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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

As expected, Square Enix recently announced a PC version of Final Fantasy XV. And while this list of recommended specs was later said to be a miscommunication, it still serves as a reminder that my 5-year-old loud laptop — with its missing keys and loud fan — is showing its age. So what should an Alleyway Jack (Jill?) Rank 10 Hunter search for in her next PC?

I admit it: I’m torn on what type of laptop I want. But no matter if I go with a traditional or 2-in-1, 13.3″ or 15.6″, a more desktop-like (like these HP gaming PCs) or tablet-like experience, I know I won’t budge on these features:

#1: Processor

Because a bad, slow processor feels like this:

I currently have an old i7, and even though processors have come a long way, I don’t want to jump down to an i3. Some parts are easily replaced, but the CPU isn’t one of them. A Dual Core is fine for my everyday use, but a Quad-Core is more future-proof considering now there are hexa-core processors. I don’t run my laptop on battery too often, so battery life isn’t a huge priority.

I’ve studied AMD processors, and I would be open to an equivalent. I’d prefer the more popular Intel Cores though.

#2: Solid State Drive

Preferably, I want it to have an SSD drive with plenty of room. However, my next PC needs at least a nice SSD boot drive. Quick start-up time, and more importantly, less heat! A good computer needs to be smooth and quiet. like this:

Plus, solid state drives are more reliable. Because if you lose everything on your computer, then it’s

Final Fantasy XV Game Over

#3: Keyboard

“Why, Krystallina, what about RAM? An HD screen? A graphics card?”

No, a good keyboard. Smooth, comfortable, reliable. One that doesn’t break constantly.

Because if your keyboard isn’t responsive…

I’m a touch typist, so I don’t have to have a backlit keyboard (although changing colors is a lot of fun on my current Alienware), but I really would love one with a number pad. It’s such a pain when using Excel to have to use the number row to enter digit after digit, but the more important thing is that the keyboard is GOOD. I’ve never broken a key on a keyboard before, but somehow, I’ve replaced several plus have some wonky keys. (Plus my missing ones, of course.)

Have any of you seen those new laptops (mostly by Lenovo I believe) where the right shift is half the length and off to the right more? Dear Bahamut, who thought that was a good idea?!?!

Final Comments:

I was hoping to get a new laptop this year, but first Krystallina raided her new PC fun for a Switch, and now has to put that money towards a new washing machine. But I look forward to the day where some fun Final Fantasy XV mods are available on the Windows Edition, and I hope I have a machine powerful enough by then. Until then, I guess I’ll continue hunting.

But not bounty hunting. I’ll reach Alleyway Jack Rank 10 in another way: bargain hunting.

Do you do a lot of gaming on your computer? What kind of machine do you have?

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  1. Matthew

    I don’t really game much on my laptop. It’s pretty old, I got it around college I think in 2014 or 15. My parents want me to get a new laptop with updated features. Anyway, this good news for PC gamers who want to play FFXV but based on what I heard, this game is going to need a lot of GBs, and other features to play in 4K.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      If that original list was the recommended specs, not too many people were going to play FFXV on PC! That was an expensive setup!
      3 years old is right on the borderline of where computers starts to lose their dazzle. But it all depends on your system and your needs.

      1. Matthew

        FFXV is going to be an expensive game. You not only have to buy the game but you also need the right stuff for the computer. I have an Asus Windows computer and it’s pretty old. My dad wants me to save up for an update laptop with up to date features.

  2. The Otaku Judge

    I own a Mac. The only gaming I do on that thing is Hearthstone. I hate buying games on PC and then worrying about stuff like memory cards/memory so I prefer to play on console. Best of luck in saving up for a new machine. I would suggest not buying a washing money to speed up the process. Cleaning clothes isn’t that important is it?

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I definitely prefer consoles over computer gaming.
      I’d skip the washing machine, but then how would I be able to keep wearing my favorite Sailor Moon shirts year after year?


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