Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode I

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

As I said previously, I played up to the Guard Scorpion a few times in order to make sure the videos were of decent quality.

I also said the videos were going up on here, but I had a lot of problems uploading the videos here and elsewhere. So I finally signed up for YouTube since a lot of videos are longer than I expected.

Cloud has all three basic elements, but you still can’t let Barret have one. I usually like to make sure everyone has at least one spell so they can do some damage instead of using their Limit Break if a battle is almost over or a big encounter is coming up.

Cloud’s innate ability: once per battle after a certain amount of time (50 ticks or something I believe), he is fully recovered.

Barret’s innate ability: gains up to 5 “stacks” (bonuses) to his ATK or DEF depending on whether he’s in the front or back row

So anyway, I start the recording, and get all the way up to Guard Scorpion, fo realz this time.

As you can see, I spent way too long on the battle. I knew I screwed up at that second tail raise. Plumb ran out of time. I assume you don’t face the return of the X-ATM Scorpion if you don’t stop to save Jessie, but I’m too kindhearted to leave her behind.

Oh, if you attack while the tail is you, you get ejected.

The Tail Laser hits hard and comes twice. I knew I wasted some time changing rows last time, and I tried to time my Potions and Phoenix Down well so that one of them was always attacking. I wasn’t lucky enough to dodge Poison again.

Still, though, as you can see…

Final Fantasy VII Reactor Time

barely got out in time. Wasted time not talking to the two to open the doors right away. Seconds to spare. Luckily there aren’t many timed sections left, but I have a feeling there’s going to be a nasty surprise when it comes to stopping the Corel Train — or perhaps several. I’m guessing Aqualung won’t be enough… ?

Side note: the Remake trailer had Guard Scorpion on the train, right? So I wonder if there won’t be a big push to get out in time. Not like there will be random encounters anyway, and the amount of time it takes to escape is what often takes up a good amount of time if you badly blunder the first Boss. Unless there’s a new Boss to try to eat up time instead of a huge machine appearing out of nowhere? Which makes sense. Although not really the part where they fight on a train. If there’s an actual battle on the train, there better be some invisible barriers to prevent me from falling off. I still feel sick whenever I think about the time I summoned Dumbo on the second half outside of Hallow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts. Had to climb allllll the way back up and go around again. I don’t want to keep having to jump back up on a train or, even worse, keep chasing a moving train.

OK, not exactly a long or dynamic entry, but it’s still just the beginning. And hey, it matches how I first played Final Fantasy VII all those years ago: with a loss on the first Boss. Who else attacked while the tail is up?

KO KOunter: 1

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    Just like an action movie. Got away with seconds to spare.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Complete with characters just standing around as the timer goes down.


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