Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXI

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

So, new team time. Should I take Yuffie along since she is the last of my main team, or do I give some of the other characters a chance to gain some SP and levels? In most games, I’m very picking about keeping everyone no more than a level or two apart, but the journey since Icicle Inn really opened a gap. With Cid, I think Barret is a bit redundant, and Vincent is pretty much permanently shelved unless it’s just random encounters.

That meant Cid, Red XIII, and Cait Sith with Aerith on deck.

I set up to do the train battle first, but then I suddenly decided to stop at Fort Condor and do that battle. I had my team prepared for the train, which is why my setup wasn’t optimal.

Nothing too different from the original game.

The item guide showed that the three middle encounters on the train all could be Morphed into nice equipment. So I set a challenge for myself: get through the fights, Morphing to get the Ragnarok, Oritsuru, and Pile Banger, and still stop the train. Since I was purposely going for these items, I wasn’t going to count any losses here.

So, is it possible to do so? Possibly, especially if the RNG is super, super, SUPER friendly to you and you know exactly the damage range of all your attacks. I tried at least a dozen times, and I always came up juuuuust short. The Wolfmeister can heal itself and KO your characters with a single attack. Eagle Gun can be a near-perfect run if you manage to get Cid to connect Deathblow and get his Added Cut hit to also be a critical. One or two Morphs, and he goes down. Our dear friend shows up again (and surprisingly can be Morphed). Cid can quickly get rid of him with Added Cut-Deathblow, but if you want to Morph him, keeping him alive is trickier. He will also drain the clock, along with the train conductor at the end. Mr. Conductor puts up more of a fight than I thought! And dang it, Cid, stop posing after beating him!!

The game has this eerie way of balancing itself out in these fights. So if Wolfmeister went down easily, Eagle Gun would mess me up. I could never get all the battles to run perfectly. Plus, the first time I attempted this, my game glitched twice, once not triggering the whole train scene, and the second with the train controls.

Finally, I decided just to go with Cloud’s and Yuffie’s, and even then, it was waaaay too close for comfort. Hate doing this with an analog stick, as it’s hard to tell if I’m actually timing it correctly.

Also, Ultimate Weapon mini-battle.

Um, okay then. Really thought I was getting a loss here. I always liked this fight. I remember dreaming of this fight the night before I got to this section. Nothing to steal though, sad.

Fast forward, Cloud is back. I think everything is pretty much the same, except Cloud again states that Sephiroth is controlling Jenova.

A lot I can do now that Cloud’s back. Thinking I’ll start my chocobo breeding. Don’t you wonder if Cloud ever got a letter from the Chocobo Farm after Meteorfall?

Dear Mr. Strife,

We still have your chocobos here. Please send greens or payment for your chocobos.

Choco Billy & Chloe


Dear Billy & Chloe,

I gots me a sweet ride. Sorry, Gold Chocobo, you may avoid enemies, but Fenrir can store my swords!! While I could find fame and glory as a chocobo jockey and permanently put Joe and Teioh in second place, instead, I’m entering the illustrious world of delivery service.

Also, Tifa needs money for the bar and the kids, so sell them. Maybe we could get a part-timer so that the bar isn’t being run by an eight-year-old when Tifa goes out… nah, she’s been doing it since she was four, so it’s all good.


KO KOunter: 44

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    Thankfully most modern games give experience to everyone in the party, even if you aren’t using them. I would never bother with swapping out party members, to keep their levels similar. That could be a problem in some games, were the story forces you to use someone you have been neglecting.

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      I’m a bit OCD when it comes to levels. It’s like, “Oh, no, so-and-so is two levels behind!!” And then I have to put them in my party. Thankfully, though, you’re right in how most games give EXP to everyone so player’s aren’t screwed.

      1. marathonrecaps

        I have the same problem, especially in strategy RPGs. On the plus side, the habit has let me enjoy things like Bleu from Shining Force 1, who’s one of the best party members if you’re willing to help him close a 30+ level deficit. On the other hand… hours and hours of wasted time.

        1. Krystallina (Post author)

          30 levels behind? That definitely sounds like some time investment!

          1. marathonrecaps

            Would not recommend!

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