of Pandemonium. The customer feels insulted. She throws water, but Aika jumps in the way and gets all wet. Aika smiles and apologizes to the customer.

In the kitchen, Itsuki whines about Aika doing water-play without him. He also mentions Seiya bought a cute ice machine for the guests, making Seiya blush. Before Aika takes out the order, Tsubasa appears and says he’ll take it out. He asks why Aika covered for him since he doesn’t understand. He takes out the drink as Ruka appears. He’s also confused as to why Aika keeps rescuing everone. Aika wouldn’t call it that, but Ruka thinks she’s so straightfoward; he doesn’t want to lose anyone ever again. Aika is confused, but he just whispers he has to work hard as well. She briefly wonders if her secret has been exposed but dismisses the thought.

Reo needs help, so she assists.

The day is over. Tsubasa doesn’t understand why they have to thank the cafe staff. Itsuki mentions it’s normal to say thanks, and Tsubasa feels it’s beneath him. He plans on saying for Aika’s sake, but she’s taken off already.

Aika heads back quickly, planning on practicing singing in place of her brother.

She sees lights on and assumes it’s Manaka. She starts calling out “Onii–” as she opens the door and finds Ruka, who somehow beat her back. He mentions he ran as fast as he could, so isn’t Aika pretty slow? Ruka also wonders what Aika was saying earlier. She sidesteps his question as she remembers singing for her mom and dad. Ruka suddenly sees her expression and is impressed by how she seemed to synchronize with the music. He wants to sing with her now more than ever — just her. Is that a problem? No, Aika replies, she’s happy as a member. Ruka laughs and says he won’t forgive her if she runs away. She’s taken aback. Ruka mentions even twins have different voices. He’s only wants her right now. Aika is panicking, thinking he knows the truth. But with a smile, Ruka says it’s something he thought of since long ago. She’s relieved, and he wants to keep practicing. Seiya enters, touched by how dedicated the two of them are. He can’t win against Itsuki’s fated one. Everyone appears, and Aika is worried there’s no way she can hide her secret. Ruka says he loves her voice. Aika wonders if it’s because it’s different from Manaka’s. Tsubasa finally agrees to accompany them. Everyone is moved by Aika’s passion. Ruka will try not to run away from girls anymore. Itsuki asks her to keep doing her best and to keep being dazzling. Ruka thinks the song will be even better now that everyone is getting along. Aika thinks so as well.

At the cafe, everyone is slowly improving. The customers are pleased.

The day continues. Ruka whispers a farewell to the guests. Reo thanks a visitor as Seiya watches, moved by Reo’s dedication. Tsubasa snipes at Seiya again while the other two ask them not to start anything in front of the guests. The customers start taking notice, but Itsuki says it’s sign of their friendship, want to watch with him? The disaster is adverted on both fronts.

Ruka sparkles in happiness now that the scent of women has disappeared. Suddenly, Ruka glomps on her as a reward for himself. Aika is thinking, “What the– we’re guys!” but Ruka is like, “Want to be treated like a girl?” and pats her head. Reo sees them and notes they get along well. Aika says he did wonderfully today, but Reo replies it’s for Re;Rise’s sake. Seiya wants to be praised, too. Aika then thanks Tsubasa as well, and he goes up to her and asks her to be his bride; how about it, Dark Princess? Itsuki pulls him back. Itsuki is the one who should be bound to her by a contract. Aika glowers at the two, and Itsuki likes being glared at. Tsubasa clicks his tongue and mentions there’s no need to hurry. Everyone prepares to go home together.

As they go to leave, Itsuki pulls Aika away. He wants to be praised, too. Aika realizes she didn’t say anything to him, but he laughs and says it was a joke. Instead, he praises her.

Aika feels they’re slowly making progress. She decides to get up early in the morning to practice. She sets her clock.

In the morning, she runs into one of the members.

Later, in her room, Aika notes 10 days have gone by since the cafe was opened. She thinks about how she’ll be separated from Re;Rise once Manaka returns.

Things are going well at the cafe. Everyone still has their quirks, but their personalities just gets the fans’ moe up.

A customer asks Aika about any more events. Just then, Yonezawa bursts in with an announcement. Re;Rise will have a song event at the cafe. Aika and a fan are both very happy about the news. Yonezawa thanks Aika for her work. Aika wants to hurry and tell the others.

Aika is going to practice and work hard for the event.

Yonezawa is explaining the event. They’re going to be divided into two units to sing “I Doll U”: Reo, Ruka, and Seiya in one and Itsuki and Tsubasa in the other. Aika will be in both because she has the range and is the leader. Yonezawa thinks everyone will be fine separated from Aika, but Seiya, Reo, and Tsubasa are silent. Ruka pipes up and says it will be difficult. Itsuki smirks and wonders if this means she’s necessary for everyone else like she is to him. The others protest they don’t need her like that. Eventually, everyone agrees to let Aika choose which unit to join. Yonezawa is looking forward to the event.

The unit practices. Aika works hard not just for her brother but because this is Re;Rise’s big event.

The day arrives.

The group greets their audience. Finally, it’s Aika’s group’s turn. After the song, both Reo and Itsuki are impressed with Aika’s performance. Seiya butts in requesting Aika sing with him next. Tsubasa is like, “Not bad for a human, so come here”. Ruka wants to hear more of her voice.

The fans cheer. Re;Rise is moved by the fans’ response. The audience notes how this is much better than the debut live. Aika feels they’ve taken one step closer to being real idols.

The group is still jazzed from their performances. Except Ruka doesn’t remember much because he blanked out from fright. He remembers it was fun, though. Aika adds like Itsuki says, a good performance makes the fans happy, so they should put all their feelings into it. Everyone agrees.

Aika thinks how although she wants Manaka to return, she also wants to work hard with Re;Rise.

Aika’s alarm rings. She worries about the cafe then remembers it ended yesterday.

She hears voices as she enters the living room. Re;Rise is being featured on TV. The reporter notes the fights have stopped and their performance has improved. The group gets excited. Reo says there’s no time to be happy, but he’s beaming as well. Ruka finds his expression so cute he starts petting his senpai. Reo “nya”s that it feels so good but stops when he realizes what he’s doing. Ruka then notices Aika’s presence. Aika is thrilled for everyone. Reo is surprised Aika would praise them so much, but she’s saying it as a fan. She thinks her brother can surely come back now. Itsuki adds she’s a member, too. Ruka wants to sing more, so strongly that no one can reach. Yonezawa calls Aika about the news report. It was supposed to be their day off, but now they’re doing an interview. Itsuki then starts going on about how his place is to be by Aika’s side being punished. She’s heading out but doesn’t want him to follow.

Aika, dressed as herself, meets Nami in the park. Nami’s been worried about her. She did secretly see her at the cafe.

Aika explains what’s been going on.

Nami is shocked to hear about there’s a perverted idol. And, unfortunately, Manaka hasn’t contacted Yonezawa or Aika yet. Aika is thinking about going home for a bit, but Nami stops her. Nami has received a strange call recently asking about Aika’s home. The caller didn’t give their name. It was probably a fan, but the person may have something to do with Manaka’s disappearance. Aika remembers Yonezawa talking about spies from other agencies. Nami loves her, and even if Aika can’t contact her freely right now, she’ll support Aika.

Aika heads back. She’s still worried about Manaka.

Back in boy’s clothes, she returns to the house.

A few days later, Yonezawa asks Aika for a toast since she’s the leader. She says job well done. Seiya returns a “you’re welcome” instead of “good work”, which is standard. She wants to work even harder with everyone to be loved by their fans. The others return the toast in their own unique ways, making Yonezawa feel touched. Aika is still having to force herself to sound like Manaka. Tsubasa still doesn’t understand being loved and just wants Aika to surrender herself as the Demon King’s bride. She still doesn’t get what he’s saying. Then he toasts to  eternal power and glory of his land as well as her future, that they all belong to him. Itsuki tells Aika to eat up the meal he prepared. Tsubasa doesn’t understand the appeal of this type of food, and Reo can’t snap out of his cat mode. Ruka likes him just the way he is and pets his senpai again. Reo is nyaa-ing again; he tries to top but he keeps adding his nya. The group keeps discussing Reo’s cuteness and the appeal only adults can understand. Tsubasa is still lost. Itsuki then starts pushing his buttons about being part of the group and Aika. Ruka laughs, telling Tsubasa he’s being messed with. He’s not happy. I think he tries to use some type of crystal for revenge, but it fails. The others just think he. They then talk about how Tsubasa is secretly a good guy (like getting a falling expresso machine), but he’s like, “I’m not! I’m going to be the Demon King!” Yonezawa is still so moved by everyone’s friendly attitudes. Reo and Seiya blush, Itsuki wants to be closer to Aika, and Tsubasa insists he’s not close to anyone. Aika believes they all want to be a success as idols. “Bonds…huh…” Tsubasa muses.

Back in her room, Aika finds a voicemail from 19:47 (7:47 PM). It’s Manaka. He saw the news. He apologizes but asks her to continue for a little longer. The message ends. Aika is a little confused and still worried; why isn’t he coming back? But she’ll continue and is glad at least he’s okay.

There’s a rattling sound from the kitchen as well as a beep. Someone shouts, “Yes! With this, my sound will dominate ENTERTAINMENT history! The one who will gather the eyes of world is me!”

Aika will continue replacing her brother.

Early in the morning, everyone hears Yonezawa yell, “Seiya! What is the meaning of this?” Re;Rise scrambles to the living room.

Yonezawa is scowling. Aika asks what’s the matter, and he says it’s about stuff on the Internet. Seiya is cheerful, wondering if he saw it. “You idiot!!!!” Seiya is taken aback by Yonezawa’s tone. Seiya uploaded a video of full version of Re;Rise’s song (I think the Seiya/Ruka/Reo one) as a solo. Yonezawa plays the video, and it shows Seiya saying the ENTERTAINMENT domination line. Ruka sadly asks if Seiya hates singing with them. Seiya starts to protest, but the manager interrupts: there’s a bigger problem. He demands Seiya look at the comments he’s received. The viewers think he’s selfish and that Re;Rise must not like each other. Seiya protests he didn’t mean for it to be like this, but Yonezawa angrily says he’s insulted all the people who listen to music as well as the other members. Seiya is almost in tears, claiming that isn’t how he feels. Tsubasa scoffs; how are they wrong? He tells the redhead to do what he wants (i.e. leave the group) and how he (Tsubasa) was a fool to believe in bonds. Itsuki agrees with Tsubasa. Since Itsuki wanted to be a solo artist from the start, he asks Yonezawa if he can leave. Aika protests, but Itsuki says Aika will come along and implies he’ll expose everything if she doesn’t. Yonezawa sighs. He has things to do first but tells Seiya to apologize to the others then later the viewers. He leaves. Reo pipes up and says he has some thinking to do but agrees with Itsuki about Seiya being a traitor. Ruka then tells everyone to wait. He says he won’t let go of Re;Rise no matter what anyone says in order to get the ultimate song. Everyone notes this is not the usual Ruka; he’s almost cold. More like his usual self, he adds he likes Re;Rise. This is the path to their future. He suggests singing. Aika agrees, much to Tsubasa’s surprise. The rest agree; if they hate each other, then the song won’t be good. So they’ll see by singing. Seiya is moved by Ruka’s words. Aika also begs for another chance for Re;Rise. Itsuki agrees because it’s Aika. Reo also will give Re;Rise one more chance since he likes the group. That leaves Tsubasa. He likes how Aika is begging him and how he’s the one who can grant her wish, so he also agrees. But everyone reminds Seiya this is only possible because of Ruka and Aika, and Tsubasa still refers to him as a traitor. Tsubasa, Reo, and Itsuki leave, then Seiya collapses. I Doll U Moroboshi Seiya CryingHe insists he didn’t mean to betray anybody. He just wanted to get Re;Rise more attention. If the fans enjoyed his solo, then the fans would think the group must be even better. Hearing Aika’s toast yesterday, he also wanted to work harder for Re;Rise, especially since people were making fun of them. This is what he came up with. He loves Re;Rise. The other two ask about what his opening words in the movie meant. The first sentence referred to the song being another mark on his music legacy; the second was about the resentment (rumors) versus the actual situation. He doesn’t understand what was wrong with his intro. (Because his Japanese is poor/screwed up.) Ruka and Aika said basically the whole thing is wrong. Seeing Seiya like this, Aika apologizes for making Seiya feel like he had to do something alone. Everyone should work hard together. Seiya and Ruka are both taken aback. Seiya asks if Aika believes in him, and she says yes, much to Seiya and Ruka’s surprise. If she doesn’t believe in him as a leader, then no one else will. Now, the next step is “hou-ren-sou” (RCC). The other two don’t know what that is. It’s houkoku (report), renraku (contact) and soudan (consult). Seiya agrees to do hou-ren-sou, just…please don’t abandon him. He wants to stay with Re;Rise. Aika won’t, and his feelings will surely reach the others. Ruka adds believing is difficult. He’s scared of believing, so Aika is amazing for being able to believe. If he could believe in people as well, perhaps he wouldn’t be afraid of anything… Ruka then changes the subject. Perhaps everyone should practice singing? Aika agrees, then he heads off. Suddenly, Seiya grabs Aika, and, while blushing, thanks her. She tells him the credit should go to Ruka.

Aika practices, then decides to wander off to see somebody.

At the rehersal room, it’s quiet. Ruka then suggests they begin, but Seiya interrupts and wants to explain himself. Everyone quietly listens to his explanation and apology. He begs for another chance. Reo agrees with Luka and says to let the song decide. The music starts. Re;Rise synchronizes with each other. Ruka chuckles happily. He turns for Tsubasa’s opinion first. In his own way (and based on his own goals), he has no objections. Reo hits Seiya and tells him not to pull anymore stupid stunts nyan. Itsuki, of course, won’t object because of Aika. Seiya is thrilled. Reo suggest doing a charity event to raise their image.

They leave the details up to Yonezawa. They’re going back to the cafe.

In her room, Aika notes how Manaka hasn’t called her. She also wants to do more as Re;Rise’s leader. She treasures everyone.

Finally, the start of Seiya’s big apology event has arrived.

At the cafe, he again apologizes for everyone having to come back here. Surprisingly, Tsubasa doesn’t get on his case and talks about how he’s basically training to be the Demon King. Reo wants them all to improve, and Itsuki still requests Aika step on him. (He’s also happy with her cold refusal.) Ruka is still trembling in fright. He’s very depressed at being here and not being able to sing freely. Reo is worried about him, but now Ruka wants to pet him. The two eventually turn and pet Seiya because he’s so cute when he’s embarrassed. Aika tells Ruka everything will be okay. He’s surprised then smiles. He’ll do his best at the cafe for Re;Rise’s sake. He adds he had no idea Aika could be this cool. He’s enthusiastic now. Seiya gets fired up even more. Itsuki is looking forward to a reward from my dame. Aika tells Reo to be the type of nekomimi character he wants to be. Tsubasa also wants Aika to tell him something. She doesn’t understand. Ruka thinks Tsubasa wants to be encouraged as well, but Aika replies, “No way!”, making Tsubasa mad. Seiya blurts out it’s jealousy. Aika thinks Tsubasa is being selfish, and he’s like, “I’ll show you selfish!” and snaps his fingers. Aika’s world goes white. The other members are stunned. Aika is in a maid outfit! Ruka compliments Aika on how women’s clothing suit Aika. She still doesn’t know how she got into these clothes, but Tsubasa says it’s thanks to him. He’s very pleased with himself. Reo doesn’t understand why girl’s clothes nyan?! Both Tsubasa and Itsuki agree this suits Aika better. Ruka thinks it’s interesting, and Seiya is worried about Aika’s pride as a man but adds she’ll shine no matter what she’s wearing. He’s also surprised Itsuki has a taste for cross-dressing, so Aika knows Seiya hasn’t discovered her secret. Reo adds the clothes suit her a little too well. Itsuki thinks a maid and a cat butler will make quite a pair. Seiya is touched by the pair’s dedication for TRUE HOSPITALITY. Tsubasa tells her to get to work, and Reo feels like he has no choice but to the an awesome cat butler. Seiya is touched by Reo’s and Aika’s dedication.

Fans compliment Aika. Tsubasa smirks. He’s still doing his “I the demon will grant your wish” routine, but Aika intercepts before his guest can be insulted. She hopes Tsubasa will follow her lead.

A fan of Reo’s recognizes him, and he thanks her in his normal voice nya. They’re a little disappointed, but Reo turns on the charm, sparkling. They think he’s cool.

Ruka is still struggling interacting with girls. Aika again save the day (with cake).

Aika puts in an order to the kitchen. Itsuki, blushing at Aika’s cute appearance, prepares the food. Seiya thinks the creepy one is Itsuki. Itsuki agrees, saying he was born for my dame, lives for her, and will die for her. Seiya is impressed. Ruka comes in and thanks Aika for switching with him earlier. He thinks Aika doesn’t even sound human anymore (i.e. she’s like a heavenly spirit). Itsuki notes Ruka and Aika’s relationship is similar to the real Aika-kun and Ruka. He adds Manaka must not have been the type to get angry as a child. Aika can’t remember him ever getting mad. Seiya wants to be praised by Aika. Itsuki fills the role in a somewhat sarcastic manner. The younger one is still thrilled and still wants to be praised more, looking very upset when Itsuki ignores him. Itsuki is forced to continue talking with Seiya, who raves about Itsuki’s cakes. The older man doesn’t need such compliments, preferring they spend time doing more important things.

Reo is still nya-ing in character.

Ruka is trying his best and gets the guests’ moe up. He runs away.

A guest wants some latte art. Tsubasa tells Seiya to do it, who is pumped up as always.

You get either Lunch A or Lunch B depending on the choices made.

Lunch A:

Back at the cafe, Aika tells Itsuki and Tsubasa to break for lunch.

In the cafe, a glass shatters. A boy yells, “Dad is a liar!” as Aika and the others go to see what the commotion is. The father apologizes, but the kid cries mom was supposed to be here. Ruka puts on his princely face and asks the boy to chat with him for a bit. The father confesses his wife died a year ago. He thought taking his son someplace he spent time with his mother at would cheer him up. No one knows how to responds, but Ruka asks the boy what he ate with his mother at the cafe. Omrice. The father nudges his son; omrice isn’t on the menu right now. Ruka gets the others to agree to make omrice,

The group goes to the kitchen. Without Itsuki, who should cook? Smiling, Ruka admits he has no idea how to make it, but he thought they could manage somehow together. Reo is nervous, but Seiya points out they have their smartphones as their ACE, his dear ally! Ruka also says he doesn’t know how to use his phone, and Seiya excitedly volunteers to teach him. Ruka then talks about how kind Reo is, but even sparkly things dull. The group begins, making sure Ruka isn’t given a knife. Seiya tells Aika he just feels sorry for the kid, and he has lots of friends, okay?!…even if he can’t see them right now. Aika thinks they can pull this off, just like with the unit song.

The omrice is done.

Reo delivers the omrice. The kid is still sad even though he wants to be cheerful for his dad. Ruka gives him “magic” candy to feel better, and the boy eats up. But not before he asks Reo to write “nekomimi” (cat ears) on his food.

The group discusses their good deed. I Doll U Reo PetReo and Aika earn pats on the head.

Lunch B:

Back at the cafe, Aika tells Reo, Ruka, and Seiya to break for lunch. The three decided to eat together. Tsubasa goes into another long monologue, and Itsuki sighs and quietly says Tsubasa should just say he’s worried about Aika.

Suddenly, there’s a slap. A guest yells at male customer and takes off. Tsubasa demands an explanation, but Itsuki says they should help him. Aika also assists, making Tsubasa upset. The guy apologizes for the ruckus and goes to leave. Tsubasa stops him, saying the guy’s soul is worthless to him if it’s not blessed. He wants the guy to tell him his wish. Itsuki correctly guesses the man’s proposal failed and launches into another long-winded speech about how he deduced this. The man is impressed he figured it out, but Itsuki wonders why the man chose to propose at an idol cafe. Tsubasa thinks it’s so the marriage will be lucky. He chose this shop since he’s heard about Rerise. If he was surrounded by jerks, he thought then he’d look good in front of his girlfriend. But the rumors were wrong; they aren’t as bad as what people say on the net. So he wimped out and didn’t propose, and then his girlfriend got mad and stormed off. Aika points out his girlfriend must have gotten angry because she wanted a proposal. Tsubasa agrees. What makes them “Re;Rise” is that they’ll keep standing up no matter how many times they fall. He tells the customer if he really wants his bride, then he has to be prepared to give her more happiness than anyone else. The other two agree. Tsubasa goes on about only the customer can make his lady happy with love, so have confidence. Aika is surprised by Tsubasa’s words but adds the guy should be honest to his girlfriend about his feelings. He will. Tsubasa volunteers to summon the guy’s girlfriend using teleportation. Itsuki doesn’t get anything about Tsubasa’s magic, but he hopes the customer will be successful with his proposal at the cafe. Aika goes to round up wedding-like things like a veil and bouquet.

Aika brings back some lace. Itsuki will support the man any way he can as Tsubasa summons the female customer. Of course, she has no idea how she got here from the park. The man proposes as Itsuki gives her the lace, making her look like a bride. She accepts.I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa FlowersSuddenly, flower petals descend on everyone. Tsubasa says to just accept this as his blessing. Itsuki points out Tsubasa was the hero for the day, and he’s upset he couldn’t help my dame on his own. Tsubasa says it’s appreciation. He quietly whispers that she’d be an even more beautiful bride, but Aika doesn’t hear it.

After lunch, Aika overhears fans discussing the group, noting they’re nothing like the rumors.

She then goes to help someone at the end of the day.

After coming back to the cafe, a couple of fans mention they’ll support Re;Rise. Aika is pleased, but the others notice she’s not her usual self. Ruka thinks Tsubasa is messing with Aika again, but the latter scoffs. Aika thanks everyone, and Itsuki adds they’re only kind because Aika gave them kindness.

The cafe event wraps up. When their final performance ends, Aika hears the cheers and realizes she wants to do better — not for her brother, but for herself.

Yonezawa drops by the next day. He’s still (physically) under pressure, but everyone insists things are fine. He gets serious and warns everyone to watch their behavior. He then puts Aika in charge of monitoring everyone so the revenge live will be a success. Aika will do her best.

Narrating, Aika says this is how the month with “him” began…

Character routes continue from here.

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