Uta no Prince-sama Repeat Love Premium Princess Box Unboxing

Uta no Prince-sama Repeat Love Premium Princess Box Front

I couldn’t help myself…

Warning; image-heavy post ahoy!

Item Info:

Uta no Prince-sama Repeat LOVE Premium Princess Box
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Repeat LOVE Premium Princess BOX
PS Vita
Release Date: January 26, 2017
MSRP: ¥13,000


This is the third version of the original Uta no Prince-sama game. The first game (and its fandisks) had very ugly sprites, and once the series took off, Broccoli went back and updated the game under the name Uta no Prince-sama Repeat. (That’s the version I own.) Well, now that the Vita has become visual novel central and UtaPri‘s popularity is still going strong, Broccoli plans on porting the series to the Vita. Repeat Love is supposed to include new scenarios and various gameplay upgrades and tweaks.

Like most of the other games, Repeat Love was released in three versions: game only, Shining Love Box, and Premium Princess Box. The Shining Love Box nets you a booklet and a “One Winter’s Day at Saotome Gakuen” drama CD. The Premium Princess Box adds a premium box, two CDs, badges, pins, and a fabric poster. First press bonus included an abridged score with the guy’s scribbling on it. Various stores included their own bonuses. Lots of cool items. If I lived in Japan, it would be hard to decide where to buy!

I ordered my copy from Amazon Japan since they now ship games overseas. Came ridiculously fast: released on Thursday, arrived on Monday.



This set was a lot larger than I expected! I heard about what was in it before I preordered, of course, but I had no idea these would be actual items and not trinkets. Like the pins, I was expecting some of those really tiny pin badges. but they’re full size buttons. The badges I thought would be like playing card size, but I was pleasantly surprised. The game looks so small compared to everything else. I remember pulling it out and thinking, “Lame!” since it’s so unimpressive compared to everything else.

The box is brightly colored and sturdy. Everything is layered nicely in it as well. The scorebook came attached to the box, but it does just barely fit inside even with the plastic around it.

Speaking of preorder bonuses, Amazon had the option of ordering it with a Masayan bromide. Thanks to a price drop on the “regular” version, a simple bromide would have cost almost $20 more. Yeah, no.

Natsuki’s scribbling down a recipe on his score. He also signs his name without an h despite all the official material. Between that and the bird, it really threw me off.

Finally, “Welcome to UtaPri World” with Cecil! The other I think features the rivals facing off against each other.

The Shining Love Box booklet is packed full of data facts, who cares, we need to order some Shining Wax.

Final Comments

Yeah, if the other games get such nice special editions, I’m going broke in a hurry. Ever look to import even one button? Lots of places want to charge almost $10. I know this technically is a re-re-release, but it does feel like Broccoli put some effort into the set. Amazon Japan has sold out last time I checked, but places like AmiAmi are still selling it for about $130 shipped.

As for the Shining Love Box, unless you can read Japanese, you’re probably better off just importing the game. It’s not nearly as big of a price jump as the Shining Love Box to the Premium Princess one, but the deluxe just is that awesome.

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    Nice package. I like the doodles on bonus score and the pins.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I hope more special editions include large pins like these and not those little can badges like a lot of games tend include.

  2. yangxixiah

    gya!!! so happy!!


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