Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 70 to 72

One Piece Volume 70 One Piece Volume 71 One Piece Volume 72
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Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 70:

I… I see the light! Home stretch!!

Anyway, I was kind of confused by much of this volume. I figured the poison gas could be countered, but it is basically like getting frozen?? Suddenly out of nowhere this Baby 5 and Buffalo (sounds like the title of a weird manga) appear and do… something I guess? Whine to Doflamingo? Lots of secrets being kept from the reader as well.

Kinemon is going to hang around for a while I see. Meanwhile, Franky’s clothing just gets more bizarre. I’m surprised Sanji didn’t go into a coma from disgust.

I  don’t know. I just feel like Punk Hazard was so boring and the fight so anti-climatic. I know it’s supposed to be the warmup before the main event against Doflamingo, but it’s just missing something. The kids presumably go back home, and the navy has its own issues, but I don’t feel like anybody shined in Punk Hazard.

Oh, it was nice to see that the Piranha Plants from Mario won’t be going extinct any time soon, thanks to Usopp. Although I’d rather Fireball them to death.

Volume 71:

When Robin used her powers after those guys were stripped of their clothes, I thought she was going to grope them!

The good about this volume: the land of toys, a tournament arc, even the little people are adorable

The bad: a bunch of characters that seem like throwaways but because this is One Piece and they’ll probably come back someday

Even with Bellamy’s return, I was like, “Who are you again??” I had a vague recollection of the name, but it took a while before I could kind of place him.

The blind swordsman gave me a Rurouni Kenshin vibe. Usui + Anji.

The Caesar exchange turning out to be a trap seems far more interesting than Luffy’s battle. Although the tournament might be more interesting now that the vast majority of rivals have fallen already. Too many new characters in a short amount of time.

Volume 72:

I love Brook’s face in this volume. It’s a scream! Momonosuke has a momo face… too obvious.

I first read that one guy was from the “Happosai” Army, but it’s okay, all panties are safe.

It was obvious the toys were once humans, but the memory loss was unexpected. I guess not so much unexpected as flipped. Most authors would make the toys forget who they were, but Oda makes it so that the toys remember. That’s pretty unusual and I give him a lot of credit.

The T… the T… the little people’s sewing ability reminded me of those “sew by numbers” kits for kids. I never understand the purpose of those. You get a cardboard picture of a character, and then you end up with the same picture with some yarn around it. Hooray? At least coloring books or paint by numbers made the whole picture look different.

I thought that guy’s grudge against Garp would be really stupid. Like Garp stole his ice cream or something. I can actually understand why he despised Garp.

Speaking of surprises, Rebecca is a a princess? Geez, the Straw Hat’s meet a lot of princesses. What is this, Sophia the First? I was so moved by her backstory with the soldier. I  was thinking that somehow they had beaten the amnesia curse, but this is even more moving, although I’m assuming they’re connected somehow (father?). Still, what a beautiful story.

Final Comments:

Rebecca’s past left me in a better mood. Luffy’s tournament arc is terrible with too many characters I don’t care about, but the drama with Doflamingo gets more interesting. It’s like Doflamingo war >> Punk Hazard >>>>>> Luffy tournament.


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