Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XX

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

Cloud’s reached his max amount of Rank Ups, and overall, I wish I had tracked which options I chose each time for the characters. One thing I wish FFVII would do is show stats without any boosts, as it’s sometimes hard to determine what their stats really are when there’s so many +2/-2 bonuses in Materia and easily +10, 15, 20+ bonuses in equipment. But ultimately chose a Strength+ option for Cloud’s final it’s much easier to adjust Magic stats thanks to Materia. Yuffie in particular is hard since although she’s more of the mage of the team, she has an awesome Limit in Doom of the Living and her natural Long Range weapons. So I don’t want her Strength to be too low. Tifa/Aerith are more obvious, Barret Strength, Cait and Vinnie magic since their Limits are too odd anyways, and Cid Strength and Luck. Red is like Cloud with a balanced build. But sometimes I want to choose an option that covers their weaknesses (most notably keep DEX high because no character is any good if it takes forever for them to get a turn), and that’s why I wish I would have kept track.

Anyway, down the crater, which for years I never knew there could be fights here since the encounter rate seems so low and this section so short. Wanted to get a Gigas Armlet though, so I had to Morph those giants. Command Counter-Morph is so handy to get a couple extra hits in.

I accidentally ended up grinding a bit even though I didn’t want to. I was looking for a couple of enemies in particular (Dragon Rider and Killbox), but they weren’t showing up. I had to check YouTube as to what screen Jenova is fought on, as I didn’t want to advance too far and miss them. Ended up saving on the Jenova screen and had to reload when I triggered the cut scenes, but there were the enemies. Some Steals and Morphs later, got some more equipment.

So, Jenova again. The other aliens have been pretty easy, so I was fairly confident this time as well. Since I was Stealing and Morphing, I had all three Limit Breaks ready to go.

The New Threat mod here and elsewhere really emphasizes the fact that it’s Sephiroth in charge, not Jenova. I didn’t know if Sephiroth was the actual Boss, so I was a little conflicted as to whether I should use them on him or not.

Well, it’s Jenova again, and we got some backup: our friends (?) from Nibelheim. Really not much to say. The only thing is I missed Yuffie being hit with Berserk, and I spent a bit wondering when she’s going to cast her spell. Otherwise, a pushover.

Fast forward to the Junon escape scene. While a lot of people complain that FFVII is overrated and this scene in particular has many too-nicely-aligned coincidences, it’s still awesome. An actual execution in progress, the start of Armageddon, a huge monster being shot at by a just-as-huge cannon, slap fights, and the arrival of the Highwind. Players can argue about the pre-PS1 era versus the Nintendo era in terms of quality, but the FMVs give it a dramatic layer that the 16-bit games just could not match.

The mod gives you a chance to equip Barret, Cait Sith, and Yuffie before the Junon scene starts, which is nice. Skipping ahead…

Speed: 1.5x

Geez, you again? At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprise if X-ATM follows the team to Planet’s Core. You know, during the FMV after beating Sephiroth, while waiting for the Highwind, our little robot friend shows up with his latest firmware.

A Save Point in the airship for Rank Up, and our Jenova-War fighting friends are sleeping in the chocobo stables. A shop with Mideel equipment and other items is also available.

Did a couple of errands like picking up Full Cure. Full Cure’s spell is Renew which both heals fully and revives, so it’s likely to be very important to use with Magic Counter since the Restore Materia has Regen as the fourth level spell, not Cure3.

Finally did something I always dreamed of:

Final Fantasy VII New Threat - All Girls TeamYes, it’s ladies night fight! And the feeling’s right!

For like five minutes until I have to unequip Tifa.

Also, not worth fighting or Morphing Cactuars.

Finally, I’ve started mastering some of my Materia. First one was Time, and now Counter Attack. The basic elements are also ready to be mastered.

Thinking I missed Trine since I still haven’t found it. Too bad, as Lightning is generally considered the best element. Really wanted it for the Carry Armor fight, but I have to wait until Northern Crater I guess.

KO KOunter: 44

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  1. tanteikid94

    Getting close to the end. What are you planning to play after this? KH 3?

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      The KH bug has flared up on me recently, and I’ve thought about revisiting the series. Then part of me remembers having to go through Wonderland or playing Ice Cream Beat 3x makes me reconsider.

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