Manga Diaries – Fruits Basket Volume 4

Fruits Basket Volume 4
If you don’t know what my diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

  • Page 13: Shigure is 27? Didn’t realize. Lots of “ero-jiji” who are interested in high school girls in manga are like 23-24, so it makes more sense like when Haru tells Shigure not to get arrested with the White Day outfit. Not that Shigure is old or anything, just comparatively older for his role as manga’s oji-san.
  • 16: Kyo may be the cat, but he’s really the gopher/gofer.
  • 19: Kabe-don! Some people like kabe-don while others think it’s stupid. And if you don’t know what kabe-don is, take a guess. Or read more shoujo manga. OK, fine, it’s the “guy pins a girl against a wall” scene. Pretty much required in romance manga. Let’s say it together: kabe-don!
  • 20: Tohru can’t even look serious…
  • 21: Don’t like the r-word here. Plus Momiji is cute. Just call it a kilt.
  • 24: I like Haru’s Yuki-sense. Plus the way he tugs on Yuki’s uniform.
  • 26: Shut up, dude. You’re annoying.
  • 32: Fruits Basket really does show that sexuality and attraction isn’t as clear as many people make it out to be. Lots of guys express interest in guys without being stereotypically gay, and even Tohru’s friends almost treat her like a love interest.
  • 34: President’s reaction is funny, but Tohru………..
  • 36: I do like how when White Haru reawakens, he’s just like, “Oh…” instead of being embarrassed or anything.
  • 40: Really flat Akito-san…
  • 47: Just as handsome as Yuki-kun, or a black-haired version of Yuki-kun?
  • 76: Ayame…
  • 77: Shame on you, Kyo-chan! There are starving kids in this world! Anybody else hated that when your parents or whoever told you that?
  • 80: Mabudachi Trio? I figure “dachi” comes from “friend/buddy”, but I don’t know what the “mabu” would come from.
  • 80: Looked it up, wiki says “true friend”. Still needed a note in this volume.
  • 83: Kyonkichi. Kyon-Kyon. Orangey. Cat-boy. What should we call him next?
  • 87: LOL.
  • 91-94: And more life lessons. Seriously, for being a former Yankee, how did Kyoko come up with all this stuff?
  • 99: And suddenly everyone wishes they could be a snake.
  • 104: I love the play-marriage.
  • 111-113: I think that one woman teacher must be the only capable one in the entire series…
  • 116: Shigure and company in high school might have been a more interesting manga than the current sequel.
  • 118: So inspiring!
  • 123: Wonder who would have taken care of Aaya if Hatori was busy with married life…
  • 129-130: Haru! <3
  • 131: This picture looks terrible in black and white.
  • 135: Am I the only one who really, really dislikes Chrono Cross? And I didn’t even play Chrono Trigger until the PlayStation era.
  • 151-160: One of the better sad stories in the series. (Wait, that doesn’t sound nice…but it’s true.) Still, everyone acts too mature.
  • 176-178: Hana the wild card.
  • 188: Fake out!
  • 190: The hat!
  • 191: The blooming feelings!

Again, who knew Yankees could become such philosophers? And Yuki and Kyo start being drawn even more towards Tohru, but we all know who wins in the end. Even before the end it’s obvious who wins.

Overall, not as annoying as last volume. The lessons aren’t quite so preachy. Aaya is entertaining, and Haru gets some funny scenes. Tohru officially meets Akito, who is a big fat jerk. “I’m so special, fear me, bow down to me!” You have weird tastes, Shigure.

Poor Momiji. So many manga operate on the theory “there’s no parent who doesn’t love their children”, but unfortunately it’s not true. Too many children are rejected by their parents or are sacrificed. This is not one of those manga cases where the parents just don’t know how to express their love; Momiji’s mother completely rejects him. It’s these type of atypical plotlines that I do like in Fruits Basket

..But it’s still not amazing to me.

Well, onward and upward!

UPDATE: In case anyone’s wondering…

Yes, I am psychic. And for the low, low price of $19.99 plus shipping and handling, I shall predict your future. BUT WAIT! There’s more! I’ll double the offer and include a future manga title to be acquired in English. Just pay separate processing and handling.

Seriously, though, congratulations to Yen Press and Fruits Basket fans for now having the aizouban/collector’s edition available for the U.S. market.

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