Game Summary – Kuroyume Tsubasa Route from I Doll U

I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Bonus

This is part of a series of summaries for the PS Vita game I Doll U. For a brief introduction to the game, go here. Heavy spoilers for the game ahoy!

This one covers Kuroyume Tsubasa. Start with the main route to best understand the story.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a track or segment (chapter).

At 4:44 AM, Aika leaves her room and bumps into Tsubasa. She wonders what he is doing up so early. He replies something about how it’s the time closest to those in his country, and the door to the Underworld from will soon open. Aika is confused. He scoffs and turns her original question back to her. Tsubasa realizes she’s going to practice and says those who struggle are more beautiful than those who give up.

In her room, Aika notes 10 days have gone by since the cafe was opened. She thinks about how she’ll be separated from Re;Rise once Manaka returns.

Re;Rise will have a song event at the cafe.

Aika goes to tell Tsubasa about the event. Tsubasa sees her and starts with his weird passes again. Does she want to make a contract now? It won’t be bad for her to be the wife of the Devil King. Aika still doesn’t understand what the heck he is talking about. But she wants to help him for the upcoming event.

Tsubasa is mad when he realizes it’s all for the sake of Re;Rise. Tsubasa says he always gets what he wants: the title of Demon King, the lives of his followers,…and her. He demands she kiss him or he won’t let her go. Aika panics but kisses him. When she says this is all for Re;Rise, he wants to mark her. Aika blurts out they’re buddies. He sighs. Yes, he’s supposed to be buddies with “Amane Aika”. Aika worries again about her secret and needs to cover up her trembling. Trying to be masculine, she says these things are gross and goes back inside.

Tsubasa, meanwhile, is not happy about being scorned. He’ll make her regret those words.

Aika, Itsuki, and Tsubasa are going to perform together at the cafe, and the other three are going to do a song as well.

The unit practices. Aika works hard not just for her brother but because this is Re;Rise’s big event.

The day arrives.

Itsuki and Tsubasa start their sniping, but they both agree they won’t let their fight get in the way of the performance.

The group greets their audience. Finally, it’s Aika’s group’s turn. The other members are impressed with Aika’s performance, and the fans are pleased.

The press Re;Rise is receiving is positive. Aika thinks her brother will surely come back now.

She goes to meet her friend Nami and talk about what’s going on.

Later that day, she decides to see Tsubasa in his room.

“I smell something delicious.” Realizing it’s Aika, he makes his usual Tsubasa-like passes, telling her to take her place as the Demon King’s bride. She tells him she has no idea what he’s babbling about. He starts saying she’s some special food then just says to come to Pandemonium with him. She’s still completely lost, but he likes that expression and tone of voice. If she doesn’t submit, he’ll make her body weak with desire. She orders him to stop, but he grabs her. Where does she want him to lick? It will be proof to other demons that she belongs to him. Aika finally pushes him away. She still doesn’t know what’s up with him or his creepy room. Tsubasa relents for now, but he looks forward to the day she becomes his food. Switching subjects, he asks what’s up and is confused by Aika being happy with just talking to him. Isn’t he friends with everyone? Tsubasa denies this but finally agrees to consider what she said.

After the Seiya incident, she heads to look for Tsubasa and ends up at a a church. She wouldn’t think he’d be here, but she’s checking it out anyways.

Tsubasa is there, surprising Aika. He goes into a long speech about why he likes this place. (Something about people wishing for stuff here and how he steals those desires.) After a period of silence, he asks why did she forgive Seiya. Because she loves Re;Rise. Did he think she did it for some other reason? He gets mad and talks about how the Demon King should be granting desires, the usual stuff. Aika asks if he doesn’t like Re;Rise. That seems to be the case, he replies. Grabbing her, he then tells her she swears to serve him forever, he’ll swear to stay in Re;Rise forever. Aika protests while he goes on about she’s going to be his only wife. Aika pushes him away, saying she’s not one of his fangirls. He ponders about the word “fan” as Aika leaves.

Re;Rise sings together and synchronizes, so they all agree to stay together.

At the cafe, Aika goes to help Tsubasa, but he’s taking a break, basically saying the customers let him. Aika drags Tsubasa into the kitchen to talk about his behavior.

Realizing they’re alone, Tsubasa grabs her and uses his magic to prevent her from moving. He demands they kiss. Afterwards, he releases Aika, who is very upset. Aika wonders if her true gender has been exposed. Tsubasa doesn’t understand why she’s rejecting him; does she dislike him? She bluntly says yes. He’s taken aback and actually begs her to tell him what she doesn’t like. Aika says she’s a guy and wants an explanation. He replies he wants her. He’ll show her his true power in his song and then she’ll definitely need him. Aika replies she already needs him as a member of Re;Rise. They go back and forth about him and his actions, and Aika tells him to forget about what happened earlier. She leaves. Tsubasa mutters about what a foolish request it is, to forget.

In the cafe, Aika thinks about what just happened. Right now, she’s her brother, and she wants it to stay that way. A couple of fans compliment Aika on the event and how they’ll support Re;Rise. Aika is pleased, but the others notice she’s not her usual self.

Yonezawa puts her in charge of Tsubasa specifically. He has his fans, but Tsubasa tends to go overboard with his fantasies (delusions) and stuff. If Tsubasa changes, then Re;Rise will change, and then Manaka will return. Aika will try her best.

Her first order of action is to visit Tsubasa’s room.

She enters. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa PinTsubasa literally jumps her. He knew he smelled a female’s scent. Aika realizes he knows, and he says he knew from the beginning by her scent — a dangerous scent. She asks him to get off of her. He won’t because she’s his food. There’s only one way out: be his bride (slave) and mark him with a kiss. She refuses, so he’s going to mark her as his. Then she can quit as “Amane Aika”. She hesitates but says he’s cruel. He doesn’t mind hearing that. Feeling like she has no other choice, she kisses him. He’s pleased, and Aika swears she sees something strange (black feathers). Tsubasa remarks her aura really is something. She WILL be his bride. He whispers he’ll forgive her if she becomes his, making Aika angry. She doesn’t get him, she tells him, but being with him is a part of her job and his. Tsubasa finds the whole prospect of him changing interesting and tells her to try.

She definitely can’t let anyone know she and Tsubasa kissed and wants to forget the whole thing.

Aika finds the rest of Re;Rise in the living room but Tsubasa missing. She goes to fetch him.

Meanwhile, Seiya remarks Aika looked scary. It seems to Ruka Aika hates Tsubasa. Itsuki wonders if something happened last night.

Aika enters and orders Tsubasa to wake up. He’s sleeping but wakes up long enough to tell her go away. Aika replies he’s being a nuisance as an idol, and an idol is supposed to give love to people. Tsubasa tells Aika to get her hands off of him and he’ll get up.

Aika goes with Tsubasa to his job. As they run toward the location, she wonders why he is an idol and model. Before she can ask, a child and then later a woman come up to Tsubasa. The kid just knew of him but the woman was his fan specifically, but Tsubasa coldly brushes them both off.  Aika wants to know why he treated his fan that way. Tsubasa says he’s serious about capturing all the women with his aura for food to become the lord of Pandemonium. So she should just shut up and come along unless she’s going to show him the legendary “song” that destroys demons. He then advises to forget what he just said. Aika tells him to treasure his fans. He doesn’t get why Aika protests. She thinks happy people support idols more than when they feel bad. Tsubasa doesn’t understand “feel”. She tries to compare it to the feelings Re;Rise has when they’re together. He seems to grasp the concept, but he clearly says Aika is different from the others since she’s his bride; she has no freedom and is his for all her life. Aika is still confused, but he tells her to just follow him.

At a photoshoot, he’s his usual rude self to the staff but confidently tells Aika to watch him. She notices how he transforms (not literally) in front of the camera. She’s shocked he can have this kind of aura. “…It’s almost not as if he’s not human!” Aika says he really is cool while modeling. He blushes some more and admits he’s since it’s the first time she’s praised him. Then, should he capture her some more? She says no since she’s afraid they’ll kiss again. He doesn’t understand: shouldn’t all beings be happy with his offer? He’ll show her more of his cool self; in exchange, he says while blushing, watch only him forever. “Uh, okay?” Aika thinks Tsubasa’s words sound more like “I want you to watch over me”, but she dismisses the thought. Tsubasa eventually drags Aika into the shoot. And she can’t refuse otherwise he’ll make her let out an embarrassing voice. The photographer likes Tsubasa’s sexy expression. Tsubasa just tells her to follow him. She finally agrees. He smiles, much to the surprise of the other two. Tsubasa then forces her closer and to look into his eyes or else she’ll be punished…unless she WANTS to be punished. She starts falling under his spell (figuratively). The cameraman takes the shot, interrupting them. He thinks this will be the best picture. Tsubasa is pleased with his new toy-slash-pet, but Aika feels insulted both as herself and on behalf of his fans.

Things have been going well. No other kiss incidents have happened.

In the rehearsal room, Tsubasa asks if she’s tired. She’s trying to keep up, but he hasn’t been serious up to now. He’ll sing just for her later.

The next day, the pair heads to the church. This is a good place for the wind, Tsubasa says. He uses his magic again. He tells her he’s going to punish her and grabs her. He then lets her go, saying he’ll let her off just for today.

On another evening, Tsubasa has the day off. Aika notes he’s strangely not causing a nuisance today. He suddenly enters her room. She yells at him to at least knock. Why, is there something she doesn’t want seen? Of course there is! He doesn’t mind. As her master, he orders her to get a glass. She’s confused, but he’s demanding she go to the kitchen for him; he’ll be waiting in his room.

Itsuki spots Aika and offers to make her a midnight snack. When Aika explains why she’s there, he notes she pampers him. Itsuki hands Aika Tsubasa’s glass and adds he doesn’t eat much. He also talks about the pictures she and Tsubasa took and how special she appears to be to Tsubasa. He wishes her well as both an idol and as herself.

She enters Tsubasa’s room and finds someone else with him. Tsubasa clicks his tongue as Aika shuts the door.

Aika is surprised but is relieved to see Tsubasa has at least one friend. She then realizes what she just thought and thinks she’s acting like his mother. Surely she worries about all the members like this, yep. She can’t help but spy.

The stranger asks how much longer he’ll (Tsubasa) be here. Tsubasa replies it’s just as he said before, once he’s done, he’ll return. The man says they all think Tsubasa’s done enough for the throne. Tsubasa scoffs and says the man should just wait for him. The man bids farewell to his lord and then a bright light appears.

Aika has no idea what she just heard and saw. Tsubasa then calls her inside.

Aika enters his room and finds the stranger gone, much to her confusion. He praises her and touches her cheek gently. She doesn’t understand his behavior, but he says just accept it. Aika is worried. Suddenly, he pours some demon juice in the special glass. Aika realizes he only drinks that juice and chides him for his bad eating habits. He replies he’s fine. She thinks about how there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him. But she still insists it’s because they’re both Re;Rise members. He grabs her, smiles, and sends her back to her room to sleep.

She’s bewildered. She didn’t know he could smile normally.

The days continue.

At the end of an interview, the lady takes one final picture of Aika. Seiya comes in, and the two almost collide. Aika gets all wet, so the woman suggests Aika take off her clothes to avoid catching a cold. Aika is panicking. Suddenly, she hears, “What are you doing?” and is eventually dragged into Tsubasa’s room.

Aika wonders why Tsubasa burst in suddenly. He heard her voice. She doesn’t understand since that room is soundproof. The contract they entered into allows him to hear his slave’s voice wherever. Tsubasa accuses her of almost stripping, but Aika denies this of course, and she’s not his in the first place. He gets even more possessive, but Aika manages to push him away and says this is all for Re;Rise. Tsubasa gets upset again. “You are my bride. So then…why is Re;Rise all you think about?” Aika declares that’s something Tsubasa decided on his own, and it’s a bad joke. He scoffs. He’ll teach her whom she belongs to. He snaps his fingers and a choker appears. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa ChokerShe can’t move or she’ll be hurt. Aika protests she doesn’t like this sort of thing, but he’s cocky as always. He’ll let her go if she swears to be Tsubasa’s bride. Or she can look like how humans look when they go into the sea (i.e. strip to her underwear). Aika finally says she’s his bride. This pleases Tsubasa and he lets his slave free but realizes Aika is crying. He seems regretful. He promises not to do anything like this again if she stops. She declares she’ll never forgive him. He smiles and says it’s fine. Tsubasa asks her to forgive him in exchange for an anklet. It’s proof of her submission. Every time she looks at it, she’ll remember the humiliation and her body will get hot. “How cruel!” “…That’s right. I am cruel.” I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa ConsolingAika can’t figure out his actions. Does he hate her? Tsubasa says won’t be like his father and be destroyed for love. Before Aika leaves, Tsubasa adds she’ll be in even more pain if she tries to remove the anklet.

Outside his room, Aika reflects on what just happened. Surely the kindness she saw was just an illusion.

Meanwhile, Tsubasa thinks about crimes, captivity, and punishment.

After that, things are awkward between the two of them. During filming for a CM, the director (?) is saying this is no good today. Tsubasa rudely orders her to shut up; he is not one to take orders. The director and Aika are taken aback. This causes a ruckus among the staff. Aika finally snaps at Tsubasa. She apologizes on his behalf.

Aika bows and begs the staff to give Tsubasa another chance as Re;Rise’s leader. Tsubasa mutters at her statement, but the director finally agrees. Tsubasa is still sulking, but Aika points out this is for Tsubasa’s sake as well. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Thanks“It’s for…my sake.” He still doesn’t understand Aika. She was so upset with him but will go this far for him. She still demands he apologize to the staff, and he does so sincerely while looking at Aika the whole time. Aika also notices his expression is not like any she’s seen before. Tsubasa, meanwhile, continues wondering about eating.

The project wraps up. The director thanks Aika for her help. Tsubasa and Aika prepare to leave as the director mentions she’s looking forward to more from Tsubasa based on the concept of “you’re the only one I love”. He doesn’t understand the theme at all.

Tsubasa brings up the fact he played around with her yesterday, but Aika wants to keep their work and personal lives separated. He abruptly drops the subject. She again scolds him for his earlier behavior at work. He needs to learn to love people, not hate them. She adds he’s important as one of Re;Rise. Tsubasa turns it around on her: is he important because she hates him? Or because she loves him? Aika admits she can’t forgive him but doesn’t hate him. She requests he shape up for Re;Rise’s sake, and he still doesn’t like she’s so focused on the group. He will try harder so he doesn’t look uncool in front of her. She tells him to treat the staff like his family and friends. He mentions demons look out for their family, but then he stares at her. In short, he has to treat them like her, right? Aika is like, “Don’t even think about that!” Tsubasa is starting to get it: like people he wants to protect.

Things are better between them.

It’s been 3 days since the CM. She still doesn’t know how to fully face him, but it’s time to rehearse.

In the living room, Aika goes to look at Re;Rise’s interview article. This makes her think about Tsubasa and the look he gave her during the CM. He almost looked like a lost child. She pushes those thoughts to the side. She then reads the article.  Under her name is the caption “ordinary”. For the first time, she feels the pain of replacing her brother. Tsubasa appears. He messes with her as usual but isn’t as cruel as he normally is. He dismisses the articles as garbage. After he continues talking, Aika declares she’ll work even harder. He’s surprised; aren’t humans supposed to give in to despair in times like these? Aika says sometimes change is necessary. Tsubasa looks like he’s going to get mad again, but he smiles and says she’s beautiful. He grabs her and pulls her close. He wants to know her name, her real name. He’s blushing and yet holding her so tightly it hurts. Aika is shaken by his voice that has sadness in it. “I beg you.” He smiles when she tells him it’s Amane Aika. He says it so happily and repeats it several times. Aika wonders why he has such a sweet expression and voice. Once again, he tells her she’s beautiful. She doesn’t know how to react. Suddenly, Tsubasa freezes. He’s the king of the Underworld, and for that reason, he needs the power of “song”. He has a painful expression on his face. Aika asks what’s wrong. He suddenly drags her out of the room.

They go to the rehearsal room. He promised he’d show her his seriousness. She sings as well. After their performance, he again confirms she’s beautiful. He pulls her close. She is the one that cause him to bring out his full ability. Aika doesn’t truly believe him, and he notices that. He sulks but doesn’t admit it. Anyways, he’ll bring out his true strength from now on. She better as well, as an idol. And he’s going to obtain the power of “song”. Aika asks what he means, but he leaves. She thinks about his previous comments during the the choker incident about his father. She tries to piece the puzzle together.

Aika reflects on yesterday’s events. She keeps thinking about Tsubasa’s expression, and then she realizes she knows nothing about him. She hopes today’s work with him will be normal.

A fan of Tsubasa’s comes up. Aika expects him to be rude as usual but he lets her take a picture. Aika is impressed and about his sudden change. He still doesn’t understand “sincerity”, but he’s taking Aika’s advice and treating his fans better. She’s happy and says he must treasure his family. “? What are you talking about? I wasn’t thinking of her as family but as you–” Tsubasa stop mid-sentence when he realizes what he just said. Aika is surprised but dismisses the thought. She switches the subject to family. He adds he also misses his father like she does. But unlike her, he has a mission: to regain his family’s honor. That’s why he’s an idol. And to obtain her… He tells her to forget what he just said. Aika asks him to explain why Tsubasa goes around calling her his bride. If he can’t answer, then will he at least explain what he’s been worried about lately? It has nothing to do with her, he replies, then goes silent. She should just be quiet and stay by his side. Aika wants to be his equal. She presses forward: he’s changed, that’s why…that’s why… “Aika?” He says her name so gently that she admits she wants to get along with him better. But in a normal fashion. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa HugFlustered, he grabs her and tells her to shut up. Aika protests, but Tsubasa blames her for saying something so cute. People see them and start wondering what’s going on. He still won’t let go because she’s his slave. Aika thinks the way he says it makes her sound special. She dismisses the thought. He wants her to think about him more, much, much more. Aika finally pushes Tsubasa away, causing a fuss among the spectators. She is so flustered she takes off running back.

In her room, Aika thinks about the Tsubasa from earlier. He then barges in. After Aika took off, he was left alone explaining the situation. He’s now going to punish her for that and for forgetting about their contract. Aika protests and dodges his advance. She doesn’t want a repeat of the other day. He then relents and tells her to at least sit. He then kisses her foot. He’s going to leave his kisses everywhere. Aika protests, but then he uses his magic to give her a pedicure in his colors. It’s proof to hear and other males she’s his. Aika doesn’t know how to respond to any of this. She asks him how he’s doing it. Magic, of course. He then indirectly asks if she’s hating this. She’s not. He tells her this is her punishment and to always stay by his side.

Aika gets a message from Manaka on the phone. He still needs more time.

The stranger from earlier and Tsubasa are having a conversation. The man is upset Tsubasa hasn’t come back yet. He basically wants Tsubasa to hurry up and at least eat “that person” for the power of “song”. Tsubasa calls the man Peter, and Peter reminds him about their wish. Tsubasa uses his authority to send Peter away as the former muses to himself.

Aika contacted Yonezawa about the message. She also notes she can stay by Tsubasa’s side but insists it’s nothing to be happy about.

Tsubasa keeps treating her kindly, and even reporters on TV notice Tsubasa’s passionate, painful face.

Since everyone’s going to be off tomorrow, Re;Rise decides to have a picnic. Aika isn’t sure she should go since Tsubasa won’t come along. To her surprise, he agrees.

Aika wakes up in the middle of the night. She realizes she fell alseep in boy’s clothes and, still sleepy, think she sees Tsubasa. He’s saying something (chanting), and Aika can’t move nor understand what’s going on.

She then realizes she’s at the park, but the atmosphere seems different. “…So you came, my bride.” Tsubasa now has wings. Aika thinks she’s dreaming. She also notes he called her his bride and not his slave and wonders if this means that’s her desire. He wants to show her (and only her) his territory and tells her to hold on to him tightly so she won’t fall. Does she not believe him? Aika half protests, but he smiles and says he can’t believe what he’s doing either. This is a dream, he tells her, and she’ll forget everything in the morning. But, for now, be his bride, stay by his side,…and accept his love. He looks as if he’s in pain.

They head to his castle. He explains a bit about the Underworld and his clan needing humans’ aura. Aika is just going along with everything at this point but still as a dream. He then says she’s so cute and lovable. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa DreamHe always wants to see her smile and to always treasure her. Aika is flustered, and he admits he’s not himself. Aika wonders if he’s saying this words because she’ll someday end this charade or for some other reason. But right now he wants an eternal vow to his one and only bride. Aika wonders why all of this is making her heart hurt if this is supposed to be a dream. He kisses her forehead, explaining a kiss on the lips is a contract. Aika thinks he doesn’t want to kiss her and is shocked by her own thoughts. Both wonder what this painful feeling is. Someday, he has to get his revenge for the “song” that destroyed his father. Aika still doesn’t understand. As their time comes to an end, he says to forget everything. The last thing she sees is black feathers.

Aika wakes up in girl’s clothes the next morning.

She greets the other members. Looking at Tsubasa makes her think of yesterday’s weird dream. He asks if she’s tired. She replies she’s fine, and he’s relieved.

They go out on a picnic. Seiya is so moved to be here with everyone he starts crying. They all talk about how they’ve improved, especially Tsubasa. Reo thinks Tsubasa’s change is because of Aika.

Tsubasa finally tells Ruka he’s sick and the symptoms only come up when a particular woman talks to other guys. Ruka is surprised but replies, “Isn’t that love?” First love, probably, Ruka adds. Tsubasa proclaims there’s no way, a demon can’t love a human. Just then, there’s a large gust of wind.

Tsubasa worries that Aika got injured and gets close to her. She pushes him away, still flustered from last night’s dream. He’s upset that other guys can get close to her. He starts his “only look at me that way” talk again, but then stops when he talks about how he doesn’t hate her, he—. Tsubasa then says he’s going to think about what Ruka said. She thanks him, but a part of her wishes he could be as gentle as last night.

Tsubasa mutters to himself about how that smile is so precious as Peter secretly watches.

All Aika has been thinking about lately is Tsubasa. She wonders if he’s well because his face was so red at the picnic.

Aika goes with Tsubasa to a new job. He asks if she has any troubles lately, but she turns the question back on him. He insists his body is fine and wants to know what’s bothering her. Fans come up, and he agrees to shake their hands and even tells them he appreciates their support. He still seems uncomfortable as he and Aika leave. Aika sees the black feathers again.

Aika is still surprised by his unusual behavior as Tsubasa greets the staff. The cameraman then remarks Aika is short and thin and starts touching her. Tsubasa pulls her close and tells the cameraman not to bring up a someone’s complexes.

As they leave, Tsubasa is upset again. No other guys should touch her since she’s his slave. She remembers how angry he’s been before and starts to apologize. But he’s not angry; he just wants to protect his precious slave. Just leave everything to him. It almost sounds like a confession to Aika. She wonders how he thinks of her as she spots the black feathers again.

During a rehearsal, Itsuki asks if Tsubasa’s body is really alright. Tsubasa replies he’s fine, but Itsuki doesn’t believe him; his face has been pale. The other insists it’s not a problem and storms off as black feathers fall.

Aika searches for Tsubasa well into evening. At the park, the atmosphere changes for a second, and then once more. It’s just as in Aika’s dream. Peter still secretly watches as Aika enters the same teleporter as in the dream.

She arrives outside the castle. She spots black feathers; Tsubasa must be close. Just then, Aika spots Peter, who tells her she’s in the way. He coldly tells her he’s not a friend but family, a proud demon. Aika thinks about all the strange events surrounding Tsubasa but still doesn’t believe. She asks about Tsubasa’s health. The wind picks up, and Peter gets angry, blaming her for Tsubasa’s condition. Lightning almost strikes her. He explains how Manaka’s disappearance was for her sake. While all beings have the power of “song”, her lyrics have a special power, overflowing with love. When Tsubasa gave her the anklet and said he wouldn’t let others touch her, that meant that he’d protect her. Aika processes all this information as the storm rages. But Tsubasa is on the brink of destruction thanks to her, so Peter will get rid of her. Before his magic strikes her, Tsubasa uses his own to protect Aika. He’s almost transparent. Peter worries Tsubasa is going to die at this rate. He doesn’t care; he won’t let Peter lay one finger on his bride. Black feathers fall again. Peter begs Tsubasa not to use any more magic; if Tsubasa’s feathers continue to fall off, he’ll die, just like the previous king. Tsubasa apologizes for not obtaining the power of “song”, but Peter just wants him to remain as he is. The family’s true wish is for Tsubasa to be happy. Peter leaves. Aika is near tears worrying about Tsubasa dying, but Tsubasa is fine with the situation. She begs him to tell her everything; she doesn’t want him to suffer. She finally truly believes this is real, that everything was real, and whatever he tells her will be the truth. They head to his room so he can explain everything.

He and Peter are really demons, and he’s 999 years old. Aika says she remembers the “dream” from earlier. The demon juice is human aura, but he can’t rely on that forever. Again, she’s special, and when he tried to “feast” on her at first. The power of “song” runs in Aika’s blood, and Tsubasa’s father was destroyed because of it. But her true power is still sleeping inside her, and he tried to use her to obtain the throne. And he became an idol to obtain auras for his family. But Tsubasa couldn’t claim Aika…because he fell in love. He professes how much he cares for her even though it’s leading to his demise. Aika doesn’t want to hear such sad words. Tsubasa again tells his bride he loves her. At the very least, he wants to die at her side, but Aika rejects this. She begs him to stay with her. He says he can’t eat other women’s aura. Aika is like, “Isn’t my aura good enough?” He’s shocked; he doesn’t want to hurt her or make her cry. She’ll cry only if he dies. Tsubasa thinks Aika doesn’t fully understand the consequences, but Aika tells him his life is more important. She once thought she could never forgive him, but she knows he’s truly kind. They kiss. Tsubasa is stunned. What was she thinking? That was a kiss of fealty, a contract. Aika, blushing, says she’s fine with it because she wants to be by his side.
“Y-you fool! If you say such a thing, I won’t ever let you go!”
I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Confession“!-Tsubasa-sa–“
“…Are you really fine with that?”
“I won’t stop halfway.”
I believe Tsubasa-san is truly kind.
I believe in Tsubasa-san’s feelings.
Does that mean you want to be hurt by me?”
“Then go mad.
I’ll give you the ultimate pleasure. I’ll turn even pain into happiness.
I’ll steal all of you…
My dear slave.”

Aika awakens the next morning in her room (dressed as a girl). Tsubasa asks if she’s awake. She collapsed in the Underworld since Tsubasa took her aura. She’s been asleep for three days. She asks about his condition. He smirks. Just whom does she think he is? She better prepare herself now that she’s his food. Aika is glad to see Tsubasa back to normal and in good health. They leave to go to work. Peter appears, glad to see Tsubasa happy.

The day of the revenge live arrives. Aika is pleasantly surprised by the number of people at the park. Tsubasa remarks on the appetizers (women), but Aika scolds him. Tsubasa says why should he care about others when he already has the best food in his bride. Aika blushes. He wants to feast, so they try to sneak off. A fan spots them, but Tsubasa charms her away. He then teleports himself and Aika backstage. Aika is still surprised by his words to his fan. Tsubasa says he thinks about how he felt when his feelings were unrequited. He then leads his bride into the waiting room.

Re;Rise greets the fans. Tsubasa tells the fans to always smile. Aika notes he really has changed.

The live is going well. Offstage, Tsubasa suddenly asks Aika if she’ll support him from now on. Of course! A lot has happened, but she doesn’t dislike him. He’s her beloved idol, her most important person. Tsubasa smiles, deeply moved. He wants to sing his solo song with her. The rest of Re;Rise encourages her, and she goes onstage with Tsubasa.

After the song, Tsubasa quickly drags her backstage. He praises her and thanks her. He changed because of her. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa ProposalHe then tells her to become his. He gives her a ring as proof he’s monopolizing her. Aika can’t believe Tsubasa is doing this here of all places. But he doesn’t care since he wants her. Seiya then appears, wondering what’s going on. Itsuki is like, “Butt out!”, but it’s time for the finale.

As they go onstage, Tsubasa tells her to be proud. They’re here because of her. The rest agrees as Tsubasa whispers to follow him. Aika agrees. As the live wraps up, Tsubasa whispers she’s his treasure.

Yonezawa congratulates Aika on the live but confirms Manaka won’t return. He leaves it up to her whether to continue to be “Amane Aika” or go back to being Amane Aika.

Option A:

She will continue as an idol. She wants to be with everyone more. Yonezawa thanks her. He swears to keep her identity a secret. He whispers her boyfriend will surely save her. Aika nearly chokes in surprise, but they exchange formal greetings.

She realizes that was the first time she’s been called by Yonezawa as just “Aika” and feels like she’s the true “Amane Aika” now.

Option B:

Aika will quit because she has her own dream. Yonezawa understands but also notes he’ll leave “that person” to her. Aika blushes but agrees.

Happy Ending 1:

Aika feels like this is her true beginning as “Amane Aika”. She gets a phone call. It couldn’t be?!

At the park, she meets up with Manaka. He apologizes for being late but says it’s all over now. Aika feels guilty about stealing his position, but Manaka tells her not to. He discovered he wants to work with idols from the shadows rather than be one himself. Aika says they’ll always be family.

Aika can’t settle down. She doesn’t have any work. She chats with Ruka and Tsubasa in the hallway. She wants to get a job on her own and not be dependent on Tsubasa. He chuckles. He just remembered she’s that sort of person. He’s told her a person who doesn’t give up is better, and that’s when he first took an interest in her. He tells Aika she’s beautiful. Ruka is stunned: “Tsubasa-san, is it possible — that first love we talked about is…” Tsubasa is about to proudly proclaim yes when Aika shuts him up and stammers a “never mind!” to Ruka. He agrees; after all, Aika-kun is a boy. He and Reo leave for work. After they leave, Aika finally stops covering Tsubasa’s mouth. He doesn’t understand why she’s upset. It’s a fact they’re in love, even if they are a demon and a human. Aika blushes. He finds her embarrassed self fascinating, too. “‘Fascinating’…um…” “It means I want you.” He grabs her. Aika asks him to let go, but no matter where she goes, he’ll capture his slave. Now, they’re going to kiss even more fervently, he tells her. In the midst of his seduction, he asks if they should they have a marriage announcement. He heard something about it from Seiya, so Aika is sure something is being misunderstood. Tsubasa doesn’t understand human habits, but Aika points out she’s still a male idol. Don’t worry, he’ll protect her secret! She’s touched, but this is still wrong! After thinking a moment, he finally announces he’ll wait until she’s done being an idol. But she has to come with him tomorrow.

Aika is surprised to learn that she and Tsubasa are doing a photo album together. She hesistates, but Tsubasa and Yonezawa encourage her. Tsubasa also sincerely thanks the staff.

She’s nervous about the reviews, but it turns out the album is a hit. Not only that,  the TV reporters love Aika’s pictures more. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Happy Ending 1Aika still can’t believe it. They talk about her charm. But he wants her to stay by her side and be even more beautiful. Aika doesn’t understand why Tsubasa is snuggling up to her, but he then asks her to marry him. She’ll forever be his bride (food).

Happy Ending 2:

A few days later, Aika is saying her farewells. The others are upset but Tsubasa is silent. She wonders if he’s angry. Suddenly he says he’ll meet with her someday, so she should get dolled up and wait for him.

As Aika leaves, she bumps into Manaka. He thanks her as well as apologizes for everything. He’s glad she’s safe. She was worried about him, too. Everything’s over now, he says. She’s confused. He eventually says he found something he’d rather do, so he’s not going to be an idol. But he hopes he can go back to living with Aika at their house. Of course! Manaka’s happy, and he’s also relieved nothing happened to her when he was away. She thinks about Tsubasa but doesn’t say anything. She then wonders if Manaka has the same special power she has. But she can’t tell him about demons and stuff; he’d think she was crazy. So Aika says nothing happened. Manaka replies he’ll watch over her until she becomes a bride.

At home, life is returning to normal. Suddenly, Tsubasa appears in Aika’s room. Manaka knocks on her door, wondering what’s up. She sends her brother away, but Tsubasa doesn’t understand why. Aika tells him Manaka wouldn’t believe the truth. Regardless, now that Aika has quit being an idol, Tsubasa has come to make her his bride, his wife. Of course, he’s going to eat her up, and she shouldn’t be loud unless she wants that earlier “thing” (Manaka) to come back. She’s stunned into silence. He orders her to the Underworld but she refuses. She’s embarrassed. Tsubasa says he’ll return and then leaves, confusing Aika.

The next night, Tsubasa wakes her up at 2 AM. He wants to go to his castle, but Aika tells him to rest after work. He agrees, but only if he can see his slave’s dreams. He leaves.

He comes back with his demands every night. Aika tells him not to be a nuisance, and he mutters to himself something like, “What am I doing wrong?” before disappearing quickly.

The next day, Aika is at the park because she’s heard it’s Tsubasa’s day off. Peter comes and escorts her to the Underworld. Peter thought she’d learn more about the true Tsubasa — the Demon King Tsubasa — by watching him. Tsubasa doesn’t know anything about Aika coming, so she needs to be quiet as she observes him secretly.

Tsubasa the King is a side of him unknown to her. But Tsubasa detects Peter and Aika. Peter explains he just thought he’d help Tsubasa with his proposal. Aika is shocked. Peter is like, “He said, ‘come to the Underworld'”, but Aika didn’t know  he meant it like that. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Happy Ending 2-1Left alone, he smiles as he asks Aika if she really didn’t get he was proposing. He isn’t angry since humans have their own way of doing things. She says he was cool today, different from his cool model self. Aika is a bit nervous. But he wants her to live forever at his side. He won’t let go; he’ll make all of her into his bride. He’s kidding. He’ll pursue his bride forever. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Happy Ending 2-2But he’ll take his much for now. Because he loves her.


Aika (girl mode) and Tsubasa go to the cafe. He brought her back because he did bad things to her then. He pulls her closer. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa SpoilTo make up for back then, he’s going to spoil her today. He talks about how much he loves her and feeds her. Aika eventually admits she loves him, too.

Aika is in her room studying. Suddenly, a voice says he feels like eating. She scolds him for entering unannounced. He says she should always be prepared to act as his food. She’s a bad girl, and bad girls need to be punished.

Later, he brings her to his room. He notes it would be interesting if Yonezawa or the others would find her hear, so she swears to herself not to make a sound. He begins half-seducing and half-threatening to turn her into an animal. “Who is your master?” He demands they kiss. They do so until Aika is too embarrassed to continue. Well, now he wants her even more. He loves all her expressions. He talks about how she doesn’t want to be separated from him. She has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s half-joking; in truth, he thought if he captured her body, then her heart would follow. Because he truly fell in love her. He confesses he wants to see her smile so he sets free. He is still awkward when it comes to love, but this is his way of expressing it. Aika won’t leave. Can’t they smile together because they’re going out? “Um, what is going out?” He has no idea what that means but eventually gets that they can spend time together. I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Epilogue 2Aika says times together like this are important. So he asks her to teach him “going out”, but she’s unsure since it’s her first time as well. They’ll fumble through it together.

Bad Ending:

Pulling her backstage, Tsubasa says Aika needs to be punished. He says she’s inviting him to Hell to live in eternal pain and pleasure as a doll. Aika is like, “What?!”, but he smiles gently and says she’s reacting as usual. He, however, has changed because he fell in love with her. Then the proposal scene occurs.

Alone on stage, Aika feels everything is over. Tsubasa appears out of nowhere. He was searching for her because she’s his treasure. She doesn’t need to worry because they’ll always be together. Blushing, Aika agrees. He embraces her as he swears to protect her no matter what.

I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Bad Ending“I’ve come back, Aika.” Tsubasa compliments her and orders her to look his away. Aika responds to each of his statements with, “Yes, Tsubasa-san.” Tsubasa continues talking about how they’ll always be together and he’ll spoil her. “Yes, Tsubasa-san.” Itsuki and the others have been searching for her, but they’ll never be able to find her here in the Underworld. Aika is silent. They’re so impolite to try to get in Tsubasa and Aika’s way, right? “Yes, Tsubasa-san.” He’ll watch over her in the castle and get her anything she wants. She needs only him, right? “Yes, Tsubasa-san.” He’ll protect her from any injuries….without fail. “…Yes, Tsubasa-san…”

Sighing, Peter wonders Tsubasa is going to play with that doll. Well, as long as he’s happy.

“I love you, my queen.”
“Yes, Tsubasa-san…”

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I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Kiss 1I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Kiss 2I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Kiss 3I Doll U Kuroyume Tsubasa Bonus

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