Manga Diaries – Fruits Basket Volume 20

Fruits Basket Volume 20
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Otherwise, let’s go!

  • Cover: Machi, although I keep thinking it’s Tohru.
  • 16: Conflicted Kagura.
  • 18: Ah, I remember Takaya mentioning something last volume about Rin entering the workforce. I guess this is what she meant.
  • 21-22: Finally talking about how Kazuma’s grandfather’s family.
  • 25-27: Tohru finally stops running away from her feelings.
  • 28: Kagura gets mad.
  • 29: I wonder if this joke is an English invention or if the Japanese had a similar line.
  • 31-32: Really, if that’s Tohru being dirty, the rest of us are screwed.
  • 36-37: Girl friendships are so confusing.
  • 41: What, Yuki basically finally skips a volume? That hasn’t happened in forever.
  • 46-48: How did the Sohma family get their fortune and/or prestige anyway?
  • 50: Akira-in-the-box.
  • 54: Akira looks more feminine than Akito.
  • 61: Completely screwed up Ren.
  • 69: Shigure just burned Ren.
  • 73: One down, a lot more to go.
  • 80-82: Momiji is free, and Akito isn’t happy.
  • 85: Real high level conversation here.
  • 87: Momiji watching Tohru.
  • 90: Momiji trolling Kyo.
  • 93: Momiji ending his relationship with Akito.
  • 96: Poor Momiji…
  • 103: I wonder when the last time Momiji and Momo have seen each other. Was it when Momo asked Tohru for Momiji to be her onii-chan?
  • 107: Oh, yeah. Forgot about these figures.
  • 123: Akito giving up?
  • 131: Real villain: that old busybody.
  • 132: Trolololol.
  • 136: Did someone cast Stop?
  • 138: Snap.
  • 152-153: Akito telling Kureno the same thing Shigure did. Now Akito is a woman scorned.
  • 157: Uo-chan returns.
  • 164: Kyo doesn’t want to hear it.
  • 166: Kyo comes right out and says it.
  • 168: And coldly rejects her.
  • 170: Kyo finally talking to Tohru about Kyoko.
  • 171: More about Kyoko’s death.
  • 177: Trying to set up the young Kyo-Tohru connection.
  • 186: Kyo blaming himself for Kyoko’s death.
  • 194: And his mother’s death.

Well, there’s more Kyo and Tohru, but their scenes almost lose to the drama of the curse breaking and Akito/Ren. At least the focus is back on the supernatural and not the lives of the student council. Two more members of the Zodiac are set free, and we see how screwed up Ren is and how it was passed on to Akito. But even Akira probably has to take some of the blame, but without knowing his though process, we’ll never know how he meant it.

Kyo also confronts Tohru, a rather unusual move where he doesn’t act like Shigure and pretend not to notice anything. So far, during his whole confession scene, Tohru just stands there and doesn’t react or protest. Tohru doesn’t even reply when Kyo asks her flat-out. She could be a paper doll in this volume. Even the “confrontation” with Kagura is boring.

It’s just kind of an odd volume: a lot of drama, but it’s repetitive drama. Kyo blames himself, Akito and Ren are both screwed up, etc. Hiro and Momiji now face their own lives, but we have a lot of people to have their curses undone in three volumes. Plus we have a few relationships to finalize. That’s going to take a lot away from the main couple.

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