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One Piece Volume 34 One Piece Volume 35 One Piece Volume 36
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Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 34:

Okay, so it’s the next arc where they get a carpenter. Luffy just gives them a bad flag.

So the side journey ends with Admiral Ice Man who rides a bike. That was awesome. Robin is also going to be a central figure in this arc, making up for her lackluster debut I suppose.

The train came out of nowhere for me. Oda is always full of surprises. It sure shocked me. “Oh, something’s there!” BOOM, train! Like, holy crap.

Side note, I hate crossing train tracks. Well, mostly train tracks that don’t have those guard barriers. A couple times I’ve gone over tracks and the train wasn’t far off. Blast the horn more than a few feet in advance, conductor. (Okay, slight exaggeration. But not by much, I swear.)

Aokiji delivers a smackdown on the Straw Hats, but Luffy can’t die because he’s the hero. So they move on to Water Seven, an awesome city. Seriously, what a cool place to live. Plus tradesmen who can kick bad guys’ butt? Sign me up, please. Although Luffy, Nami, and Usopp dealing with the money sound like a Professor Layton puzzle: “Luffy, Nami, and Usopp have 300 million berries. They each can carry 100 million berries. But Luffy will lose his share if he carries it. Nami will steal any amount over 100 million. Each bull can carry up to two people. What’s the best way to get all money to the ship?”

Anyway, Merry Go is on the brink of disaster. The Straw Hats are also given a chance for a carpenter, and we meet Usopp’s flying doppelganger. Iceberg is pretty chill for a politician (get it?), but I think we all need a Kalifa in our life. (Although I’m sure many of you won’t share the shipyard’s assessment of her skirts.)

Chimney wins the worst name award. Nothing like being named for a tall, smoky piece of a house…

Volume 35:

I’ve heard of people falling apart on a ship, but not too many people fall apart because of a ship. Usopp realizes he’s the weakest link (How many of you watched that show?), and he’s not happy that Merry is being abandoned. Plus there’s the whole guilt thing from losing 200 million berries, but maybe next time the group will immediately put the money on the ship instead of carrying it around.

Iceberg was nearly killed as well. I think both parts add some real drama to One Piece, but when both occur at the same time, the shock effect is kind of blunted. I mean, I assume these events are connected, but I think they both could have used some breathing room. Let Luffy and the others be all down in the dumps about Usopp’s departure, and then give them the double whammy that Iceberg has been shot. Of course, since Robin is a suspect, I imagine the next volume is going to be more about the Straw Hats lamenting their gang is falling apart.

I think I’ll cancel my trip to Water Seven. Aqua Lagunas sound dangerous. Although hurricanes are dangerous as well, and I don’t know people just stay home during those. I’d be heading for the hills at the first sign of trouble!

Also, I don’t think I’d want to see Oda’s version of the Sexy-Sexy Fruit. Or, even worse, the Internet’s. *shudder*

Volume 36:

I kept forgetting to mention: does anyone else have trouble saying “Galley-la”? I keep wanting to say “Gallery-la” or “Galleria”.

I forgot about the Dart Boy statement. I thought it was a weird insult too when I read it. I thought maybe he was saying Sanji has bad aim or something. Spirals? Okay… “Snail Boy” or something would have made more sense.

I never realized guarding someone’s door required everyone to sit with the same legs crossed. Synchronized protection?

Speaking of protection, ever play Norn9? There’s this one part they mention where the ship they’re on has turbulence, so everyone clings to something strong. The little chicks all cling to the one guy who’s afraid of them. The point is, I think it would have made more sense for the two girls with Franky go, “Bad storm? Cling to something strong…like Franky.” Then his Popeye arms would have the two sisters clinging him like a body pillow instead of walking sideways.

Am I the only one who first thought of Pedobear when the bear with Robin showed up? I mean, the way he has his hands, and his creepy smile… maybe Pedobear’s cousin, Snailbear? Anyone? No? Okay…

Poor Iceberg. Practically his whole team was working against him, including his amazing secretary. His friends betrayed him, he’s been shot and kicked, his enemies have figured out his trump card, and the fate of an ancient weapon is at stake. Yeah, he’s going to need both a doctor and a counselor.

Luffy managed to arrive at the scene of the crime much earlier than I expected. Time for a battle royale next time?

By the way, I wonder how CP9 meetings go when they sign up. “I want to be a bear!” “No, I’m going to be a bear!” “I was thinking of a skull head…”

Final Comments

This is a very strong arc, but it’s also a bit unfortunate the fast-paced weekly format means packing as much into one chapter as possible. For instance, I would have liked a bit of monologuing from Iceberg once CP9 was revealed or at least some large panels. Give the readers a bit of the emotional punch of the stomach Iceberg is feeling.

We also start to learn why Robin is interested in ancient history. The parts about using weapons as deterrents and ways to decimate enemies hit a bit close to home right now thanks to discussions during the U.S. election season…

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