Have Yourself a Trashy Little Valentine’s…

Blushing While Reading

♫Have yourself a trashy little Valentine’s
With some manga blight
From now on, the romances won’t be so right
Have yourself a trashy little Valentine’s
Cuz these guys are cray
From now on, the romances make you go, “No way!”♫


I signed up for a Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans trial, so of course I was going to try to read all the manga!

Well, I found out there are only three types of manga in English on there:

  • interesting stuff that I already have
  • smutty josei
  • Harlequin adaptations

Harlequin manga have their original stories available in English anyway, so I decided just to go through all the Manga Reborn titles I could since, well, I might as well take advantage of my trial. Most are about one volume divided into three or four chapters, although a couple are one-shots. Kindle Unlimited also has a couple of other titles, but the entire series wasn’t included, so I won’t be reading those.

It turns out, there were 15 of them, so why not do a countdown? Almost exactly enough to last until Valentine’s Day. Because I’m going to make you suffer as well I mean, inform you, my precious readers.

Now a warning… I had no idea what I was in for, but I knew that the plot was probably not a high priority. Not all may be trashy, but with some of these titles, it’s hard not to categorize them under trashy. I mean, geez, about half have a title or subtitle involving some form of the word “sadistic”. (They may or may not be blight though. The rhyme just worked.)

Regardless, these aren’t just manga targeting women that feature some bow chicka wow wow. Many of these feature at best sexual harassment and at worst rape. Not exactly inspiring stories for the #MeToo era.

So fair warning: these titles are not meant for everyone. We could debate about fantasy vs reality, whether these types of stories are bad influences, cultural biases, etc., but I’m going to try to put that mostly aside.  Personally, these aren’t the type of manga I would choose to read, but they were in my price range. That is, free.

At that price, they can’t ALL be bad, right…?

Again: R-18, NSFW. If you are underage and/or uncomfortable with these sort of manga, do not read! No images are included as you can easily read a sample right on Amazon. Warnings will also be placed on each post, but you can also just look at the title or cover and get an idea for yourself.

I also debated whether to do this series as a Diaries or just a part of my regular reviews. Ultimately, while I’m categorizing this as reviews, the actual posts will be more casual and less analytical, much like my Diaries. No translation section because not much to analyze, a lot more snarkiness, etc.

Otherwise, whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone or just buying yourself some pity chocolate, let’s see if we can put a little romance in your life. Because a little romance is really all you get in some of these manga…


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  1. The Otaku Judge

    This is why guys will never understand what women think. We get taught (rightly so) that sexual harassment is wrong, but the romance books that girls like seem to feature loads of love interests that should be sent to jail.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      They say nice guys finish last, but sometimes I honestly don’t know if they have a better chance of finishing first in real life or in fiction…

  2. Coco

    Lol. Manga Reborn’s localizations are not something to bat your eyes at. I think I cringed a lot reading some of their releases years ago. ^^; I’m looking forward to read what you think about it.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Definitely were some that were pretty bad. At the very least, make sure the words stay in the bubble, dang it!

  3. LitaKino

    Haha I can’t wait to read all your reviews. I decided this month it would be dive into nothing but smut and shoujo ahaha lol

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      LOL, perfect timing then!

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