Manga Diaries – One Piece Volumes 73 to 75

One Piece Volume 73 One Piece Volume 74 One Piece Volume 75
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Otherwise, let’s go!

Volume 73:

Some actual explanations. I still don’t understand why they’re called “Celestial Dragons” though. I guess they’re as legendary/rare as dragons? Still, in a world where there’s kings, queens, and warlords, it’s an odd thing to call the first government’s members.

I do laugh at Luffy’s #1 fan. That would probably be me if I ever met any famous person I admire. Tim Allen stopped in my town for a bite to eat once when he was fishing. I only found out like a week later when it was in the paper. But that’s the closest celebrity sighting I had.

So Viola is Rebecca’s aunt, and they are fighting in different ways. The Straw Hats are only more shocked when they realize they pretty much started a coup. Doflamingo’s attack, however, was very sad as the king couldn’t control his body. Everyone felt betrayed, and there’s no free press in Dressrosa who can reveal the truth. Instead, the king is forced to hang out with coliseum losers and their bodies.

Luffy is shocked by someone’s appearance. His old friend?

Volume 74:

“Lucy” has been replaced, and fortunately the tournament isn’t given as much focus. Rebecca just wants to live in peace with Soldier, who turns out to be the legendary tournament champion. Even more surprising, he was a… to be polite, a hoodlum. And yet he still won the heart of the much younger princess.

Usopp’s guilty conscience forces him into battle. He seems to have taken down Sugar do to some kind of shock. A Sugar shock, if you will. First I thought the grape was so disgusting it landed in her mouth, but on second look, she just seems stunned by his reaction.

I guess I misunderstood the plan though. I thought the Tontattas were going to secretly either toss the grape into Sugar’s mouth or just add it to her pile. Why did they announce their arrival?? Then they’re surprised when the plan doesn’t go smoothly?

Going back to the tournament for a moment, I was really lost in the beginning. It was hard separating all the flashbacks dealing with Cavendish’s other personality. I had to reread it to figure out what was going on. I think Oda was going for the dramatic with the no-dialogue concept here, but some internal commentary from Rebecca would have made this section much smoother.

I do like all the toys internally cheering for and bargaining with Usoland. The Straw Hats may once again make a profit on rescuing a kingdom. They should never go broke. They should just hire themselves out as mercenaries at this point.

Oh, yeah. What the heck is up with the creepy man-baby? How did he ever rise the ranks?

Volume 75:

I’m glad the people got turned back into humans — and animals, surprisingly — but you got to also feel bad for the little kids who now lose their favorite toys and find out they’ve been hugging old men or whatever. It’s like the world’s worst version of Toy Story.

So Luffy and Ace’s “brother” is working with Luffy’s father. He was the one who set out in a raft, right? So somehow I’m guessing he was rescued by Dragon? Maybe given special treatment or raised like a son because of his connection to Luffy?

Kyros may not have decapitated Doflamingo, but what a show of his strength and skill!

Usopp goes from “most revered” to “most wanted” in record time. But hey, at least he gains a group of admirers who insist on getting Doflamingo. Of course, Luffy is not having it.

Fighting Pica reminds me of Rock Titan. He wasn’t really epic in Kingdom Hearts. Aero and just ram into him. Looks like he’s making a return in Kingdom Hearts III, and I doubt he’s going to be so easy this time.

I’ve been wondering when we’d see Parasite String again. More importantly, Sanji has finally disappeared. I forgot what happened to Nami and Chopper as well. Was Momonosuke around recently? I remember Kin’emon, but not his son.

Law backstory coming up!

Oh, and Brook. Nearly forgot about him.

Final Comments:

I like this arc overall, but it has some serious issues:

  1. Main characters disappearing
  2. Poor tournament
  3. Essentially another “help the princess/ruler” storyline

The whole “turned into toys” plot is very good, and Doflamingo is easy to hate, but I don’t know how a successful series gets away with having major characters disappearing for long periods of time.

But I’m glad to see Moocy’s okay. Although Cavendish’s horse is also working on being MVA of the volume (Most Valuable Animal).

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    Tournament? I guess when you are out of ideas that is the thing to do in manga. It served Dragon Ball well.

    1. Krystallina

      I think it’s in every artists’ emergency story plans.

      1. The Otaku Judge

        It was cool the first time I saw it on Drgaon Ball. These days I have got tired of the idea. Only sport shows should reuse tournaments multiple times.


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