Manga Review – Sadistic President’s Pet

Sadistic President's Pet

Sadistic President’s Pet
ドS社長室イジられ課 (Do-S Shachoushitsu Iji Rare Ka)
ISHIKAWA Tomy (art), AIMI Rui (original creator)
Josei – Romance, smut
1 Chapter (complete)
Manga Reborn


A kind stranger helped Rio when she got drunk at an office party, and she fell in love without learning his name. A short time later, Rio is transferred to the main office, and she is stunned to see that man is the CEO! Kouki accepts Rio’s sudden and accidental confession, but as he grabs her, Rio discovers he has a twin! Who did Rio meet that fateful day…?

Warning: this review is of a series that is recommended for ages 18+ and is not safe for work!

Review:Not Safe for Work

  • Banging your head against a wall.
  • Watching paint dry.
  • Looking for aliens in your backyard.
  • Throwing rocks at a beehive.

All of these are either painful or an incredible waste of time. But they still may be more entertaining than Sadistic President’s Pet.

Part of the problem is that this manga is way too short. One-shots are often actually harder to write than series, as you have to have character introduction, the build up, a conflict, and a resolution in a limited amount of time. Forty pages is way too short for this plot, and even more so when all the scenes only cover about three days:

Day (Night) 1: Meet Mr. Kind Stranger
Day 2: Transfer, meet Kouki and Souta
Day 3: Discovers who is Mr. Kind Stranger

The manga isn’t really clear how much time passes between those two days, only giving a vague “the other day” and “out of the blue”. Call me pessimistic, but I don’t really feel like it’s true love when you spend the first meeting giving offerings to the Porcelain God and then being fondled by your boss without even knowing if you’ve even met before. Likes, dislikes? Pfft, who cares about those minor details? Evidently, not Rio, and not readers either too boot. I have more fingers on one hand than the number of facts we learn about Rio and the twins. Rio cares for her subordinates, she’s been dumped several times, she’s been accused of being sexually frigid, she works at a jewelry store… Yeah, that’s about it. Even if this list seems like a lot, #1 and #2 barely play a role in the story.

So Rio shows up at her new job, accidentally confesses to Kouki, who immediately accepst and starts making out with her. Souta wanders in wearing the bracelet Mr. Kind Stranger was wearing, but Kouki refuses to let his new girlfriend go.

Also I’m assuming the president’s name is Kouki. His name is only used twice, and the second time, Rio refers to him as “Kouta”. Considering the below-average translation, I’m guessing this was a typo since the twin’s name is Souta. If not, oops. I care so little for this series that I’m not about to research what the guy’s name is. It’s just another punch in the gut to a manga that is already down.

Finally, in my review of The World’s Best Marriage Proposal, I mentioned Ishikawa’s art had the tendency to be off-model. First, I thought her style had changed a bit, since the cover looks quite different than her previous work. Well, first of all, does anyone else with me agree that the woman on the cover looks like she has a braided bun? Or at least a braid? Well, Rio actually has a short straight bob. Meanwhile, Kouki-Kouta’s hair in the manga doesn’t have any inking or highlights, so he looks like a blonde-haired man. That should give you an idea of how unimpressed I was, and if you have any further questions, see The World’s Best Marriage Proposal for more details. Not much had changed, and quite frankly, I’m done.

Final Comments:

This image makes a much-needed return:

Chiyo is not impressed.Free is paying too much. For the price of $2.99, go make a donation somewhere instead. Or set it on fire, since that’s probably still more entertaining than Sadistic President’s Pet.

Manga Reborn has also released two other collaborations between Ishikawa and Aimi: The World’s Best Marriage Proposal and A Crossed Borderline.

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    My guess this one shot ends in a steamy ménage à trois. The conflict is resolved via the brothers agreeing to share. Maybe I should quit blogging and focus on writing smutty manga. Shame that I can’t draw, but if people can get away with going off model I suppose that don’t matter.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      The only rule of writing smut manga is that there are no rules. So maybe you can chart a new course of smut manga with stick figures?


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