Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 55 to 57

One Piece Volume 55 One Piece Volume 56 One Piece Volume 57
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Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 55:

The song for this volume is “Link“.

Anyway, Luffy, former rivals, and the king of queens try to escape a dungeon. Because it’s not like One Piece has a good main cast or anything, so let’s bring in old enemies. I really think fanbooks are actually useful for One Piece. So many characters make their return. Man, I couldn’t imagine trying to keep all the characters straight when this was serialized. Not to mention all the politics.

Anyway, the king of queens looks like Kiss crossed with Phyllis Diller. Bon Clay proves to be a valuable ally, and Luffy manages to survive a near-death experience thanks to poison. Out of everything so far, this seemed to be the most convenient “we’ll be okay” plot device in the story. Fighting a guy who is literally poison? Don’t worry, you have the strength and will to survive thanks to a boost from Iva! It just felt a little too perfect. I know Luffy is special thanks to his heritage and newly-activating powers, but… I don’t know, I guess he should suffer more. I know he technically lost against that warlord, but it feels more like a tie since he was sent away.

I first read “Shiryu” as “Shinryu”. The After Years‘ Shinryu is the worst. Holy crap, his Tsunamis! I defeated Omega Weapon in one try (one verrrrrryyyyyy loooooong battle due to the less-than-stellar team I was leveling up), but Shinryu took many tries.

I don’t get the animals on the cover. I like Franky’s alpaca tanks though.

Volume 56:

I suspected Ace wasn’t Luffy’s full brother, but the fact that he’s Rogers’ son came as a surprise. Ace still loves Luffy as his real brother though. That’s nice.

Choppers would come from Canada? I would so cross that bridge and live with the Choppers of the world. I like Franky, but I could do without a world of them. Talk about a world where “no shoes, no shirts, no service” would need to be changed. Pants, please!

Buggy is also Shanks’ brother?! Did we know that before? This volume is full of family trees.

By the way, I just have to say to Ace’s mother: ouch. That sounds like it would have hurt.

Bon Clay sacrifices himself for the cause, war is about to break out, and Buggy finds a legion of loyal followers for himself. A whole bunch of people are hanging around the execution dock. I wonder what old familiar face we’ll see next.

Oh, and a genderswapped version of One Piece would be a lot of fun. Like Fiona and Cake.

Volume 57:

Welp, Luffy knew the whole time. Seriously, if Luffy ever saw a counselor, that counselor would learn so many secrets. Whoever in the world who gets to write Luffy’s biography will certainly have a lot to write about.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Kizaru looks like a guy a mangaka would draw as a caricature of their editor. He looks like he should be gathering the latest Jump manuscripts.

I got to give Oda and his assistants credit for drawing so many characters. Their series bibles and cheat sheets must be sooooooo thick.

I feel sorry for Garp. He might not have raised his grandchildren in a not-so-great way, but to have both of them join the opposite (and, more importantly, illegal) side… Sad.

Tashigi alert!

Everyone is shocked at Luffy’s cheekiness.

Man, the tabloids are going to be selling out for a long time. Children of Rogers and Dragon?

All in all, this is a real battle royale. Yeah, not much else to say.

Final Comments:

A bunch of new high-ranking fighters, old enemies, famous people, and a few interesting characters duke it out. The battle is almost too large for me to care about. Too many characters.

One Piece really seems like a series you (well, I) need to reread. There’s just too many hints, references, and returning characters. Things that seem unimportant or have the book closed on them come back to haunt you. I applaud Oda for having plot points planned out, but I need a One Piece for Dummies guide. Maybe in the future I will read the series again. For now I’ll focus on reading what I can.

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  1. sindyblue10

    I have to say, the colourful vast amount of characters is something I love want One Piece.

    1. sindyblue10

      About ***

    2. Krystallina

      I can’t imagine how large a character chart would have to be for this series.

      1. sindyblue10

        I know, it’s quite impressive. I love how it’s such a huge world.

    3. Arria Cross

      100% agree. ONE PIECE without the gigantic cast is not ONE PIECE. It’s, er, NON-PIECE!!!!

      1. Sindy

        (when you attempt ahaha)
        Yeah I think what makes One Piece is the colourful expansive world. ><


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