Manga Diaries – Fruits Basket Volume 21

Fruits Basket Volume 21
If you don’t know what my diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

  • Page 17: I have to admit, I’m not a fan of this “Kyo knew Kyoko” storyline. It’s like, can’t Kyo and Tohru be connected without having a lifelong bond? And Kyoko has more story morals than Mother Goose.
  • 23: Well, at least Kyo can’t say his training caused him to fail.
  • 32: Tohru finally speaks.
  • 33: Tohru will rebel.
  • 34: And finally she confesses.
  • 38: Stalker.
  • 42-43: Cool image, like mirrors of each other. “Light” and “dark”, “mean” and “kind”, etc.
  • 56: The story of two girls and a knife.
  • 58: Tohru spouting lectures like her mother.
  • 64: Akito scared by Tohru.
  • 68: “Minna Nakayoshi, Baka Pi–!”
  • 70: Tohru’s a mother to everyone.
  • 72: Random drama.
  • 80: Shigure to the rescue.
  • 91: I know the ground crumbled in front of her, but it’s still odd for Tohru to end up perfectly on her back.
  • 94-99: Dramatic monologue…
  • 100: And doesn’t do the “dream” thing. Surprising.
  • 104: Chu!
  • 106: …What would rat embroidery on a bancho’s outfit look like?
  • 112: Akito is a broken woman.
  • 115: A wild Haru appears!
  • 116: Random fact of the day.
  • 118: Don’t mess with Yuki’s surrogate mama!
  • 120-121: Hahaha, Jii-san.
  • 122: Good dinner theater for Haru.
  • 124: Yuki shocked.
  • 127: Now it’s Kyo’s turn.
  • 129-130: Yuki lecturing Kyo on happiness.
  • 135: The Tohru Guard are even more unforgiving, I’m sure.
  • 139: Tohru is going to be swarmed.
  • 140: Tohru Guard activated.
  • 144: Yuki Troll Mode activated.
  • 151: Akito.
  • 161: I knew Momiji was going to bring up “The Most Foolish Traveler” in this scene.
  • 165: Shigure made progress.
  • 172: Kakeru with the bluntness.
  • 182: Hopefully we can finish the Yuki/Machi scenes soon.
  • 190: Practically confessing now.
  • 192: Now she looks like Tohru, which brings up a whole bunch of other issues.
  • 196: Finally confirmed. One main couple down.

So we end up with Yuki x Machi. Maybe the student council scenes will pretty much end now.

Akito and Tohru pretty much as up friends…or, more accurately, surrogate mother and daughter. Kyo finally takes steps toward not running away, but then they’re (once again) pushed aside to wrap up Yuki and Machi’s romance.

Also, the drama about Tohru getting injured is pretty ridiculous. It happens just so perfectly, right as the two are about to shake, and with very little setup.

Yeah, so…moving on.

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