Game Summary – Shidou Reo Route from I Doll U

I Doll U Shidou Reo Bonus

This is part of a series of summaries for the PS Vita game I Doll U. For a brief introduction to the game, go here. Heavy spoilers for the game ahoy!

This one covers Shidou Reo. Start with the main route to best understand the story.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a track or segment (chapter).

At 7:30 AM, Aika doesn’t feel like there’s enough time for lessons. She finds Reo sleeping on the sofa in the living room. He wakes up and says he fell asleep watching a movie nyan. She should be worrying more about herself and her lessons instead. Aika says Reo’s -nyas are cute, but Reo doesn’t want to be called cute! They both apologize. He means that she shouldn’t overdo it on lessons. Idols need to do more than sing, but she’ll find her own charm point. Aika decides to practice.

In her room, Aika notes 10 days have gone by since the cafe was opened. She thinks about how she’ll be separated from Re;Rise once Manaka returns.

Re;Rise will have a song event at the cafe.

Aika goes to tell Reo about the event. He’s by the stage saying “bye nyan!” to some fans. When he sees Aika, he goes, “Oh, it’s you”, very different from a minute ago. Hurry up and talk nyan.

Aika tells him about the event. Reo’s not happy at still having to go onstage as a nekomimi character. Aika apologizes for her excitement, but he says she can feel happy. He goes to leave, but Aika grabs his hand to tell him his nekomimi character is also cute. In the struggle, they end up kissing. Aika deeply apologizes. Reo is not happy with her. Guys — including Aika — don’t like to being approached that closely or touched. Aika feels humiliated. Reo backs off a bit. Aika asks if it’s okay if a girl got that close to him. Reo jumps, blushing. He’s an idol; he cannyaot get close to any girl nya! He thought she was a serious, straight-laced person; why is she asking nyan! Aika didn’t want to be the only one flustered. Aika says Reo really thinks about his fans. Giving love is a part of an idol’s job, he replies. He and his fans exchange love. Aika then asks about being disliked. He replies being hated means someone’s looking at you, and that feeling may even change into love. The scariest thing is being forgotten. He’s also scared of not reaching his full potential. Aika thinks he’s a splendid person who has the courage to face new challenges. She offers her support. He says “thank you” normally. Aika thinks his non-nekomimi “thank you” is charming. Reo leaves. Aika is still embarrassed, but this is Re;Rise’s big chance.

Aika, Reo, Ruka, and Seiya are going to perform together at the cafe, and the other two are going to do a song as well.

The unit practices. Aika works hard not just for her brother but because this is Re;Rise’s big event.

The day arrives.

Seiya tells her she needs to set an example for Re;Rise’s success. So she should just consider this a test for her “real secret”. Reo tells her to not be nervous but to guide them as their leader. Ruka is afraid of girls as usual but Aika encourages him.

The group greets their audience. Finally, it’s Aika’s group’s turn. The other members are impressed with Aika’s performance, and the fans are pleased.

The press Re;Rise is receiving is positive. Aika thinks her brother will surely come back now.

Later, she goes to meet her friend Nami and talk about what’s going on.

Later that day, she decides to see Reo. Aika talks to him outside, but he’s sullen. When she keeps talking, he loudly yells to shut up and that she wants him to remain as a nekomimi character. Aika protests no, but she is interested in why he wants to stop so badly. Reo replies he decides his own future and it has nothing to do with her. He’s been in showbiz for 10 years and doesn’t want her bossing him around. She just wanted to know more about him. He apologizes for taking his anger out on her but still doesn’t want others meddling. He goes to leave, but Aika grabs him again. She points out Ruka called him both cute and cool, so both could be his charm. She will do her best to match his 10 years of effort. Before she leaves, he suggests consulting Itsuki if she wants to know more about the idol world. She can sense he really respects Itsuki. Aika will take Reo’s suggestion.

Back in her room, Aika finds a voicemail from Manaka. He saw the news. He apologizes but asks her to continue for a little longer. Aika is a confused and still worried. But she’ll continue and is glad at least he’s okay.

There’s a rattling sound from the kitchen as well as a beep. Someone shouts, “Yes! With this, my sound will dominate ENTERTAINMENT history! The one whom the world will watch is me!”

After the Seiya incident, she heads to look for Reo.

Reo is outside, sighing. Aika thanks Reo since it was her responsibility as leader to notice Seiya’s feelings and for agreeing to let the song decide. Reo replies the real credit should go to Ruka nyan. Reo doesn’t hate any of Re;Rise nya. Aika loves them all, too, including Reo. She’s glad to have a senpai like Reo. He mutters to himself but turns his attention to Seiya’s upcoming performance.

Re;Rise sings together and synchronizes, so they all agree to stay together.

At the cafe, Aika goes to help out Reo. Aika tries to get his attention and ends up kissing him again. Reo calls her stupid seven times and throws in a “you’re an idinyat (idiot)!” Aika notices his ears are red, but he still keeps calling her an idiot nyan! Those clothes donya’t suit her nyan!! He’s nyavous because she looks like a girl nyan!! He won’t acknyawledge her as a group member anymore nyan! Then he mumbles he’ll forgive her because they’re friends nyan. Aika apologizes again. She notes Reo really treasures Re;Rise. He didn’t at first but does now. Aika adds he’s the most reliable. Reo mutters he’d like to depend on someone once in a while nya. Reo is shocked Aika heard him and that she suggests herself. He finally mumbles he wants to be petted occasionally. Aika gladly does so. Reo “nya~s” in happiness. Reo snaps out of his daze, saying nyaow is nyat the time since they’re at work nya. He goes out of tsuntsun to say the clothes do suit her and she’s working hard even though she has to crossdress.

Aika thinks about how kind Reo is and doesn’t want to let him down. It’s strange her heart is pounding since she’s supposed to be Manaka. A couple of fans compliment Aika on the event and how they’ll support Re;Rise. Aika is pleased, but the others notice she’s not her usual self.

Aika notes Yonezawa paired her with Reo. It’s going to be difficult since he wants to quit being a nekomimi character. She doesn’t know what to do but wants Re;Rise to succeed.

Reo has no interest in talking with her or even being helped by her. He’s always been fine on his own nya. Aika admits she has a ways to go, and Reo agrees. He doesn’t feel the passion for being an idol from her. Why did she become an idol? Aika replies to make people smile. Reo isn’t convinced. He critiques her skills and bluntly says she’s not suited to be an idol. He’s grateful for her help at the cafe, but communication is her only specialty nya. Aika knows Reo won’t accept any answer that’s not her own. Aika finally says her ability is essential. She stops him before he leaves. She points out Yonezawa teamed them up, so she wants to at least watch Reo. He finally relents, as long as she doesn’t get in his way. He heads back to his room, but Aika is still conflicted about everything.

She consults Yonezawa. He suggests accompanying Reo as his attendant. Aika thinks it’s a great idea.

Reo is exercising but has no problem with his packed schedule. Aika worries he should relax sometime, but Reo replies it’s not necessary.

Even though they’re running short on time, Reo goes into work-mode and is kind to his fans.

Reo believes it’s natural for an idol to treat their fans that way nyan. Aika realizes she has a ways to go. Reo notices she’s staring and tells her to go back home if she’s tired nya. She’s fine.

Aika collapses in her room at the end of another busy day. She decides to check on Reo.

Aika knocks on his door. Reo panics and tells her to wait a moment before he opens the door. He comes out, noticeably nervous. Reo admits he’s working on stuff for his fan club. He wants to stop being a nekomimi character but wants to apologize to all his longtime fans. He wants to do something else as himself. Again, Aika says he treasures his fans while he replies it’s normal for an idol nya. Aika still wonders why he thinks he has to quit the nekomimi character.

Reo goes to the radio studio and introduces Aika to the director of the radio drama, Katou. Reo is very serious and even asks questions about his character. Aika thinks about Reo’s future.

Reo was so nervous during recording that he’s now exhausted nyan. He doesn’t hate being an idol or anything, but he really wants to be an actor. He believes someday everyone will accept him nya. He realizes he added “nya” again and notes he has a ways to go before he quits his character. Reo says Aika probably finds his goal ridiculous. Aika actually respects Reo for trying to improve himself. Reo is embarrassed but thanks her nyan. Aika offers her help. He asks for yakisoba bread, but he was just joking. She wonders if he’s finally letting down his guard around her. The thought makes her happy. Reo then asks if she has some time tonight to read a script with him. Aika happily accepts.

Aika is surprised to learn the drama is romance between high schoolers. While acting, Reo gets close to her. Aika tries not to get flustered. Reo is normally cute but looks manly now. Reo sighs. This isn’t going to work without the next part: a kiss. I Doll U Shidou Reo ScriptReo isn’t thrilled either, but it’s acting. He tells her to kiss him on the cheek so he can continue the scene. After she does, he goes silent. Aika wonders what’s wrong, but he moves. He mutters to himself, “…No way. That couldn’t happen nya.” Aika thinks about how Reo would surely be angry if he found out the truth. They continue the scene. Aika is still impressed with Reo’s performance. Aika is caught off-guard by him when he says “he” loves her. He scolds her for not paying attention.

Reo thanks her for her help. After he leaves, Aika’s heart is still pounding. Reo really is amazing. But her dream is to be a designer to make people like Manaka sparkle. She wonders why Manaka decided to be an idol in the first place. What kind of idol does he want to be? She’ll go home to see if she can find a hint.

Aika goes home and looks through the mail. There’s a lot that seems to be from the same person, so she opens them. One letter includes an apology for the other day but wants to talk to him. Another begs to hurry up and contact him for “your guys’ sakes”. There’s more than 20 of these letters urging Manaka to contact him.

Aika goes to her brother’s room but finds nothing. She decides to rest for a while and thinks about Manaka and all the mysteries around her. She just have to do her best as “Amane Aika” for now. She leaves for more training with Reo.

Reo has an offer for a talk event. There’s nothing about nekomimi Reo in the offer, so Reo accepts. Aika asks if Reo will really be okay with such a tight schedule. Reo smiles. He wouldn’t turn down an event as himself. Aika thinks people will be surprised. Reo has to consider how to talk and present himself (but he still keeps slipping in those “nya”). Reo muses. Aika has never thought about her own image. She’ll study him at the event.

Reo chats with a staff member on the day of the talk event. The staff member notices Reo doesn’t have his nekomimi on, and Reo explains he thought he’d do this as “Shidou Reo”. The staff member is unsure and goes off for a moment.

When the staff members comes back, he apologizes. They didn’t hear anything about Reo not doing it as his nekomimi self, and Reo didn’t know they only wanted a nekomimi character. Reo reluctantly agrees to cancel his appearance.

Out in the hallway, Reo is depressed. He starts hitting the wall in frustration. He wants to change, but is he really no good unless he’s a nekomimi character!? Aika can’t bring herself to stop him. She finally says there will be a place for him, just today’s event wasn’t the one. He realizes she’s right; there’s other work. This is just like starting out in show business. Aika is pumped up, and he remarks it’s strange for her to be so excited. Aika apologizes, but he actually meant it’s good she was here. They head back. Aika is looking forward to his radio drama tomorrow. Reo blushes and stutters. She’s so nyadd (odd) for looking forward to his nyacting so much. Aika asks how she’s odd. Reo gets flustered some more and hurries them on.

Reo greets Katou. Aika notes she seems more nervous than the peppy Reo.

The drama recording begins. Reo is even better than before.

The director is extremely pleased with Reo’s performance.

Outside, Reo collapses from exhaustion. He gets back up and explains he was nervous throughout the thing. Aika praises him some more. Reo notes she always goes overboard nya but thanks her for her help practicing nyan. Aika hopes more people sees Reo’s charms. He gets agitated again but thanks her nya. The embarrassed Reo is very cute. He’s going to exercise now. Aika will accompany him even though it’s late. She wants to approach Reo’s level of dedication. Perhaps she can do something as “Amane Aika”. Although the nekomimi Reo is cute, “Shidou Reo” is cool. Surely others will realize, too.

Although her brother entered Re;Rise, she wants to do something as “Amane Aika” with her own power. She knows one day they’ll switch back and hopes the feelings she sprouted will be passed on to him.

Yonezawa and Reo discuss an audition. Reo wants to act more. Aika thinks about how she has no visions for the future of “Amane Aika”. Reo accepts the audition, and Yonezawa leaves. He’s going to audition as himself nya. He won’t even use cat-speech anymore nya. Aika points out he’s still doing it, and Reo jumps. Whnyat!? He won’t do it anymore nya! More serious now, he asks if Aika is going to do any auditions. Aika replies no. Reo doesn’t know her circumstances, but maybe she should talk to somebody who really knows her to help her proceed. The only person Aika can think of is Yonezawa. She thanks him, and Reo goes tsuntsun.

Aika explains her feelings to Yonezawa. He didn’t know she was taking her idol work so seriously. She says she was influenced by Reo, so Yonezawa suggests business-related activities to help promote Re;Rise. He adds her true self has charm. Yonezawa apologizes for the trouble and offers to help market “Amane Aika”.

Spacing out, Aika crashes into Itsuki in the hallway. His M side comes out. Aika goes to leave because of his weirdness. He knows she was just talking to Yonezawa since he knows everything about his beloved my dame…from eavesdropping. More serious now, he asks why didn’t she consult him. Both know her secret, but do they really know her? She blurts out she wants to do more as “Amane Aika” — for Re;Rise and for herself. Itsuki is taken aback but is moved. She tells him about Yonezawa’s idea. Itsuki points out she still has singing lessons and the upcoming revenge live. While he thinks her voice is like an angel’s, more people will be impressed by her singing ability if she keeps training. Itsuki adds if she really wants to thank him, then kick him. Aika quickly leaves while Itsuki protests.

Aika is going to work hard to improve herself just like Reo does.

Reo notices Aika with a pile of documents. Aika explains Reo inspired her to work harder. She also asks if she can join him in his training. In his tsundere way, he allows her to join him nya but won’t go easy on her nya! They begin.

Aika has done 11 (out of 50) sit-ups, but she’s in pain. I Doll U Shidou Reo Sit-UpsReo goes over to correct her posture. Aika notices he really is a man. She tries to snap herself out of her admiration. Reo remarks her body is rather thin. Aika replies it’s because she’s never trained, but Reo continues she’s more like a girl. She panics, but Reo gets flustered and apologizes for touching her even though they’re guys nya. He stammers some more about how he cannyaot watch bad forms nyan. Aika notices he’s acting suspicious. Does he know? How long can she keep this up? Reo next announces it’s time for a 10k run nya.

Fifty minutes later, they arrive back at the house. Aika thinks she’s at her limits, but Reo tells her it’s time for voice training nya. Exhausted, Aika follows.

They start with rhythm training. Reo is surprised at how well she did nyan. Tsundere Reo says s-s-s-sorry for underestimating her nya…b-b-b-but he won’t approve of her yet nya!! Aika will do her best so he will.

Reo’s morning training is finished, but she should really quit for her own health. She’s fine but thanks for worrying. H-h-h-he wasn’t worried about her or anything nya! They now leave for a magazine interview.

Aika is exhausted as she heads back to her room. Perhaps she should take Reo’s advice…but she’s already decided to raise her level.

Aika keeps up with Reo’s training.

While doing vocal exercises, Yonezawa scares her. She has really improved. Her picture in the magazine was nice, too. Aika appreciates the compliments but knows she’s nowhere near Reo’s level yet. Yonezawa replies it can’t be helped since Reo’s been doing it longer, and she are Reo are different — Just then, a sleepy Reo walks in. Yonezawa hands Reo the report of his audition. He failed again. Reo sighs. After Yonezawa leaves, Aika searches for something to say. Reo finally says he’ll think about the next audition to apply for. Changing his image is harder than he thought nya. Aika tells him his acting is wonderful, and Reo gets all embarrassed again nya. He’s still very calm as he talks about his failures and changing. Aika still wants others to see his charm.

Aika keeps training as the days pass.

Although she’s supposed to be thinking about herself, she keeps worrying about Reo. She still doesn’t know her place in the world of show business. She decides to ask Reo.

Aika hears a loud moan from Reo’s room. Fearing he’s in pain, she enters.

Aika immediately notices Reo has a cat theme in his room. Reo sleepily rises then freaks out when he sees Aika. He was just having a bad dream. He nyaver wanted anyone in his room for this reason nya. Aika thinks Reo must really treasure his fans’ presents, but Reo admits he bought the stuff himself nya. He really loves cats nya and can’t stop buying cat goods nya. He wants to be a cool actor, but with all these cat goods nya… Plus nyaow she’s found out and he’s doing cat speak again…This is the worst, nyan… She’s found another one of his charm points. Aika tells him he should love what he loves. The gap between his cool self and cute self should be his appeal. His eyes widen in surprise. An embarrassed Reo mumbles he thinks Aika tries really hard nya. Reo keeps being tsundere as he says she needs to find some sort of “weapon”. She leaves a pretty good impression, b-b-b-but he’s not praising her nya! He failed a bunch of times when he was younger nya. It wasn’t until he suddenly said, “I’m hungry nya!’ that he really became famous. He eventually agrees she can join him during his acting practices.

Aika thinks about Reo’s advice. Surely she’ll find her appeal.

Aika is training with Reo. Yonezawa bursts in, announcing Reo has passed an audition. Reo is happily surprised. Reo doesn’t care if his nekomimi self played a part since it’s his first pro acting job. Yonezawa will do his best to promote “Shidou Reo” and leaves. Aika is thrilled. Reo will let her come to the staff meeting.

A few days later, Reo is reading the script. He’s a magician (fairy godboy?) in a Cinderella story. They start rehearsing with Aika as Cinderella.

The “magician” tells “Cinderella” he can use magic on her but confesses he loves her. “Cinderella” still wants to meet the prince. Reo really looks depressed but then smiles gently. He suddenly approaches Aika. Her gasp of surprise comes out high-pitched. Reo wonders if being caught off-guard would really make your voice go that high…plus her body protectors and mannerisms. I Doll U Shidou Reo Truth“It’s not just ‘like’ you’re a girl.” Aika tries to cover up by saying she was just reacting as if she were a girl. He’s thought something was off for a long time. She must answer. Why does she jump every time she’s touched? Why does she hide her body? Aika doesn’t want to lose her brother’s place in Re;Rise. Plus all the training she put in with Reo will amount to nothing. “Answer me. Just…what are you?” Looking into Reo’s eyes makes Aika realize she doesn’t want to continue to lie to him. In her normal voice, she apologizes and confesses the truth. Does that mean she was not serious in doing all those thing with him, just doing it for her brother? She denies this; she was intending to work as a serious idol. Reo isn’t happy since it sounds to him like this was just a temporary thing. He declares she’s a traitor to him, Re;Rise, and even her fans. He’s seriously pursuing his work and doesn’t have time to be with someone just playing around. Reo thought she was changing. Aika is biting her lip. But he was an idiot for believing in her. He’s doesn’t want to see her face ever again. He leaves. Aika thought this day would come but still wanted these days to continue.

Reo has been going to work alone. Aika spends most of her time in her room. She feels a stinging in her chest every time she remembers Reo on that day. Aika wishes she could convey her feelings. Just then, Yonezawa asks to speak with her.

Yonezawa says Reo came to him asking to end the partnership, so he asks what happened. Aika explains. She feels guilty, but Yonezawa says he asked her to do it. Aika adds the feelings she had while working were not a lie. She’ll work alone until her brother returns. He’s grateful and apologizes for putting her through this. Aika replies this is something she decided. He adds she’s changed, almost like a different person. She can show an “Amane Aika” different from her brother. He’ll put Reo’s request on hold for now. He believes someday they’ll reconcile and gives her a ticket to Reo’s play. Aika wonders if such a day will come.

The other members went on the first day and praised Reo’s acting. She wonders if Reo will be mad if he realizes she’s there. But she wants to enjoy his performance.

The play begins. Reo seems to stop for a moment and look at Aika. She thinks it’s just her imagination. Reo’s performance is top-notch, and she can hear fans talking positively about him. She won’t be able to tell him about the fans, so she’ll just watch closely.

After the play, Reo fans praise his performance. Aika literally bumps into Yonezawa. He invites her to the waiting room to see Reo, but she declines. He’ll try talking to Reo again.

In truth, she wishes she could offer her congratulations.

As Aika leaves, she can see a staff member complimenting Reo. Her and Reo’s eyes meet. He looks away, depressing Aika. Suddenly, a stranger calls out for “‘Aika-kun'”. The voice is the same as someone who left a message on her brother’s phone: “Won’t you think about the matter we talked about the other day?” So he’s probably also the person who wrote those letters. Aika wants to talk here so she can get some information about Manaka. The man says they need privacy. Aika agrees to come along. Reo suddenly comes up, grabs her, and tells her to run.

The man is still chasing them.

Aika doesn’t understand but is happy to be holding Reo’s hand at all.

I Doll U Shidou Reo ScoldingThey stop running. Aika notes it’s a little lonely to have their hands separated. Aika is about to begin talking, but Reo interrupts her: “You…IDIOT!!” What was she thinking, going off nonchalently with such a suspicious guy…does she even have any self-awareness as a girl!? Aika replies right now she’s “Amane Aika” and even the stranger thought she was her brother. Reo angrily points out the guy could have found out the truth. A depressed Aika replies Reo didn’t want to see her face, but t-t-t-this and that are different things nya! Still stuttering in cat-speak (and blushing), Reo replies it was only because she’s a member of Re;Rise nya. He denies he was worried about her nya. He hasn’t forgiven her nya and doesn’t want to s-s-s-see her face! Aika thinks about how she finally gets to talk to Reo, but of course he’s angry. A couple of fans spot Reo. Reo swiftly goes into work-mode. Aika thinks about how kind he is to his fans, completely different from the angry him just a few moments ago. She wants to stay by his side as the cool Reo climbs higher. She knows the days of training together will probably never return, so she must work hard on her own.

Reo is still working alone. Whenever they meet, he looks away.

Yonezawa gives Aika some letters. They’re all rejections. No one seems to be interested in a newbie like “Amane Aika”. She won’t give up. Reo has failed many times before. She realizes Reo’s existence is a big part of her life now but doesn’t know how she sees him. She hopes to at least be useful.

Aika has finally been accepted by a small magazine. Yonezawa is happy for her. Itsuki and Ruka have been promoting the others, too. Aika realizes she needs to show both her and Re;Rise’s appeal. Yonezawa is surprised to learn she and Reo still haven’t made up, but Reo’s new work is being acknowledged. Aika knows he’s moving forward as “Shidou Reo”. She wants others to know about him through her interview, even though he may find it a nuisance.

The interviewer asks about Aika’s hobbies. Aika mentions radio dramas.

Aika hopes she played up the appeal of the other members. She wonders if Reo will be upset.

Seiya tries to chat with Reo, but Reo just tells him to shut up. Seiya realizes Reo is in a bad mood and leaves. Reo sighs; he shouldn’t have done that. He’s been irritable since he found out about Aika. He still think she’s a traitor and hasn’t forgiven her, but…Without Aika-kun nearby, he doesn’t feel fired up nya…Reo realizes what he’s thinking. Why did he save Aika-kun from that man nya, and what would have happened if he wasn’t there? Nyaver mind! He’s going to forget about that Aika-kun nya! But he doesn’t know why he doesn’t feel like himself nya… When Yonezawa arrives, Reo starts asking about “that one” but then says never mind. He mumbles to himself to concentrate.

Reo goes to the radio station to greet Katou. The radio drama is getting a second season. Katou praises Reo’s performance, and he also tells Reo to thank his group member for promoting the show. Reo doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Katou shows Reo the letters from listeners. Listeners say they tuned in because of Aika’s recommendation and are enjoying the show and Reo’s performance. Reo can’t believe Aika promoted his drama. Katou remembers Aika from earlier. Smiling, Reo says “he” has always been supporting him and his kouhai is always putting in full effort. Before recording begins, Reo thinks about how give Aika his thanks. A part of him wants to call her now nyan. He knows he needs to deliver his thanks directly but is unsure how to face her. Reo gets mad; this isn’t his cool self nya!

Aika is sitting in the living room. Reo enters. He yells at her for being here nya! She wanted to talk about the program. Both go silent. Reo stutters. Aika asks what’s up, then he gets mad again. Reo mutters about “give her thanks” while Aika dwells in her own thoughts. She starts again; he’s still mad, so she gives up. Then he gets mad at her for giving up and says he’ll talk, she’ll listen! He mumbles about the radio program, then he shouts loudly, “I CAN’T NYA!!!” before running off. Aika is bewildered.

Yonezawa is talking to Reo again, and the manager notices Reo looks pale. Reo hasn’t gotten much sleep lately. Yonezawa suggests Reo slow down, but Reo doesn’t want to turn down offers. Yonezawa reluctantly agrees. Thinking to himself, Reo notes he should have given his thanks to Aika. He’s doesn’t know why he keeps thinking about her nya or what to do nya.

Yonezawa can see Reo looks even worse than this morning and asks if he should call a doctor. Reo replies he just needs some sleep. After Yonezawa leaves, Reo collapses.

Aika returns home. She immediately panics and realizes Reo has a fever. She goes to help him to his room, and he thanks her.

Aika starts nursing him, and he mumbles a “thanks”.

Reo has fallen asleep. He mutters “Hina” and then starts “nya”-ing. Aika can’t help but think he’s cute. He mumbles “Hina” again, grabs Aika, and kisses her. I Doll U Shidou Reo AsleepAika is stunned. Then she remembers he called out for “Hina”…could that be his lover? For some reason, she doesn’t like that. Does he talk to “Hina” sweetly in cat-speak? Aika tries to bury her thoughts.

Reo wakes up the next morning. He doesn’t remember anything after Yonezawa leaving. Aika greets him good morning. “Nya nya nya nyat (what) are you doing here!?” She explains he collapsed, so she watched over him. Reo panics some more. Did she forget what he told her before about having more self-awareness as a girl nya!? Reo is still stammering. Aika was so distracted by the kiss she forget he knows the truth. Reo finally asks why she’s here. She replies she couldn’t leave a sick person alone. After a pause, she adds she’s been thinking about him. She first filled in as “Aika” for her brother’s sake, but now has another reason: she wanted to do something since Reo was working so hard. She’s trying to find an “Amane Aika” that only she can do. It’s fine if he doesn’t believe her.. She didn’t think well of Re;Rise at first, but now she wants to do something as both a member and leader. Reo still grumbles, but Aika shows him all the work she’s put in. Reo asks if she did this for Re;Rise. Yes, but also for herself. She learned all this from him. Stammering, he finally acknowledges her hard work and will let her join in his activities again. But he goes back to tsuntsun mode and says h-h-h-he hasn’t completely f-f-f-f-forgiven her yet nyan! Aika can’t believe this day has come. Then Aika hesistantly asks about Hina. Reo gets all flustered and denies having anya (any) lover. Aika adds he seemed really sweet to Hina, and Reo blushes even more since he can’t remember anything. He can’t believe he did something to a girl nya and apologizes nya. Reo (who first notes he can’t stop the cat-speak) finally admits Hina was a cat he owned. He had a weak body when he was younger, and Hina was his only friend. Since Hina couldn’t speak human, he thought maybe he could speak cat. His mother and her friends thought it was so cute. Once a video was uploaded, the rest was history. Aika won’t say anything about the kiss but scolds herself for being relieved “Hina” was not a girlfriend. After that video, he wanted to change and move people. But his agency wanted him to be a nekomimi character. He took all the jobs because he believed one day an acting job would come along, but none came. He’s grateful but wants to do more. Aika says his acting is wonderful and will support him any way she can. Reo’s tsuntsun switch says he’s doing fine on his own. Serious, he adds she needs to work on her own stuff, too, but he’s counting on her, “Leader”.

Aika is so glad everything is back to normal. She’s fired up.

It’s been a while since Aika has done lessons with Reo. “Just because you’re a girl, I’m not going to be g-g-g-gentle nya! Prepare yourself nyan!” Aika understands since she’s “Amane Aika”. Reo remembers the first time they did sit-ups. Aika claims she could do 100 now, and Reo is like, “Do it then.” It’s been a long time since she’s seen that smile. They begin. Aika notices something’s off with her body.

They finish. Reo sees her red face, then Aika’s world suddenly goes white. I Doll U Shidou Reo CatchHe catches her. He realizes she has a fever and that she must have caught his cold. Aika is somewhat nervous. He says she’s a girl and must take better care of herself —

Aika sees Reo’s wide-eyed expression and asks what’s wrong. “N-N-N-Nothing nya! I mean, nothing!” He orders her to go to the hospital and call Yonezawa. Aika leaves. Reo tells himself she’s a girl, but she’s just a member of Re;Rise and his kouhai nya. He has to get it together nya.

Aika gets well.

Reo is going to an audition which is related to a movie he saw when he was younger. He really wants to pass. They’ll both keep working hard.

Aika is glad to be praised by Katou. All the training with Reo is paying off. Yonezawa and Reo arrive to pick her up. Reo’s audition went well. Yonezawa notes Reo hasn’t been using cat-speak lately; Reo didn’t notice. Aika thinks to herself Reo still does it a lot in front of her. Yonezawa invites them out to dinner, but they’ll go train. She wants to close the gap between them.

Seiya wakes up and critiques Reo’s and Aika’s breakfast. Yonezawa enters, pale. Is it his stomach? No, the results of the audition came in…and Reo passed. Seiya is so excited for Reo that he goes off to tell the others.

Re;Rise congratulates Reo. Seiya suggests a congratulatory party. Aika, Seiya, and Ruka will go shopping. Itsuki insists he should go…but she’s welcome to ride him like a horse. Aika tells him and Tsubasa to clean up the living room. Tsubasa agrees only because it’s Aika. Reo wants to prepare too. Blushing, Reo stutters he wants to go shopping before insisting on helping Itsuki and Tsubasa. Aika wonders what Reo was trying to say.

Seiya drew a cat on the cake. Reo wants to quit being a nekomimi character but adds he loves cats. Seiya is happy. Tsubasa wants to hurry and start the party. She chats with Ruka and Itsuki. Reo says they’ll work hard as well. Aika is surprised and asks if he means her as well. Ruka thinks the tsuntsun Reo is so cute that he starts petting Reo, who can’t resist “nya”-ing. Everyone is improving. Suddenly, Tsubasa gets close to Aika and grabs her shoulder. He says he’ll make her his slave. and makes a pass at her. Reo tells him to knock it off. He’ll be hated if he doesn’t consider the other party’s feelings. Tsubasa disappears for now. Aika thanks Reo, but he claims he just didn’t want the party mood ruined. Ruka notices their redden faces. They blame it on the juice. Aika mentions a lot has happened and changed since the idol cafe. Seiya brings up Aika’s maid outfit. Ruka and Itsuki agree she looked cute. Tsubasa reappears and is like, “Of course, as expected of my slave.” Reo quietly agrees and switches topics to the mini live. As Itsuki and Tsubasa start getting into it, Aika thanks Reo for changing the subject. Reo gets loud and says it was a coincidence nyan! Ruka wonders what’s up, and Reo replies nothing nya — er, nothing! Reo mutters to himself again. Reo opens a jar that neither Aika nor Seiya could. Aika praises him, and then he suddenly goes, “Uuuuunya nya…D-d-d-d-don’t talk to me nya!” Aika is confused. “B-b-b-b-but! I just asked you not to nyaaaa!” He runs away. “I don’t know nyaaaaaa!” Aika wonders if Reo’s acting strange because he’s tired.

Reo sighs and groans.

Aika gets up early for a radio show. Reo replies Aika should be both his friend and rival. Aika is pleased, but Reo panics and says he wants all of Re;Rise to be his r-r-r-rival nyan! Everyone is working hard. Reo will start filming next week. Reo keeps being tsundere but eventually to let Aika come.

Reo is in the rehearsal room already at 4AM. He couldn’t sleep yesterday. He’ll definitely perform well. Both think it’s like a dream for him to be filming. Yonezawa is excited as well.

Reporters are gathered. They want Reo to act like his nekomimi self. Yonezawa tries to force them away, but they’re persistent. Other passersby recognize Reo as the nekomimi idol. Aika unsuccessfully tries to push them back. The movie director sees the commotion and tells Reo to go home; they can’t film today with this crowd. He tells Reo to thinka bout his role. Aika starts to protest, but Reo stops her. He deeply apologizes to the director. Aika can’t believe this is happening.

In the end, Reo was forced to resign from the movie. News reports go wild. Reo tries not to be affected and continues his training.

Aika tries to cheer up a depressed Reo. She wants to do something for her dear person. People spot Reo and say it’s his fault the movie is distrupted and how a nekomimi idol can’t be in movies. Aika starts to object, but Reo knows he can’t cause any more trouble for the movie staff. He starts blaming himself since he wanted to quit being a nekomimi idol. Aika points out he had lots of fans from the radio drama. Reo blushes and thanks her nya. He smiles and now feels like eating.

Aika still wants to do something so Reo’s dream comes true.

Aika decides to go see the movie staff.

Aika explains to the director she came on Reo’s behalf because he doesn’t want the paparazzi to raise a fuss. Aika tries to convince him Reo is the best for this part. The director can feel Aika’s passion but says he’s not the only one working on this picture. Reo comes in, and he and Aika are shocked to see each other. Aika confesses she came on her own. Reo deeply apologizes to the director for his rude kouhai. The director was surprised by her visit but could tell Aika respected Reo. Reo explains what the part meant to him but felt he had not choice but to quit. But Reo continues, more loudly: he wants to be in the movie. He wants to act and grow through it. Aika can sense Reo is almost like a different person. Reo won’t quit on being “Shidou Reo”. The director hands him a letter. He can’t rehire Reo but gives him a part in an independent film. Since it’s being shown overseas, the viewers will only know him as “Shidou Reo”. Reo happily accepts.

Reo is so relieved he almost collapses nya. He’s in shock but Aika is so happy for him. I Doll U Shidou Reo Hug“Why did you do something so reckless?” Her life as an idol could been ruined for showing up without an appointment. He’s not mad, but he wants to know why she went so far for him. Aika wants everyone to know the real him and all his good points. She wants his dream to come true. He gently calls her an idiot. Almost crying, Reo begs Aika not to look at his face. Reo says she’s really a weirdo, supporting him and the group with all her effort. When she’s not around, he can’t calm down. But when she is, he’s not himself. “It’s…all your fault…’Aika’.” Aika’s heart pounds. Reo lets go and apologizes for his strange behavior. She can still feel his warmth.

Reo and Aika go to record his song the next day. Both are awkward. He records it in one take.

They talk about how the revenge live is coming up. Reo gets flustered when Aika praises him. Aika notices a couple and wishes she could walk around as a girl once in a while. Reo sees her staring and realizes what she’s thinking. Blushing, he shyly asks if she wants to wear girl’s clothes today. They have a half-day off, so they walk t-t-t-together nyan. B-b-b-b-but of course she doesn’t half to nyan!  Aika happily agrees, agitating Reo even more.

After a while, Aika comes out of the house. He squeaks. He can’t stop stammering and nya~ing. He manages say her outfit suits her. Before they leave, Aika asks if it’s okay in case he’s spotted with a girl. Reo replies they’ll stay away from public places.

Reo takes her to a secluded park to relax. Aika asks if this is really okay since it’s like a date. Reo replies it’s a b-b-b-breather! Right now, she’s not “Amane Aika”. Aika notices his face and asks if he has a fever. N-n-n-n-no! Reo treats her to some gelato. Aika offers him some and realizes it’s an indirect kiss. A stray cat wanders up to them. Reo happily pets it. Aika smiles. He’s using cat-speak again, but he didn’t realize. She tells him to continue since today he’s not an idol but just “Shidou Reo”. He agrees. Aika talks how she’s glad she replaced her brother since she got to meet everyone and partner with Reo. He’s also glad. Aika is very happy while Reo keeps going tsundere.

Aika thanks him for the day, and Reo replies he had fun nya. After Aika leaves, Reo wonders what would be the best for her: should she return to being a girl, or can she continue being an idol? He wants to be with her…no, he has to work on being “Shidou Reo”.

Somewhere, someone answers the phone. The person is going to accept the thing they were discussing, but in exchange… Will they watch over [blank]? The caller puts the request in the other’s care. Hanging up, they say this is good. Wait…just a little longer.

The days continue as normal.

Aika has received an offer to be a radio personality instead of just a guest. It’s a big job, but Reo thinks she can do it. She accepts. Aika thanks Reo for all the encouragement and training. Reo goes tsundere nya. Aika is glad to have been helpful to Reo. He also has to take the next step. She wonders what he means, but then she thinks about her job.

Today is the day of her debut as a personality. She’s a bit worried but knows Reo would tell her to have more confidence.

The director mentions the fangirls love her voice and have been excitedly waiting for Aika. Aika is surprised but knows she’s got a long ways to go before she rivals Reo’s fans.

Aika starts her show. The fans go wild. The director thinks they should escort them out, but Aika politely asks them to quiet down during the show. The director and fans are touched by her kindness and swift-handling of the situation.

Outside, Reo thinks about Aika. Reo notices someone following him, so he demands to know why. The man claims it’s a coincidence but then admits he wants to settle the matter from the other day with “him”. Reo asks if the man talked to “Aika”, then why is he following him? The man has something to discuss with Reo. He hands Reo a letter. Reo is shocked by the contents. The man says everything is true and to keep it a secret for now. He leaves. Reo is stunned and doesn’t know what to do.

Aika is working on stuff for her show. She wants to do anything in order to make sure Reo’s movie primere in three months is a success. Reo comes in. He talks about how he’ll be filming on location for the next several days and won’t be back until the revenge live. Before he leaves, he asks to read the script with Aika.

Aika gets dressed and heads to the rehearsal room. They talk a bit about his departure until Reo talks about the script. It’s a forbidden love story set in the Taisho era between a poor houseboy and a rich person’s daughter. Reo starts reading the protagonist’s lines. He loves her and can’t live without her. She loves him but sends him away. He won’t go and has come to take her with him. I Doll U Shidou Reo SeriousReo gets closer to her, flustering Aika. Why is she looking away? Look at him. These lines aren’t in the script. “You don’t want to look at me? Do you dislike it…when my face is close to yours like this?” She’s never seen such a painful face. He isn’t acting. Aika is confused by him and her own emotions. He then says she took on the role of “Amane Aika” perfectly, but she’s still a girl. He’s been thinking ever since the park. What will happen if the real “Amane Aika” returns? Never mind that, does she plan on living as a male idol? Or perhaps — Aika’s phone rings. It’s a text from her brother. She’s a little nervous since she hasn’t heard from him in so long. He’ll be at the live. Aika can’t figure out Manaka. Reo looks relieved. He apologizes for his earlier actions but wants her to seriously think about what he said. She always thought her role would be over once Manaka returned. She wants to stay with Re;Rise and especially Reo, but she’s deceiving her fans and the other members. She’s conflicted.

The day of the live finally arrives. Aika is still torn about her future, but right now, she is still “Amane Aika”.

In the hallway, Itsuki is on the phone. He explains he was doing a final check on the production. His M side comes out. Aika tells him to get serious and she’s betting it all on today. He notes this event will decide her future, chuckling at Aika’s confusion. He invites her to MC the end with his and Ruka’s support. The others appear one by one, expressing excitement in their own way. Tsubasa also adds he’ll marry her after this is over, so be prepared. Reo appears, silent for a moment, then says Tsubasa is just being himself. Reo asks if Aika is nervous. She is a little. He tells her to have fun. Aika knows this Re;Rise is different from their debut. They all shout, “FIGHT-O, OOO!”

The live begins. Re;Rise introduces themselves. Reo is going to start with his solo and adds he has an important announcement afterwards. Even Aika doesn’t know what it is. He sings with Aika as backup. The others praise her. Even Reo is surprised and asks if they can s-s-s-stay a unit nyan. Suddenly, a man comes onstage, confusing everyone. Aika recognizes him as the one who called out to her before. The man tells Reo his movie has won an award overseas. Re;Rise congratulates him. “Thank you, ‘Aika’. You really helped me. Thanks for supporting me up to now.” I Doll U Shidou Reo SmoochAika, Itsuki, and Tsubasa are stunned. Seiya is like, “A bro…kiss!?” Ruka is astounded. The fans are surprised as well but think they’re cute. Reo announces “Shidou Reo” will take on any challenge, even a kiss between guys. Seiya and Ruka believe him, but Tsubasa says Shidou Reo has got guts to kiss his slave. Itsuki sighs and tells him it was just acting. Reo asks if Tsubasa accepts his challenge. Tsubasa gets even more ticked off, but Reo laughs and says it’s just an act. The live continues.

The live ends. Yonezawa praises them. Reporters starts interviewing Re;Rise. Aika can’t help but thinking about her brother and Reo during the interviews. Just before the end, Aika spots the stranger. She runs off after him.

Aika demands answers. Suddenly, Manaka appears. “…Manaka-kun, you came.” It’s Reo. Aika is shocked but Reo says they’ll talk afterwards. Manaka apologizes to Reo for all the trouble. Manaka also apologizes to Aika. He can’t tell her anything. He didn’t want to drag her into a dangerous situation. Manaka ran away to protect “that thing” from a group who also wanted it. But now, after talking to them, he has decided to leave it to them. He can’t tell her any more now. He’s leaving “Amane Aika” to her, and Aika can continue or quit. Aika is conflicted. Manaka sees her hesitation. Reo pipes up and says he’ll guide “Amane Aika”, Re;Rise, and her. He wants Manaka to leave her to him. Manaka agrees. The man hopes the siblings will meet again. They leave.

Reo believes Aika will understand one day. She asks if he knows something. He shrugs and says even if he did, he can’t say anything now. Aika feels left out. Reo replies it’s because she’s important. Blushing, he asks if she forgot about his kiss earlier. She remembers now and blushes. She asks him what it meant. Blushing, he says it was basically a declaration. He thought of her as just a kouhai but acknowledged her hard work. It was a shock when he found out her gender, but she kept pushing forward. The “Amane Aika” onstage earlier was real. That’s when he realized… He trails off, then says, as a man, he has to say it clearly. “‘Aika’-kun. Not as a group member but just as a girl, I l-love you …nya!” He can’t believe he lapsed into cat-speak. It was his once-in-a-lifetime confession; he wanted to be cool, so whnya cat-speak? He’s embarrassed nya. Reo is so cute Aika can’t help but laugh. Reo gets angry and stutters; he’s serious nya! He’s upset at being called “cute” again. But Reo doesn’t care what she decides to do. He thought he could never have a relationship, but he always wants to be with her, to be supported by her. Aika finally says she also wants to be with him. She realized when he confessed: she loves him. He’s hugs her tightly. Aika is so happy. Then he asks for her real name. He won’t let her go. He’ll protect her, so she should choose her own path.

Option A:

She will continue as an idol. She still wants to do more for Re;Rise and wants to stay by Reo’s side. Reo goes deredere nyan. It’s nyaot t-t-t-t-troublesome anymore because th-they’re lovers nyaow. He’ll protect her identity. It’s the first time she’s felt like “Amane Aika”.

Option B:

Aika will quit because she has her own dream. She talks about being a fashion designer. Someday, Reo will wear clothes she made. Blushing and stammering, he says they’ll support each other as lovers. Aika agrees.

Happy Ending 1:

Aika continues her idol work.

Re;Rise is being interviewed. Reo talks about how important “Aika” is. Aika blushes from all the compliments. Tsubasa is getting pissed. The reporter turns to Aika and asks how she views Reo. Reo chuckles. Aika says he’s her idol, and Reo replies she’s his important partner. Aika tries to calm down from his statement. The reporter laughs good-naturedly.

After the interview, Ruka laughs and notes Reo praised Aika a lot. Seiya asks if Reo’s in love with her or something. “Yep, because she’s my dear…kouhai.” Tsubasa is angry about his sacrifice being stolen. Tsubasa and Itsuki have work, the two other go out to eat. Reo is glad to they’re alone. Aika is surprised he lied about having things to do. She was embarrassed by all he said earlier. Reo smiles; he just spoke from the heart. He teases her, asking if earlier she meant she loves him, then he laughs it off as a joke. Aika thinks he’s changed but is also still using cat-speak. He says it’s because she’s so cute nya. Aika calls him cute. He gets mad and says they’re going home. He gives her the silent treatment, but he is just messing with her again nya. She wants to get mad but can’t.

Aika sits on Reo’s bed. She asks if she can call him “Reo”. He agrees, blushing. She calls him cute again. He mutters it’s okay right now because they’re alone. She starts petting him. Aika yawns. He says she can nap here…on his lap. Aika is surprised. He’s going to spoil her this time. I Doll U Shidou Reo Happy Ending 1Reo pats her head, and she falls asleep. She’s cute nya. He realizes he lapsed again, but he doesn’t care. He’s happy right now. They’ll always be together nya.

Happy Ending 2:

Today is Reo’s movie premier. It’s been one month since they’ve started going out. Reo is the leader now but is also doing movie work. Reo appears and agrees to shake his fans’ hands. Aika can feel the gap between them and is a little lonely. Aika bought a cell phone strap for their an anniversary but thinks maybe she should see him another day. Reo suddenly grabs her. The fans wonder who she is as they take off running.

Panting, they reach the park. Aika worries about his fans, but Reo insists it’s fine. They think back to their first time here. He says she was cut then and is cute now.  Then Reo insists she call him “Reo” right now. So she does. It takes a few times before he’s satisfied nya. Aika asks if he’s a sadist. He’s like, “What, you only realizing that now?” Aika remembers the gift for senpai. He’s not happy about the “senpai” part but opens up the gift. He’s surprised since she made it. Reo also has a present and tells her to close her eyes. She does. He puts a lanyard around her neck. It’s a pass to his movie. Aika protests since she’s “an ordinary girl”, but she’s coming to learn from a pro designer. I Doll U Shidou Reo Happy Ending 2She leaps into his arms, surprising him nya. His nekomimi fell off, but it’s fine. She’ll become his designer. “Yeah, I’ll wait for you. Aika…I love you!” She loves him, too. She always wants to support him.


Aika gets a text from Itsuki telling her to come over in girl’s clothes. Aika is unsure since the others don’t know the truth, so she texts Reo.

He doesn’t know anything since he’s in the middle of work.

On Sunday, she arrives. Reo greets her. “Welcome to Cafe Re;Rise, ojou-sama.” Reo escorts her as Aika wonders if this is a surprise.

Itsuki explains they’re doing another idol cafe event and are using her for practice. Reo is going to take the lead of course. Reo keeps waiting on her like this is a butler cafe.

After dinner, Itsuki says to Reo to introduce Aika since Reo hasn’t told everyone he’s seeing Aika. The others are shocked. An embarrassed Reo apologizes for hiding it. I Doll U Shidou Reo Epilogue 1He introduces her as his lover, Amane Aika. Aika thinks he’s sparkling right now. She’s so entranced she forgets to formally introduce herself until Reo tells her to. Tsubasa is pissed Reo took his sacrifice. Reo won’t hand her over. Tsubasa says he’ll let Reo off for now, but Aika is his. Reo announces the beginning of the party and whispers to Aika they’ll be together all night.

Aika has come to practice a script with Reo before a date. Aika is impressed he’s thinking about work even now. Reo replies he’s thinking about work 365 days a year, is she lonely or sad? She’s captivated by his performances. Reo sighs and begins the script. Reo reads his lines (saying the “she” loves him) and gets close. Just before their lips touch, he asks if her mental state changed. Her heart beat faster. With that, he’s ready to start the next one. Aika is impressed with all the scripts, and he gets all embarrassed nyan. He gets really strict and even critques her jumping in his arms.

They’re finished. Aika asks why did she only help with the love scenes. He gets angry and says he can’t be sweet any other way nya! Then he realizes what he said and tries to say he didn’t just snya (say) that! He finally says he wants to be sweet nya, and he just goes full-blown tsundere nya. Aika calls him cute, getting him even more agitated. I Doll U Shidou Reo Epilogue 2He says he’s not good at spoiling her. I Doll U Shidou Reo Epilogue 3So she should just be quiet and be spoiled by him nyan. She tells him she loves him. She likes being patted on he head and being spoiled like this. “So you finally realize. You idionyat.” Aika kisses Reo.

Bad Ending:

At the live, Tsubasa is disappointed by Aika’s bad performance. Reo chastises her. The others try to cheer her up and point out the live isn’t over yet.

After Manaka leaves, Aika asks about the kiss, but he tells her to forget. He thought he loved her and wondered if he should confess. But idols don’t need romance. Reo thinks it’s better to remain as they are. Aika agrees. She’s fine just being beside him.

She’ll keep chasing after him.

Other CGs:

I Doll U Shidou Reo Kiss 1I Doll U Shidou Reo Kiss 2I Doll U Shidou Reo Kiss 3I Doll U Shidou Reo Bonus

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