EXPIRED Deal Alert – Steins;Gate & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Sale Today Only

Amazon is having one of a Deal of the Day sale on a couple of Blu-ray releases:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Complete Collection One

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Complete Collection One – $27.49

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Complete Collection Two – $27.49 SOLD OUT!

Steins;Gate – $23.99

Shipping is free with Prime or on $49+. Sale ends today or may end early if titles go out of stock.

Steins;Gate is at its lowest price ever on Amazon. While Brotherhood has been cheaper, today may be the last time you can pick it up at a low price. FUNimation lost the rights to Brotherhood back in March, so pick up the series now before it goes out-of-print!

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  1. The Fullmetal Narcissist

    A long time ago, I found those Brotherhood sets at Bestbuy for 17 dollars each. I’ve never seen any deal on them come close to that one before or since.

    1. krystallina

      Wow, $17 for the Blu-rays?! You scored a heck of a deal!!

  2. The Otaku Judge

    Two of my fave anime of all time. I would take advantage of this if I didn’t already own these shows.

    1. krystallina

      I really got to play Steins;Gate…don’t want the anime to spoil it for me beforehand.

  3. Takuto's Anime Cafe

    Good thing I picked FMAB up a while back. Too bad I could’ve saved like $10 with this awesome deal! They haven’t lost S;G, right??

    1. krystallina

      No, they still have S;G. It’s only Aniplex titles FUNimation seems to be losing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see FMA:B or the others released by Aniplex of America but at their usual prices. At least you wouldn’t feel bad about paying $10 more then! XD


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