Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 46 to 48

One Piece Volume 46 One Piece Volume 47 One Piece Volume 48
If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 46:

When I started the Thriller Bark arc, I felt like it could go one of two ways: it really being an amusement park or it could be an evil laboratory. It seems to be #2 since Thriller Bark itself is a pirate ship.

Before Brook was formally introduced, I was hoping the skeleton would turn out to be like a pretty pretty princess. (Ever play that game?) It would have been hilarious for the ghost to be like those girly skeletons from Yo-kai Watch (Dazzabel and Ratelle). But Brooks seems like a really fun character.

I really enjoyed the kickoff to this arc. and the whole haunted house bit was really played up by Oda. It’s things like this that I think Oda does  Cerberus with a fox head, zombie-looking old men, and just general zaniness. I loved how Luffy wanted to recruit everyone.  Hoping the rest of the volumes are just as much fun.

Volume 47:

I feel like “Absalom” is a name I should know the origin of, but I don’t.

Nami uses Lie! It’s Super Effective!

I don’t know why, but I’m think “Gecko Moria” sounds like a corrupt version of “Ave Maria”. Gecko Morrrrrria… something something something. I really love Shinohara Emi’s (Sailor Jupiter in the original Sailor Moon) version of “Ave Maria”, so I’m imagining her singing it.

Anyway, I give credit to Oda making so many characters connected. Evidently, it’s a small world after all. (Did you get the song stuck in your head?)

Brook is also quite a fighter. I’m really looking forward to see Perona fight though. I love her design.

Anyway, I’m glad everyone figured out rather quickly the situation here. In many cases, the penguin-dog who protects women would have remained a mystery for volumes. This series has always been fast-paced, but this arc is especially so.

Volume 48:

If One Piece was an RPG, I’d definitely put Franky on my team. He’s powerful, useful, and just a great character. Even better if like each member had an ability you could use in the field. Special ability: Insta-bridge! You can get to secret areas or avoid monster-filled ones!

Usopp being pitied by Perona and her friends was pretty funny.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but, dang, there are some eagled-eyed readers out there! I haven’t realized most of these things readers have spotted! I know I’m reading the series pretty fast, but wow… I’ve caught on the name jokes rather than the visual Easter eggs.

Moria also finds out you should make sure any minions you recruit will actually make good minions.

I assumed multiples of each fruit existed, if only to have Luffy fight a Gum-Gum user one day.. I mean, there was encyclopedia and how Brooks knew he only gets one additional life. But I was wondering the same thing as Takafi, but I guess the answers are coming soon.

That zombie doing the tsukkomi reactions was fun. Did he have a name?

Oh, a full list of the seiyuu. I knew a couple of them just as general knowledge, but it’s nice to see a full list. Some of these names aren’t ringing a bell right off the top of my head, but of course I know Ranma/Inuyasha and Pikachu.

I wish we got to see more of the group working as a team in a battle instead of one-on-one fights. I mean, One Piece isn’t a tournament manga. (At least not yet. Probably someday.)

The Chopper versus Hogback fight was my favorite due to the issue of alive versus dead. It’s like when people are faced with the horrible situation of deciding whether to keep their loved ones on life support or not. I hope I never have to make that choice.

Final Comments:

I really like this arc, but it’s coming to an end so soon? But maybe because it’s ending soon is the reason I like it. That’s probably part of it, but I just like the whole haunted house theme.



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