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I Doll U

I Doll U Masterpost

This is just a list of all my I Doll U posts. Feel free to link to this page.

It’s worth repeating the review is spoiler light for this game, but the summaries are full of spoilers. Posts are also quite lengthy. If reading the summaries, the correct order is introduction –> main route –> (each guy’s route) –> Idol Route last.

Please remember this is to supplement the game, not replace the experience. Characters, plot, and visuals all belong to Otomate. This is a fan-work meant to help others enjoy the game.

Support Otomate and the franchise by buying a copy! The game can be played on any PS Vita system and is available in a regular edition and a limited edition (includes booklet & drama CD) at various retailers including Solaris Japan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, and CDJapan. Shipping rates vary. You may also want to try contacting companies Aksys Games and Idea Factory International to voice your support for an official English release.

Game Introduction
Game Review

Game Summaries

Main Route
Mikami Ruka
Shidou Reo
Kuroyume Tsubasa
Moroboshi Seiya
Sakigake Itsuki
Idol Route

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