Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 43 to 45

One Piece Volume 43 One Piece Volume 44 One Piece Volume 45
If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 43:

Franky is showing off his hairy legs in the cover, but, more importantly, I thought Nami was flipping off the reader! I had to do a few takes to confirm.

She also tries to prove she’s not the weakest link in the group, taking on bubble-woman. Sounds like the lamest superhero ever. “Look, Bubble Woman has come to save us!” OK, maybe not so much lame as porn-ish. Meanwhile, Chopper rages as Zolo fights a giraffe. Just another normal day in the world of One Piece.

Volume 44:

I feel like the song “Friendship” from Love Hina would be the perfect insert song during the end. It was also used as the opening to Say I Love You., right? I remember because when I watched the first episode, I found myself singing along with the opening. I was like, “How do I know this??” Zutto, zutto, oboeteru…

Anyway, Merry Go ends up saving everyone after Luffy debuts his Balloon attacks. Franky also gets some good news that his crew are all okay. Sounds like Water Seven is getting ready to wrap up. Kind of feels anti-climatic that Luffy’s ultimate attack was something that’s been used in cartoons for years.

I guess as of right now, you could take it as the Straw Hats are hallucinating they’re hearing Merry’s voice or they have a Sayo onboard. I’m leaning toward the former.

Kokoro also turns out to be a mermaid, but, for me, seeing Chimney and Gonbe were much more fun. Their expressions when running away were hilarious. The “we’re hostages” trick might work better when the enemy fleet is not currently decimating a city indiscriminately. Usopp also gets an emotional scene with Luffy…but he still hasn’t realized who Sniper King is. Why do I think he never will?

Best moment: Sanji and Zolo striking a camera pose after using Luffy as a rubber band.

Franky’s crew members are all safe, and Robin and Luffy manage to get onboard. I guess all that’s left is “recruiting” a carpenter.

Volume 45:

Fifty berries? Pshaw! I’d pay Chopper’s bounty several times over, so turn him over to me instead! It seems like it would cost more than 50 berries just to put up a wanted poster for him…

Sanji gets the Flynn Rider treatment on his wanted poster, and he’s worth almost the same as Robin now. Robin’s poster is the best in terms of looking like a dangerous villain. Zolo’s looks like he just woke up from a nap. But I’d love a copy of Chopper’s wanted poster to hang in my house.

I always thought it would be awesome to have stairs instead of a slide. I’ve always wanted to at least do the slide down the handrails, but it’s never worked for me. Boo!

Also, Franky shows why having an extra pair of underwear around is very important. You never know when the dryer monster or your friends are going to steal your underwear.

I found it hilarious that Oda says girls stopped sending him mail once he got married. “Whelp, that one’s married, guess I’ll look for another mangaka to mail!”

Never thought Robin would be the one to “convince” Franky. Wow. I’m female and I felt that. Wow. Just wow. Personally, I might have tried a “the tree of Adam has a seedling growing!” or something.

Usopp also prepares his welcome back speech, but he’s lucky Zolo didn’t hear it.

Finally, we meet Luffy’s granddad who teaches us that apples really do fall far from the tree, especially if you disappear for long periods of time. We check in with a whole bunch of old characters. They’re all doing well, and they’re happy to know their friends and family are happily living their life. Including Koby who has transformed from an ugly duckling into a swan.

Final Comments:

Water Seven is pretty much finished, and the crew ends up with one additional member.I’ve heard Water Seven is one of the best arcs, but it feels a bit on the long side for me. The fact that most of the enemies’ attacks were the same also was a bit of a letdown. Luffy’s family also seems to be becoming a key point.

I’ll miss Chimney, Gonbe, and even Kokoro though. And is cola sold all around the world like Coca-Cola, because won’t Thousand Sunny and Franky run out of juice soda really quickly?

P.S. Dr. Pepper — especially the Cherry flavor — is best soda. I’d love to run on Dr. Pepper Cherry.

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    It’s not nice of Nami to make rude gestures at the reader.

    1. Krystallina

      She probably only stops if you give her some Berries.


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