Manga Review – A Hot Gentle Kiss

A Hot Gentle Kiss

A Hot Gentle Kiss: Learn How to Have Sex Right Now!
今すぐSEXを覚えろ-調教ときどき優しいキス (Ima Sugu Sex wo Oboero – Choukyou Tokidoki Yasashii Kisu)
Josei – Romance, smut
1 Chapter (complete)
Manga Reborn


Kaori agrees to take care of a friend of her father’s from work in exchange for wiping away their debts. She had no idea she had just agreed to become his lover! Kaori reluctantly agrees to the deal, and the CEO’s secretary takes it upon himself to teach and train her for his boss.

Warning: this review is of a series that is recommended for ages 18+ and is not safe for work!

Review:Not Safe for Work

What can I say. Even if Kaori misunderstands the offer initially, she still agrees to prostitute herself. We don’t know how much her father’s debt was initially, and secretary Shinoda adds that the CEO would just add more if Kaori refused to be his lover. (Is he really a company executive or a yakuza? Because what kind of contract would state that she has to sleep with him for money? But yet yakuza show up later…) So the whole manga is about Kaori gaining experience with the help of Shinoda (whose given name is never revealed). Of course, while she is reluctant about doing “those kind of things”, she eventually falls in love with Shinoda despite being trained to be his boss’ lover.



I’m really not sure what else to say. I guess there’s a slight revelation at the end, but it’s less romantic and more of a reason for the author to point and say, “See?? This isn’t just pointless sex! It’s TRUE LOVE!” Because even in a world of flimsy plots, A Gentle Hot Kiss is towards the bottom of the barrel. And even the TRUE LOVE explanation raises questions of why Shinoda did what he did. The whole tale rings hollow, from Kaori’s acceptance to Shinoda’s confession. Shinoda in particular we learn very little about, like how he became a secretary who samples his boss’ lovers, his age, or, you know, HIS NAME.

At least the art isn’t as bad as the story. It’s very simple, but this is a style that would fit just about any josei (or mature shoujo) story. Rather than the hyper or cute styles of or , this is more of a wispy, plain atmosphere like in That Wolf-Boy is Mine! No fancy flowers in the background or beaming smiles here — just a more down-to-earth feeling of blushes and pants. I don’t think Kaori looks her age (26), but she could just have a youthful appearance.

Final Comments:

A pointless story. The whole plot is a flimsy excuse for the male to lock up the heroine and have his way with her.

Renta has released koda’s The Artist and the Beast.

Reader Rating

1.7/5 (10)

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    The debt story sounds weak. On the plus side the manga is educational. Just look at the cover. “Learn how to have sex right now.”

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Unfortunately, the only educational part is dump your parents if they’re trying to sell you to pay off their debts.


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