Manga Diaries – Fruits Basket Volume 13

Fruits Basket Volume 13
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Otherwise, let’s go!

  • Cover: Rin-chan now! Rin-chan now! Rin-chan Rin-chan Rin-chan now!
  • Page 11: …No comment.
  • 16: Yuki-mama doesn’t really look like Yuki.
  • 18-21: The kind of parents teachers would love to punch out.
  • 24: Poor little Yuki-chan.
  • 26: Onii-chan to the rescue!
  • 28: Pwning his own mother.
  • 29: I’m sure Hatori is going to get two crazy stories from Ayama and Mayuko later.
  • 31: Mayuko is going to be filing an interesting report about this conference.
  • 33: I don’t think “interesting” is the word anyone would use.
  • 36-37: Yuki growing up.
  • 42: Hatori offering his sympathies.
  • 45: Right now, I feel like listening to “Mahora Sentai Baka Rangers”. Saa challenger, ike baka rangers!
  • 46-47: I don’t get why Takaya felt like she had to make the student council so crazy. I mean, I get that the whole purpose is to make Yuki move forward, but they weren’t elected or anything.
  • 48: If you’re going to keep up the school defense force, then you have to buy the suits. Everyone knows that. Otherwise, you’re just a bunch of weirdos. You need leotards.
  • 55: Everyone’s friends, Baka Pi–*sign falls down on *. Points if you get the joke.
  • 58: Baka Black.
  • 62-63: Awkward conversation.
  • 68-71: Let’s just switch to BL.
  • 79: It’s a small world after all.
  • 83: Why didn’t she try someone else first?
  • 89: What a bright kid.
  • 92: Momo is 100% huggable.
  • 94: Momiji is growing up. Should have made him have a birthday once every four years like Honey-senpai.
  • 98-99: So cute!
  • 110: Tohru didn’t prepare well to be a ninja. Or kunoichi.
  • 116: An unexpected savior.
  • 119: *cues up “It’s a Small World” again*
  • 124: I wonder if Kyoko would surrender…
  • 127: *now cues up “When You Wish Upon a Star”*
  • 129: This just sounds kind of awkward. “I’ll cooperate with you.” You aren’t planning a jewelry heist. “I’ll support you” or “I’ll help you” sounds more natural. Curious as how this was worded in the original Japanese version.
  • 129-132: Kyonkichi is so cute here.
  • 136: Considering it’s Hana and Arisa, I’m surprised they haven’t taken Tohru and ditched yet.
  • 138: The two should invest in post-it notes.
  • 140: Does this guy even have a name?
  • 143: They should just have a group confession.
  • 145-146: Finally, some real “gotta protect the secret” scenes.
  • 149: Knew this would happen.
  • 150: Kyo no baka!
  • 155: Kyo just keeps breaking hearts in this chapter.
  • 162: They could at least play cards.
  • 169: I think we need to play “It’s a Small World” again.
  • 177: When I buy souvenirs, I tend to avoid the stuff that lists place names and stuff. I like to buy stuff I really like rather than cheesy stuff. For instance, I bought a Ryo-Ohki stuffed plush at the mall in Washington, D.C. Or a penguin necklace at a zoo. Much more meaningful to me than silly T-shirts or hats.
  • 180-181: Seriously, BL.
  • 183: Gee, who is his girlfriend? I wonder.
  • 188: What would you do if your senpai gave you a leaf? I’d be like, “I got a bunch of these at home…I hate raking leaves.”
  • 192: Tohru is so nice. She didn’t even add Kyo’s angry face.

Although she’s too slow to realize it, Tohru really starts having special feelings for Kyo here. So all the TohruxKyo shippers probably “squee!”‘d their way through the volume. Yuki’s interactions with the student council continue. I feel like he has developed more than Kyo so far. Kyo is really just doesn’t go flying off the handle so often, but Yuki is the one really trying to change.

My favorite part of this volume was the Momiji and Momo scenes. The siblings really are cute, and it’s nice how Momo feels the connection.

Despite the character art, Takaya really does some nice layouts and paneling. The falling leaves, Tohru feeling left behind, and Momiji’s violin playing are all well-done. I still don’t get Arisa’s feelings or why Ayame didn’t show up to the conference in the first place though. Speaking of Kureno, I’m surprised Hana didn’t make any comments about Kazuma. But the sentai student council jokes are already getting old.

Overall, I enjoyed this volume more than the last one.

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  1. sarie

    “Don’t worry. When you get one, I’ll give you my support.” That’s what the fan translation was before the volume came out in English.

    Cooperate was an awkward phrasing and I remember being really annoyed at it when it came out. Support also implies the choices don’t include him which gives it a little more impact.

    1. krystallina

      That does sound more natural.


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