Game Diaries – New Threat of an AVALANCHE

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII
Square Enix (original)


Shinra Inc. is the most powerful organization in the world thanks to their energy-harvesting technology. But a group known as AVALANCHE vows to destroy the Mako Reactors and protect the Planet. Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s elite military, is hired by AVALANCHE, but he has no interest outside of getting his money.

OK, I should be playing other games, but sometimes, you get the urge to go back to an old favorite. So it’s time to revisit my first RPG: Final Fantasy VII.

Or should I say… “revisit”.

You see, ever since I saw Sega Chief’s amazing New Threat mod, I knew I had to play it. While there are several other good mods (which I have yet to play), New Threat is more than just throwing in extra bosses or limiting powerful abilities. It’s a mod which has heavily retooled some aspects of the story and the gameplay: Materia changed, new character-specific abilities, story edits, and more. I’m playing version 1.5 for this runthrough.

So even if you’re waiting for Remake, come along and see another side, another story of how the Planet was saved… hopefully. As long as you don’t mind spoilers of course because I will be mentioning stuff in the entire Compilation occasionally.

Yes, I will be uploading parts of my playthrough. I hope the videos play smoothly, but if you wonder about any lag or slowdown in the videos, please note I do not have a graphics card. I don’t think they turned out too bad considering.

Reasons for doing a diaries series for Final Fantasy VII New Threat: #1, #3, #5.

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  1. Irina

    The first game I clearly remeber playing and still one of my all time favorites (crisis core also had a big impact)! I can’t wait to replay vicariously through your posts.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Hope you enjoy the journey!

  2. The Otaku Judge

    I have never dabbled with mods, as I mostly play on console. Sounds like a cool way of breathing new life into old games. I’m not too fussed about the FF7 Remake because they are changing the gameplay. Wish they would port the FF9 Remaster that has come out on iOS/PC to PS4 though.

  3. Matthew

    I want to get this game, I might just wait and save up to play it on PS4.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      You mean the PS1 version? Because, IIRC, you haven’t played it, right?

      Although if you get that new PC, you could probably play the game with all the awesome HD mods in the regular game.

      1. Matthew

        Oh I mean the PS4 port. I heard that one has new updated features.


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