Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 25 to 27

One Piece Volume 25 One Piece Volume 26 One Piece Volume 27
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Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 25:

The group teams up with the monkeys to prepare to find Skypiea. Man, I keep wanting to spell it “Skypeia”. These sections were a little boring, as the guy kind of wants revenge on his ancestor.

Then there’s Straw Hats vs. Southern Bird. Each team has their own issue, but I’d be freaking out right along with Sanji and Nami. That spider on Nami, yeesh!! They probably should have paired Chopper with Zolo and Robin with Luffy. Although I’m surprised Sanji didn’t insist on him and the two girls.

For me, the most interesting part of the volume was the parts about the government. With Crocodile’s defeat, a big shakeup is coming. The government needs to add some women (and minorities perhaps) to the elders.

It can be hard to keep up with all of these characters’ names. Oda never seems to introduce just a couple of new characters; he introduces whole squads. I mean, it makes sense due to a lot of the characters being pirates or belonging to some organization, but I wish he could introduce them more naturally. I’m sick of text boxes.

Volume 26:

Well, I can honestly say that I never know where One Piece is going. I mean, obviously they were going to find the land in the sky, but Skypiea is much bigger than I expected. And more crazy. Somehow we went from Chocobo’s Air Paradise to Odin to rooms that sound like they’d be from Kingdom Hearts. Angels, kami, and white berets, oh my! While most manga have rules of the universe, Oda just seems to throw the kitchen sink at the story. Crazily enough, it works.

I guess that’s the appeal of One Piece. You never know if the Straw Hats are going to be screwed by a series of unfortunate events or if they’re going to screw themselves.

The people of Skypiea have quite a bit of technology. They basically get jet skis, voice recorders, and nice furniture.

Anyways, I would have chosen the ball path. Iron makes me think of that cave in Final Fantasy IV while swamps have crocodiles. So that leaves the string or ball paths. I’d rather take a chance and play dodge the snowballs or play baseball and avoid the balls.

I am also curious about the term “kami”. I know it means “god”, but why was it kept? I would have thought it was his name maybe (can’t get any weirder than some of the other names featured), but Eneru is very clearly “the kami”. Huh.

Chopper realizes too late he’s in the worst position: left alone.

Learning about all the international versions was pretty interesting. Usopp’s name in German reminds me of Lysol. I kind of want to call him that now.

Volume 27:

I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a’plenty. I’ve got whoits and whatits galore!

Yeah, the little girl reminded me of The Little Mermaid.

I think this was the best volume in a while. The skull island was a nice puzzle, the bad guys are not as bad as they seem, and Eneru makes his appearance. Eneru looks like an epic RPG boss where you have to defeat the magic stones before you can damage him. However, if One Piece was an RPG, the group should spend all their berries on teleport stones and equip all party members with a compass. Great equipment.

Luffy and friends certainly didn’t have a ball with the ball challenge (groan), but Ganfor puts up a fight. The first vassal was your typical mage with a lack of defense. Now that Zolo, Chopper, Robin, and Luffy are split up, what kind of powers will the others have? I’m looking forward to finding out!

Kind of surprised Chopper went. I guess he’d be a good digger though, and he is good support. Healers are always essential in a party.

Final Comments:

One Piece basically does whatever it wants. Ocean pirates? Bah, too typical! Let’s make ’em sky pirates! Set in a god’s realm!

So far, I’m liking this arc better than Baroque Works. Vivi was a bit on the Mary Sue side. Robin has skills, but she doesn’t let herself get caught up in the others’ pace. She’s a participant, but she’s also an observer. There’s a big difference in the role the two play.

I’m a little worried that some characters may disappear for long periods with, I assume, Luffy and gang each having to battle someone. Well, at least not everyone needed a big text box to show their names this time around…


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