Manga Diaries – Fruits Basket Volume 11

Fruits Basket Volume 11
If you don’t know what my diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

  • Page 13: Isuzu = Rin.
  • 14: Kagura finally returns. She seemed like she was going to be a main Sohma, but she really checked out of the story.
  • 15: Rin-chan laying the verbal smackdown.
  • 17: Kagura’s anger is understandable.
  • 22-23: Too-happy Tohru again.
  • 25: I’m not good at building sand castles.
  • 27: Shigure the master plotter.
  • 30: Senpai sucks at sand castles. Tongue-twister!
  • 31: Haven’t seen anybody transform in a while.
  • 35-38: Yuki acting like such a player here.
  • 39-40: Yuki the overprotective “son”.
  • 46: Gorgon. An unusual insult to be sure.
  • 50: Kyo is so honest. Doesn’t even try to lie and say he doesn’t know what his beads are made of.
  • 53: Angry Kyo!
  • 56: Rin-chan getting closer now.
  • 59: A horse of course.
  • 60: Clumsy Tohru.
  • 62: A horse kicking would scare me.
  • 65-66: Yuki is not succumbing to Rin’s threats.
  • 71: Rin really suits those boots. I hate wearing those kind of shoes though. I prefer shoes you don’t have to lace up. But temper, temper Rin.
  • 72: Akito’s new demand makes Shigure happy.
  • 77: Double shock.
  • 81: Tohru should throw a “me party, a party by myself. A me party! I don’t need nobody else.”
  • 82: Yuki has a point.
  • 87: Why would the rooster rule? Almost everyone would eat the rooster.
  • 88-90: Oooh, a bet. Place your bets!
  • 93-95: I really feel for Kyo in this scene. Everyone blames him.
  • 97: Akito makes a point about Tohru being too good.
  • 104: And Kyo realizes his feelings.
  • 111: Kyo starts showing some brains here.
  • 114-115: Heartfelt denial.
  • 117: Creepy face, creepy words. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
  • 119: Yuki having to cover for Kyo to protect Tohru.
  • 124-125: Shishou’s inspiring speech.
  • 127-130: Nice scene. Rushing to see her, but watching her for a moment.
  • 135-136: I do love a good “time limit” manga.
  • 139: Tohru…seriously…
  • 143: Shishou doesn’t look forty. Some other characters maybe…
  • 147: Everyone analyzes their feelings too much.
  • 149: LOL Momiji.
  • 151: Shigure really does have strange tastes.
  • 153: Be nicer! Take your own words, Akito.
  • 156: Big feet.
  • 160: Momiji MVP.
  • 165: I like how Takaya doesn’t make Tohru stay ignorant of the truth.
  • 166: Sounds like a crappy banquet. It’s like the worst Thanksgiving every day.
  • 172: Tohru finally tells Akito off…politely.
  • 174-175: Got to pay close attention to little details.
  • 176: Sentai hero-like pose.
  • 178: That’s everyone, right? Yay?
  • 179: Can’t you just FEEL the happiness?
  • 183: I want to give Momiji a hug. D’awwww.
  • 187: Tohru slumber party.
  • 191: You can’t see him, but Yuki is secretly imagining that’s Ayame burning up.
  • 193: Ah, I miss everyone harassing Kyo. Go for it, Haru!
  • 195: Tohru finally getting some determination.
  • 199: Yuki trolling Kyo again.

So a lot happened this volume. Tohru meets the remaining Zodiac members as well as figure out Akito’s role. Kyo realizes he loves Tohru but also wants to protect her. Shigure keeps plotting, but the two young ones are mostly absent.

This is definitely one of the most dramatic volumes so far. We get to see Akito’s temper flare. Kyo gets some heart-wrenching moments, and a lot is up with Rin. The dark moments are out in full force. Even the art (which I am still not a fan of) does a good job contrasting hope and despair. Kyo watching Tohru for a moment, Momiji upset he can’t protect Tohru, even Haru’s comedic aiming of the firecracker all help add life to the story.

So Tohru has finally resolved to break the curse. She’s got a long way to go, but Tohru finally has a role outside of being full of love. Takaya also lets Tohru actually know the dark side of the Sohma family instead of just Tohru deducing or sensing what’s going on.

Overall, while I miss the light and fun transforming aspects, this is one of the better volumes.

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