Anime Diaries – One Piece Episodes 337 to 351

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Episode 337:

One Piece Episode 337BOO!

Episode 338:

One Piece Episode 338Skeletons always laugh when they come to steal your soul.

Episode 339:

One Piece Episode 339Up next, straight from your nightmares, it’s Cerberus from Hell!

Episode 340:

One Piece Episode 340Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? No? Too bad, too sad, too late!

Episode 341:

One Piece Episode 341You can’t see anyone, and that’s a grave problem for you.

Episode 342:

One Piece Episode 342The universal mad scientist laugh = bad news for you.

Episode 343:

One Piece Episode 343It’s locked on to his next target, and that target is you.

Episode 344:

One Piece Episode 344Even if you escape alive, they’ll just frame you for the other murders.

Episode 345:

One Piece Episode 345Oh, what a (k)night!

Episode 346:

One Piece Episode 346Which is scarier: having mad love in her eyes or blind rage?

Episode 347:

One Piece Episode 347I don’t think he’s monkeying around.

Episode 348:

One Piece Episode 348He may not be the scariest, but he’ll drive you batty.

Episode 349:

One Piece Episode 349You won’t be laughing when you’re trapped like a rat.

Episode 350:

One Piece Episode 350Even harder than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is facing Sir Killemalljiro.

Episode 351:

One Piece Episode 351Attack on You.

Final Comments:

Luffy’s voice is higher than I’d thought it’d be. And that opening plus the recaps take up a heck a lot of time.

Anyway, when I spotted One Piece at the library, knew I would have to read One Piece for this site. But 70+ posts is a long time and rather boring! So then I thought about doing two or three volumes per post leading up to the election (“Four More Years of One Piece” or “Vote for One Piece“). When I started doing three volumes in one, I calculated how many posts there were and when the first post would go up. Then, when I got to the Thriller Bark arc, it seemed perfect for Halloween. Then I calculated how many episodes it was, and suddenly it all lined up.

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  1. Matthew

    I heard the creator of One Piece based the arc on things like The Nightmare Before Christmas and the song Thriller and other horror films. This arc was quite spooky and this revealed the power Moria’s Shadow powers.

    1. Krystallina

      Yeah, you can definitely tell the Nightmare Before Christmas references. The atmosphere in the film is amazing, so he picked a good source!

      1. Matthew

        I noticed that too. He knows how to create an arc based on another work and still make it his own.

  2. Arria Cross

    Oh my gosh. You actually do calculations? *shudders* But at least I get ONE PIECE posts to read from you. So I can’t complain much.

    1. Krystallina

      Math was actually one of my minors in college. I like it better than science. Some of that stuff is so confusing and hard to grasp, like chemistry.

      1. Arria Cross

        Nooooooooooo!!!! Math….math… (panic attack)
        Ahahaha. Oh well. Each of us have different specialties, I guess.

  3. The Otaku Judge

    Funny captions

    1. Krystallina

      I tried.


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