Game Summary – Idol Route from I Doll U

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This is part of a series of summaries for the PS Vita game I Doll U. For a brief introduction to the game, go here. Heavy spoilers for the game ahoy!

This one covers the Idol Route. Start with the main route to understand the story. This route should be read last. Read all the guys’ routes first.

My Japanese is limited, so apologies if I misunderstood anything. If I got something wrong, please feel free to tell me.

Warning: long post ahead! Line breaks correspond with the end of a track or segment (chapter).

Aika spent a week with each member of Re;Rise at Yonezawa’s request. Everyone worked hard. Ruka didn’t want to lose to his fear of girls. Seiya wanted to bond with everyone. Reo takes things step-by-step to graduate from being a nekomimi idol. Tsubasa finds the idea of treasuring his fans interesting. Itsuki contributes to Re;Rise since he’s Aika’s dog.

Aika is a bit nervous on the day of the revenge live. There’s a knock at the door. Aika is surprised to see Nami. Itsuki invited her backstage. Of course she came to support her friend. Aika replies she’s just a replacement, but Nami points out she’s “Amane Aika” right now. Nami loves both Aika and her songs. She’ll always support Aika as her best friend and biggest fan. Aika is touched. After Nami leaves, Aika realizes she has to do her best not just for her brother’s sake.

Meanwhile, Manaka apologizes to everyone and Aika.

The live is about to begin. The crowd cheers. Re;Rise is surprised by the fans’ loud voices and all the merchandise they’ve purchased. Seiya is almost moved to tears. Itsuki and Seiya say they couldn’t have made it this far without Aika. Everyone thanks her for her help and support. Ruka adds she must have had been surprised to be the normal one in the troublesome group. They show her they’ll shine. Itsuki adds this is their real start. Aika thinks about all the things that have happened since she became “Amane Aika”. She eventually wanted Re;Rise to become a success to show everyone their good points and not just for Manaka’s sake.

The live begins. Fans cheer. Aika feels like everything that happened was necessary to shine in this moment.

The live finishes and was almost legendary. Aika believes that no matter what happens, Re;Rise’s bonds won’t be broken.

The night of the live, Aika thinks about how Manaka hasn’t return and how hard it is to keep deceiving everyone. She’s going to tell them the truth.

Aika bumps into Yonezawa in the hallway. He congratulates her on the live and thanks her. Aika apologizes but can’t keep lying. Yonezawa says he was the one who was wrong to force her in this position. But he is grateful for all she’s done. The two go back and forth over who should apologize to Re;Rise when Itsuki enters. Aika thanks him for inviting Nami. He replies he’s just her dog. Yonezawa sighs at how serious he is, but Itsuki thinks everything is fine in love. He suggests they all go talk to the others.

Reo wonders what’s up. Seiya wants to celebrate, but Tsubasa can smell something is different. Ruka sees their resigned faces and wants to know what’s wrong. Reo also wants to know what’s up. Tsubasa tells her to talk so he can save her. Aika confesses she’s not the real “Amane Aika” and explains everything. They’re very shocked. Ruka pales. Aika apologizes, but Itsuki and Yonezawa interrupt. The others can’t believe they knew. Yonezawa takes responsibility. Reo and Seiya are angry Yonezawa would request a little sister to replace her brother. Yonezawa pointedly replies they also are at fault for driving Manaka away. Yonezawa finishes explaining they thought Manaka would return, and he again apologizes to Aika. Aika thanks him for his support. Itsuki literally pushes Yonezawa out of the way and lets everyone know he helped. Itsuki then goes into pervert mode and delivers a long speech about how his and my dame’s fated meeting. Then he declares he’s the ringleader of the switch. Aika says that may be true, but she’s the one who wants to continue. Itsuki doesn’t think she’s thought this fully out. The others start getting angry about the deception. Yonezawa points out they didn’t realize the switch. Ruka apologizes, especially since she worked so hard and together with him. Ruka starts blushing. Aika is surprised he isn’t angry; she thought she’d be hated. Ruka replies he couldn’t hate her; he was reborn thanks to her. He wants to rely on her more since she’s a part of Re;Rise. Seiya buts in. He thought she was strange, but he says sorry to both Aikas. But they’re all buddies, Re;Rise. He begs her not to leave Re;Rise. Reo was also helped by her. He wants to work hard with her from now on. He loves this group. She also fell in love with this group and wants more people to know them. Tsubasa looks angry, but he just can’t believe she’s been thinking about Re;Rise so much. He gently calls her a fool. Aika doesn’t understand why he’s suddenly embracing her. Tsubasa says no one could hate her and it’s because of here that Re;Rise is here. He assures her he’ll definitely save her if she has any troubles. Itsuki interrupts since Tsubasa is too close to a girl. Aika realizes she doesn’t have to lie anymore. The others start to really realize she’s a girl. They get flustered. Everyone welcomes her and starts calling her by her real name. Ruka asks if she really wants to continue and as Re;Rise’s leader. Aika thinks about how she didn’t know what she would do once Manaka returned, but she still wants to support Re;Rise. But for now, she’ll continue. Yonezawa says if Manaka still wants to debut, he will under a different name. Everyone will help to find him. Aika thanks him. Yonezawa mutters to himself about how far they’ve come thanks to her. Aika is happy and hopes she can see Manaka.

A few days later, Itsuki enters the rehearsal room to talk to Aika. He’s been gone quite a bit. He wants Aika to come alone so they can talk about Manaka. Aika can’t believe he has some information. Ruka is surprised they’re going alone. Seiya mutters he wants to be with her. Aika is like, “We were just singing together”, but he blushes because that’s not what he means. Reo wants to know why Seiya is blushing. Itsuki replies because he and my dame are going on a date because he knows where Manaka is. Reo blushes at the word “date”. Ruka and Seiya do as well. Aika tells Itsuki to knock it off. Itsuki chuckles as he escorts my dame. Seiya curses; he won’t lose! Reo screeches nyaaaaa! Ruka also can’t fall behind.

Itsuki takes her to an amusement park. He whispers to be careful since there’s a lot of people. Aika doesn’t understand why here. Itsuki replies it’s a date. Aika can’t believe he’s serious. Itsuki blushes because this is his reward. People seem to notice, so he escorts his princess. Aika feels like he really is a pervert.

They get on the ferris wheel. Aika still can’t believe she’s here with Itsuki. He just wanted to come one more time with the one he loves. Aika gets flustered. He’s so close! And he keeps gazing at her. It’s like meeting him for the first time. He chuckles and moves back. She doesn’t need to be afraid. He only wants to support her. Itsuki is her dog and will always be by Aika’s side. He’ll bring her an umbrella on rainy days and take her place when she’s in danger. She protests, but Itsuki replies she replaced her brother. He just wants to be close to her and spend time with her. From a distance is fine, too. Ore doesn’t care that she’s the one for him but he’s not the one for her. Her happiness is more important than his. He wants to see her smile She disagrees. Itsuki is taken aback but says she’s kind. She think she’s normal and it’s normal to want Itsuki to smile. He’s happy, dear his Aika. She notices he looks worried and how it’s strange he addressed her by her name. Itsuki hands her something. It’s a picture of her. No, it’s her parents and a boy. Aika doesn’t understand how he got this picture. All her family photos were destroyed, probably by her mom. Itsuki sighs. He went to Manaka’s school, but no one remembers him. And isn’t the photo strange? Aika doesn’t understand. It’s a negative from a photo studio. Why isn’t her brother in the picture? He bluntly asks if Manaka is really her brother. Aika’s head starts hurting, worrying Itsuki. Aika doesn’t understand why Itsuki would say such a thing. Manaka was always there for her when their mother was gone. Itsuki asks her to think back further. Was Manaka really with Aika and her mother? Aika insists she has memories from when they were small. She realizes she can remember his voice but not his form. Itsuki then tells her “Amane Manaka” is not in the family register. This is the truth; there’s no mistaking it. Itsuki adds there’s a high chance her memories have been altered. She doesn’t believe in such a thing. Itsuki didn’t either, but there’s no other explanation. But the truth is Manaka only supported her after her mother died. But he watched over her since she was born. Itsuki has no proof of this, but he doesn’t have any other guess. Aika begs Itsuki for any more info; she wants to know everything. He can’t say anything for sure, but everyone will look for Manaka. He’s a member of Re;Rise too. Itsuki apologizes for having to tell her some upsetting things, but she wants to know everything. Everyone will search. She thanks him for the picture. She doesn’t remember her father’s face and really can’t relate to him. Itsuki is the same way. He grew up in an orphanage and wouldn’t know what to feel if he met the parents who abandoned him. It’s okay if she takes it slow in getting closer to Manaka. Someday she’ll understand her feelings. In short, the masochist him is having fun and can’t live any other way! Itsuki reminds her he’s living happily thanks to her. She’s glad he’s happy. The ride ends.

Aika wants to get to the truth about the picture and Amane Manaka.

A few days later, Aika wakes up. She’s thinking about Manaka not being her brother. Is she mixed up in a crime? No, Manaka is too kind for that. She’s already told the others. Ruka was surprised by the woman in the picture. She looked like someone he knows. Aika still can’t figure out his reaction. Ruka knocks on the door, inviting her to breakfast. He’ll wait for her.

Meanwhile, Seiya stammers Ruka shouldn’t call out a girl so early in the morning. Tsubasa tells him to be quiet; it’s fine as long as no one “yobai” her. Seiya doesn’t know the word, but Ruka laughs and explains he wouldn’t enter a girl’s room at night; he’d be hated. Seiya can’t believe that’s what “yobai” means and yells at Tsubasa. Tsubasa denies doing this since he doesn’t want to be hated. Itsuki suddenly appears, startling everyone. Ruka asks if he’s been out guarding all night. Itsuki had work but knows Aika hasn’t had any night visitors. Seiya asks how does Itsuki know, and Itsuki pulls out the “there’s nothing about my dame I don’t know” card. Tsubasa grumbles he won’t lose. Seiya looks confused, but Ruka says knowing everything doesn’t mean capturing one’s heart. Tsubasa is like, “Do you know who I am!?”, but Reo comes out and yells they’re all too loud in the morning. Itsuki apologizes and immediately blames Seiya and Tsubasa. Reo smiles as he’s looking forward to working with her today. Everyone is jealous as Reo beams. Aika suddenly comes out, surprising everyone. She’s heard the racket, but Seiya and Reo claims it’s nothing (or, in Reo’s case, nyathing). Tsubasa is blushing but scoffs, and Ruka mischievously asks if she wants to know. But it’s a guy secret and too embarrassing. Aika feels a little left out. Itsuki murmurs it’d be too embarrassing to say five guys are chasing after her.

Aika and Reo head to an audition. On their way, Aika remarks his play is doing well. He claims it’s nyaot true but is happy she said that nya! She also wants to work hard like him. Reo replies she’s doing well already because she’s always a guy in front of them. They’ve caused a lot of trouble for her, but she disagrees. She admires Reo’s work. She’s glad to have met Reo and everyone. He blushes. He stammers they’re idols, so she shouldn’t say such cute stuff. He hurries them on. Then talk switches to Manaka. Reo suggests maybe Manaka is at his real family’s. Aika thinks it’s a possibility and decides to go home. She tell Reo to head back so he doesn’t get mixed up in this mess. Reo calls her an idiot and gets close to her. She should rely on them more. Even though he looks like this, he’s a guy, she’s a girl, so he’ll protect her. Don’t make fun of him; he’s serious. She’s not; she just feels bad. Reo says that’s why she’s an idiot. She’s his kouhai, and he owes her for her help at the idol cafe. He’s really grateful. Then Reo hugs her and adds she’s the most important girl to him. Aika is taken aback; what does he mean by “important”? He then says let’s go. Aika wants to talk about what just happened, but he replies he’ll tell her the rest when she becomes a real idol since romance is off-limits. Aika is flustered by the cute and cool Reo. They head to the audition.

They make it to the audition.

They head to her house. Reo is nervous. He tries to convince himself it’s okay for an idol to be in a girl’s room. They eventually go through the mail. Aika notices a bunch from the same person. Reo thinks it’s suspicious. She opens the mail.

Through the letters and her brother’s phone, they get in contact with someone who agrees to meet with them.

The two wait in a park at night. Reo assures her they won’t be spotted and will contact Yonezawa if necessary. He admits he likes mysteries, especially ones Itsuki recommends. Reo also mentions the phone number seems familiar to him, but then a guy interrupts. He asks if they’ve obtained the “song”. If they give the “song” to him, then they’ll keep the promise; that’s the rule. Aika has no idea what he’s talking about. The man, thinking he’s speaking to Manaka, mentions he (Manaka) will be acknowledged (be allowed) as Amane Aika’s brother with the “song”. Aika demands to know what he promised Manaka. The man is shocked. Aika reveals her name and wants explanations. Reo tells her to calm down. He knows the man’s identity. He’s from an organization that protects important intangible cultural items. Like actors, singers, and composers. It’s a non-profit group; Reo was just introduced to him a few days ago. The man admits they’re not supposed to be known. Reo deduces because it’s because to protect forbidden technology. The man is shocked Reo knows, but he’s heard rumors nyan. Misusing technology but able to create song magic, puppets, and do operations. The man protests they’re not bad. They’re basically around to protect the world from flipping out over the existence of the electric music doll and devils. (Note: Picture real-life Vocaloid or Ai from Utapri.) The other two are shocked and in disbelief. Aika can’t believe there are devils, but she remembers Tsubasa. The man says something like the doll isn’t just to leave their culture to future generations. The man asks Aika to pretend she doesn’t know anything about them, even if she manages to contact “him” (Manaka). Aika still doesn’t know anything about the promise or the “song”. He can’t or won’t say. But he swears they’re not suspicious. They don’t know where Manaka is either. Reo tells Aika to give up, but he has no intention of working with the group. The man leaves. They head back to the dorms.

Aika thinks about things in her room. Reo knocks and enters. He’s made her hot milk since she’s had a long day. Reo suggests maybe the “song” is what Manaka is searching for. Aika is upset Manaka told her to switch but didn’t give her a reason, plus the whole business with the “song”. Reo doesn’t know, but the “song” may involve her. He’ll believe in Manaka, and he’ll protect Aika nyan. Reo says she doesn’t have to cheer up, but remember a lot of people treasure her. Aika thanks him. Reo tells her to get some rest and will go talk to the others.

The next morning, Aika is still thinking. Tsubasa comes in, having heard about the “song” from Reo. He orders her to raise her head (cheer up) so he can save her. He grabs her. Tsubasa calls her “bride”, the bride he’s chosen. She’s taken aback and asks if it’s just because she’s a girl. He looks sad and ask if she dislikes the thought. It doesn’t matter; he’ll definitely obtain her. He wants her body, her heart, everything. If there’s something she wants, he’ll get it for her. She shouldn’t worry and just smile. Aika doesn’t understand, but he wants to see her smile. Tsubasa lets her go and says he has knowledge of the “song”. He asks if she’ll believe everything he says. She will. “Even if I said I’m a real demon?” Tsubasa spreads his wings and transports them to the Underworld. He summons Peter. Aika is still trying to process everything. Peter will explain everything. He introduces himself as Tsubasa’s retainer (really servant). The “song” is a mysterious song that deepens love and bonds (relationships/connections) in humans. In the past, many people had led through their charisma-like power, the “song”. Many countries got swept up in battle for the women’s “song”. It’s also fatal to demons. Many tried to be a hero and get the successor of the “song”, but they all died. Aika wonders if Manaka is going after the “song”, but this talk of a successor… Peter tells Aika it’s her. Tsubasa explains she inherited from her father then mother. Aika doesn’t believe she’s anything special. Peter tells her her voiceprint is unique. Tsubasa adds it’s pleasant to demons, but Peter thinks that’s just Tsubasa’s personal opinion. Regardless, she’s the successor, a dangerous existence. A lot of people would try to use her. Peter doesn’t know who/what Manaka is. Peter adds there are several kinds of “song” that affect the brain. Like sleeping, excitement, and even altering memories. Tsubasa didn’t know this. Peter is like, “Of course because devils are only afraid of the ‘song’ of deepening of love and bonds.” Aika realizes Manaka might have used the memory-altering “song”. She thinks Manaka became her brother to steal the “song” from her. Aika feels depressed. Tsubasa points out if that were true, that still doesn’t explain why he had her join Re;Rise for him. He would have little to gain. Tsubasa tells Aika not to panic; they don’t know yet if Manaka’s purpose involves the “song”. Tsubasa realizes they’re out of time; Aika can’t handle being out here much longer. She thanks Peter and Tsubasa. Peter is taken aback, but Tsubasa is like, “Of course, I’m your master…But you’re cute.” They teleport back.

They talk a bit about Manaka and the legendary “song”. Tsubasa assures her he’ll protect her. He’ll even protect Manaka if ordered to. “Because a demon’s contract is more trustworthy than a god’s miracle.” Aika smiles and thanks him for worrying. He blushes; she is just too cute. Aika is embarrassed. He’ll eat her up at this rate, but rest for now. One day for sure she’ll be engulfed by him.

Nami calls Aika. She thought she saw Aika but ran away when Nami called out. Aika has been home all this time; it wasn’t her. Nami said they could be twins. Both think it might have been Manaka. Nami will definitely capture him next time!

Aika is trying to do lessons with Seiya, but she’s just not into it today. Seiya suggests she talk about what’s bothering her. They’ll talk after the lesson.

Seiya suggests they check out the place where Manaka was spotted. Aika is worried about being spotted, but Seiya points out she’ll accomplish nothing by worrying. It’s unlikely Manaka is still there, but it’s not impossible. Seiya charges off with Aika chasing after him.

There’s no sign of Manaka. Aika realizes Seiya was also trying to cheer her up. He goes into one of his Seiya-isms and then says she taught him that (the meaning, not the words). He was once afraid of connecting with people. But now he’s moving forward and not just parroting words from manga. She believed in him and led the way. Seiya wants to mature and eventually stand by her side. It’s the first time she’s seen his serious face outside of composing. He says he wants to be a man worthy of her. She thinks he means for Re;Rise and will support him. Seiya is actually grateful to Manaka. If Manaka had never asked Aika to sub, they never would have met. He probably would still be causing trouble if it weren’t for Aika. Then he blushes and goes silent. Then he mumbles about “the feelings of love”, but Aika doesn’t hear. She think he’s sick, and he gets flustered. Suddenly, he stops. “Over there…” Aika turns and sees someone looking like her. She then sees it’s Manaka. Manaka runs away. Seiya and Aika give chase. Fans see them and crowd around. Manaka gets away, muttering an apology.

Back at the dorms, Seiya apologizes. It’s not his fault. At least they know he’s disguised as her. Seiya is happy; at least they got his flyer! Aika doesn’t know what he means. Seiya found the flyer Manaka was carrying. It’s advertising Kagura Mitsuke’s radio show. Kagura’s show was near where they were today. Aika remarks Seiya is very well-informed. Seiya goes into one of his weird speeches and finishes with how he hears all music-related events. Seiya adds that all artists are connected. Aika knows Kagura is a big artist who just returned from overseas. Seiya says they’ll tell everyone tomorrow. He and everyone are her allies. She thanks him. Seiya wishes her “SWEET DREAMS” as he caresses her cheek. He leaves. Aika feels like he was a bit strange today, making her nervous.

The next day, Aika and Seiya explain their findings. Ruka looks strangely stunned. (Gee, like we don’t know why. And if you don’t, why are you reading this before the guys’ routes?) Itsuki suggests the swap might be Manaka’s hidden motive. Reo says they still need to find the missing link. Tsubasa doesn’t understand, but Seiya knows from manga. Perhaps it’s a twin or an old classmate! Ruka reacts. Tsubasa still doesn’t know what Manaka is. Itsuki knows he means whether Manaka is human. Seiya adds the most important thing is to search for Manaka, and Aika apologizes for getting everyone swept up in her family’s affairs. Reo replies it’s not just her problem. Tsubasa adds she should just depend on (be spoiled by) him. Seiya butts in with a “rely on me!” while blushing. He admits he’s not an adult and probably not as reliable as the older guys, but he’s truly thinking about her! Tsubasa: “Oh, are you declaring war on me?” Seiya won’t make any EXCUSES and will RUSH to the GOAL. Aika worries they’re going to fight, and Reo interrupts them. Aika expects him to break the other two up. He shyly says being depended on should be the senpai’s privilege. He whispers being depended on while depending on (her) would be ideal. Itsuki starts to butt in, and Aika tells him to keep out. He’s happy at her cold words. He gets serious and says everyone is forgetting the most important thing. The others give him their attention. “It’s more fun to forcibly be depended on than just being depended on!” The others are impressed while Aika is in disbelief. They return to the original conversation. Itsuki says they can’t go see Kagura Mitsuke without causing a fuss. Ruka pipes up and says he can go. Aika just now realizes how quiet he’s been and how pale he is. He and another person could meet him at the studio. Seiya, Tsubasa, and Aika have doubts. Ruka finally admits he’s Kagura Mitsuke’s son. Aika bows and begs for Ruka’s assistance. He will. He wants to be her strength. Aika apologizes (for taking advantage of him), but he says it’s fine. Ruka would rather hear “thank you” from her. Aika’s smile would make him happy. So she does. He starts to say something but drops it. He’d rather get rid of her worries than his. And Ruka is ready to accept whatever truth that may be revealed. Ruka adds he’s thinking about her happiness the most. Aika doesn’t understand, but Ruka says it’s a secret. Aika wonders if he doesn’t get along with his dad but doesn’t want to ask. The others will leave this part to Ruka, but the real battle starts after this! Ruka wants to talk to Manaka about how Re;Rise has changed. Aika also has a lot to talk to him about. This is her chance! Itsuki is silent.

It’s the day of “Kagura Mitsuke”‘s radio show. Aika goes as herself with Ruka. They’re waiting for Kagura. Aika is a bit nervous. Ruka reassures her it’ll be fine and hugs her. He wants her to be happy. Like this, he can really tell she’s a girl. Aika takes this as he’s afraid of her and starts to pull away. He tells her not to. He’s not afraid of her; he treasures her. Ruka is still a little of women from all the women Kagura would bring around. He’s still a little nervous about seeing his dad, so uncool. Aika protests he’s not and is properly facing girls. Ruka says it’s thanks to her. Aika is special to him. Aika is flustered; does he mean as a member of Re;Rise? But his face is so close! She can barely look at him, but Ruka wants her to. The staff prepares to start the show. Aika is stunned to see Manaka there. He’s just as shocked when she calls out to him. Ruka calls him “Aika-kun” before correcting himself. Manaka realizes Ruka knows all about the switch. Aika adds she also knows Manaka is not her real brother. The staff calls Manaka a part-timer. Kagura enters and is not happy. Manaka clicks his tongue. Aika briefly wonders if Kagura has something to do with the “song”. Aika introduces herself to Kagura. “Aika? Ruka, why are you with Aika?” he asks. Aika is shocked. Manaka interrupts: “Please stop, Kagura-san! Don’t listen to him, Aika!!” She has no idea why Kagura knows her. Ruka also wants to know why. Is she really his…? Kagura replies she’s the kid of some friends, a married couple. Due to various circumstances, he hasn’t seen seem. Ruka knows Kagura went out with Aika’s mother due to that picture, and she isn’t his mother? The siblings are surprised. Kagura sighs. He only kept that picture for memories. Ruka sighs in relief that he isn’t Aika’s brother. Kagura admits they were close and was entrusted with something by Aika’s mother. Before Kagura reveals what it is, Manaka interrupts and asks it be given to him. Kagura doesn’t know who Manaka is but notices the physical resemblance. Aika wonders if her mom gave Kagura the “song”. Manaka insists it’s for the best. Kagura really doesn’t know what is best but will fulfill his friends’ wishes. He turns his attention to Aika. He wanted to return it much sooner after her mother passed away, but he had trouble getting in contact with Aika between her hospitalization and his being overseas. Manaka’s eyes widen. Aika then recalls going to the hospital after her mother died. He hands Aika a paper/letter, while Manaka curses. It’s her family register, the same version Itsuki had. Aika begs Manaka for answers, and he finally agrees to explain everything and not run away anymore. Kagura would love to listen, but he’s got work. He tells Ruka to call him later. Aika tells Manaka let’s go home, then she clarifies herself to Re;Rise’s dorm.

At the dorm, Manaka remarks how he never thought he’d come back here. “Onii-chan…” Manaka says since he’s not her brother, she can address him however she likes. He remarks the others look well. Seiya notes the real Aika is different while Reo feels guilty. Manaka also says they can call him Manaka. Reo and Seiya apologize for not realizing he left, but Manaka says it’s fine. In fact, he never was qualified to enter Re;Rise because “Amane Manaka” is a sham. Tsubasa doesn’t understand. Manaka is surprised the demon hasn’t figured it out. Now Tsubasa is really taken aback. Manaka had knowledge but was more suspicious than anything. Reo asks if he learned [about demons] from the cultural protection agency guy, and the songs as well. Manaka replies yes, he acquired a lot of knowledge from those folks. Seiya asks about the song, and Manaka confirms he altered Aika’s memories with a song. Tsubasa accuses Manaka of being Aika’s brother to steal her song. Aika hopes it’s not true. Ruka tells Tsubasa getting angry won’t help. They already know that doesn’t explain why he asked her to be his substitute. Tsubasa just couldn’t help getting angry when Manaka is silent. Manaka is surprised by Ruka’s calm but firm attitude. Ruka thought he was not good at being perfect like Manaka, who is almost not human. But Ruka now recognizes Manaka’s heartbeat is a mystery and can’t figure out his motivation. He asks what Manaka is. Aika calls him “Onii-chan” again, and Manaka, distressed, says he’s not her brother. She replies Onii-chan is Onii-chan. Even if her memories have been altered, the year since her mother died was not a lie. She doesn’t care about the “song” or anything. Just please tell her why she swapped with him and who he is. Manaka hesistates, but Itsuki answers, “Doll.” Seiya thinks it’s something out of a manga, but Reo believes it. Aika doesn’t believe it either. Manaka is silent as the other members of Re;Rise try to piece the puzzle together, like why Manaka looks like Aika. Itsuki, of course, has quite a big solved already. Manaka is impressed and notes they’ve come so close to the truth for Aika’s sake. He confirms he’s a doll made for the cultural protection organization. Everyone is shocked. He’ll explain everything from the beginning. Aika is concerned, and Manaka adds she’s so kind. Aika is a little taken aback since he used “kimi” for “you” like he does for everyone else instead of “omae” just for her. He’s known her since she was born. He was still in the research stage, but both he and the organization figured out she was the successor to the song. Since sucessors tend to have a lot of influence, they’re also in danger. To safeguard her from the organization, he decided to protect her…by substituting from her. The others are shocked they had it backwards. Reo remembers his acting being studied, was it so Manaka could play her perfectly? Itsuki explains it was so Manaka could protect my dame by being her body double. Manaka says he took her place to determine the organization’s motivations. Ruka asks about the whole brother thing. Manaka replies it was his own decision. After the mom died, he used a song he wasn’t supposed to use to manipulate her memories, using his voice to make it seem like they have always been together. Why? …Because he wanted to her family. He’s been watching over her since she was born, and he almost felt like her brother. The voice she heard when she was little was real. Aika remembers the conversation from when they were small about their dreams. He applied to Re;Rise to fulfill her dream making singers sparkle. “Because…I…I’ve always wanted to be your brother!” Tsubasa can kind of understand Manaka’s feelings. Tsubasa is a demon and was caught by her, and Manaka was captured by her charm as well, right? Aika is like, “My charm? No way..”, but Manaka replies, “Yes, always.” Ruka realizes Manaka has been watching over her far longer than they have. Seiya is moved to tears as usual, but everyone can understand Manaka’s feelings. Tsubasa adds the doll gained a strong desire and will. Manaka apologizes to Aika. He was a made a doll in her likeness to protect her. But when he heard about a male body, he thought this was his chance to be her brother. So the organization made him learn a lot of skills. Ruka and Seiya ask about running away and her substituting for him. Manaka received a notice to from the organization to pose as her brother and obtain the song. The organization was trying to negotiate with her direct, and his identity would be exposed. He wanted to protect this lie (have it go on). So he told them she disappeared. The organization also wanted him to do idol stuff, so he (well, she) could safely hide out in Re;Rise since they wouldn’t want to do anything to expose Manaka’s true identity. So everything was to protect her as the successor to the “song” and so his true identity wouldn’t be exposed. He’s just a doll and deceived her, but he’s glad even for the lies. “Onii-chan…” “…Even now you’re calling me that….I really wanted to hear those words.” Even for a moment, as a lie, Manaka wanted to dream. He’s a doll for her. Aika asks him not to call himself a doll. He was the one that supported her after mom passed away. They’re already family! She couldn’t have made it this year without him and Nami. Manaka is near tears. Aika was afraid of being alone, but now he’s come back. She’s here now because of him. She points out not everyone is human anyway (Tsubasa), but that doesn’t matter anyway. She wants to be with him because he’s him. Manaka is shocked. Is she really forgiving him, the one who deceived her? Of course; he’s the Onii-chan she’s always bragging about! Manaka is still uncertain, but Aika wants to be his little sister. Manaka suddenly hugs her and tells her he loves her. Aika is confused while Re;Rise also reacts. Aika doesn’t know what kind of love he means. Manaka says he’s loved her since the moment he first saw her. He was always thinking about protecting her. During this past year, he’s fallen even more in love with her. Family, men and women, doll, human, they all didn’t matter; he loves her. Manaka can be stronger for her and do anything. He finally switches back to “omae” and says if she touches him, he can believe he’s no longer a doll. Aika doesn’t understand what he means. “Just once is fine. I want to kiss you.” Aika is taken aback; they’re not siblings, but still…! He’ll let her decide, but he wants to spend his days with her, doll or not. Sine she doesn’t want him to be just a doll, she kisses him. Afterwards, Aika is embarrassed, and Manaka thanks her. He finally feels like himself. He promises to always be with her. She welcomes him back.

A lot has happened these few months, there’s still one more piece of the puzzle left: the “song”.

Re:Rise visits Aika’s room along with Manaka. Seiya can’t believe Reo isn’t nervous visiting a girl’s room. Reo cheerfully replies it’s his second time. Tsubasa gets mad. Itsuki already knows the date. Reo told him, but Seiya stammers he wasn’t thinking Itsuki was creepy or anything! Tsubasa also tries to appear cool and unaffected. Itsuki is sarcastic as usual to them but flatters Reo. Ruka is actually excited. Aika asks if the song is really here. Manaka hid all the pictures so the fact there was no son in the family wouldn’t be revealed. But he kept one out. Aika pulls out the one he’s referring to, the picture from Kagura Mitsuke. There’s writing on the back. They put the two copies together to get a URL and password. Aika goes online. The site asks for the name of the composition, so Aika enters the password: AIKA. The song amazes everyone; it really is a song that deepens love and bonds.

Tsubasa can’t breathe; his magic is being drained. Seiya tries to give encouragement in his own Seiya-ish way, and Itsuki is sarcastic as usual. Reo tells them to stop messing around while Tsubasa is in pain. Aika worries about Tsubasa, but he tells her he’s going to devour her aura and kiss to make her his slave. Aika doesn’t want to, and Ruka tells him not touch her. He’s still cheerful as he stops Tsubasa. Manaka feels like this peace and being here is all like a dream. “The doll dreamed of love and bonds, perhaps?” Itsuki asks. Manaka agrees. He’ll become an idol or anything for her. “Because I am, after all, her Onii-chan.”

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