EXPIRED Barnes & Noble: The Manga Mania Sale Just Got Better


Barnes & Noble has released a new coupon. BNTROPICAL will give you 20% off your $60+ order. Even better, this code stacks with the Manga Mania sale. And, if you read my previous post, you will know this sale has been calculating off of Barnes & Noble’s current price instead of MSRP. Many titles are up to 40% off due to their Summer Reading sale!

Surprisingly, preorders do seem to get the 20% off, but they don’t seem to count the $60 minimum purchase threshold. You kind of have to experiment. If you get an error saying items do not count, keep adding already released titles. It should eventually kick in.

If you’re a Member, you can get items shipped as they are released; non-Members’ orders will be held until all items are released.

Here’s an example order I placed:

UQ Holder 8 – $7.42
The Heiress and the Chauffeur, Vol. 1  – $7.99
One-Punch Man, Vol. 6 – $7.99
Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 15 – $7.99
Komomo Confiserie, Vol. 4 – $7.24
Your Lie in April 8 – $7.56
Assassination Classroom, Vol. 9 – $7.99
Nisekoi: False Love, Volume 14 – $7.99
School Judgment, Vol. 3: Gakkyu Hotei – $7.99
Say I Love You 15 – $7.42 [preorder]
Noragami: Stray God 15 – $7.57
Kaze Hikaru, Vol. 24 – $6.74 [preorder]

Sub Total: $91.89
Shipping & Processing: $0.00
Tax: $3.03
Discount: -$41.43
Total Price: $53.49

That’s almost $124 (+ tax) of manga for around $50 (+ tax). That averages out to be about $4.17 a book. I don’t know how long this will work, so place your orders soon!

If you want to save even more money, buy a gift card off of Raise. Plus, ShopatHome has 6% cashback. I bought $50 in gift cards for about $45, plus got my tax covered. So my final total will be less than $46 for this order. Note that you can only use up to three gift cards per order at Barnes & Noble online.

A few more highlights:

Attack on Titan 19 Special Edition – $12.91 [preorder]
Akame ga KILL! 7
– $8.13 [preorder]
My Hero Academia 5
– $6.74 [preorder]

Princess Jellyfish 1 – $11.99
Yotsuba&! 13 – $7.80

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  2. Matthew

    This is some awesome news. I am getting excited after reading this. Do you use the coupon code online or is there a way you can print it out and use in stores?

    1. Krystallina

      Online only. Plus, in-store, everything is at MSRP, but many titles are 20+% off online. So online is the way to go.

      1. Matthew

        Really? Thank you. I am hoping to buy manga in the store. It’s been a long time since I been to the book store.

        1. Krystallina

          It’s too bad B&N stores don’t pricematch their website. You can’t even do in-store pickup at the online price! -_-

          1. Matthew

            Well that stinks >_<. Barnes and Noble should do something like this. It would definitely bring in potential readers.

  3. Leafさんの夢が。。。

    Must…resist….going broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Krystallina

      I already have!! ((((;゜Д゜)))

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