Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode II

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

OK, Tifa!

Tifa innate: survives with 1 HP when she would be KO’d (once per battle)

Beginner’s Hall talks about all the new changes to New Threat: innates, moved items, altered items, equipment with different stats and features, side quests, and more. There’s also info on what stats each character are good and bad in, but this is generally easy to figure out (Cloud good in both strength and magic, Barret is strong but slow, etc.). Certain items and spells have been replaced or removed, like Roulette Enemy Skill and Long Range Materia.

With no Long Range, Barret’s looking mighty good in that third slot for end game. I usually like Yuffie in my time as between her and Cloud with Long Range, that takes care of enemies like Bottomswell without having to rely so much on Magic. I’ve always very cheap with MP in RPGs. Just always worry about running out, and I’m very cheap with items. I’d rather slug it out with Attack rather than use a spell + Ether. I’m cheap in video games as well as real life.

But Red XIII also has some long range weapons, so he’ll probably be useful in spots.

The Rank Up system is also briefly discussed, and I’m still torn on how I’ll develop my characters. I usually like to have my parties be jacks-of-all-trades, but I wonder if I should have more specialized team members here.

I bought an extra Restore Materia as well as a couple of Iron Bangles. Almost broke already.

So on to the actual bombing mission. Got the hidden items and hopped off the train. I know Aerith (YES, RENAMING HER) comes equipped with some nice Materia (early Barrier), but I can’t remember when Time is available or if I had access to it by the time I stopped my partial runthrough. I have a feeling Slowing some Bosses will be very important, so I decided to hunt down some Spider Webs. I first was going to go for five, but after getting three right away, I wanted 10. Unfortunately, the game started to be cruel, as the crawl for five took a little longer than I expected. Then the game was outright mean. At least I acquired a large stash of Phoenix Downs! Spammed Ice with Cloud then had everyone pick off the enemies remaining. Occasionally stalled out to have Second Wind activate, and I’m starting to think Cloud’s magic needs to be as strong — if not stronger — than his Strength. Free spell spam is just too good.

Managed to get everyone’s 1-2 Limits. I’ve never gotten them this early. Of course, never really bothered to farm anything in Midgar.

Finally got my 10 (turned out to be 11) Spider Webs and headed down the drain. The fish-like enemies there were a nightmare with their 200 HP Needles attack. They could put characters to Sleep, and the missile launches they were paired with could hit members for ~40 without waking them up. Fortunately, when things were looking bad, Tifa managed to wake Cloud up, and he got an All Bolt off to weaken the group.

New addition: fight after setting the bomb.

After that, I wondered if I should use my one and only Tent. I had everyone at or near their Limit, so I thought I was in a good place to take on Air Buster.

Well, he’s Plasmabuster now, and he’s got a friend.

One went down without too much trouble (those early Limits probably helped), but I wish Tifa had a bit more MP before I went into the fight. I should have monitored what was left more closely and not waste the All effect. I eventually decided to just let her use her Grit to try to take a break from constantly healing from that plasma beam attack, but stupid me forgot about Poison. I did waste a turn on Tifa using a Phoenix Down on herself. I think I should probably keep the cursor identifier on. It takes up space, but it’s a bit of extra protection since I can’t use the D-pad. But it’s still a good thing I had all those extra Phoenix Downs!

KO KOunter: 1

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    I am paranoid about using up MP too. That fear stems from my MMO days. Back when I played Dark Age Of Cameot you pretty much had to sit down after every fight and wait ages for the mana bar to fill up.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I think I’ve used more Ethers so far than my entire Final Fantasy history.


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