Game – I Doll U: Ruka Kiss Scenes

I translated two scenes from I Doll U‘s Ruka route. Both take place right after the first two Kiss Modes, so you can follow along right after finishing the first two Kiss Modes.

Scene 1: Right after Aika and Ruka’s first kiss.



“Y-you’re angry, right? It’s disgusting, right? I’m really sorry…!  I mean, I am…urrr, I’m also confused.”

(What should I do now that he knows I’m a girl….!!?”)

“…Hee hee. We kissed~~!”


“That was my first kiss. How about you?”

“T-t-t-that was mine, too, but…”

(I get the feeling…Maybe he doesn’t realize I’m a girl? But…why is he so calm?!)

“Then we’re the same! It’s unusual for both of our first kisses to be with a guy.”

“T-that’s true. It’s certainly unusual….! ….But, why are you acting so normal right now?”

“Eh? ….But it was a bro kiss, right?”


“Then there’s no problem, I think. If it was a girl, I think my heart would have probably stopped.”

“Is…that right…”

(Certainly if we’re bros, then I shouldn’t mind or think it’s strange. That should be fine, but…)

“In fact…I wonder why. I actually didn’t mind a kiss from you at all. In fact, it was kind of fun.
It’s like we have to hide something really bad from the others.”

“Really bad?”

“I mean, like…Isn’t like we have a secret relationship? Hiding from everyone so we can kiss.”

“That, that sounds really embarrassing!? I mean, well, you know, ’cause we’re bros…”

“Bros, huh…”


“Then…perhaps it’d be fine if you were a girl.”


“Yeah, that’s it! If you were a girl, you’d be super cute! You wouldn’t lose to anyone!”

(What does that mean…?! Perhaps he hasn’t sensed anything yet, right?)

“I mean, look. Even though we’re this close and touching, I’m not afraid, and isn’t it actually fun?”

“Um…you and I are guys, so I guess it’s fine, but…”

(…That’s right. I’m sure if he knew the truth, he’d be too scared getting close to another girl like this.
…If I were to reveal my identity, surely Ruka-kun would be frightened.)

“…If you were a girl, you wouldn’t like a partner like me?”

(“If you were a girl” he says…But I am a woman! No, I can’t say anything, but…)

“If you’re not saying anything, I guess I’d be no good. …I guess you’re right. All I’ve shown you are my bad points.”

“N-no, that’s not–”

“…Then I’ll do my best onstage at the cafe. Watch me then.
I won’t run away any more. I’m not good conversing with girls, but…If I’m with you, I’ll want to sing onstage.
Then you’ll see at least one of my good points!”

“I-I got it. I’m also looking forward to it…!”

(That’s right. I’ve got to do my best right now with the work I have in front of me and next week’s event.)

“Well then, I’m going back to work!”

“Yeah, see you later!”

(Anyways, this is finally our chance. I’m looking forward to hearing Re;Rise’s song, so I have to rehearse even more!)

Scene 2: After their second kiss

“…Did you think just now was enough?”


“Can we kiss even deeper?”


“Or perhaps…you aren’t interested in me?”

“Ruka-kun!? What are you saying!?”

“I am. Interested in you.”


(No way…Did that kiss just now make him realize I’m a girl!?)

“Hey, look at me more. I’ll make it so you can’t see anything but me.
Be bound to me. Then…I’ll give you an even sweeter kiss.”

What should I do!? Even if he did found out I’m a girl, this Ruka-kun is strange!

“…Just kidding!”

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