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Final Fantasy VII

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When I first played Final Fantasy VII, I took Tifa and Aerith to Gongaga simply because they were in my party. Of course, being my first playthrough, I really didn’t understand the significance of the story here. (I also think I ended up visiting Gongaga after Cosmo Canyon. It’s easy to miss.) I’ve had other characters in my party at this point in a runthrough or two, but from a “canon” perspective, it should be those two with Cloud. But in Remake, assuming most of the party travels together, I wonder how they’ll handle some of these scenes. I mean, do all seven at this point just stand a few yards away as Reno and Rude discuss who likes who? I mean, do Barret, Yuffie, and especially Tifa not say a word as one of their enemies admit he has a crush on her?


… Well, all that time spent on Cloud’s setup was completely wasted. Luckily, despite the fact one wished for a bodyguard and the other a knight, the ladies proved they don’t need a man to protect them.

So I headed up to get Titan, and there’s a save point there. Well, that usually means trouble’s up ahead, but hey, maybe it’s for a future event?

Speed: 1.5x

Nope. Of course, undead usually means curative magic works on them, but a Phoenix Down didn’t work. I didn’t know whether it was a true miss like what can happen with Gi Nattak or a “you can’t try to cheap out” lesson. After a pretty tame battle with Reno and Rude, status effects make their glorious return here. Aerith had the Jem Ring I Morphed from Mamatolis, and that was a big help.

After going down, I made some adjustments. Sense said the Attack Squad was weak to Poison, but I guess that was only their before-undead forms, since Bio healed them. Since it also didn’t say they were weak to Holy, I didn’t try until the third time around, and one cast of Cure2 was almost enough to OHKO them. So then it was much easier to have a 1vs3 battle instead of 3v3. Unfortunately, though, I won the anti-lottery:

Yep, TRIPLE Death Sentence. I saw that, and I knew I was going to be just short even if I spent the extra few seconds to cast a spell. 699 HP left. Dang, that hurt. Especially since just before this, Tifa spent her last few MP to caste Haste on Aerith.

Next time around, I was more aggressive with spamming Bolt2 to get rid of Lich. In my head, Cloud just kept shouting, “THUNDARA, THUNDARA, THUNDARA!!!” Don’t know what happened to my voice sounds, have to check into that.

I also noticed during my battles that Tifa always went for Lich for a Meteodrive. Got to show off those muscles I guess. I imagine Meteodrive and Meteor Strike in Remake will have size limits, but I’m going to miss Tifa tossing around WEAPONs as if they were little toys. I also learned Fury Brand works on KO’d characters. Not something I knew since I’m usually starting to grind for Aerith’s Level 3 limits around this point. Fury Brand is nice, but when the only other option is Breath of the Earth, I’d rather go down to Level 1 or move up to Level 3.

A Goblin clone is now here to learn Goblin Punch, and there’s some transforming flower thingy that is in vanilla but I’ve never encountered before. Must be really rare but common here.

Final Fantasy VII Flower Prong Small Final Fantasy VII Flower Prong Large

Cosmo Canyon next. Got to decide who to take along with Red XIII. Yuffie made a good third, but Aerith may get a nice number of kills in the Cave. Probably Cait Sith though since I want to practice manipulating the Slots, but I can’t do that until he learns it of course.

KO KOunter: 23

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    Forget the remake. Let’s have a Final Fantasy dating sim set in high school. We can then have a scene of Rude confessing his feelings after class.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Scene? With how often Rude talks (and especially since he’d be nervous) that would be the whole movie.

  2. tanteikid94

    Geat memories

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I hope Remake drowns in nostalgia, since it really is a fond memory for so many.

      1. tanteikid94

        I hope so too.


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