Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 67 to 69

One Piece Volume 67 One Piece Volume 68 One Piece Volume 69
If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 67:

No, Nami, that’s fanservice, not fashion.

Those poor kids. I hope their parents are looking for them. Most likely since the Straw Hats are probably going to be heroes, but there are too many scummy parents in real life. Like the recent case of Victoria Martens. (If you don’t know, Google her name if you want to lose your lunch.) Meanwhile, Mr. Samurai shows what a good parent’s love looks like.

So Law is a warlord now? Here’s someone who rose the ranks quickly.

I love the navy’s expression when they see Chopper, the giant children, and others. Everyone’s having the same whacked-out dream! … Nope, reality.

I guess no crazy slapstick comedy like this could not have a body switching sequence. Sanji somehow does not nosebleed to death. The stickers are incredibly useful though.

Clown reminds me of somebody… Who? Who??? It’s driving me crazy. I know he’s based on a traditional Japanese demon (a yasha?), but his face still looks familiar. He looks like a Boss that would use Blizzard spells. I can kind of see Joker from Batman, but there’s someone else he looks like. Someone help me out here.

Poor Brownbeard, betrayed by the one he trusted.

Volume 68:

I wish Trafalgar (had to look up the spelling) was actually named like “Tafalgar” so that Luffy could nickname him “Taffy”. I’m going to call him that. I don’t like taffy, and Taffy rubs me the wrong way as well.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that One Piece fans sure are persistent. Counting fan art letters, exclamation points, panels too I believe. Holy cow!!

Come on, everyone knows poison’s biggest weakness is psychic, not fire. Just get an Alakazam or something to defeat that Muk.

Should have been called “Muk”. I mean, “Slime” is like naming your dog “Dog”. But I guess its name is promoted to “Smiley”, which is like naming your dog “Odggy” or something. Well, what can you expect from a creepyface named Clown…

Kin-san is finally reunited with all of himself (wow, what a weird statement) and promptly demonstrates his abilities outside of clothesmaking. Zolo suddenly becomes his fan, lol.

So good to hear the parents are missing their children.

Anyway, Clown has ticked off a lot of people, and they’re preparing the counterattack. But first, a Luffy UFO?!

Volume 69:

I remember thinking when Sanji shows up about Tashigi’s first appearance. I thought that Tashigi looking like Zolo’s old friend would be an important point. But then Sanji was the one to come to her rescue. At last, though, some Zolo-Tashigi interaction! But is that really the end of the whole “looks like my dead friend” subplot? Zolo can attack freely?

Momonosuke ended up as a dragon, and his poor father thinks he has just attacked him. I always feel for parents who accidentally run their kid over or leave them in a hot car. Always double check before backing out, and put something in the back of the car you need (like your phone or purse) so you are forced to look!

Brownbeard tries to protect his soldiers, Smoker is forced to team up with a pirate, Sanji gets himself a man-harem, and Luffy starts his attacks. Mocha is a fighter.

Final Comments:

I’m kind of mixed on this arc. I don’t think it’s the actual story I have a problem with but rather that it feels like a whole lot of revelations with even more secrets. I mean, artificial Devil Fruits, Doflamingo, Verda, Law’s goals… how much will be fully explained soon? It would be one thing if I knew the story was preparing for the final arc, but there’s a whole bunch of story left. Still waiting for Sanji to disappear… (Wait, that doesn’t sound right!)

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