EXPIRED The Last: Naruto the Movie $6 and Other Deals

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Quick Sunday morning roundup! If you haven’t picked up The Last: Naruto the Movie, today might be a good day to!


Here are some more Amazon deals. Again, titles are up to 60% off. Look at my previous roundup for additional titles.


[amazon_link asins=’B00ZCHTRKA’ template=’CopyOf-ProductLink’ store=’daiyamanga-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b6053478-0ca9-11e7-bf86-51ab899528d7′]

Note: Prime members only.


[amazon_link asins=’1626922357,1626922195,0316390429,162692256X,1632362627,1421590581,1632362570,1421588145,1632361736,0316272213′ template=’CopyOf-ProductLink’ store=’daiyamanga-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ce96b02f-0c9d-11e7-b19a-e779c62cfb8e’][amazon_link asins=’1421561328,1421586568,1632360594,1632363984,1421585758,142159045X,1626922594,1927925843,1421587122,1421590557′ template=’CopyOf-ProductLink’ store=’daiyamanga-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6cbb8aa0-0ca0-11e7-8df2-c1e8c5edb9d3′][amazon_link asins=’1421581329,1942993420,193565487X,0316310018,1632361574,1421583151,1421583844,0316463752,1632363720,0316502790′ template=’CopyOf-ProductLink’ store=’daiyamanga-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’52208e5f-0ca2-11e7-9c64-e7a30c733091′]


[amazon_link asins=’1427857180,1421591308,1942021682,1452158703,0316504637,0316272248,0316304743,0316318221,0316270369′ template=’CopyOf-ProductLink’ store=’daiyamanga-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0f08bcb6-0ca4-11e7-8bad-2be61989ee20′]

Best Buy

Choose free in-store pickup or get free shipping on $35+.

The Last: Naruto the Movie – $5.99

If you have any PS4, XB1, or Switch games to trade in, you will get a 50% bonus this week only.


Get a free ticket to Ghost in the Shell when you sign up for a free 30-day trial of Crunchyroll Premium. Offer ends April 26th. Go here for terms and conditions.

Nintendo eShop

At Nintendo eShop, get up to 50% off select games like Monster Hunter Generations and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. You can find lots of XSeed games on sale as well. Discounts end March 24th.

Sentai Filmworks Store

Sentai Filmworks Store has a flash sale ending today, March 19th. Select anime titles are 75% off. Get free shipping on $75+.

Highlights include CLANNAD [Blu-ray] for $22.99 and Kinmoza (Kiniro Mosaic) [Blu-ray] for $14.99.


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  1. Matthew

    I really need to buy more manga. I also need to play more Steam.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Tell me about it. The backlog problem is real!

      1. Matthew

        Yeah. I still need to finish some series before I get started on a new one.

  2. The Fullmetal Narcissist

    Too bad I’m not much of a manga reader. Decent sale at Sentai, though.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      A lot of the Sentai prices are even lower than the holiday sale at Right Stuf. Too bad I already have the ones I want.

  3. tanteikid94

    really need to buy more manga.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      You should. There are so many good series!

      1. tanteikid94

        It is hard and expensive to get it delivered to Vietnam

        1. Krystallina (Post author)

          It’s easy to be jealous of other countries. I know there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to get from Germany or France, let alone Japan.

  4. The Otaku Judge

    Last movie my arse. The Naruto franchise doesn’t want to end 🙂

    I hope Xseed make a profit from that sale. The company does great work localizing niche Japanese games.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we got The Last: Boruto the Movie and then get his kid’s adventures.

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