Game Diaries – Final Fantasy VII New Threat Arrange Episode XXIII

Final Fantasy VII

If you don’t know what my Diaries are, please go here. Spoilers ahoy!

Otherwise, let’s go!

I had a save with my Counter Attack-ready Tifa, so maybe she’ll come in handy here?

Okay, I have Fire Rings and Elemental Materia, and I can guard against Berserk and Confuse. Should be easy, right?

Well, we all know Bombs can explode. But these Bombs can inflict 9,999 damage. “Sounds like a job for Final Attack + Revive!” you might say. Well, except that 9999 damage also ejects the characters. 4 bombs, 3 characters, yeah, not going to go well.

I thought maybe you had to make sure to get them down to 0 HP before they explode. Well, they kept exploding. After realizing Bad Breath worked on them, maybe they could just die to Poison and all I’d have to worry about is the Bomb King. But no matter what, it seems to be a final attack. Then, as I was preparing for another loss, something happened: one of the confused Bombs exploded on another.

Yep, the trick to this fight is confuse. Of course, that still leaves a lot of room for luck. You want the bombs, once they wake up, to hit one another or the Bomb King. If they cause one to snap out of confusion, they’ll target the party of course.

A few tries later. Tifa got ejected, and I thought about restarting again, but I decided to see if I could learn more about how the Bomb King fights.

Speed: 2x

Yuffie came through in this fight. I was praying that she could avoid the stomp attack with her dodge, and sure enough, she came through. After that, it was Yuffie and Cloud taking turns on offense and defense.

Not exactly sure about what Set Fuse does though. A power up?

So, with my new Quadra Magic, shall I take on those Goldberries again?

My new team was Cloud, Aerith, and Red XIII. His MAG was just a bit higher than Yuffie’s, and he can power up in the fight. I first paired Quadra Magic with Neo Bahamut, but its damage wasn’t as high as I hoped. I also remembered that I had a couple of Holy Torches, items that can cast Dispel, so I moved them up in my inventory in case of an emergency.

OK, so later, Red just revived, Aerith/Cloud Petrify. I could heal, but it will still probably be Game Over over if I get hit with Sleep or Stop. (I had to restart cause some of those status effects took forever to wear off.) Best case, Goldberries dies, otherwise, anything but the damage counter. Summoned Neo Bahamut…


*cries in the corner*

Well, it proved it could be done though. After a couple more rounds…

Speed: 2.5x

FINALLY. Sorry that so much is just Dispel and Esuna casting, but my luck wasn’t the greatest this time around. Ideally, you want to be hit with the damage or MP damage counters while under Peerless. If you are hit with status effects, you want them to hit the same character. You definitely don’t want two — let alone three — characters sitting there like lame ducks. Haste is no good in this fight with all the Dispels, and I equipped Earrings to boost my MAG as high as possible. Such a relief when a couple went down, although I was worried I’d have one survivor again. Since in a previous fight I was one or two castings of Ultima short of defeat, I made sure to keep MP healthy.

I’ll get back to the main story… eventually. Next of course is Knights of the Round. What horror awaits the ultimate summon?

KO KOunter: 64

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  1. The Otaku Judge

    A 9999 damage attack that ejects its victim sounds nasty. Where can I find materia that protects against confusion? I could use that at work!

    1. Krystallina (Post author)

      Forget Materia, always go for the Ribbon! Well, unless you want the Sleep status effect… So you’d have to unequip it at nighttime or else you’d never get your HP recovered by a good night’s rest.


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