Sunshine Award #3

Sunshine Award

AnimePrince was kind enough to nominate me for a Sunshine Award.

Thank you very much!! ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ありがと♪( ^-^)/★,。・:・゚

The Rules:

If you have been nominated for The Sunshine Award and you choose to accept it, write a blog post about the Sunshine Award in which you:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate a few other bloggers.

4. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

5. Notify the bloggers on their blog.

6. Put the award button on your blog.


1. What qualities in females satisfy you? If your a girl, answer the question anyway.

Well, as a straight female, I can safely say I like girls who have little-to-no interest in taking duckface selfies, constantly talking about “celebrities” like the Kardashians, or spamming the Internet with Candy Crush and Farmville requests. These types are an embarrassment to my gender. Of course, I’d rather talk to anime and video game fans.

2. Which anime character is your favorite?

Hmmm, tough choice. I do love the powerful yet playful Neo-Queen Serenity and the mysterious Sailor Cosmos from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, but I think characters like Okita Souji from Hakuoki are fascinating to analyze. Himeko from Sket Dance is my tsukkomi idol. Too many to choose!

3. Did you understand Horizon in the middle of nowhere right away? If you haven’t watched it yet; skip this one.


4. Do you like me?

Of course.

5. What anime are you currently watching?

I plan on marathoning Hetalia soon, and I need to finish No Game, No Life. I’ll wait until later to watch any of this season’s anime.

6. What games are you currently playing?

I just started Yo-kai Watch.

7. Is there a day you would go without reading manga?

Unfortunately. My town is notorious for having the power going out, and sometimes it’s just too dark to read anything. Then there’s the occasional instance when I’ve been gone all day and go straight to bed after coming home. Otherwise, I do pretty much read manga every day, even if it’s just a chapter or two.

8. Would you consider yourself a fujoshi for life?


9. How much metal does a narcissist need?


10. Did you notice the last 3 questions were very specific and seemed directed at you? Cause it was. ;<)

Yes, nice job!

My Nominations:


Badda-Bing Badda-Blog

The Shoujo Nut

My Questions:

1. If you could go to a host club or maid cafe from any anime or manga, which one would you go to and whom would you request?

2. Which anime or manga character would you NOT want to be?

3. If you could talk to any one person that is in the anime, manga, or video game industry, whom would you pick and why? (Assume you could bring a translator if necessary.)

Image from Otaku High School Life.

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  1. crimson613

    Fujoshi’s UNITE. xD I like my gals like Lady Lyn >:) #only1chibisenpai

    1. krystallina

      Lady Lyn is above the realm of us mortals. No other females can compare or match her.

      1. crimson613

        Well said President

    2. Arria Cross

      What about me?

      1. krystallina

        Don’t worry. The secret Arria cloning machine is being worked on so we can have more of you.

        1. Arria Cross

          Noooooooo! Don’t do this to me, Pres. I want to be the only-one-in-the-world-super-duper-unique Arria. -____-

          1. krystallina

            Well, look on the bright side: you could always send a clone to do the stuff you don’t want to! 😉

          2. Arria Cross

            Ahahaha. You make a good point. I’ll think about it. XD

  2. crimson613


  3. Mangataku-kun

    Give credits for my award pic! 😀

    1. krystallina

      Done! 🙂

  4. The Otaku Judge

    My hometown suffers a lot of power cuts too. Hopefully the new electric plant that is being built will solve those issues.

    I know quite a few people who spam Facebook with duck faces and game requests. Needless to say I ave disabled their notification messages.

    1. krystallina

      It’s funny because in my town, when the weather is bad and you think the power is going out, it’s fine. Then on a perfect clear summer day when you least expect it, someone drives their tractor into a pole.

  5. Arria Cross

    Yay! Congrats, President!

    1. krystallina

      Thank you. ^_^


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