Sunshine Award #2

Sunshine AwardMasumi Amari of Morning Toast was kind enough to nominate me for a Sunshine Award.

Thank you very much!! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがと♪( ^-^)/★,。・:・゚

The Rules:

If you have been nominated for The Sunshine Award and you choose to accept it, write a blog post about the Sunshine Award in which you:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate a few other bloggers.

4. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

5. Notify the bloggers on their blog.

6. Put the award button on your blog.


1. 1, 2, 3 GO!!! What was your first thought?

2. Can you play an instrument and what is it?
I learned to play the flute back in elementary/middle school, but I was never very good at it. Probably don’t remember much.

3. Would you lick a public phone receiver in a phone booth for 500$?
No. Just no.

4. Do you need to lotion your knees?
Not really. My right hand often needs more lotion than my left though. Weird.

5. What colour is your hair?
Brown, but I plan on dyeing it dark red again soon when I get it cut.

6. What’s your favourite candy flavour?
Cherry! But I don’t eat cherries… My taste buds are so weird.

7. What does hair taste like?
Nasty. My hair is long right now (and it’s pretty frizzy), so I’m constantly getting hair in my mouth while eating.

8. Cheesecake yes? Cheesecake no?
Cheesecake no.

My Nominations:




My Questions:

Although it’s the Sunshine Award, it’s almost Halloween, so I’m going to ask Halloween-themed or scary questions. Heh heh.

1. What is your favorite costume you wore for Halloween or another event?

2. What is your favorite Halloween-themed or scary movie?

3. What was one time you were really scared?

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    Licking a telephone sounds like an easy $500. I’ll do it! I’ll have your slice of cheesecake too.

    1. krystallina

      I love the Golden Girls. I’m always like, “I want to be a Golden Girl when I get old!” Then I remember I don’t like cheesecake, so I’ll never be a real Golden Girl. Darn. So you can have all the cheesecake I’ll get for the rest of my life.

      1. lynlynsays


        1. krystallina

          Free cheesecake! Of course, you may have to fight for it…

          1. lynlynsays

            I’M READY FOR THE FIGHT 😀

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  4. Takuto's Anime Cafe

    Gimme that telephone stat so I can earn some quick cash for LTD ED anime!! And frizzy hair, eww, it’s the worst, I feel you.
    Congrats on the Sunshine award!

    1. krystallina

      Thank you!

      Seriously, though, have at all the telephone challenges. I’ll pass. I don’t even want to know who is still using public phones… I think I might know where one is, and the area is a dump. NO WAY would I lick it for $500. Don’t know how much I’d have to be paid…


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